Thursday, February 29, 2024

The Truffle Experience with Burger King's Truffle Whopper, perfect for any occasion

Burger King, the well-known international brand celebrated for their Whopper®, is reintroducing a beloved choice with the comeback of the exclusive Truffle Whopper, now featuring additional delightful truffle flavors!

Returning due to high demand, this distinctive flame-grilled patty, enriched with the luxurious essence of truffle and adorned with crispy onions for an added crunch, will transport you to new heights of flame-grilled excellence. Burger King's Truffle Whopper® adds a dash of sophistication to any event, allowing you to enhance special moments with your loved ones without breaking the bank, anytime and anywhere.

From casual snacking to upscale dining, the magic of truffle knows no bounds. First introduced in 2022, the Truffle Whopper has returned to delight all those with a taste for the finer things in life. This year, the Home of the Whopper has taken it up a notch – the truffle mayo has been upgraded with an even richer truffle taste, making it a must-try for truffle lovers everywhere. 

Triple the Truffle Delight

Truffle lovers around the nation can enjoy their every moment further with the Truffle Bundle , an iconic combination of Truffle Whopper, Ultimate Sidekick Thick-cut Fries with Truffle Dip, and Rootbeer Float. 

Available at Burger King stores nationwide, the Truffle Whopper and the Truffle Trio bundle are set  to level-up your experience wherever you are. But hurry – this mouthwatering treat is only available until supplies last. Don't miss your chance to savor the irresistible combination of savory truffle goodness and the classic flame-grilled perfection of Burger King.

So what are you waiting for? #TruffleEverMoment with the Burger King Truffle Whopper and savor a perfect gourmet moment. 

Available in all Burger King stores nationwide, get it via Dine-in, Take-out, Drive-thru, or Delivery via Burger King app,, Grabfood, and Foodpanda! 

Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Team Kramer Joins MR.DIY in Celebrating 500th Store Milestone in Panglao, Bohol

"We are so happy and so proud to be part of a company that has the initiative to give back to the community." ~Cheska Kramer, Acknowledging MR.DIY's Acts of Kindness Campaign

MR.DIY Philippines CEO Roselle Andaya, alongside Doug and Cheska Kramer, jointly pressed the button to inaugurate the opening of the 500th Store in Panglao, Bohol.

MR.DIY Philippines marked a historic milestone with the grand opening of its 500th store in Panglao, Bohol last February 16, 2024. Joining the celebration were MR.DIY Philippines’ celebrity endorsers Doug and Cheska of Team Kramer.

The grand reveal, a momentous occasion, witnessed Doug and Cheska Kramer, alongside Ms. Roselle Andaya, CEO of MR.DIY Philippines, pressing the button to officially inaugurate the new MR.DIY Panglao, Bohol store. The grand opening featured Hudyaka dancers of Panglao, Bohol raising the Mural Painted roll-up, followed by a vibrant local festive celebration with mob dancers showcasing the brand's jingle.

"We're so happy we are here in Bohol and most especially to be able to open the 500th store here and be part of this milestone. Congratulations MR.DIY Philippines management, Grabe the growth and we are just so honored to be part of this family." ~Doug and Cheska Kramer


The Media Round Table, led by MR.DIY Philippines CEO Ms. Roselle Andaya, and Mr. Charles Salecina, MR.DIY Philippines Deputy Head for Marketing featured Doug and Cheska Kramer, MR.DIY Philippines Celebrity Endorsers. Local media had the opportunity to engage with the panelists, gaining insights into the couple's journey as celebrity endorsers.

Responding to questions about their experience, Doug and Cheska Kramer emphasized MR.DIY's commitment to convenience, quality, and affordability. They highlighted the brand's strategic expansion efforts, ensuring each store positively contributes to the community it serves.

Reflecting on their participation in Sinulog 2024, the Kramers shared their memorable experience being part of the MR.DIY Float Parade, connecting with the local community in a vibrant celebration. They also praised MR.DIY for being embraced by the people during such cultural events.

The event also included the announcement of winners from the MR.DIY Holi-DIY, where Doug and Cheska Kramer revealed the fortunate recipient of a Jetour X-70 Travel.

Team Kramer's Doug and Cheska graced the MR.DIY Float in Panglao, Bohol, symbolizing the official launch of their 500th and most extensive store among the five in Bohol.

Following the discussion, a motorcade commenced from the MR.DIY store, featuring the float from the Sinulog Grand Float Parade, alongside Doug and Cheska Kramer, Tuktuk Toda Riders of Panglao, JCI Chocolate Hills, Francisco Dagohoy Eagles Club, and Brgy. Bil-isan Hudyaka Dancers, symbolizing unity and celebration.

As MR.DIY Philippines continues to expand, the brand remains committed to its core values of quality, affordability, and community engagement, with Doug and Cheska Kramer standing as proud ambassadors of these principles.

To know more about MR.DIY’s Milestones, head to MR.DIY’s official website at or follow /mrdiyPH on Facebook, and @mrdiy.philippines on Instagram and TikTok. You can also check out MR.DIY’s stores nationwide here:  

About MR.DIY
MR.DIY is one of the largest home improvement retailers with more than 2,000 stores across Southeast Asia including Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei, Philippines, Cambodia, India, and Europe in Turkey and Spain. The home improvement retailer has dedicated itself to making a positive difference in the lives of its valued customers by offering convenience at all its stores nationwide.

All MR.DIY stores are managed directly, and the company often works in collaboration with other mass merchandise retailers or owners of malls or shopfront properties. MR.DIY stores offer a wide selection of — approximately 18,000 SKUs — across 5 major categories, namely hardware; household and furnishing; electrical; stationery and sports equipment products; and others (comprising amongst other toys, car accessories, jewelry, and cosmetics).

The company strives to put customers first by operating an innovative business that is flexible when it comes to providing a wide variety of products, good quality, and value for money, holding true to the company’s motto of “ALWAYS LOW PRICES”. Visit for more details.

Tuesday, February 27, 2024

PAL Business Class Cocktail Offerings from Tanduay

Tanduay and PAL have collaborated to introduce an exclusive cocktail experience for business class travelers, enhancing the flying experience by offering carefully crafted signature cocktails made with Tanduay's top-quality rums on select PAL routes, providing an extra touch of excitement or enjoyment.

Well-known for its excellence and high standards, Tanduay is a perfect partner to PAL to further elevate customers’ flying experience.

Passengers have the opportunity to savor a unique array of beverages highlighting Tanduay's top-tier rums during their journey with the country's flagship airline.

Flyers can avail of cocktails named after some of the best tourist destinations in the Philippines and showcase the diversity of Filipino flavors.

The four cocktails available are:

Boracay Sunset
  • enchanting and colorful made from Tanduay Superior Rum

Boracay Sunset

Manila Skyline
  • bold and vibrant made from Tanduay Superior Rum
Manila Skyline

Bukidnon Breeze
  • refreshing fruity sweet made from Tanduay Asian Rum Silver
Bukidnon Breeze

Ilocos Dunes
  • sweet, citrus, and spicy flavors made from Tanduay Superior Rum
Ilocos Dunes

Any one of these choices is worthwhile for flyers as they are made from Tanduay premium products that are perfect for signature cocktails.

Business class patrons are not limited to the cocktails, as they can also enjoy Tanduay Double Rum and Tanduay Superior, on the rocks or neat.

The cocktails are available to PAL Business Class passengers on PAL flights to:
  • United States (San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Honolulu)
  • Canada (Vancouver and Toronto)
  • Japan (Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka and Nagoya)

Tanduay and PAL are looking forward to adding the offering of cocktails on Middle East and Australia routes in the near future.

While the signature cocktails are available on selected Business Class flights, PAL customers can avail of cocktails made from Tanduay products in the PAL Mabuhay Lounge of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 1 before departing on their international flights.

The Mabuhay Lounge is a place where passengers can wait for their flights comfortably with good food and cozy ambience. Terminal 1 services international flights arriving in and departing from Manila.

Among the cocktails available at the lounge are:
Captain’s Punch made with the Tanduay Superior Rum
Planters’ Punch, Cuba Libre, and Long Island made with the Tanduay Asian Rum Gold
Mojito made with the Tanduay White Rum

PAL and Tanduay are proud of their partnership and hope to see customers enjoying their flights and cocktails soon.

Tanduay is a sister company of PAL under the LT Group, Inc.

Friday, February 23, 2024

Enchanted Kingdom: Fostering tourism and world-class service excellence

“The FBSE Training Program has deepened our appreciation of the culture of service excellence in the Philippines. In EK, all cast members take the Filipino Brand of Service Excellence to heart as we greet every guest with a passionate Mabuhay, magical day!.” ~Pauline C. Barreiro, EK’s Learning and Development Manager

Enchanted Kingdom, the Philippines' premier world-class theme park, was acknowledged by the Department of Tourism for its significant role in boosting the tourism sector. This recognition took place at the CALABARZON Tourism Excellence Appreciation 2023 event, held at Twin Lakes Hotel in Laurel, Batangas.

EK’s Chairman and President Mr. Mario O. Mamon and Chief Operating Officer (COO) Dr. Cynthia R. Mamon accepted the recognition - alongside Local Government Units (LGUs), partner National Government Agencies (NGAs), private tourism enterprises, the academic community, media partners, institutional partners, and notable individuals in the region.

“This recognition is an affirmation that Enchanted Kingdom is in the right direction towards our vision to be a world-class integrated attractions destination in Asia, and as the Philippine leader in wholesome family leisure and entertainment.” ~Mr. Mario O. Mamon, EK’s Chairman and President

“EK is committed to contribute to the growth of the tourism industry. It is our mission to create and provide magical experiences and memories that last a lifetime, both for our domestic and foreign guests.” ~Dr. Cynthia R. Mamon, Chief Operating Officer (COO), President of Laguna Tourism Council Philippines, an advocate of tourism in Laguna

EK’s Learning and Development Manager, Pauline C. Barreiro also received an award for her participation as a trainer for the Filipino Brand of Service Excellence (FBSE) Training program for 2023. Currently, 90% of Enchanted Kingdom’s Cast Members (employees) are FBSE trained.

Last year, EK was also cited by the government of Laguna for generating the highest number of same-day visitors in 2022. The City of Santa Rosa, where EK is situated, recorded 40,188 overnight foreign travelers and 92,728 overnight domestic travelers based on DOT’s most recent Regional Distribution of Overnight Travelers data .

In 2022, EK together with DTI Laguna, opened the One Town, One Product (OTOP) Hub, showcasing famous delicacies from Laguna. Locally handcrafted bags and accessories, coffee and tea gift packs were also at the Pugad Shop at EK’s Cultural Village zone. EK also houses AGILA the EKsperience, the first and only flying theater in the Philippines celebrating the beauty of the Philippines’ destinations, products, and people. For 28 years, Enchanted Kingdom has been ardent in promoting tourism and products in the region. 

Thursday, February 22, 2024

Colgate, Philippine Dental Association, launches the "Isang Milyong Sipilyo, Angat Ngiting Pilipino"

“In the next two months, our Bright Smiles, Bright Futures program will be making trips to the VisMin regions. Following our visit to Timoteo Paez Elementary School here in Pasay, we will visit a chosen elementary school in Iloilo and Davao City, as we stay committed to spreading the importance of taking charge of their dental health to improve their overall well-being of Filipino children they grow older. It is our shared hope to empower these bright young children throughout the nation to prioritize their oral health and set the foundation for a lifetime of healthy smiles, one city at a time.” ~Mr. Diomar Escat, Public Health & Scientific Affairs Manager at Colgate Palmolive Philippines Inc.

Colgate, the leading oral health brand in the Philippines, partnered with the Philippine Dental Association (PDA) to the launch of "Isang Milyong Sipilyo, Angat Ngiting Pilipino" program last February 5, 2024 at the Timoteo Paez Elementary School in Pasay City.

Colgate Philippines and the Philippine Dental Association pictured with the students and teachers of Timoteo Paez Elementary School in Pasay.

Thousands of oral care kits were distributed to the children of Timoteo Paez Elementary School.

The students of Timoteo Paez Elementary School joined all 127 dental chapters of the Philippine Dental Association in a simultaneous toothbrushing event to celebrate National Toothbrushing Day.

A total of 120 dental chapters affiliated with the Philippine Dental Association took part in a coordinated toothbrushing activity, along with numerous students from 193 schools across the country, in celebration of National Toothbrushing Day. This collective effort showcased the unwavering commitment of the nation's dentists to advocate for good oral hygiene practices on a national scale.

Children availed of the free dental check-up booths were set up by Colgate Philippines at the event.

During the event's Luzon kickoff, more than 500 students from Timoteo Paez Elementary School learned the value of good oral hygiene and how to properly brush their teeth from Colgate and the PDA. As part of the "Isang Milyong Sipilyo, Angat Ngiting Pilipino" program, Colgate offered free dental check-ups and distributed oral hygiene kits to 550 students. Dr. Rabbit, Colgate's mascot, also made an appearance at the event, ensuring that the children had an exciting and enjoyable day. As a father whose son experienced missing school due to toothaches, Mr. Rannie Robles, president of Timoteo Paez Elementary School's Parent-Teacher Association, rallied parents and guardians in a pledge to always protect their children's teeth – staying true to his commitment of keeping children at school and away from absenteeism. 

"It is our commitment at PDA and as a professional organization to continuously make valuable and sustainable programs that would contribute to better oral health for our community. With the help of our partners at Colgate Philippines, we will be distributing more than one million toothbrushes to public schools across the country. Our shared goal is to equip students with the fundamentals of oral hygiene by teaching them proper tooth brushing techniques.” ~Dr. Emmanuel Centeno, President of the Philippine Dental Association

Colgate-Palmolive Philippines Inc. and the Philippine Dental Association are both firm believers that every Filipino deserves not only a bright smile, but also a bright future. Join us throughout National Dental Health Month in celebrating the power of Filipino smiles. Stay tuned for more exciting activities and updates as Colgate and the Philippine Dental Association work together to spread the gift of smiles throughout the nation.

About Colgate 
Colgate Philippines has been dedicated to ensuring Filipino families have a bright future they can smile about for more than nine decades. As the undisputed leader in oral care, Colgate’s commitment goes beyond just products. Driven by an unwavering dedication to sustainability, corporate social responsibility, and innovation, Colgate continually strives to elevate the lives of their consumers, leading them towards a future they can smile about.

Pepsi-Cola Products Philippines, Inc. welcomes Bigtime Empire Corporation to stellar client portfolio

Pepsi-Cola Products Philippines, Inc. (PCPPI) and Bigtime Empire Corporation begin long-term partnership. until 2026. Bigtime Empire Corporation recently joined PCPPI’s growing list of clients, ensuring that patrons of Pares Retiro, The Sandwich Guy, Cali Pizza Express and Kalye Express can pair their favorite meals with Pepsi, 7-Up, Mountain Dew, Mug and Mirinda until 2026. The following executives were present during the ceremonial contract signing (from left to right) PCPPI Region Commercial Head for National Key Accounts - Retail Business Maricel Guro, Bigtime Empire Corporation Corporate Operations Manager Joerome Santos, PCPPI President and Chief Executive Officer Phyo Phyu Noe, Bigtime Empire Corporation Operations Manager Jay Mark Tizon, and PCPPI Region Commercial Head for National Key Accounts - Food Service Alex Catindig.

In an effort to expand its customer base in the Philippines, Pepsi-Cola Products Philippines, Inc. (PCPPI) has announced a new collaboration with Bigtime Empire Corporation. Bigtime Empire Corporation, renowned for popular dining establishments like The Sandwich Guy, Pares Retiro, Kalye Pares, and Cali Pizza, has become one of PCPPI's latest clients. As part of this partnership, all independent branches of these dining favorites will now feature PCPPI's lineup of carbonated soda brands, including Pepsi, 7-Up, Mountain Dew, Mug, and Mirinda, until the year 2026.

During the ceremonial contract signing event, Bigtime Empire Corporation was represented by Corporate Operations Manager Joerome Santos, Operations Manager for Pares Retiro, Cali Pizza and Kalye Express Jay Mark Tizon, and Assistant Brand Marketing Manager Leslie Roelle De Leon. PCPPI’s leadership team was also on-hand, led by PCPPI President and Chief Executive Officer Phyo Phyu Noe, Region Commercial Head for National Key Accounts – Retail Business Maricel Guro, and Region Commercial Head for National Key Account – Food Service Alex Catindig.

For more information about PCPPI and its brands, please visit  

Chinabank welcomes the Year of the Dragon with Michelle Dee as brand ambassador

“This engagement with Michelle Dee signifies the beginning of many things to come.  For us, Michelle is family.  But beyond her obvious lineage to the bank's co-founders, we firmly believe that Michelle has the qualities to aptly represent a bank with a storied history and an unwavering commitment to building an inclusive and sustainable future for every Filipino.” ~Romeo D. Uyan Jr., Chinabank President & CEO
From left: Chinabank Chief Finance Officer Patrick Cheng, President & CEO Romy Uyan, Michelle Dee, Sparkle GMA Artist Center, Vice President Joy Romina Marcelo, and Miss Universe Philippines 
Creative Director Jonas Gafud.

Chinabank has enlisted its inaugural brand ambassador, the current Miss Universe Philippines, Michelle Marquez Dee. The partnership was formalized on February 14, 2024, at the Chinabank headquarters in Makati City.

The collaboration with Michelle, a beauty queen, actress, host, athlete, and model, is a fitting and inspiring choice for Chinabank. Known for her charisma, authenticity, and sense of purpose, Michelle has captured the hearts of Filipinos and the global audience, reshaping contemporary Filipino culture on an international platform. Her dedication to autism acceptance and inclusivity is evident in her pursuit of a degree in BS Psychology and her advocacy work with the Autism Society of the Philippines, raising awareness about the condition. With Michelle as their ambassador, Chinabank is reinforcing its brand presence and establishing a profound connection with the dynamic and forward-thinking banking customers of the new generation.

Michelle expressed her happiness and excitement for her new role, noting that she and Chinabank are a good fit as they share the same high regard for building trust, making an impact, and bringing about change.

“Chinabank isn’t just any bank, it’s been a beacon of trust and resilience for over a century.  Now that’s a lot of years of making a difference in people’s lives and making dreams come true, but it’s also the spirit of making a difference that really resonates with every Filipino heart. I would like to keep it real.  I’m here to share my stories and the incredible work Chinabank does…  I can’t wait to make memories and make such ground breaking opportunities for everyone around us as well.” ~Michelle Dee, Sparkle GMA Artist Center

Chinabank founder Dee C. Chuan was Michelle Dee’s paternal grand-uncle.  Her grandfather was former Chinabank Chairman Dee K. Chiong whose leadership shaped the bank into prominence.  He also led the bank’s early foray into computer technology, becoming the first bank in Southeast Asia to process deposit accounts online.

Chinabank is the fourth largest private universal bank in the Philippines. The bank is set to launch an advertising campaign featuring Michelle as it continues to innovate and improve its products and services with a keen focus on its customers.

Exciting year ahead for TCL Philippines as Kathryn Bernardo renews her contract

“I just renewed my contract with TCL Electronics so I am very excited with the partnership that we’ll be doing this year. I would remember that big gray box, wala pang smart TV dati and ang ganda ng memories ko with that TCL TV because every night after I finish my homework, we would go to my parent’s room just to bond and watch our favorite shows and cartoons. I didn't expect that one day, move forward to 2023 when I first became their brand endorser that’s why I'm so grateful and it's also a humbling experience for me coz I grew up with TCL and now, they’re offering other products pa like Air Conditioner, Washing Machine, and Refrigerators. It's also more interesting because they have more offers on TVs with a lot of models/options and so much more. So nakakatuwa na nag grow din yung brand kasabay ko. I’m looking forward to a lot of exciting launches for TCL products.  I’m also grateful that we have partnered once again. For someone who have grown up and loved TCL ever since as a kid, it's such a happy feeling to be part of their biggest campaigns this year.~Kathryn Bernardo, TCL Brand Endorser
Kathryn Bernardo finds her perfect match in TCL Philippines, renews her contract as Brand Ambassador

TCL Electronics, a leading consumer electronics brand and the world's top two TV brand, extends its long-standing collaboration with Kathryn Bernardo, one of the nation's most cherished celebrities and influential endorsers, as the face of their brand.

The partnership was sealed at Baked Studios last February 6. Present in the contract signing were Loyal Cheng -  TCL PH Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Shae Xiaoling Yu - Marketing Head and Joseph Cernitchez - Brand Manager. 

This partnership is truly a match made for Kathryn as she vividly remembers her childhood having their TCL TV and the bonding moments with her family. Having grown up with the TCL brand.  

(L-R) TCL Marketing Head Shae Xiaoling Yu,  TCL PH Chief Executive Officer Loyal Cheng, TCL Brand Endorser Kathryn Bernardo and TCL Brand Manager Joseph Cernitchez 

Aligning with TCL’s brand message of ‘Inspire Greatness’, Kathryn’s journey on becoming the most-sought-after actress in the Philippines has become an inspiration to a lot of people. She has become a perfect embodiment of empowerment and ambition that continues to illuminate and inspire more. Likewise, TCL continues to strive harder to develop and roll out innovative products to uplift the Filipino lifestyle.

As for TCL, the executives have all praises for the 27-year-old actress in helping the brand to set the trail as a leader in the industry.  

“We are very thrilled to have Kathryn once again as our brand endorser. She embodies the company’s vision to provide products that inspire and empower people to pursue greatness in their lives.” ~Loyal Cheng, TCL Electronics Philippines CEO

Kathryn will be headlining upcoming campaigns for TCL products such as TVs, Washing Machines, Air Conditioners and Refrigerators.

“We are planning for a lot of things for Kathryn for this partnership and we are very happy to have her onboard once again.  She’s a perfect match for TCL. She has become an inspiration for a lot of people.  Just like TCL’s brand message, she also strives to ‘Inspire Greatness’ that is why a lot of people also aspire to be successful like her.” ~Shae Xiaoling Yu, TCL’s  Marketing Head

TCL Electronics is also set to launch its newest air conditioner model in a few weeks. Likewise, TCL has a growing list of innovative consumer electronic products—from TVs and smart appliances such as Washing Machines, Air Conditioners, Refrigerators, and Air Purifiers. The company strongly upholds its promise to continue to Inspire Greatness for more Filipinos.

About TCL Philippines:
TCL Electronics (HKG:1070) is a fast-growing consumer electronics company and a leading player in the global TV industry. Founded in 1981, it now operates in over 160 markets globally. TCL specializes in the research, development, and manufacturing of consumer electronics products ranging from TVs, audio, and smart home appliances. Visit the TCL home page at

dwta and Arthur Miguel reflect on unrequited feelings in collab single “Tahan na”

“Tahan Na tells us to acknowledge our feelings of longing and heartache but also to remember that our value isn't based on someone else's feelings. In the end, it's a song about staying strong, not giving up, and believing in the transformative power of love. To recreate that cozy vibe, we recorded the acoustic guitar while sitting on the floor, mirroring the casual and intimate setting of my bedroom, where I often find inspiration. We wanted the song to feel like a comforting hug for anyone who listens to it. At first, we weren't sure if we should make it sound like a lullaby or a grand melancholic dance within a castle. But then we thought, why not blend both elements? So, we incorporated strings like the violin, reminiscent of a grand ballroom, while still maintaining the gentle strums of the acoustic guitar and the soft melodies of the keyboard, blending them together to create something special. I realized that his singing style and emotions would add a lot to the song's meaning and make it even more heartfelt. Our collaboration has opened up new opportunities for growth and exploration in our music. Working with Arthur Miguel is really enjoyable for me, and every time we work together, there's always something new to learn, some adventure, and lots of fun moments.” ~dwta or Jhasmine Villanueva 

The heartfelt tune marks the second time that the two artists have worked together for a project—the first one being a reworked version of the streaming hit “Lihim”.

Acclaimed singer-songwriter dwta teams up with chart-topping newcomer Arthur Miguel on “Tahan Na,” out today via Sony Music Entertainment.

Conveying the common sentiment of yearning for love and companionship, "Tahan Na" articulates the challenges of holding unreciprocated emotions for someone unable to return the same depth of affection. As explained by the Bicolano recording artist, this heartfelt song depicts the resilience of maintaining hope for love even in the face of repeated disappointments caused by circumstances.

The stripped-down, alt-country song was written by dwta in 2022. It has gone through multiple iterations since then, with Brian Lotho co-producing the tune with the young singer-songwriter under one condition: capture the immediacy and emotional vulnerability of the moment when the latter first conceived the material in her own bedroom. Nothing more, nothing less.

"Tahan Na" marks the second time that dwta and Arthur Miguel have worked together on a project. The two accomplished solo artists linked up last year on the reworked version of Lihim,” which blends Tagalog and Bicolano with captivating results. 

Villanueva emphasized that working with Arthur Miguel has always been a remarkable experience. Having great connection and chemistry when it comes to writing, collaborating, and performing songs as a duo, dwta is grateful to the budding crossover act for allowing her to experiment with different musical elements and expand her skills as both a songwriter and performer.

dwta and Arthur Miguel’s “Tahan Na” is out now on all digital music platforms worldwide via Sony Music Entertainment. 

About Sony Music Entertainment
At Sony Music Entertainment, we honor the creative journey. Our creators shape movements, culture, communities, even history. And we’ve played a pioneering role in music history, from establishing the first-ever music label to inventing the flat disc record. We’ve nurtured some of music’s most iconic artists and produced some of the most influential recordings of all time. Today, we work in more than 100 countries, supporting a diverse and distinctive roster of talented creators at every level and on every stage. Situated at the intersection of music, entertainment, and technology, we bring imagination and expertise to emerging products and platforms, embrace new business models, and employ breakthrough tools—all to support the creative community’s experimentation, risk-taking, and growth. And we form deep, trusted, cause-based partnerships to uplift and empower communities around the world. Sony Music Entertainment is part of the global Sony family. Learn more about our creators and labels here.