Thursday, August 31, 2017

28th Year of The Philippine Travel Mart

I get really excited whenever i hear of Travel Expo, Travel Sale, Travel Promo's, and of course Travel Mart. Because it's the best moment to buy and look for a good and cheap but convenient travel deals.

It will be held on September 1-3 at the SMX Convention Center Manila. This will also highlight the Visit ASEAN @ 50 Golden Anniversary celebration which will present more than 50 tour deals across the Philippines.

Showcasing the best travel packages, promotional deals, and other tourism-related services both for domestic and international trips. There will be cultural events, national costume competition, cultural dance competition, and tourism quiz bee.

Get tour packages for as low as 860/pax! IN TIME for the beginning of Christmas season in the Philippines, is bringing over sale packages for up to 75% off with 0% installment both on international and domestic travel bookings.

As one of the leading online travel agencies in the Philippines, has continuously establish its competitive brand by participating in activities that upkeep the stream of Philippine Tourism. It was awarded as the Philippine Travel Mart’s Top Grosser for 2015 and 2016.

Moreover, it was recognized for the 4th time as the Best Online Travel Agency by the TTG  Travel Awards Asia Pacific for its contribution in the Tourism industry.

It is Asia’s leading online travel company that offers a global inventory of over 8 million travel products worldwide. Its online booking feature for all-inclusive packages strongly  appeals to travelers seeking convenience, instant confirmation and extra savings.

Visit at Pavilion N (Hall 4) and get exciting freebies and prizes.

Visit: for further details.

Monday, August 28, 2017


SM Supermalls, Smart Team Up for the first Everwing Tournament in 35 SM Malls across the country.

I am not a fun of Everwing game to be honest, but when i stared to entertain my facebook friends invite to join the game ow my I immediately got hooked up as in before and after I sleep I make sure I play the game hoping I can surpass the high scorer of the moment.

But the question is do you also think yo got what it takes to be the ultimate Everwing Champion and win awesome pries?

Fans and Gamers of Everwing re in for an exciting mission as SM Supermalls teams up with Smart for the first nationwide Everwing tournament this August in 35 SM Malls across the country. The partnership was announced during the media launch at SM City Manila last August 20, 2017.
With Mr. Timothy Jonas Cuenca, AVP for Marketing SM Supermalls

For everyone's knowledge about Everwing is a mobile vertical scrolling shooter game developed by Blackstorm Lab. Launched in November 2016 on Facebook Messenger, the game amassed a total of 7 million fans to date in the Philippines alone. The game allows players to control avatars, known as "Guardians," in an endless fight to defeat monsters. Other facets of the game include quests where users can send Guardians to missions to later claim treasures, and Boss Raids, a cooperative multiplayer mode that enables players to team to team up with friends to defeat powerful monsters.

Everwing Tournament happenings at SM includes:

  • Free Play Activities
  • The Costume Contest where fans and cosplayers can dress up as their favorite Everwing character
  • Face-painting sessions for kids and fans alike
  • Photo Booth where mallgoers can capture their best Everwing moments at SM

And of course one of the highlights of the event is Everwing players can also join the #EverwingAtSM Digital Promo by just sharing their top scorers for a chance to win SM GCs.

The 3 grand winners of the Everwing Tournament at SM City Manila....

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Wanna Study, Visit, Work, Live and Migrate Abroad with the help of Fil-Global Immigration Services Corporation!

It's UK Baby ow yes who dind't and want to got o UK for whatever reason such as Study, Visit, Work, Live and Migrate there. 

Ever since I graduate I had dreamed to just even tour in Europe how much more to worka nd migrate there. But of course there will be lots of paper requirements needed and followups and most of all money to spend with, yes it will be such a bloody and long journey of processing just to get a visa alone.

But now Fil-Global Immigration Services Corporation is an open door to help Filipino's live their dream of Study, Visit, Work, Live and Migrate Abroad. With a lot of different companies offering fast processing of visa and all that jazz it's good to know there's Fil-Global Immigration Services Corporation to guide us through the processign way.

Follow Fil-Global Immigration Services Corporation 
Fil-Global Ltd. is based in UK and PH- offers university, immigration and visa travel services. Aims to provide a stepping stone to abroad.

Their Mission:
  • To become a world leader in university placements, immigration and legal services.
  • To provide opportunities and assistance to professionals, individuals and families to achieve their dream to study, work, visit and live overseas.

They Offer:
  • Tourist Visa
  • Student visa
  • University Placements
  • OJT - Internships
  • Immigration Consultancy

Their Products and Services:
  • Immigration and Visa Services
  • Student Visa Placement
  • University Enrolment Assistance
  • Business Development and Marketing Services
  • United Kingdom Citizenship And Permanent Residency Visa Services. 
  • New Zealand Citizenship And Permanent Residency Visa Services. 
  • Australia Citizenship And Permanent Residency Visa Services. 
  • Canada Citizenship And Permanent Residency Visa Services. 
  • Business Visas for start up entrepreneurs wanting to migrate

Some benefits when you pay for your initial installment:
  • FREE visa assessment and immigration consultation
  • FREE IELTS and PTE review
  • FREE Nursing CBT review materials
  • FREE  OET Review
  • FREE CV assessment and assistance
  • FREE 2D1N Accommodation at Sea Residences

Free Initial Visa Evaluation “FIVE FORM” click: 

Get a Independent Skilled Nominated Visa Subclass 190 Permanent Residency Visa For Australia With Fil-Global Ltd. Australian Lawyer Mark Welch. Quoted to be the most affordable Permanent Residency Visa Program for Filipino Families Migrating.

Fil-Global processes and provides Student Visa services to our clients who are interested to successfully establish a career in Business, Sales, Marketing, and Tourism in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Scotland, Wales, Republic of Ireland and most popularly in United Kingdom. We can also provide University Student Placements for those who don’t have a sponsorship or Certificate of Acceptance of Studies.

You will have access to a brilliant barrister who has been an immigration law expert for 13 years. We will be able to assist, document, and process your Nursing registration and Canada Visa Application through the guidance of our competent Fil-Global team who will take care the every step of your application.

You will have access to a brilliant barrister who has been an immigration law expert for 13 years. We will be able to assist, document, and process your Nursing registration and Canada Visa Application through the guidance of our competent Fil-Global team who will take care the every step of your application.

Please visit us at Fil-Global Ltd at Regus Manila, One E-com Pasay 4/F Unit 2C, One E-com Center Building, Ocean Drive, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City 

Follow Fil-Global Immigration Services Corporation Social Media Accounts at:

AXA launches Retire Smart to help you plan for retirement

“AXA Philippines knows the value of having a solid game plan. To be able to pursue what you are passionate about when you retire, you need the right plan to achieve financial independence. With Retire Smart, we offer a flexible investment package that allows you to truly enjoy your life when you retire.” ~Rahul Hora, President and CEO of AXA Philippines

The prize of living what you love when you retire is possible, whether it’s setting up your own business, ticking off places on your bucket list, or just spending more time with your family. 

Whatever dreams you want to pursue, it’s easier to make it happen by having a solid game plan. This is especially true for long-term goals like planning for retirement. After all, the hard work you put in over so many years should yield to a prize in the future.

Travelling around the world, opening your own business, and spending time with your family and friends may seem like distant dreams, but with your investment in Retire Smart today, you can start preparing to pursue those dreams and live the life you love when you retire.  

AXA Philippines, a joint venture between the AXA Group and the Metrobank Group, is one of the country’s largest and fastest growing life insurance companies in the country, offering financial security to more than 800,000 individuals through our group and individual life insurance products.

Using its expertise and experience in investments, AXA employs modern portfolio management techniques to maximize the growth of your investment while you’re young, while minimizing volatility as you grow closer to your target retirement date. Have the flexibility to choose your investment fund – Retire Smart 2030, 2035, 2040, and 2045 – depending on which one is closest to your target retirement year. 

Retire Smart also comes with a life insurance coverage equivalent to at least 5 to up to 25 times your annual basic premium, to ensure that your family is taken care of in the event of any unforeseen circumstances.

AXA Philippines launched Retire Smart, a regular-pay, investment-linked life insurance plan that helps you strategically build a retirement fund so you can live the life you love.

INA JARDIOLIN'S Stretch(ed) Mark(ed) Exhibit: The scars of identity and expectations

"My art is my own reaction to identity and the cultural expectations regarding gender. I want the world to be more open to different ideas that veer away from usual norms. Your skin can be marked 'bout things that you go through. Everything—and everyone—should not be restricted by a set of roles made by those who are comfortable staying within the bounds of what is “normal” and acceptable. Your skin can be marked 'bout things that you go through." ~Ina Jardiolin

I meet the incredible and amazing artist who I can relate with when it comes to art, I mean really about arts. Ina Jardiolin's Exclusive Preview at The Pig Pen last August 24, 2016. Happy to see Ina's exceptional works of visual arts.

Among the young, up-and-coming visual artists today, UP Fine Arts graduate Ina Jardiolin stands out among her peers with her powerful artistic voice and her use of a most unusual medium: leather.  A very challenging material on which she expresses herself, Ina—whose family hails from the local footwear industry—utilizes this medium with much dexterity, notably a result of careful experimentation, a singular vision, and an innovative approach to her craft.

In her second solo show, titled “Stretch(ed) Mark(ed)”, Ina harnessed discarded treated leather scraps as her canvas—delving into self-identity and the intangible, fleshing out the beauty in androgyny, while touching on the realities of life.
"Ang Pag-aantay"

Ina uses her art as a means to communicate, and to those like her who are introspective, and at times misunderstood, she aims to reach out, to make it known that they are not alone and that they need not feel confused. Ina’s goal is to convey a message of empowerment and of hope. 
"Metallic Gaze"

Way before gender issues became the subject of sometimes-heated exchange of perspectives, Ina has been scrutinizing the controversy in her mind and consequently, in her artwork.  

In “Stretch(ed) Mark(ed),” the young artist probes into the scars that gender roles impose among us, how these obstructive assignments often mark each of us permanently.  The intricately cobbled leather scraps signify how these gender norms sometimes leave individuals grasping at pieces of their genuine identity to gain a sense of individuality and acceptance. 

The controversial message is consistently conveyed in the androgynous subjects of her paintings, inviting viewers to embrace both male and female energies, to take a genuine look at one’s self and to be true to that vision. 

Apart from mounted paintings using leather scraps, Ina will once again display art pieces using wooden shoe lasts (referred to as ‘hulma’ by local shoemakers) in her upcoming exhibit. She is the first artist to make use of this vintage shoe-making implement as a ‘canvas’.

The use of both leather and shoe lasts pays homage to her family’s background as Marikina shoemakers. Transforming the shoe lasts into art pieces is a gesture that honors her ancestors whose labors nurtured both the family and helped build the local shoe industry. Leather, a pliant and resilient material, epitomizes the spirit that her family has stood by for generations.

Utilizing non-conventional medium is her way of stepping outside the lines to convey 

Her art, which includes printmaking, ceramics and illustration, is one that constantly evolves and is in constant flux, much like the fluidity of gender. 
"Pointed PAtterns"

Prepare to be enlightened by Ina’s masterpieces at Stretch(ed) Mark(ed), which runs from September 10 to 25, 2017 at Kaida Contemporary, #45 Scout Madrinan, South Triangle, Quezon City.

Ultimately, Ina Jardiolin sees her art as giving a voice to others who cannot otherwise express themselves, taking up their cudgels and, in the process, gaining a deeper understanding of herself.


“Amway advocates a holistic, healthy, and active lifestyle. We are committed to our advocacy to encourage more people to prioritize their personal wellness. We want more people to live healthy by eating right, taking the right supplements, and being active. Our annual Nutrilite Health Run is our proof of providing a health sustaining activity for all. This year, we are adding the 21K together with the other distances. We acknowledge the fact that Filipino runners want to challenge themselves. That is why having this distance as part of the race, participants are assured with first class race organization, management and, more importantly on the safety of our event. We partnered with RUNRIO, Events, Inc. to bring just the best experience for them. The run is something we are highly committed to as we continue to encourage healthy and active lifestyle among the Filipino community.” ~Leni Olmedo, Country Manager, Amway

This year, Nutrilite aims to gather more than 12,000 runners in Manila and Davao. World’s No. 1 selling vitamins and dietary supplements brand Nutrilite, is hosting the 5th edition of its annual Nutrilite Health Run, a national initiative that advocates wellness and healthy living. This year’s Nutrilite Health Run will cover four categories—1K, 5K, 10K, and 21K respectively. It will kick off in Manila on October 15 at the SM Mall of Asia Complex Grounds. This will be followed by the Davao leg, which will be held on October 29 at the at SM Ecoland.

Management of Amway Manager Dulce Ricafort, Coach RunRio (Rio Dela Cruz), President and CEO of RunRio Event Inc.,, Amway Assitant Brand Manager Mia Jamisola, John Montalvan - Events & PR Manager, Runrio Event Inc.,and Amway Philippines Country Manager Ma. Elenita P. Olmedo. Held the media launch of the 5th Nutrilite Health Run tis October.

Since 2015, Amway’s campaign has completed six library projects that benefited more than 10,000 students annually in six beneficiary schools nationwide. Among these schools are:
  • Francisco Benitez Elementary School, Makati City
  • South City Central Elementary School, Cagayan de Oro City
  • Carreta Elementary School, Cebu City
  • Urdaneta South City Central Elementary, School, Pangasinan City
  • Highway Hills Integrated Elementary, School, Mandaluyong City
  • Lacson Elementary School, Davao City
  • Rafael Palma Elementary School, City of Manila

All 21K Finishers will receive a Finisher’s Medal and Finisher’s Shirt. The 1st 21K runner to cross the finish line, on the other hand, will get a P20,000 Cash Prize while the 1st 10K Finisher will get a P10,000 Cash Prize.

With Ms. Leni Olmedo, Country Manager, Amway

During the race proper, runners will have the chance to win exciting raffle prizes and experience Amway Brands through the Race Ville Expo. The event will also highlight the live performance of Sponge Cola, a notable supporter, and participant in the Nutrilite Health Run.

Meanwhile, to help the participants prepare for the run, a Free Running Clinic will be held at the Ayala Triangle Gardens in Makati City every Mondays and Wednesdays from 7 pm to 9 pm starting this August 16. The same activity will also be held at the People’s Park in Davao City every Tuesdays and Thursdays starting on September 5.

The registration fee for the health run:

  • Php 250.00 for 1K, 5K, and 10K
  • Php 850.00 for the 21K, respectively

*All the participating runners will also get free Nutrilite Health Run shirt and race bib.

Registration is open until October 13, 2017, in all Amway Distribution Centers: 
  • Makati
  • Cagayan De Oro
  • Cebu
  • Davao
  • or online through or
  • Instore registration for select Toby’s Stores in Manila will start on August 28

Gun time is 5:30 am for 1K, 5:30 am for 5k, 5:00 am for 10k and 3:30 am for the 21K distances respectively.
With Coach RunRio (Rio Dela Cruz), President and CEO of RunRio Event Inc.,,

The proceeds of the run will go to the Amway One By One Campaign for Children, a program initiated by the company in partnership with the Department of Education (DepEd). This program is in line with the government agency’s “Adopt-A-School Program” (ASP), which seeks to promote literacy through storytelling.

Join the Nutrilite Health run today and help gift a child with a good book tomorrow. A portion of your registration will be donated to Amway One by One campaign for children. So be a part of the Nutrilite Health run and help a child read his way to a brighter future. Race organizer: Runrio Events, Inc.

Nutrilite is exclusively distributed by Amway Philippines.

About Amway
Amway is an $11.8 billion direct selling business based in Ada, Michigan, USA. Top-selling brands for Amway are Nutrilite vitamin, mineral and dietary supplements, Artistry™ skincare and color cosmetics, and eSpring water treatment systems – all sold exclusively by Amway Business Owners. Global sales in 2013 made Amway the #1 direct selling business in the world, according to the Direct Selling News 2014 Global 100. For company news,


Friday, August 25, 2017

SYMPLY G Keratine Shampoo & Conditioner for your Crowning Glory

What if I tell you that you can wake up to great, gorgeous, and healthy hair every day with just 2 simple and easy steps!

Have you ever woken up with dull, frizzy, lifeless hair? How much time, energy and money have you wasted blow-drying, teasing, curling, and working to achieve flawless hair? Imagine the damage you put your hair through every single day just to complete your look.

With just 2 steps, Symply G Keratin Shampoo & Deep Conditioning therapy now makes it easier to have naturally straight, shiny, and soft hair.

Step 1: Shampoo with Symply G Keratin Shampoo with Argan Oil and Step 2: Condition with Symply G Keratin Conditioner with Argan Oil

Now with Symply G Keratin Shampoo and Conditioner, you don’t need complicated, expensive, time-consuming treatments and products to get the hair you desire. With Symply G Shampoo & Conditioner, not only is your hair beautiful, silky soft, and smooth, but healthy too.  

Both Keratin treatment and Argan oil are widely used in salons today due to their ability to transform frizzy & hard-to-manage hair into straight, shiny, soft, and healthy hair.

Keratin is the protein that protects epithelial cells from damage or stress. Keratin is extremely insoluble in water and organic solvents. It is the key structural material making up the outer layer of human skin.

Argan oil is a plant oil produced from the kernels of the argan tree that is endemic to Morocco. In Morocco, argan oil is used to dip bread in at breakfast or to drizzle on couscous or pasta. It is also used for cosmetic purposes.

Argan oil works like a charm for protecting hair against heat in the form of hair dryers or styling equipment and only needs about a pea sized amount for it to work as reported by MindBodyGreen.

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