Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Blogger Affiliate Program 1st Anniversary

Travel has always been one of my passion and dream in life. I always make sure I get to travel once in a while may it be far or miles away. Just last year when I first discovered about via a friend, Pia. From then on I surf and check out latest hotels and accommodations that are affordable and on sale. 

I had been an affiliate over a year now, well honestly I haven't got any sales or booked accommodations yet. But after watching the experiences and testimonials of my other co-bloggers experience of earning simply just by putting on their codes on their URL and or on their own page made them earn extra cash.

Since the launch of the Blogger Affiliate Program in June 2016, the company was able to successfully forge partnerships with Filipino lifestyle and travel bloggers. In just one year, about 2,700 bloggers and page owners were able to widen their network and turn their online presence into extra income after joining the said program. 

For every hotel booking made on through the affiliate’s site, the company offers commission rates of up to 65%—the highest among similar programs from other OTAs.

Through the Blogger Affiliate Program, was able to reach a wider audience and carry out their mission to encourage more travelers to explore the Philippines. Aside from giving competitive commission rates, the leading OTA also provides exclusive perks and rewards to their affiliates.

In the previous months, organized various pieces of training for their blogger affiliates to help them improve their content and equip them with knowledge on digital marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 

The affiliates also had all-expenses paid trips and joined exclusive get-togethers where they were able to build their network, meet co-bloggers, and learn from each other. They also have exclusive access to’s special deals on top of the current promos offered by the OTA.

Upon achieving different milestones and developing great relationships with blogger affiliates in its first year, TravelBook Blogger Affiliate Program only aims to further strengthen its partnerships in the years to come.

If you also want to get these amazing perks from, visit and register as a blogger affiliate now for free!, the leading online travel agency (OTA) in the Philippines, celebrates the first anniversary of its Blogger Affiliate Program with a grand event at Oakwood Premier Joy-Nostalg Manila in Ortigas Center in Pasig City. Prizes will be given away in raffle draws and exciting games for the attendees, which include top affiliates, bloggers, and members of the press.


About is the leading online travel e-commerce company (online travel agent or OTA) in the Philippines dedicated to offering great value hotel bookings and with a varied selection of Philippine hotels and resorts in Baguio, Batangas, Bohol, Boracay, Cebu, Davao, Laguna, Metro Manila, Palawan, Pampanga, Tagaytay, Zambales, and more. A total of 3,200 affordable hotels are currently listed in also offers the best / lowest prices with attractive discounts for hotels and resorts and innovative payment options without credit card - “Pay at Hotel, No credit card needed.” also offers exclusive reward points: Customers also automatically earn back 5% of the total amount they spend as reward points, which they can use to get discounts on their future bookings (1 point is equivalent to PHP 1.00). 

Customers can also use’s convenient mobile app to book accommodations on the go. It is available on the App Store and Google Play.

Lastly, is a proud Philippine-based company with 24/7 support. It has a Filipino call center ready to assist customers anytime.

They can be reached through these numbers: 
Landline: +63 2 662 1111
Globe: +63 917 850 9029
Sun: +63 925 887 2835
Smart: +63 998 961 3012

To know more about convenient and affordable hotel bookings all over the Philippines, visit Follow on Facebook at, Twitter, and Instagram

Monday, June 26, 2017


"We are grateful to our customers for being very loyal to us through the years. And we want to get them excited with us again. We will give them new reasons to have FUN, and we will be offering these in Metro Manila, and eventually all over the country. Mister Donut is the go-to brand for pasalubong to the family or friends and to enjoy bonding moments with. This time, we will offer more treats to cater tot he different eating occasions at our shops that have a fresher look and cozier ambiance." ~Cherry T. Pena, Mister Donut's General Manager

Mister Donut spreads more FUN and Feelings to the early passengers of P2P whose ready to go to work with a surprise Free breakfast to all the passengers last June 23, 2017.

I had grown up having Mister Donut as my parents all time pasalubong for me and it has always been the top Filipino donut there is in our country.

It has been more than 2 decades since Mister Donut is delighting customers in Manila. From Terminals to town mall branches, or for a quick afternoon merienda at the dine-in branches which a lot of rice meal selection is available.

At all Mister Donut shops within the city of Metro Manila had experience the new treats and more. Also during the event a lot of surprising promos had been offered, imagine free taste of donuts and free taste of their cold drinks.... 
"Our brewed coffee is undenuably one of the best there is in the industry. We have capitalized on this and developed a uniquely Mister Donut coffee line that will really appeal to our customers, especially the younger ones with a very dynamic and on-the-go lifestyle." ~Margaret B. Jose, Mister DOnut's Marketing Director

The famous donut brand has added a variety of colorful and exciting products that will make eating time more fun. A new beverage line dubbed, "Mister Donut Brewzees" will be introduced as the perfect complement to donuts and the dine-in meals.

The "Wicked Puffs" are the wickedly indulgent donut puffs that are freshly fried on the spot and served hot at selected shops. Best with sprinkles, top, or swirl available sweet and colorful add-ons like hazelnut, strawberries and cream, Belgian chocolate too, makes it more fun and to cater to one's mood or taste. Php 35.00 for 6 pieces to enjoy, best to eat once served.

Drop by the branches and unbox the surprise with your friends and the whole family. The all-time favorite Bavarian and Choco Cake Donuts have become bigger size, and this is to give the customers more value for their money.


Trending with Kelly is a lifestyle and travel show featuring model, host, and blogger Kelly Misa-Fernandez and award-winning author Chef Tatung is back to deliver the latest trends and topics concerning today’s generation with the launch of the new show, “Trending with Kelly” starting July 2, Sunday at 9:30pm on ANC, the ABS-CBN News Channel.

“Trending with Kelly” is produced by Takels Entertainment Productions in partnership with ANC. Fashion, Travels, Delicious Menu's and a lot more trending topics and trends to watch out for the new season of "Trending with Kelly." Formerly “#trendingNOW”,  the revamped lifestyle program promises to empower viewers with features on trends in beauty, health, fashion, food, travel, science, technology, and the arts that will inform, inspire, and engage people to live out their own life goals and aspirations.

In the show’s first episode, Kelly will set sail and open her journey in search for the best things that life can offer. Join her as she takes a sip of the latest trends in wines from Ralph Joseph of Ralph's Wines and Spirits and help her find the latest style in fashion with no less than trending designer Albert Andrada. Also, believe in a healthy and long lasting love life with a romantic story delivered straight from the USA.

Kelly, one of the Philippines’ most popular commercial models, who has also made a name as a beauty columnist and lifestyle blogger, will also introduce her co-host and resident food trend expert Chef Myke Tatung Sarthou, more popularly known as Chef Tatung, who is an author, celebrity chef and culinary heritage advocate. Together, they promise to give viewers more reasons to achieve and experience the best and the latest as they travel to our dream destinations, bask in the latest style, and taste our newest cravings.
With Ms. Kelly Misa-Fernandez

With Chef Myke Tatung Sarthou "Chef Tatung"

Catch “Trending with Kelly” every Sunday, 9:30 pm on ANC, the ABS-CBN News Channel, with replays every Saturday at 11:30am. The show is also simulcast around the globe via The Filipino Channel (TFC). For updates, follow @TrendingwithK on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

MOM'S DAY OUT From SUN LIFE - What I want, What I think I ought to do, and What I think I can do!

Ow Yes..... I had my "ME TIME" and it was at one of the newest beautiful I'm Onsen Spa, and the funny thing was i wasn't expecting something s glamorous as relaxing as the session that I had experience. 

And I Love It, it was just like Sun Life made a trick on me for something i deserve and needed and from then on I crave for more. The best part of the event was the topics of the speakers which I incorporated with my family life. 

Do not let Time control your daily activities and responsibilities you must be the one to control time for what you really want to do and whatever makes you happy. Because remember mommies "We are worth it and we deserve it."
The Tea area from hot and cold drinks

Serenity with I'm Onsen Spa's Japanese Tea Sets worth Php 1,488.00

The person who made me feel so relaxed Ms. Wea with a magical hands :)

The massage bed and spacious one

The very serene pool and bar

The meals i ate after a relaxing massage

More often than not we get to maximize more out time when we are relaxed, when our mind is free of stress and the best way to achieve that is always having a slot of time for yourself, for your own only it is not a sin to do so but a privilege to enjoy and be thankful for.

With Mommy Michelle Alignay a Family Life Specialist gave advice's and points to ponder during the event let me show you some:

Coping with the demands of being a mom can sometimes be overwhelming. It wasn't just an afternoon of pampering but as well as talks about self-care and securing a bright future for mommies kids who attended the event.
"The Balance Body all parts support themselves no one part has to to receive major support from any other part permanently. If we get stuck in one position, it would be hard to do other things."
"Imbalance brings the internal knot. We need to note the area in the body, that we hold stress, tension or pain. When we experience a hurtful infection, we develop a sort of an internal knot."
The Imbalance
"Wants - Should - Capacity. Instead of having a rule that covers all situation, choose to pick within the situation."
Balance & Re-Balance
"Big and small imbalances. Do not wait for a big "message" to know we're out of balance. Acknowledge the little imbalances, and deal with them as they come. Be proactive in caring for yourself."
Actions Towards Balance
"Self-care is re-balancing, re-freshing and re-charging yourself. It brings a well-balanced Mom to her family."
Self Care
"Carving your practical ways for self-care. Perception. Affirm your goodness. Release control (of things beyond you). Saying No is Okay (And needed at times). Feeling Happy and Satisfied is normal. Relinquish some task that stressed you."

Balancing the dailies for the best of yourself & family
  1. Time
  2. Energy
  3. Money
  4. Support
Mommy Mylene Segismundo, Cluster Head Manila 1A

Priorities, responsibilities and position eats up too much of our time that being a Mom int he family makes us think and say "ok lang yon babawi nalang ako next time" but it's a scary excuse actually to always keep on saying that because just like us people as well inside our home grows old and one day we may wake up and realize they don't have time for us anymore as well because they'd rather spend their precious time with friends.

I remember the first time i had watched "She Said, She Said." a short film from Sun Life, I paused for a bit and reminisce my moments with my mother who passed away almost 10 years ago now. Life is indeed precious let us not take it for granted we should always prioritize our family and one important member of the family is "Ourself".

I hopes Mom's and Tita's could also enjoy and be part of Mom's Day Out Events to have their own moments of "Me Time" here are some of the schedules on July 1 or July 15. You could register at Follow Sun Life FB page Sun Life Financial Philippines

"I Am Wonder!"
"I Am Amazing!"
"I Am Loved!"
"I Am Perfectly Imperfect!"
"I Am The Master of My Self!"

Sun Life had always been my dose of inspirational guideline of helping me and directing me in managing my future for good. I have my own Sun Life fund and i intend to make it grow because as the bread and butter of my family I want my future to be fruitful and adventurous, yes would love to travel more and to have my "Me Time" without event thinking twice on doing so because like what i said "I deserve it."