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Martes, Enero 19, 2016


The Zoomanity Group is under the Yupangco Group of Companies. As a background, Zoomanity Group has been the leading Company in the industry of theme parks. Envisioning world-class, innovative and enjoyable facilities from Northern to Southern Philippines with the goal of giving the best ever tourist destination and nature educational experiences. Our Facilities are uniquely exciting and have been designed to provide enjoyment and education to visitors of all ages.

Please check the map to be guided on how to get to Paradizoo in Mendez, Cavite.

A day full of adventures under the sun with the different animals and environment, last January 16, 2016. From Manila (Yupangco Building) we ride all the way to Mendez, Cavite to have our first adventure at Paradizoo.

As we enter the first thing we see is the fish spa area, then a mini playground for the kids then the Discovery Shop in which you can buy some souvenirs.... Then we stayed for a while at the Cafe where we take a sip of the tasteful soup and had a hot cup of coffee.

This 2016 experience one of the most anticipated annual festivities in the field of agriculture as Paradizoo re-unfold "Power of Three" (floral, vegetable and agri-livestock fair).

Showcasing various exotic and farm animals in a simulated natural setting and to enable park visitors to have an animal encounter experience not found elsewhere in the Philippines.

Join us from January 9 to March 31  as we promote inclusive growth in the field of Agriculture, inviting over 20,000 students, farmers, and other public and private sectors to focus and understand the benefits of growing agricultural sector in our country.

Ribbon Cutting with Mr. Robert Yupangco

Learn the Best Practices in agriculture as we will exhibit and display farm produce, sale and auction of livestock (imported breeds of goats for milk and meat, sheep, several pig breeds animal feed, and a lot more). There will be briefings, discussions on breeding programs and free seminar on flower, vegetable, and livestock care.

A showcase of different Animals from the Farm Animal

Be mesmerized to a variety of breathtaking floral designs, formal hedges and topiary during Flower Festival starting January 9 to January 23. Witness a stunning haven of farm and garden everyone would wish to experience. Additional attention-catching topics to look forward are The Art of Bonsai, as we open the electric and bonsai garden, learn about orchid and flower arrangement.


The Pavilion, is just so perfect for events and occasions...
Mr. Robert L. Yupangco, President and CEO of Zoomanity Group
Know the basic of farming from February 6 to February 27 in Vegetable Festival. Study the Knowledge of Alternative & Preventive Medicine and  Tomato Grafting Production  on February 6 with special guest speakers Senator Cynthia A. Villar  and Mendez, Cavite Mayor Eric Vida.  March 5 to March 26 in Livestock Festival. Discover the new growing industry in agriculture; learn more about Sorghum Health & Wellness: As a Food, Brown Rice and Developing the Sufar Palm / Kaong Industry in the Philippines.
I also got the chance to meet Mr. Atish Dipankar Sarker, The Bonsai winner
having his Bonsai Seminar during the event.
After the half day roaming around the farm we had a yummy and nutritious lunch which i believe has been harvested inside the vegetable farm, no wonder it is all fresh...

 Isn't it lovely to see and walk at the trail or walkway to the other side of more exciting views to witness inside Paradizoo.


Was also given the chance to have a photo with Mr. Robert Yupangco

Get the chance to interact with animals from March 5 to March 26 in Livestock Festival. Be traned with techniques in Rabbit Breeding, Egg Production and Honey Bee Farming.

Showcasing different kinds of fish and animals event insects

Let me show you what happened during the Animal Show at Residence Inn, in which some of my co-bloggers participated. I hope you all enjoy the video! ^_^

One of the main highlight at Residence Inn is of course the Zipline and The Cable Car.

As to Mr. Yupangco's info this horse is the biggest Horse all over the world and can you just imagine it ia here in our country, Philippines. But theres more it is only just a baby - Biggest Baby Horse In The World -
Together with my co-bloggers

It was indeed a whole day full of surprises to see nature and life of other kind. I just wished it will expand more and reach their main goal, because they have a good vision about Paradizoo and Residence Inn. Next time our location would be to visit at Subic and Baguio in which i am lookign forward to.

It is a fruitful experience you surely wouldn't want to miss.

For details you can visit their website: Zoomanity Ph
Contact Details: 8999828 or 08

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