Thursday, June 30, 2016

CROWN ASIA - VALENZA Brighter Beginnings to you!

A home is where the heart belongs
Live a life of comfort and luxury 
in your Italian-inspired home at Valenza!
Valenza Crown Asia along Sta. Rosa. A Stylish Italian Homes like no other. A dream home that you will surely fall in love with. Each home is designed with a passion for Italian architecture. A walk along its streets is like a stroll in Italy. 
Valenza, the Italian word for “valence,” is a harmonious balance between comfort and elegance in one grand design. Reminiscent of Mediterranean villas found in picturesque Tuscany, this masterplanned community cultivates a luxurious and invigorating atmosphere, much like coming home to a dream holiday destination everyday. Each home is designed with a passion for Italian architecture. A walk along its streets is like a stroll in Italy.
Valenza homes are welcoming and comfortable, luxurious and inspired. Take a stroll in the late afternoon or a jog in the early morning. Your neighborhood is a joy to behold. And you feel sweet relief that you have chosen Valenza.

As a trusted and established developer for more than 20 years now, Crown Asia is the most ideal and smart choice.  Because Crown Asia's properties are surrounded with school, business centers, shopping places, establishments, and many more.

One of the best choice of unit and their best selling is Lladro, it has a land area of 301 and a floor area of 211.

Imagine being surrounded by all the quality and luxury you deserve while enjoying a wonderful lifestyle choice, then turn that imagination into a reality when you think of Valenza Crown Asia.

Let me tour you around inside Lladro Unit House and imagine yourself roaming around the luxurious styles and wall paint even wall art inside the rooms, the welcoming living room that is so simple yet elegant looking, the ground floor is spacious that you can even ride a bike inside the house, the 2nd floor rooms are also spacious you can even have your own altar setup upstairs, I also noticed and loved their ceiling its as if you're inside a church because of the architectural design of the windows....
Minimum Floor Area: 211 sqm
Minimum Lot Area: 301 sqm
Two-story model with 4 bedrooms, family area, den, 2 car garage, lanai with trellis, front porch, balcony, 3 toiler and bath, 1 powder room.
The Ceiling and unique chandelier

The Living Room

Dining Area
The Kitchen
Wash Room
The wide stairs
Coffee Area / Reading Area
The Bedrooms
The Bathrooms
Kiddie Area / Playroom

Crown Asia Properties, Inc.,  a leading home developer catering to the middle income market, unveiled its latest home series, called The Designer Series, last April 13, 2016 at the Villar Sipag Urban Farm in Cavite.
"Our home series are made to fit our customer's lifestyles, instead of the other way around. With these homes, we are empowering our customers and giving them an opportunity to be creative and design their own space. Crown Asia is about making it easy for our customers to achieve their dream homes in a prized location. Therefore, we have also partnered with AllHome and Optimum Bank to assist in building and financing their designer home. These are spaces where you feel balanced, relaxed, stimulated and comfortable. From the moment you step into our properties, you will feel a sense of healthy environment wherein individuals are nurtured. You become relaxed as you leave behind the stress of work and traffic. This sense of serenity and well being stays with you all the way into your new home. Now that you designed your house based on what is important to you." ~Ms. Leni Luya, the Chief Operation Officer of Crown Asia
Fall in love with this 25-hectare, Italian-inspired coomunity, at the center of the flourishing Sta. Rosa, Laguna. Revel in the architectural details pristine surroundings that will certainly captivate you and your entire family.

Each home is designed with a passion for Italian architecture. A walk along its streets is like a stroll in Italy.
 *Photo credits to Crown Asia
 *Photo credits to Crown Asia
*Photo credits to Crown Asia
Swimming Pool
*Photo credits to Crown Asia
Basketball Court
Tennis Court
Function Room
Children's Playground

Minimum of 2 security guards per gate, Round the clock roaming security, well trained security personnel.
Overhead utilities for cable, power and communication, Alternate Day Garage Collection, deep well with overhead tank (1,800 gallons) - Prime Water, Professional property management team - Global Land.
Lifestyle Centers
All Home Sta. Rosa
Rustan's Supermarket
South Supermarket
Shopwise Sta. Rosa
Paseo De Sta. Rosa
Solenad 1, 2 & 3
Robinson's Supermarket
Starmall Prima
Southern Luzon Hospitals and Medical Center
Tagaytay Hospital and Medical Center
Sta. Rosa Hospital and Medical Center
St. Scholastica's College
De La Salle Canlubang
Brent International
Xavier School

Along Sta. Rosa - Tagaytay Road, 7.2 km from SLEX (approx.)
Close enough to CBD via SLEX
Close to Tagaytay and South

Thank ou to Ms. Jessa Lynn Purugganan for having me and looking forward of working with your team again with other more Crown Asia projects and so on....
With my co-bloggers

For more information and inquiries about Crown Asia, Valenza Houses kindly please call 88-CROWN (27696). Visit their website at HERE. Like their Facebook Page HERE.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

EFES BEER #1 Mediterranean Beer

The Number One Mediterranean Beer is now in the Philippines
The name Efes has been synonymous with beer in Turkey since their Pilsener hit the scene in 1969. Now available in the Philippines Filipinos will get to enjoy the only draft beer in a can.
Made with malts produced in Efes’s own malteries, this brew presents a quintessential German-style Pilsner appearance in the glass: pure golden in color with nice clarity, capped by a bright white head of foam that drops some lace as it recedes. 

Efes Draft Beer is the first ever Draft Beer in a Bottle in the Philippines

Mother of the whole Efes Brand the Efes Pilsener..... 
Smooth, not heavy on the belly you can have 20 beers and you can still stand up. 
On the nose, expect a lightly sweet pils malt aroma, while the noble hops offer up a fairly grassy and somewhat floral character with just a touch of fruitiness tending toward lemon. As it opens on the palate, it’s all about the crackery pils malt, with its typical lightly sweet, papery, and grainy personality. 

With Ms. Maureen Scherrie Delantar


It has a mild residual sweetness quite pleasant, and balanced well by the  Hallertau hops which firm up and come in to dry out the finish. 

Mr. Marem Kocak demonstraiting the difference between an Efes Beer and Local Beers

One of the best way to enjoy Efes Beer is with family and of course friends.....

The mild residual sweetness quite pleasant, and balanced well by the  Hallertau hops which firm up and come in to dry out the finish. 

Mr. Marem Kocak, telling about Efes Beer

Light in body, 
but very smooth and creamy on the palate, 
it closes crisp, per the style. 

Enjoy and taste this superb Liquid Sunshine - Cheers!

With Mr. Marem Kocak

For more information about Efes Beer kindly check their page Here.

Drink Moderately!

Monday, June 27, 2016

GISBERT - Windows of the Soul

"One can develop ones artistic expressions and personal creative styles by only opening one soul -- Windows of the Soul." ~Maryrose Gisbert

Sunday at Art Circle Cafe Y2 Residence Cafe Makati. This is near A Venue. With the Theme "Windows to the Soul." 

Art is not only a medium for us to express creativity but it can also be therapeutic. 
It is an activity that may bring up positive change in an individual.

I am instantly in love with the beautiful paintings of the artist my eyes got stuck on each painting i passby inside the gallery and if only i can take all home, how I wish. I love that the artist main masterpiece is the beauty of a woman, I got fascinated with how the eyes and lips are being painted

We were welcomed with 2 lovely girls with a colorful paint on their face and body and handed us postcards printed with Maryrose Gisbert's painting

It's exactly what i inhibit being painted on and i got to meet one of the Philippines secretly hiding gem of arts that is surely and needly be exposed to the Philippines already, it's as if "Where have you been all this years?" I know only artists and art lovers and painting collectors can agree more to what i am saying i just couldn't keep to myself how happy I am that when i get to have one of the rolled "Banig" I mused a little curious on whats inside of it and found a simple art of a flower painting and i almost cried, yes i know i sound corny and nonesense but I Loved It with a joyful heart

I had visited different galleries already and had appreciated their works and i know how it feels to have a simple remembrance from the artists itself. I had always envision myself being painted by one of the known and famous artists in our country, you know bucket list hehehe.....

I had observed her drawing still life, and people and animals with wide-eyed faces. From these, base form my observation Maryrose's favorite subjects evolves to wide-eyed females with attitudes... and it will become a famous signature style of her.

Her brightly colored canvasses are dominated by huge eyes..... eyes leaping out of their facial bounds..... eyes that tell what Maryrose's favorite sugjects are..... what they do, what they feel, what their moods are, what they desire. And these eyes do tend to pull the viewer to explore the range of emotions these women possess. 

When asked what are her inspiration for painting she said..... She draws inspiration from her family, friends and people she meets everyday..... 

Her humbleness and a happy aura with a smile is so contiguous that i felt so welcome on her first exhibit it's as if I'm part of the family that became one of her inspiration.....


About the Artist:

Maryrose Gisbert, is the 10th child from a family of 13 of Dr. Antonio and Angelica Gisbert. Maryrose is a devoted wife to Businessman Mr. Raul Domingo and a loving Mother with three grown-up kids. The artistic streak runs in the family -- her two daughters are into painting, beadwork and needle-craft, while her son is into AutoCAD engine designing.

At age 6, Maryrose started drawing, inspired by Disney cartoons. Fueled by a hyper active imagination, she would indulge in hours of drawing and doodling on a sketchbook made up of recycled sheets of paper, working on figures, adapted from movies like Fantasia and Beauty and the Beast. In high school, art classes would pose both a challenge and a source of satisfaction for Maryrose, as her desk would be piled high with requests from classmates for her to accomplish their projects.

Maryrose Gisbert's circle of family, friends and co-artists

The Art Circle Cafe where all of Gisberts paintings are displayed & being sold

"Childrens with special needs they are different..... but they are not less!"

Belonging to a brood of 13 kids, it was only in college at UST that she finally had a taste of real art education when she took up Fine Arts, majoring in advertising. Before graduation, her father gifted her with a painting workshop under a prestigious painter.

She did not pursue advertising as a career, working instead as an illustrator for a government agency, and alter on, as a free-lance artist doing design jobs ranging from books to corporate brochures.

Maryrose has always been fascinated by Picasso's work, and loves the colors and textures of Van Gogh. She describes her style as abstract impressionism, opting not to do realism - we see real things every day, so why not paint stuff we don't commonly see? 

Trivia about the Artist:
  • Maryrose taught art to Grade school kids at the International School of Manila in Makati/Taguig for 23 years. 
  • She also taught at the Roswell Museum in New Mexico for a summer Pen and Ink class. 
  • In spite of her hectic teaching schedule, she manages to give tutorials to young kids and special children, and 'weekend therapy' lessons to close friends. 
  • She also did monthly art outreach visits to a group of prisoners at the maximum security section of Bilibid prison, teaching and encouraging them to come up with inspired art pieces. 
  • Maryrose also gives art lessons to residents of a facility for the elderly. 
  • She has made it her mission to share what she knows... she never holds out when imparting what she has learned.
  • Maryrose is presently a member of the Malang Group of Artists also teaching at an arts studio in Boni Ave. Mandaluyong and art classes to doctors of Makati Medical Center.







"Compassion"  ~~~   "Love"


She even have a great artistic imagination for turning a water keeper into something beautiful

With Mr. Franklin Caña Valencia

With The Artist herself Mam Maryrose Gisbert

With Ms. Marian Bautista, and Natalie Tugade

Maryrose is a member of the Saturday Group of Artists, the Mandaluyong Artists League and the Arts Association of the Philippines (AAP). Her primary medium is acrylic on canvas, and water color, though she dabbles in other media such as pen and ink, and soft/oil pastels.

Dra. Doris Nambayan
Josephine Gisbert
Nestor S. Mangio
Dra. Carmencita Guerrero
Marilou Modesto
Lourdes Delgado
Elisa Tan
Chiqui Lizada
Dr. Merticio Perez
Joan Roxas
Katherine Garrido
Bangge Kohfahl
Mary Anne Gourly
Marikit Calderon
Bebele Resort
Rosanna Giron
Mitz Esguerra
Gina Giron-Urquiola
Dr. Allan Karaan
Angela Angeles
Nida Cranebourne
Becky Villegas
Cristina Malaysay Dela Rosa
Dra. Pit Montinola
Dra. Ramona Ozaetha
Nitz Susara
Ana Basa
Justin Zialcita
Angelique Bruselas
Paul Lucas
Ryan Dela Rosa

I am looking and wanting to meet Mam Maryrose Gisbert again on her 2nd exhibit and as early as now I am already anticipating about her masterpieces.

I Thank God that there's a person who create such art so simple yet a "Masterpiece."

To God Be The Glory! 
God Bless all the Philippine Artist!