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RCBC Bankard Platinum Mastercard partners with Gawad Kalinga's Kusina ng Kalinga

RCBC Bankard Services Corporation, in the presence of their President and CEO, Simon Calasanz, as well as RCBC Chairperson Mrs. Helen Y. Dee and RCBC President and CEO Sir Gil A. Buenaventura, will be relaunching their Platinum MasterCard, the RCBC Bankard Diamond Card. The relaunch will also highlight RCBC Bankard's new partnership with the Gawad Kalinga's Kusina ng Kalinga project as part of the Diamond Card's Diamond Cares Program.

Thursday of November 24, 2016 at 47th Floor Executive Lounge RCBC Plaza, Makati City relaunches of the RCBC Bankard Diamond Card. RCBC Bankard Services Corporation is a wholly owned subsidary of one of the country's top universal banks, Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC). 
RCBC Bankard Diamond Platinum Mastercard is more than just a credit card; it is also an affinity card. Through the Diamond Cares Program, cardholders are primed to lend a helping hand to those in need every time they use their RCBC Bankard Diamond Platinum Mastercard. For every Php 100.00 spent using the card, Php 0.20 is automatically donated to Gawad Kalinga's Kusina ng Kalinga (KNK).

The relaunched RCBC Bankard Diamond Mastercard carries with its strong advantages for its cardholders including a proprietary budget management tool, Spend Monitor, which allows cardholders to manage their finances better by allowing them to set their own budget
"Ending hunger for Filipino children in public schools is an important step in ending poverty in the Philippines. The support of RCBC Bankard for the Gawad Kalinga's Kusina ng Kalinga is essential to the achievement of our goal to provide meals for one hundred thousand public school students daily." ~Antonio Meloto, Gawad Kalinga Founder
"As we relaunch the RCBC Bankard Diamond Mastercard we acknowledge that we, along with our cardholders can make a difference. Lives will be better, both for our cardholders, and for the children who will have a better future because we have all cared." ~Simon Calasanz, President and CEO of RBSC
KNK is Gawad Kalinga's response to hunger and malnutrition among public school students across the country. Thae organization has set up satellite kitchens all over the country where volunteers come in daily to prepare, cook, pack, and distribute nutritious food to public school children in surrounding areas.

About RCBC and RCBC Bankard Services Corporation
RCBC Bankard Services Corporation is the Card Servicing entity of Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation 9RCBC), one of Philippines largest private universal banks. RCBC and RCBC Bankard Services Corporation are members of the Yuchengco Group of Companies (YGC), a conglomerate composed of close to 60 companies across a wide spectrum of industries including banking, insurance, education, real estate, construction, information technology, energy resources, advertising and more.

For more information on RCBC Bankard Services Corporation, visit

About Gawad Kalinga
Gawad Kaling (GK) means "to give care." They are a Philippine-based movement that aims to end poverty by first restoring the dignity of the poor. They use an integrated and holistic approach to empowerment with values-formation and leadership development at its core.

GK is currently present in 2,500 communities across the Philippines, affecting 60,000 families. Their communities are known to be zones of peace, having successfully transformed slums into peaceful and productive communities. They engage a cross section of society to optimize impact. Investments from monetary donors are matched by volunteer and caretaker teams, sweat equity of residents, local government units, and institutions. This network of relationship is key in lifting the poor out of poverty, one family at a time.

GK has been recognized as the 2006 Ramon Magsaysay Awardee and 2012 Skoll Awardee for Social Entrepreneurship.

To know more about Gawad Kalinga, visit

OAKLEY Freedom Train – Redesigning Sportswear

Oakley has just revamped the way you think about sports and training. Not only are they constantly innovating their eyewear pieces, they are also always upgrading their apparel and accessories line – this time with their Fall 2016 collection.
Oakley launched the newest collection in a fashion show titled ‘Oakley Freedom Train’ which happened this November 17 at White Space Manila. The whole apparel line is dedicated for golf, biking, lifestyle and training wear. Oakley gave a brand new look to the whole collection as we did not see the boring sportswear we are used to see, but a mixture of unique prints and colors while still retaining the technology that Oakley is known for. 
The items in the collection feature the Ohydrolix fabric – a cloth that maximizes comfort by transporting perspiration away from skin and carrying it to the outer surface where it can quickly evaporate. This wicking ability helps protect the wearer from overheating in hot climates and chilling in cold climates. Not only will you look good while training, it will also enhance your performance.
Oakley continuously provides you with the best quality products that suite your everyday lifestyle. The items in the collection are laced with unparalleled technology present in every merchandise we produce. Hop on the Oakley Freedom Train and at get off at the brand that lets fashion meet with function!

White Space Manila is located at: 2314 Chino Roces Ave Extension, Makati City, Metro Manila, R-3, Makati, Metro Manila

Oakley Custom Latch and Jawbreaker

The new addition to Oakley Customize Program – Latch and Jawbreaker

There are so many options for sunglasses out there, but it can still be hard to find exactly what you’re looking for. If you want to create a pair of sunglasses personalized just for you, come by Oakley stores for a fully customized experience.
Our stores have a special customization wall that allows you to choose the color of the frames, the lenses, and even their signature Oakley “O” on either side. The options are endless. There are over 15 types of frames to choose from and an infinite amount of color combinations. The best part is the wait (or lack thereof)! They have all the resources to create your custom sunglasses right in the store. The whole process takes only fifteen minutes, and you walk out with a brand new pair created just for you.

Oakley provides unrivalled performance and technical brilliance. And this philosophy has resulted in some of the best-engineered sunglasses on the planet. With over 600 patents Oakley is where physics meets art. 'Mad scientist' Jim Jannard started Oakley in 1975 for elite athletes who see the limits of possibility as another challenge.
Standout from the crowd and design your own Oakley Custom Sunglasses today!

About the products:
A creative collaboration from the world of skateboarding, this design inspired by influential athletes is shaped with a classic keyhole bridge and the curves of rounded lens orbitals, and we engineered it with the convenience of an interior kick-up feature that lets you clip it to your shirt.

• Built-in feature that lets you latch it to your shirt
• Three-Point Fit holds lenses in precise optical alignment while eliminating pressure points
• Plutonite Lenses offer top UV Protection filtering 100% of all UVA, UVB, UVC and harmful blue light up to 400nm

O Matter stress-resistant frame material is both lightweight and durable for all-day comfort and protection.

Jawbreaker is the ultimate sport design - answering the demands of world-class athletes with a 40 year heritage of uncompromising excellence. Oakley innovation has reached the pinnacle of performance by offering everything from surge ports for cooling airflow to Unobtainium components for a comfortably secure fit, and with the hassle-free lens changing of Switchlock technology for vision optimization in any setting.

• Oakley HDPolarized lenses filter out 99% of reflected glare without the haze and optical distortion that can come with traditional polarized lenses.
• Extended field of view in the upper peripheral region to optimize for cycling
• Unobtanium earsocks and nosepads keep glasses in place, increasing grip despite perspiration
• Switchlock interchangeable lens technology makes lens changing lenses fast and secure
• Patented High Definition Optics (HDO) provides superior optical clarity and razor-sharp vision at every angle.

ELKEN Philippines Enriching Lives Together “Builds You To Build Others."

“Have a Total Lifestyle Transformation in Elken Way, Now in the Philippines”

ELKEN Philippines Mission is to enrich lives together by making a positive difference in people’s lives. ELKEN Philippines have always focused on building people and believe that they can build people from all walks of life to achieve extraordinary things in life. Their emphasis is on developing innovative award-winning products that will enable people to live healthier, more fulfilling lives as they meet their every need. Their training and knowledge sharing is designed to nurture, support and guide their people to build their business and secure a strong financial future by providing with the right tools.

After a year ago of arrival in the Philippines, the newest leading Malaysian direct selling company Elken has continuously roll out its goal - to provide world-class quality products with holistic approach in health, beauty, well-being, and business opportunities not just for Asian country citizens but now specifically to all Filipinos.
“We want to let Filipinos know that we are here to unify them in our common cause to enrich lives together by making a positive difference in people’s lives through the wonders of Elken products. We are looking after the stories on how Elken products change people’s lives,” ~David Wong, General Manager of Elken International Philippines, Co. Ltd.,

True to its philosophy “Builds you to Building Others”, Elken started its humble beginning in 1995 from a space that measured less than 25,000 square feet sharing the vision to enrich lives by nurturing and empowering people to create opportunities of a positive life transformation. From then, Elken expanded with over 500 unique wellness offerings in cosmetics, personal care, wellness, food and beverage, and home care and over 1.8 billion audience across 11 Asian countries, which include Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Brunei, Hong Kong, India, Vietnam, Cambodia, Taiwan and now Philippines.

Wong also shared that total wellness should begin with comprehensive nutrition that can be found with Elken’s four interesting product line-up
​ to​ its portfolio for Filipinos.

ELKEN Philippines Values remain the heart and soul as it shapes their culture and guides them to improve lives in meaningful ways:

Elken Quality encompasses the People, Products and Services. It is our way of life.

Integrity is our hallmark. We adhere to the highest ethical standards and conduct.

We recognise diversity as an asset and respect the unique characteristics of our employees, stakeholders, communities and our environment.

We advocate a winning attitude that delivers excellence. We are passionate about continuous improvement & are willing to embrace change.
Elken Philippines General Manager David Wong and Empire Diamond Pioneering leaders of Elken Philippines Wilhelmina Lopez 

They foster a genuine closeness and support each other every step of the way. In Elken, they create a sense of belonging in their people by nurturing unity and trust while working together to realize their dreams.

ELKEN Philippines Products

Elken Spirulina
Total Wellness Begins with a Comprehensive Nutrition
It is a complete food with 46 essential nutrients in a balanced proportion in line with the human body’s requirements, a chewable source of cholesterol-free protein, and a natural alkaline tablet that contains rich concentrated natural pigments of chlorophyll, beta carotene, xanthophyll, and phycocyanin that helps control the growth of abnormal cells. Spirulina contains 1000 times more concentrated nutrients than seaweeds and vegetables.

Solution to coffee-lover Filipinos who are also maintaining healthy lifestyle, Elken has ElCafé - a premium quality 5-in-1 coffee with Ginseng and Gingko Biloba extract made from the finest of Arabica and Robusta coffee powder and non-dairy creamer that surely enchants Filipinos by its rich aroma, and giving them extra energy to cope up their daily work routines anytime every day. Complete food with 46 essential nutrients in a balanced proportion in line with the human body's requirements.
  • Rich concentration of nutrients such as protein (amino acids), vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, essential fatty acids, chlorophyll, beta-carotene, phycocyanin and xanthophyll.
  • More than 10 international accolades from government bodies and independent organisations.
  • A rich source of cholesterol-free protein which is also alkaline-forming for balanced nutrition.
  • Readily digested.
  • Certified free of microcystine.
Magnesium is the Core Mineral of Chlorophyll, the higher the Chlorophyll content of a green plant, the higher is the MAGNESIUM.

Why do we recommend Spirulina? Simply because ELKEN SPIRULINA has 4 times more Chlorophyll than Wheat and Barley Grass, meaning more Magnesium content.
Most disease today is caused by severe lack of magnesium because magnesium is a "key mineral", calcium is inefficient without magnesium. Magnesium is involved in approximately 200 metabolic body internal functions.
TO BE HEALTHY ALWAYS, just take Spirulina everyday, it has all the Essential minerals we need. INVEST IN YOUR HEALTH, BEFORE ITS TOO LATE! 

Elken El Cafe
The Perfect Home Solutions. Products that make your life healthier and simply easier.
Elcafé 5-in-1 premix instant coffee with Ginseng and Ginkgo extract is a premium quality coffee made from the finest of Arabica and Robusta coffee powder and non-dairy creamer. Be enchanted by its rich aroma and enjoy anytime of the day!

Elcafe is a premium quality coffee blend that's rich in aroma and taste. It is made from the finest of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans, and comes in an easy-to-brew 5-in-1 premix with Ginseng as well Ginkgo Biloba and non-dairy creamer.

Elken Fujita Lactose-S
Total Wellness Begins with a Comprehensive Nutrition
Elken’s FujitaLactose-S is a powdered drink that contains probiotics with 1 billion Bifidus bacteria as well as prebiotics such as oligosaccharides that helps the body from digestion, improves bowel movement, detoxify the body, and prevent toxin reabsorption.

Cleanse your intestines easily.
Eliminate lodged coprostatis (stubborn stool) and accumulated toxins with this symbiotic formulation. Containing both probiotics with 1 billion Bifidus bacteria as well as prebiotics such as oligosaccharides, Fujita LACTOSE-S helps to detoxify the body and prevent toxin reabsorption.

Elken El Marino Blanc
Total Beauty Begins with Inner & Outer Beauty.
El Marino Blanc is clinically proven to provide protection against UV rays. A cup a day keeps the UV rays away. Brighten your skin any day with a sachet.
Proved that beautiful skin starts from within, Elken’s El Marino Blanc is one of the most prized youth elixirs that helps restore younger-looking skin. It is an enhanced collagen powdered drink formulated to protect the skin from ageing, maintain the skin’s natural system to protect against external elements, and boost immune system which is a combination of Red Orange complex, Viqua Active with ADS Nano Delivery and Collative active.
The basis of beautiful skin starts from within. So begin your beautiful journey with El Marino Blanc, one of the most prized youth elixirs that helps restore younger-looking skin. The combination of Red Orange Complex, Viqua Active with ADS Nano Delivery and Collective activate and maintain your skin’s natural system to protect against external elements.

Elken Business: Opportunity
At Elken, opportunity builds communities, families, health and wealth. Their commitment is to provide the best to help you achieve your fullest potential.

ELKEN Philippines designed the Elken Business to give you control of your income and time/ lifestyle, while enjoying our products and building networks around the world.
  • Financial security and an alternate way to earn additional income.
  • Internationally recognized, award winning products in Health , Beauty & Home.
  • One of the best compensation plans in the region.
  • Freedom of time to pursue things in life that matter.
  • Trustworthy company with solid financials (ranked amongst the Top 50 in DSN Global 100 in 2013).
  • Proven and sustainable business model).
  • Reliable support system with our heart-to-heart culture and guiding core values.
  • Online business platform that is easily accessible anytime, anywhere.


ELKEN Philippines offer one of the most competitive compensation plans in the industry, through a seamless global platform that rewards you for your efforts and recognizes your success with 10 prestigious achievement ranks.

Your life-changing decision begins here. Make that first move to be an Elken Independent Business Owner (IBO) and achieve your ultimate potential in life.

You can earn five levels of bonuses with the Elken Compensation Plan, based on your weekly sales volume contributed by yourself and the team you build:
  • Retail Bonus
  • Welcome Bonus
  • Team Bonus
  • Mentor Bonus
  • Quarterly Dividend

1. Enroll in the Elken Online Business:
Enroll and purchase the Elken Welcome Pack and become an Elken Brand Ambassador to start enjoying quality Elken products at member price.
2. Share your story:
Share your Elken products and stories. Invite friends and enrich lives together at Elken. Receive a Welcome Bonus whenever your friends purchase a Welcome Pack.
3. Grow your team:
Continue to enroll new customers and business partners. With your team’s passion and combined effort to build your network, your team can meet all the requirements to earn the weekly Team Bonus as well as commissions and other bonuses.
4. Build your global business empire:
With the right tools and training, you can coach and mentor your team members to follow in your successful footsteps and build their own networks. You can achieve higher goals and see your earnings multiply with the Mentor Bonus and Quarterly Dividends.

Together with their values as their foundation and their heart-to-heart culture… this is the Elken Way.
Elken Philippines General Manager David Wong and Empire Diamond Pioneering leaders of Elken Philippines Wilhelmina Lopez 

The Elken opportunity has so much to offer - a healthier and better quality of life, more freedom of time and the path to a solid financial future, backed by a compensation plan that rewards people for their efforts.

Elken is also known not only on product efficacy, but also on the compensation plan that has been giving opportunities to a lot of people to build own businesses that will also help to build others to improve lives in meaningful ways.

More than just products and business opportunity​, Elken helps people create a sense of belonging to people by nurturing unity and trust while reaching out people to working together to turn their dreams into reality through the Elken way.
Aside from solid and stable reputation in the multi-national marketing industry worldwide, Elken has been in the market for 20 years, and has offices in 30 cities, and yet keeps on expanding the business exponentially to maintain its pipeline in continuously creating a big difference in the society especially to the Philippine market.

ELKEN Philippines
Unit 101, Parc Royale Building, Dona Julia Vargas Avenue, 
Ortigas Center Pasig, Philippines
Call: (02) 535 22 66 ​or 0917 5110176
ELKEN Philippines Website:
ELKEN Philippines FB:
ELKEN Philippines Twitter:
ELKEN Philippines Youtube

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First Philippine Sports Tourism Awards

It is not just more fun in the Philippines it is also more athletic and energetic in the Philippines.

Industry stakeholders recognized in first-ever Philippines Sports Tourism Awards.

Sports Tourism brings us one step closer in making the country a destination for major sporting events. 

Awards Industry stakeholders recognized in first-ever Philippine Sports Tourism The Search for the best sports tourism efforts in the country has culminated the Philippine Sports Tourism Awards.
Held November 23, 2016 at Resorts World Manila, the Awards recognizes events, destinations, local government units, national sports associations, private companies and event organizers who have contributed to the growth of the local sports tourism industry.
Organized by the Philippine Sports Tourism (DOT), Tourism Promotions Board Philippines, and Selrahco Management, the Awards attracted hundreds of nominations from across the country but only nine programs were distinguished for their efforts to develop and promote the Philippines as a sports tourism destination.
Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga was named the Sports Tourism Destination of the Year for hosting various sports tourism events, including racing competitions, car shows, Frisbee games, and the widely attended Philippine Hot Air Balloon Fiesta that welcomes around 112,000 local and foreign visitors yearly.

The Municipality of Lubao and Sunrise Events, Inc. also took home individual trophies as Organizer of the Year in the public and private sector categories, respectively. Both winners have held events that boosted local sports tourism as a viable industry in the Philippines.

Cebu's Tabuelan 111 won in the Event of the Year-Domestic category, for its successful tri-event races held in celebration of the town's fiesta. Ironman 70.3 Philippines, meanwhile, took home the award in the Event of the Year-International events category.
The Philippine Inter-Island Sailing Federation, which popularized boat races in the country, was named Sport Association of the Year. Ironman 70.3's campaign to make Cebu a global sports tourism destination won the Destination Marketing of the Year award.

The Philippine Rugby Football Union and Hong Kong-based civic group Pot Bellied Pigs Rugby Club's Fat Boys 10s Rugby was hailed Charity Event of the Year 2015 for delivering medical assistance to 1000 kids annually through funds generated from annual golf and rugby tournaments.

Resorts World Manila Golf Masters, which catered to the event broadcasted to over 200 countries, took home the Event Sponsorship Award of the Year 2015. This professional golf tour is touted as the richest tournament in the Philippines, with a US$1-million prize money.

The awardees were selected by a panel of judges which included, Philippine Olympic Committee Board Member and Chairman William Ramirez, DOT Undersecretary Benito Bengzon Strategic Works Inc. director for public relations Mark Parlade, and Charles Lim of Selrahco Management.

The first of its kind in the ASEAN region, the Philippine Sports Tourism Awards is made possible with the support of the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation, Cebu Pacific, and Resorts World Manila.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Filinvest pushes Filipinos to own their dreams!

Got invited in Filinvest, Alabang for the Filinvest Home Expo and was able to see the different showcases of house units and properties of Filinvest. 2 of the goal reacher and a persevere man proved durign the event that in owning their dreams is nto possible at all as long as you know how to get it and work hard for it.
Jayson Gabriano: Perseverance

Elsie Sunio: Against the Odds

Gotianun-owned real estate developer, Filinvest Land, Inc. (FLI) continues its advocacy in building the Filipino dream with its campaign dubbed, “I Own My Dream,” at the recently held week-long Filinvest Home Expo at the Festival Mall in Alabang, Muntinlupa City.
With Filinvest Ambassador Richard Yap

Fulfilling the Filipino’s dream has always been the motivation behind the Filinvest community. Driven by the Gotianun tradition of integrity, quality and service, Filinvest continues to build more Filipino dreams while developing and expanding its diverse portfolio of residential developments. Filinvest’s “I Own My Dream” campaign aims to inspire more Filipinos to dream and own their dreams, not just here in the country, but around the world.

Home Expo 2016
The expo, an annual event, provides a unique opportunity for anyone to find the dream home that suits their budget and lifestyle. Here, Filinvest showcased its developments in Alabang, Cavite, Laguna and Batangas under its brands – Futura Homes and Filinvest. Showcased projects included Nusa Dua – a Balinese-inspired residential paradise situated in Tanza Cavite, well-suited for hobby farmers, and Montebello, a tranquil enclave within Ciudad de Calamba, with a breathtaking view of Mt. Makiling.

For those who are looking to invest in their first home, various affordable communities were also present including house & lot offerings, like Futura Homes San Pedro Laguna, or the quaint townhouse units of La Brisa in Calamba.

Owning Your Dreams
The Home Expo also served as the venue for Filinvest to launch their video series, “Owning Your Dreams.” Hosted by Dream Advocate, Richard Yap, and created by big-screen director, Paolo Dy. The videos feature persons who dreamt, worked for it, and now live their dream. These individuals are living testaments to the age-old adage that dreams come true through hard work and perseverance. The videos can be viewed at .  
The Filinvest Home Expo will continue on up to the 22nd of November. Drop by and find your dream home.


About Filinvest Land, Inc.
Built on the Gotianun tradition of integrity, quality and service, Filinvest Land Inc. (FLI) is one of the most-trusted real estate developers in the country with a diverse property portfolio catering to all markets. Currently, FLI has developed over 2,400 hectares of land and more than 600,000 square meters of prime office, residential and retail spaces. For updates, check out our website or follow us on social media: and
Reference: Wendy Goma- (0917) 5948679

With Richard Yap
With my co-bloggers and Richard Yap

BIGBENTA a Pinoy Marketplace. For the Filipinos, made by Filipinos

BIGBENTA a Pinoy Marketplace
For the Filipinos, made by Filipinos

Online buying is the latest trend nowadays because it is convenient and time-saving, instead of going to malls and buying your stuff and go shopping.

Mr. & Mrs. Sharon & Charlie Fong Owners of BigBenta

It was a pleasure having to meet the owner of the latest E-Commerce to hit the Filipino consumers introducing BigBenta which had a Bloggers Launching event last October 27, 2016, at Abe Restaurant in Serendra.

During the Launch of BigBenta one of their major sponsor Black Arrow Express newest delivery service that could help you with all your packages to be delivered.

With Gino Domingo

Black Arrow Express (BAE) is the Next Generation of Logistics stemming from a Legacy of Awarded Excellence in End-to-End Logistics.

Their products are Express Logistics Services, e-commerce fulfillment solutions. Nationwide Express Delivery.

Mr. Charlie Fong, CEO of BigBenta introduces how the company started and their mission and vision.

Any merchant can build their own online Store, promote, sell and receive payments for their products and learn about their customers via data analytics. Any skilled individual or service establishment can offer, promote, receive bookings and payment for their services as service providers based on their preferred time and location.

For a change, a new online trading and commerce of individuals and micro, small, medium enterprises across the Philippines will get the chance to market their products and services online.

BigBenta was created with one goal in mind, and that is to help Philippine individuals, micro, small and medium enterprises reach their full business potential in cyberspace. The entrepreneurs behind BigBenta, created an e-commerce ecosystem for entrepreneurs, from the grass root level all the way to medium enterprises which will serve as an e-marketplace for everyone. This will not only expand the market for both buyers and sellers but will also create a new sales and distribution channel to reach more customers for the striving entrepreneurs.

Showing how you could book at BigBenta website

The founders of BigBenta believe the micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME) will be the foundation of e-commerce in the Philippines and not the large companies. Though the MSME segment presents some challenges, BigBenta understands each and every one of them and believes that it has the solutions and operational experiences to address them one step at a time, efforts which will eventually translate to its success in the Philippine market.

The major difference of BigBenta Store from the competitors is it allows the merchants (Storeowners) to create their own online store based on their preferences like items to sell, its varieties (e.g. color, sizes, etc.), inventory level, pricing, promotion rules, payment method, customer management, report management and many more. The online store will soon be equipped with features like chat, abandoned cart management, customer survey, and complaint management that are all designed to put the store owners in control of their online store and everything that happens in it. 

What to expect for future plans of BigBenta

BigBenta Service Booking was developed to provide additional income to service providers outside their full-time or daytime jobs while giving them full flexibility based on their available schedule and place of residence. The major difference of BigBenta Service Booking compared to the competition is its positioning that is geared towards individual service providers rather than service companies or agencies. For the customer, this means that prices are lower, service duration is flexible (e.g. hourly, half-day, a whole day, per call, etc.), and the scope of services is equally varied. For as long as a service provider can do it, he or she can offer it, in her own terms.

Follow BIGBENTA's social media accounts:
FB Page: 
Credits: SME photo from the; Business photograph designed by Jcomp Freepik