Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Tanduay Rum Awarded Medals in Spirits Awards Belgium

“There are many fine spirits around the world, and we are honored that our products have been chosen as two of the best. We accept this recognition with both pride and humility, and we thank all our people for their hard work and dedication in continuous-ly crafting quality products that are proudly Philippine-made.” ~Paul Lim, Tanduay Distillers, Inc. Senior Vice President for Sales and Marketing

Tanduay products continue to gain recognition from prestigious spirits competitions abroad. As part of the latest international honor received by the brand,  its Tanduay Asian Rum Gold and Tanduay Asian Rum Silver were both awarded silver medals at the Spirits Selection by Concours Mondial in Brussels, Belgium.

Dubbed “The United Nations of Fine Spirits”, the international competition rewards spirits from across the globe. It has a panel of internationally renowned experts assessing and classifying whiskies, cognacs, brandies, rums, vodkas, and gins, among others.

The Tanduay Asian Rum Gold is one of the company’s most-awarded products. Aged in used Bourbon barrels for seven years, it is silky smooth with elegant flavors:
  • Almonds
  • Dried dark fruits
  • Island spices

The Tanduay Asian Rum Silver has also received several recognitions throughout the years. It is aged in used Bourbon barrels for five years and had hints of:
  • Dried tropical fruits
  • Vanilla
  • Toasted coconut

This year, Tanduay continued to expand its international presence when it inked deals with top wines and spirits distributors from several U.S. states. Its U.S. presence now encompasses:
  • Hawaii
  • Indiana
  • Minnesota
  • Nevada
  • Wisconsin
  • Florida
  • New York
  • New Jersey
  • Illinois
  • California
  • Tennessee
  • Michigan
  • Guam
Tanduay has also expanded its market in China and entered Singapore. The company is likewise working on its distribution in Europe.

Tanduay has always been committed to creating quality products and promoting Filipino craftsmanship worldwide.

About Tanduay 
Tanduay is one of the most-awarded rum brands in the Philippines, receiving various local and international citations. In 2017, it was declared the World’s Number One Rum by Drinks International magazine. Tanduay will hold this title for three consecutive years.

Tanduay started out as a distillery in Hagonoy, Bulacan, a province in the island of Luzon known for its heroes and craftsmen. It changed ownership throughout the decades and has been under the Lucio Tan Group of Companies, Inc., one of the biggest conglomerates in the Philippines.

Even as the years passed, Tanduay has maintained the traditional way of distilling its rums, a practice that started in its Manila distillery. It has likewise consistently maintained its product quality, ensuring that Filipinos and foreigners alike will enjoy the same taste and aroma of a Tanduay product wherever they are in the world.

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Looking back and looking forward: How Mekeni powered through the COVID-19 crisis with Bayanihan and malasakit

“Wading through uncharted waters over the past few months has been extremely difficult, but we have remained steadfast and resilient because of our people and communities that we serve. We have established programs and implemented agile operations to keep the business afloat while we prioritize our people’s welfare in the face of the crisis. We wanted to ensure that our customers will have access to quality food from the safety of their homes so we launched our online delivery service. Also, we ought to find viable ways for our aspiring micropreneurs to continue earning their livelihood that’s why we strengthened our reseller program and diversified our product lines to cater to them. Our path to recovery is clear: we will continue prioritizing our people and our community’s welfare with malasakit and Bayanihan engraved in our services.” ~Prudencio Garcia, Mekeni President
Mekeni Food Corporation is no stranger to the negative effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. But, the food manufacturing brand was able to turn these challenges into opportunities to uplift communities and innovate their services.

Looking back: Embracing the new normal in business
At the onset of the pandemic, changes in the supply chain and consumer behavior have knocked many companies off balance. Mekeni, however, was able to navigate through the challenges and make these difficulties into a meaningful change that benefited everyone in and beyond their circle.   

This 2020, Mekeni has become one of the beacons of hope. The company came up with several long-term solutions to augment the livelihood of those who have been displaced and crippled by the economic crisis brought by the pandemic. Among these programs include the Mekeni Home2Home Delivery, reseller programs for distributors and employees, and the Bayani product line.

Mekeni is among the first companies that made the delivery of frozen processed goods possible. The reseller program, on the other hand, is a manifestation of the company’s commitment to empowering its communities. Mekeni was able to embrace the new normal in business by enabling micropreneurs, which eventually helped revive the country’s MSMEs.

Leave no one behind: Helping Filipinos get through the pandemic
Apart from keeping the business afloat, Mekeni has always been keen on extending help to its communities may it be through donation drives or outreach activities.

The company has continued to deliver donations to select beneficiaries through various non-government organizations (NGOs) since mid-March when the enhanced community quarantine in Luzon was implemented. Mekeni has donated to several organizations all over Luzon. They’ve assisted frontliners in Jose B. Lingad Memorial Regional Hospital, St. Luke’s Medical Center (SLMC) Quezon City, Saint St. Luke’s Medical Center BGC in Taguig City, and Lugud Balen, a movement initiated by Kapampangan chefs, restaurant owners, and private individuals.

Mekeni also helped non-medical frontliners in Pampanga and has partnered with Caritas Manila and pledged food donations to over 700 families until year-end through its program Mekeni Bayanihan Pack.

Aside from helping their nearby communities during the pandemic, the company extended its efforts to far-flung areas devastated by natural disasters. Mekeni employees have spearheaded donation drives and turned over boxes of essential items to the displaced communities across the country.

Looking forward: The path to recovery continues
Despite the negative impact of the pandemic, Mekeni continues to adopt a bullish attitude in doing business in the new and better normal. Their commitment to innovation allows the company to continue changing the game for the food manufacturing industry amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Looking forward, Mekeni hopes to continue being every household’s partner in earning money by delivering quality products and services. The company promises to be the steady hands behind every aspiring entrepreneur, guiding and supporting them to fulfill their dreams.

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

4 kitchen safety tips when using LPG

Always place your LPG cylinder in a well-ventilated area

As everyone continues to stay at home, people have been spending a lot of their time in the kitchen lately – from preparing daily meals and trying out new recipes, to cooking with the kids and of course, enjoying homecooked meals with the entire family. With this, kitchen safety is more important than ever, and it starts with securing all the tools and equipment, including making sure your LPG cylinders are safe and professionally installed.

Solane, a leading LPG provider in the country, offers these safety tips on the use of LPG to make cooking at home a safe and enjoyable experience.

  • Place the LPG cylinder in a well-ventilated area
When choosing a spot for your LPG cylinder, make sure that there is an opening, such as a window or a door, to ensure adequate ventilation. Make sure that LPG cylinders are also far away from other heat sources, electric outlets, and hazard-prone areas in the house to avoid ignition. Lastly, make sure that your LPG cylinder is in a secure and upright position.

  • Inspect the LPG cylinder
Upon delivery, carefully inspect your LPG tank to make sure that it is in good physical condition. First, check the cylinder for dents, cracks, corrosions, or other damages. Then, make sure that the safety cap and security seal are in place. If there seems to be a problem with any of the components, turn off the gas supply and have it replaced or repaired immediately. To make it easier, Solane offers customers a free 7-Point Safety Check. Through this extra precautionary step, Solane's well-trained riders help ensure that the tanks are safe and secure.

  • Use the correct equipment and accessories
With LPG cylinders, ensure that you are using the correct hose by checking for the mark, "LPG Hose." Branded regulators,  such as RECA and TPA, are recommended because these are manufactured according to specific standards. When attaching the regulator, ensure that it is securely connected to the cylinder valve. The regulator knob should also be open to allow the outflow of gas from the holes. It’s also important to regularly check the condition of these two and replace them as needed. The hose should be replaced every 2 years while the regulator should be replaced every 5 years upon the date of manufacture. 

  • Practice caution
Whether you are installing, using, or disconnecting your LPG cylinders, caution is a must. To avoid mishaps and injuries, you should also never attempt to fix, refill, or replace your cylinders without the help of authorized personnel. Don’t forget to turn off the cylinder valve or regulator and gas appliance when not in use. Follow the manufacturer's instructions regarding the use and maintenance of your gas appliance. In case of an emergency, try to eliminate all sources of ignition and turn off the gas supply of the cylinder. If the leak is on the cylinder, cover the leaking portion with a wet rag. 

  • Make sure your LPG is authentic
To help ensure the safety of your family, buy your LPG cylinders from authorized dealers only. In addition, when buying gas tanks, be sure to check for quality markings on the cylinders, such as the registered brand name and trademark of the manufacturer, the standard used and test dates, the serial or code number, expiry date, tare weight, and LPG content, and the “Made in the Philippines” mark. 

For more information, visit or follow on Facebook. To order Solane LPG, call 8887-5555 (Metro Manila) or text (0918) 887-5555 (nationwide).

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Top holiday health tips amid the pandemic

While the holidays may be different for many of us this year, one thing should remain constant: staying healthy in the midst of celebrations with family and friends. Allow a little holiday indulgence, but be sure to stay on track with your health goals by following these tips from AXA Philippines, one of the country’s leading insurance providers:
  • Keep celebrations intimate but meaningful
The pandemic has been a stressful and isolating time for all of us, and the holidays will be the perfect opportunity for us to reconnect with our loved ones. If you’re planning the festivities, consider making gatherings small to allow enough room for social distancing. Try to avoid guests who have traveled and have not observed the 14-day quarantine period. Also, keep in mind guests who are at risk for severe illness from COVID-19 like older adults and people with certain medical conditions. 
  • Strictly implement COVID-19 safety protocols
Even as you enjoy the company of your loved ones or friends, do not forget to practice safety protocols to help keep everyone safe from the virus. Have guests disinfect as soon as they enter your home and ask them to thoroughly wash their hands, especially before eating. Encourage everyone to wear their face masks at all times and only remove them while eating, and to strictly observe physical distancing of at least one meter away from the person next to you.
  • Drink responsibly
Holiday celebrations are a time when people are most likely drinking beyond their limits. Some might feel adverse effects like erratic heartbeat due to alcohol intoxication or a terrible hangover. Alcoholic drinks are also usually empty calories and may lead you to make poor food choices. To avoid these, remember to drink in moderation and choose your drinks wisely. Also, opt for water and fresh fruit juices as often as you can.
  • Avoid overindulging
There is nothing wrong with trying all the holiday dishes that are served, but just remember to eat in moderation and eat slowly. Studies show that eating slowly can aid in better digestion, and will give your stomach enough time to process and signal to the brain that it is full which will stop you from accidentally overeating.
  • Don’t forego exercise
The holidays are usually high-risk for weight gain. To prevent this, try to sneak in at least 20 to 30 minutes a day to break a sweat. Not only is this good for your physical health, but it can also relieve stress that is common during the holidays.
  • Stay prepared for holiday emergencies
With all the celebrations and non-stop eating and drinking, the holiday season is also prime for medical-related emergencies. These days, however, easy access to quality health care services may be challenging. Upholding its commitment to be a health partner, AXA Philippines has allied with MyPocketDoctor to bring teleconsultation to health policyholders (Health Max, Health Start, and Global Health Access) and non-AXA customers alike. By downloading the MyPocketDoctor app from Google Play or App Store and registering with an e-mail address and mobile number, AXA health policyholders can have 24/7 access to medical consultations anywhere. Non-AXA customers can also avail of a one-time free teleconsultation as part of an ongoing campaign if they register here:
Make the Christmas season a safe and meaningful one for you and your loved ones, especially amid these unprecedented times by trying out these tips suggested by AXA Philippines. To know more about AXA as a health partner, visit

Friday, December 18, 2020

Hotel DreamWorld provides food packs to typhoon victims in Marikina City

Hotel DreamWorld together with Marikina Government Officials, with the support of the Marikina City Vice Mayor Marion Andres and Marikina District 1 Councilor Rommel Acuña visited six barangays at Marikina District 1 to provide immediate help to the victims of typhoon Ulysses last November 26, 2020, Thursday.

Hotel DreamWorld succeeded in giving more than 2,000 food packs to the affected areas of typhoon Ulysses in Marikina District 1 in the following barangays; Brgy. Sto. Niño Pearl St. Emerald Village, Brgy. Tañong, Brgy. Malanday Purok 5 and 6, Road 3 Paradise Lower Malanday Hoa, Brgy. Dela Peña Zamora St., and Brgy. Industrial Valley Complex. More than 500 families were benefited from the said activity.

For more information about Hotel DreamWorld kindly visit their website at or you may call (8) 7900-900.

Eurotel Hotel volunteers reached forward to the typhoon-stricken community of Sitio Kayrupa, Barangay San Rafael, Rizal

“As part of the EuroReach’s initiatives, Eurotel’s corporate social responsibility program, we would like to extend our help to more indigent communities in the country. Also, I would like to thank our media partners and the LGUs who helped us; this donation drive wouldn’t be successful without you”. ~Mr. Edmundo Las, Board of Director
Eurotel Hotel volunteers reached forward to the typhoon-stricken community of Sitio Kayrupa, Barangay San Rafael, Rizal

Helping during the calamity and amidst pandemic is indeed a good deed. ONE COMMUNITY AT A TIME

Eurotel Hotel volunteers reached forward to the typhoon-stricken community of Sitio Kayrupa, Barangay San Rafael, Rizal

Eurotel Hotel volunteers reached forward to the typhoon-stricken community of Sitio Kayrupa, Barangay San Rafael, Rizal last November 29, 2020. A total of 300 relief goods such as clothing, food packs, toys, and vitamins were given to the affected residents. 

Eurotel Hotel volunteers reached forward to the typhoon-stricken community of Sitio Kayrupa, Barangay San Rafael, Rizal

Eurotel Hotel volunteers reached forward to the typhoon-stricken community of Sitio Kayrupa, Barangay San Rafael, Rizal

For inquiries and other concerns, call Central Reservations every MONDAY - SUNDAY at 6:00am - 6:00pm
Landline: (02) 353-6000 
Mobile: 09175486000 / 0999888387

Eurotel Hotel volunteers reached forward to the typhoon-stricken community of Sitio Kayrupa, Barangay San Rafael, Rizal

Eurotel Hotel volunteers reached forward to the typhoon-stricken community of Sitio Kayrupa, Barangay San Rafael, Rizal

Eurotel Hotel volunteers reached forward to the typhoon-stricken community of Sitio Kayrupa, Barangay San Rafael, Rizal

Eurotel Hotel volunteers reached forward to the typhoon-stricken community of Sitio Kayrupa, Barangay San Rafael, Rizal

Eurotel Hotel volunteers reached forward to the typhoon-stricken community of Sitio Kayrupa, Barangay San Rafael, Rizal

For more announcements and updates, please refer to the Eurotel Hotel Official Facebook Page and Instagram.

Hotel Sogo’s Initiative in time of Pandemic

“As we initiated in giving free face shields, we want to remind the people that their health and safety comes first in this time of the pandemic. And with that, we are more than happy to promote that Hotel Sogo will be giving more free face shield among specific Hotel Sogo branches along EDSA”. ~Ms. Sue Geminiano, Hotel Sogo Marketing Manager

Have you realized and noticed it has been almost 9 months now since the pandemic hits the world and lockdown happens In this time of General Community Quarantine, a lot of industries have gone back to their operations and many of our fellow kababayans go to work almost every day. Thus, risking important factors in our daily lives –health and safety.

Hotel Sogo recently showed how they care for our kababayans as they gave free face shields to commuters along Hotel Sogo North Ave. branch.

To continue raising the awareness of wearing face shields and face masks, Hotel Sogo is giving away a free COVID kit to its guests in the participating Hotel Sogo branches (Pasay Harrison, Pasay Rotonda, Guadalupe, EDSA-Cubao, North EDSA, and Bagong Barrio).

Guests who will have a bill total of 600 pesos and up will have a chance to get free Hotel Sogo face shields and face masks by simply coordinating with the front desk.

The use of a face mask and face shield has been a must for commuters as mandated by the Department of Transportation (DOTr) last August 2020.

To find out operational Hotel Sogo branches and for updates and promos, visit our website at or like and follow them on Facebook Page, Twitter, and Instagram, and Youtube Account.

Thursday, December 17, 2020

Be a buddy to mother nature with Nestle´ Chuckie’s paper straws

There’s no better time than now to be a #BuddyToMotherNature, and Nestle´s Chuckie ready-to-drink chocolate milk now comes with paper straws designed for recycling, making it easier for kids to embrace more sustainable alternatives as a treat for themselves and for the environment. 

Did you know that the Philippines is the top 3 contributor to ocean pollution among all the countries?* Waste in landfills and oceans are piling up due to the surge of waste that increased especially during the pandemic. It is an important time to accelerate our reduction of plastic waste, and to search for recyclable materials. One way to do this is to replace items that have alternatives to plastics, like replacing plastic straws with paper straws which are designed for recycling, so that we can shift towards a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

Embracing these simple choices by parents and children alike can reap benefits, and can help keep the environment clean. This is why Nestle’s Chuckie ready-to-drink chocolate milk is also joining the pursuit to take care of mother nature by replacing plastic straws with paper straws which are 100% food-grade and designed to be recycled!

Using paper straws may take some time to get used to, especially for kids and the young-at-heart who have a habit of chewing on their straws. To help get around some of these new changes, here are some tips on how the whole family can be mother nature’s buddy and how you can get the best paper straw experience:

Starting out with simple individual efforts to embrace small lifestyle changes for the better can definitely add up in the long run. Making the most out of paper straws is one perfect example of how our little acts can help create a greener, cleaner, and more sustainable waste-free future.


Actively choosing to be more environmentally-conscious is something to be proud of, and teaching kids about finding joy in embracing eco-friendly habits is a great lesson best taught at an early age too! So the next time you or the kids want to enjoy a refreshing drink, treat yourselves and mother nature by choosing Chuckie that now comes with paper straws! Together let us do our part and be a buddy to mother nature by recycling and limiting our litter. To learn more about this change for the better, feel free to refer to the attached press kit. You and the kids can also check out this educational Printable Chuckie Activity Book entitled “Playtime with Chuckie and Timmy the Sea Turtle!” through this link, and by reading the FAQs here Check out the hashtags #BuddyToMotherNature and #ChuckiePH for stories and updates as well.

Allianz and Maxicare Create Partnership to Address Health Protection Gap in PH

“We, at Allianz, are excited about this partnership to offer a health protection solution considered to be a first of its kind in the industry. Maxicare is a trusted name and a pioneer in health and wellness, and our combined strengths will be truly beneficial to Filipinos who deserve the best quality health care protection.” ~Alexander Grenz, President & CEO, Allianz PNB Life

As part of Allianz PNB Life's continuing efforts to bridge the protection gap in the country, the "World's Number 1 Insurance Company" has recently partnered with Maxicare Healthcare Corporation. Allianz PNB Life and Maxicare Healthcare Corporation have come together as long term strategic partners to help address the health protection gap in the Philippines.

This collaboration presents a healthcare solution considered to be a first of its kind in the industry.  Maxicare is a trusted name in the country whilst Allianz has ranked as the world's number one insurance brand, it's presence in the Philippines backed by its strong bancassurance partnership with Philippine National Bank (PNB) and a regional partnership with the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC) Limited Philippines. 

Globally, Allianz has ranked as the world’s top insurance brand, according to the latest Interbrand Global Brand Rankings. It is also one of the world’s most sustainable insurers, according to the Dow Jones Sustainability Index. Allianz’ presence in the Philip-pines is backed by its strong bancassurance partnership with the Philippine National Bank (PNB) and a regional partnership with the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC) Limited Philippines.
“We share the excitement of Allianz about this partnership. There is a need for a stronger collaboration among health and insurance players in the country to better serve the needs of Filipinos.” ~Sean Argos, President & CEO of Maxicare
Maxicare Healthcare Corporation is the number 1 health maintenance organization (HMO) in the industry and has successfully pioneered several health solutions to address the health protection gap in the country. It currently services over 1.5 million members across the country from the corporate segment, small and medium-sized enterprises to families and individuals. Maxicare has more than 56,000 affiliated doctors and specialists, more than 1,000 hospitals and clinics, and a growing number of primary and customer care centers in key cities nationwide.

About Allianz PNB Life
Allianz PNB Life began its operations in 2001 and is among the major life insurers in the Philippines. Worldwide, Allianz is also considered the most sustainable insurer from 2017 to 2019 according to the Dow Jones Sustainability Index. We are a leading provider of Variable Life products, complemented by a full line of Life protection offerings for individuals and institutions. All our products and services are designed to meet the lifetime financial planning, wealth accumulation, and well-being aspirations of every Filipino Family. 

Allianz PNB Life’s main headquarters is in Makati City, the country’s main business district, with eleven business centres strategically located in key cities across the archipelago. It has the support of over 220 employees and more than 1000 financial advisors to serve our dear policyholders and deliver great customer service experiences.

These Top Food Creators on TikTok Will Have You Cooking in No Time

Check out these quick and easy recipes that you can follow via TikTok. These Top Food Creators on TikTok Will Have You Cooking in No Time. Looking for quick and easy recipes to prepare at home? Check out these must-follow TikTok food creators for cooking inspiration. 

Whether you are a newbie cook or just need fresh ideas for meals to make at home, you can learn a lot from food creators on TikTok. Many of these creators have found the app's short-form video format to be perfect for quick cooking tutorials, and so they are encouraged to post and share even more. 

Apart from easy to follow recipes for meals, snacks, and drinks, TikTok food creators also share tutorials for basic cooking skills, kitchen hacks, and tried and tested tips. If you're wondering which are the best food accounts to follow on the app, why not start with the 10 most-followed creators in 2020? 

Based on the recently released TikTok Top 100 list, the three food creators who gained the most followers in 2020 are ForkspoonmanilaBok Cabanting, and Cynthia Alambatin. Check out some of their videos below.

Learn how to make a quick and easy stir-fried beef and broccoli dish with Forkspoonmanila.

Bok Cabanting teaches followers how to prepare classic carbonara using traditional ingredients.

Here's something for the homebakers - An easy cookie recipe by Cynthia Alambatin.

Seven other food creators made it to the top 10 most-followed list on TikTok for 2020. They are:

When you follow these top TikTok food creators, you can improve your skills in the kitchen or even try a brand new dish each week to impress your family. Download the app on your iOS and Android devices today to get started.


About TikTok
TikTok is the leading destination for short-form mobile video. Our mission is to inspire creativity and bring joy. TikTok has global offices including Los Angeles, Mountain View, New York, London, Paris, Berlin, Dubai, Mumbai, Singapore, Jakarta, Seoul, and Tokyo.

Kinder Joy lifts Filipino moms’ Christmas spirit with delightful bonding moments for kids

This year, premium chocolate brand Kinder Joy encourages bonding moments between moms and their kids over Christmas tasks—with the iconic surprise-filled Kinder Joy as the special treat. Although 2020 has been bounded by restrictions that took everyone by surprise, Kinder Joy allays these worries by showing moms how to discover the joy of this new Christmas while keeping delightful Paskong Pinoy traditions alive.

Actress Camille Prats kicks off the #ChristmasWithKinderJoy campaign on Instagram with her daughter, Nala. The mom-daughter tandem decorated their towering Christmas tree with a parol and Kinder Joy wrapped in limited edition Christmas sleeves. Camille says that this annual Christmas task has become even more meaningful now that it has turned into an enjoyable bonding moment with Nala.

Former beauty queen Lara Quigaman, who just recently gave birth to her third child, and actress Valerie “Bangs” Garcia also joined the Kinder Joy holiday fun with their children Tobias and Amelia wrapping Christmas gifts for friends and playmates they have been missing since the beginning of the quarantine.

Celebrating Christmas amid a pandemic that has kept families apart, Kinder Joy wants to help moms create a Christmas that is meaningful and joyful despite the uncertainties. According to Kinder Joy, which is manufactured by Italian chocolatier Ferrero, moms can still help their children discover the joy of Christmas by passing down the values of togetherness, generosity, and gratitude.

To find out more, logon to Kinder's Facebook Page

About Kinder Joy
KINDER JOY® is a delicious treat in an iconic egg shape to surprise and delight! One half of the egg contains two layers of milky sweet creams topped with 2 crispy wafer bites filled with cocoa cream. The other half of the egg contains an exciting surprise toy.

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Ronald McDonald House Charities Ambassador Alden Richards encourages us to help more communities in need this season!

Christmas is a time of gift-giving and during these extraordinary times, it is important to be reminded that sharing with those in need is the best gift one could give. This was the message of Ronald McDonald House Charities Ambassador Alden Richards in his latest video encouraging all of us to help through McDonald’s Kindness Kitchen.

McDonald’s Kindness Kitchen was first set up in March to provide cooked meals for frontliners, volunteers, and communities affected by the pandemic. With the generous support of more than 50 partners including Metrobank, Coca-Cola, and HAVI logistics, the Kindness Kitchens have served more than 350,000 meals in more than 1,000 barangays, hospitals, and quarantine centers across the country.

McDonald’s Philippines has also recently joined Pilipinas Kontra Gutom, a multi-sectoral movement of the government’s Task Force Zero Hunger, private sector and non-profit organizations working hand in hand to address the country’s concerns on involuntary hunger. 

Through the Kindness Kitchens, McDonald’s continues to assist and help communities in need through cooked meals. You too can help serve meals to more communities in need. Visit to help.

Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) Philippines is the charity of choice of McDonald’s Philippines. Established in 1995, the organization is driven to make a difference in the lives of Filipino children in education, shelter and happiness. Its flagship programs include the Ronald McDonald Read to Learn program in partnership with the Department of Education, Ronald McDonald Bahay Bulilit in partnership with the Department of Social Welfare and Development and local government units, and Ronald McDonald Bigay Tulong.

Riz Cabrera, Baguio-based Artist, launches online art auction for Smile Train Philippines

“When I came across the Smile Train website, I was deeply moved by their advocacy. While I initially wanted to just be a channel of blessings for the patients, my goal was to raise awareness for this generation, specifically to those dealing with mental health issues just like myself. Although we all have our own personal problems and trials, if we would just look beyond ourselves, we can still be a message of hope to somebody. I believe that focusing on helping other people is therapy itself and partnering with Smile Train rekindles hope within me. ART ignites HEART. Nowadays, especially with the ongoing pandemic, we spend most of our time browsing or surfing the internet. I believe that the eyes are the windows of the soul. As an Artist, I have this obligation to penetrate souls with Love, Faith, and Hope through my art. Helping charities like Smile Train through arts can definitely move people to reach out.~Riz Cabrera, Baguio-based Artist

Beautiful charcoal drawings featuring Smile Train Global Ambassador Catriona Gray, Smile Maker Marian Rivera and patients by Riz Cabrera

Smile Train, the world’s leading cleft charity invites everyone to share the gift of smiles this holiday season. Visual artist, Riz Cabrera, has partnered with Smile Train to raise awareness for children born with a cleft through the launch of her online art auction which she hopes can contribute to sustaining Smile Train’s goal to provide children the urgent support and care needed.

Some of her paintings include Smile Makers Catriona Gray and Marian Rivera are all up for auction. More information can be found below and attached for your reference and use.

Every day, 540 babies are born around the world with this serious health condition – preventing them not only from smiling, but also posing difficulties in eating, breathing, and speaking. Through the auction, Riz hopes to help fund the surgeries and therapies that could transform the lives of Filipino cleft patients.

Visual artist, Riz Cabrera

For Riz, her passion for painting was ignited by hardships and these hardships have taught her to focus on helping others. This is why she is using her craft to help charities such as Smile Train. 
“Smile Train continues to advocate for individuals born with cleft and to providing free surgery and comprehensive cleft care to them and we look forward to partnering with various individuals who believe in our shared goal. We are grateful for the work Riz has done and continues to do for the benefit of Smile Train and we look forward to this generation to join our cause and act on behalfof children born with a cleft lip and/palate.” ~Kimmy Flaviano, Smile Train South East Asia Director 
This Christmas, you can bring a smile to the lives of people by supporting the auction. Check out to view the artworks. The auction runs until 24 December. Donations are also accepted on the site.  You may also follow Riz through her Facebook and Instagram accounts. For more information about Smile Train Philippines’ local efforts and to refer a patient in need, visit, follow Smile Train Philippines on Twitter and Instagram, and like them on Facebook.

About Smile Train
Smile Train empowers local medical professionals with training, funding, and resources to provide free cleft surgery and comprehensive cleft care to children globally. We advance a sustainable solution and scalable global health model for cleft treatment, drastically improving children’s lives, including their ability to eat, breathe, speak, and ultimately thrive. To learn more about how Smile Train's sustainable approach means donations have both an immediate and long-term impact, please visit For more information about Smile Train’s work in the Philippines, please contact