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Beauty + Immunity: 4Life Transfer Factor® Collagen

“4Life Transfer Factor Collagen is the accumulation of many years of research on ingredients that support healthy skin, hair, and nails. We included 4Life Transfer Factor, which also has known benefits for the skin. This product gives our distributors and customers a first-in-class product that cannot be matched anywhere else!” ~PhD, David Vollmer, Chief Scientific Officer 4Life Research USA
4Life Transfer Factor® Collagen
Collagen is the main structural protein in the skin. Collagen makes up one-third of the protein in the human body and it gives the skin its elasticity and strength, contributing to a youthful appearance. Collagen is a vital structural protein in the human body. Often referred to as the “glue” that holds your body together, collagen is present in connective tissue throughout your body, including the skin. Collagen is made of three amino acid strands wound together that form a triple-helix. These triple-helixes form collagen fibers, which are the main components of connective tissue in your body. 

4Life Transfer Factor® Collagen
Collagen is the most abundant protein in our body, and while it is a key component of connective tissues, we usually hear most about its skin health benefits. Collagen can do a lot more for our body than just support healthy skin, though. 4Life Transfer Factor Collagen provides total body wellness through hydrolyzed collagen, antioxidant protection, and patented 4Life Transfer Factor®. Collagen restores damage from sun exposure and other environmental factors, adding a youthful volume to the skin. It’s also been used to restore brittle, broken nails, lessen back pain, and even prevent and help treat heart disease.

4Life Transfer Factor® Collagen
4Life Transfer Factor Collagen improves skin moisture, tone, and elasticity while promoting overall longevity and healthy aging. It slows down the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It is also dermatologist-tested. Studies show improvements for skin, nails, and hair in just 8 weeks!

4Life Transfer Factor® Collagen
4Life Transfer Factor® Collagen
Key features
  • Replenishes collagen levels to support healthy skin
  • Boosts, Educates, Balances the immune system with
  • 4Life Transfer Factor™
  • Improves skin moisture, tone, and elasticity
  • Slows the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Contains vitamin C and E to support the skin
  • Promotes overall longevity and healthy aging
  • Stimulates collagen synthesis in the body
  • Dermatologist-tested
  • IFANCA Halal Certified
4Life Transfer Factor® Collagen
4Life Transfer Factor® Collagen
4Life Transfer Factor® Collagen
4Life® is a multinational company based in Utah that offers supplements that support immune system health, body transformation, and general wellness. 4Life® produces products that enable you to achieve healthy lifestyle goals such as their latest ground-breaking formula, 4Life Trans Factor® Collagen.

4Life’s collagen is sourced from Asia, Europe, North America, and South America. 4Life Transfer Factor Collagen contains hydrolyzed collagen, which breaks peptides into smaller units that are easier for our body to use. 4Life Transfer Factor Collagen contains 5,000 mg of hydrolyzed collagen per packet.

4Life Transfer Factor® Collagen
4Life Transfer Factor® Collagen
According to the United Nations, in 2015, one in eight people were over the age of 60. By 2030, it will be one in six. As the population continues to grow, there is an increasing demand for products that support the aging systems of the body.

The system that ages most visibly is the skin. Skin hydration, elasticity, and firmness tend to decrease, while fine lines and wrinkles tend to increase with age. Nails and hair become more dull and brittle, while collagen levels in the joints decrease.

4Life® developed 4Life Transfer Factor Collagen, a powder drink supplement made of unique, age-defying ingredients, including 4Life Transfer Factor.* To demonstrate the benefits of this innovative formula, a first-of-its-kind clinical study was performed an independent, third-party testing lab that specializes in the beauty, cosmetic, and skin care industries. 

4Life Transfer Factor® Collagen
4Life is a Multinational Company with offices in 25 countries. Doing business in more than 90 countries. 4Life currently holds 6 U.S. Patents, 38 International Patents.

4Life Transfer Factor® Collagen
4Life Transfer Factor® Collagen
In 209, it was 4Life Philippines 4th consecutive year to be the 4th largest market of 4Life worldwide.

4Life Transfer Factor® Collagen
With a combination of hydrolyzed collagen, 4Life® Tri-Factor® Formula, and anti-oxidant support through vitamins C and E, 4Life Trans Factor® Collagen is an Age-Defying formula. It also provides whole-body healthy aging support; helps replenish collagen levels to support healthy joints, muscles, and skin and supports immune system function.

4Life Transfer Factor® Collagen
4Life Transfer Factor® Collagen
4Life Transfer Factor® Collagen
4Life Transfer Factor® Collagen
4Life Transfer Factor® Collagen
This revolutionary product from 4Life, The Immune System Company™, combines healthy skin support with 4Life Transfer Factor. 4Life Transfer Factor is extracted from cow colostrum and chicken egg yolk. It is a product made by the immune system for the immune system. 4Life Transfer Factor can boost, educate, and balance the immune system. Recent independent laboratory studies show that core 4Life Transfer Factor products bolster Natural Killer (NK) cell activity in the presence of a health threat.† This product can give consumers much-needed immune support.* 
“At 4Life, we take pride in providing our consumers products that are well researched and scientifically backed. 4Life Transfer Factor Collagen boosts the immune system and slows down the appearance of fine line and wrinkles. We are very proud of this unique formula.” ~Eileen Tan-Dario, General Manager 4Life Research Philippines
4Life Transfer Factor Collagen also contains Vitamin C and E and provides additional antioxidant support. And, in addition to being IFANCA Halal Certified, it is also gluten-free and soy-free. It has a neutral taste, so you can enjoy 4Life Transfer Factor Collagen in your favorite cold drink!

4Life Transfer Factor® Collagen
Why TF (Transfer Factor) is Important in TF Collagen:

Our skin is an immunological organ
  • Estimated 20B T-cells in the human skin; more than in the blood
  • 95% of skin T-cells have memory, meaning they can be educated to respond to health threats

4Life Transfer factor
  • Modulates overactive T-cells
  • Bovine colostrum improves the growth rate of fibroblasts (skin cells)
  • Chicken egg yolk peptides stimulate hair growth

4Life Transfer Factor® Collagen
4Life Transfer Factor® Collagen

More than 60 years of research
  • Dr. H. Sherwood Lawrence discovered trans factors in 1949.
  • He determined that an immune system response could e transferred from a donor to a recipient through a white blood cell extract.
  • Dr. Lawrence coined the term "transfer factor."
  • In 1998, 4Life Founders David and Bianca Lisonbee licensed the patent to extract transfer factors from cow colostrum.

4Life Transfer Factor® Collagen
4Life Transfer Factor® Collagen
4Life Transfer Factor® Collagen
Collagen Clinical Results
  • Study 3 parameters
  • Independent third-party clinical lab
  • Placebo-controlled, double-blind
  • 57 middle-aged women
  • 2.5 g collagen/day for 12 weeks
  • Dermatologist-tested, clinically proven

4Life Transfer Factor® Collagen
4Life Transfer Factor® Collagen

Why support the Immune System
  • When you feel vibrant and healthy, you can live your best possible life. To do this, you need a vigilant immune system to help you fight back against the health threats you face each day.

4Life Transfer Factor® Collagen
4Life Transfer Factor® Collagen
4Life Transfer Factor® Collagen
4Life Transfer Factor Collagen is manufactured by 4Life Research USA which has offices in 25 markets, including 4Life Philippines, to serve a global network of independent distributors and their customers.

4Life Transfer Factor® Collagen
4Life Transfer Factor® Collagen
4Life Transfer Factor® Collagen

4Life Transfer Factor Collagen significantly improves skin hydration, firmness, and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles after 42 days.*

4Life Transfer Factor® Collagen

About 4Life Philippines
4Life Philippines has been a part of the growing health and wellness community in helping Filipinos achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. 4Life offers supplements that support immune system health, body transformation, and general wellness. Achieve your healthy lifestyle goals with 4Life Transfer Factor® products to help you burn fat, build muscle mass, and more. Purchase products as a customer or build your own business as a 4Life distributor.

Santé, to provide job opportunities amid COVID-19

“Despite the pandemic, the company continues to receive a steady demand for its premier organic health and wellness products and services. We’ve seen a change in the buying behavior of our customers. People are buying online and are also shifting their focus to preventive care. Since Santé’s products fall under the wellness category, we continue to receive a growing demand. We reacted fast, making sure that our online systems are working, from our customer services to online ordering systems. Most importantly, we made sure that the top management was visible. Virtual meetings were done daily with our teams and business owners. We are expecting more than a 50 percent increase in the number of our business owners in the next couple of months. Our Business Owners are glad to have a business that is, in a way, pandemic-proof. The global health crisis may have minimized person-to-person interactions, but we have helped them to shift to online selling. They are now all back on track. Santé will remain wide open for those who want to jumpstart their direct-selling business.” ~Joey Marcelo, Santé CEO
Santé Barley
Santé, despite the pandemic, the company continues to receive a steady demand for its premier organic health and wellness products and services. As one of the active global players in the direct selling and wellness industry, announced recently that it is looking to provide job opportunities for those whose livelihood is affected by the current global health crisis.

Known for its flagship product, Santé Barley, the company has developed a comprehensive selection of everyday barley-based products. They are made, specifically with organic barley grass, as certified by BioGro, New Zealand’s leading organic certification agency.

In March, the demand for Santé’s Daily-C, a non-acidic Vitamin C, has increased by more than 1000 percent.

This steady growth urged the company to strengthen its online presence. It also utilized technology to transform quickly and cater to the demands of the “new normal.” The move also aims to attract more distributors, called Santé Business Owners, to put up their own direct selling business.

Present in 10 key cities worldwide, there are thousands of independent Santé business owners. Marcelo said, only half of them were active last year. 

Santé makes it even safer and easier for potential business owners to jumpstart their business. With Santé’s Engage system, its business owners are easily plugged into a series of leadership, product, and business training aimed to help equip and aid in their growth both as a person and as a businessman. 

Fastly adapting to the Covid-19 situation, Santé’s Engage webinars are all done online and are given for free.  

Santé also developed a mobile app (IOS, Android), which helps its business owners to conveniently order products and have them shipped. They can also transact everything through the company’s website.

To learn more about Santé, visit its website at

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Shopee Celebrates ASEAN's 53rd Founding Anniversary with the Inaugural ASEAN Online Sale Day On August 8

“We are excited to be part of the first ASEAN Online Sale Day. The robust growth of e-commerce in our region has created new opportunities for sellers and MSMEs, and this initiative can help them reach more customers and grow their online business. As e-commerce takes on greater importance in people’s lives, we will continue to innovate and improve our platform to equip and empower our sellers to succeed online.” ~Ruoshan Tao, Head of Marketing at Shopee Philippines

Shopee Celebrates ASEAN's 53rd Founding Anniversary by Joining the Inaugural ASEAN Online Sale Day! On August 8, shoppers can enjoy up to 90% off on various products from ASEAN markets. 

Shopee, the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, participates in the ASEAN Online Sale Day to celebrate ASEAN’s 53rd founding anniversary on August 8. The ASEAN Online Sale Day supports the transformation of the retail landscape in the Philippines and across the region, where Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) ventures online to sustain and grow their businesses. It also aims to boost regional digital trade, enhance stronger partnerships between stakeholders and businesses, and promote transborder e-commerce activities in ASEAN.

This year, Shopee stepped up its efforts with the success of the Seller Support Package that helped MSMEs kickstart their e-commerce journey. In addition to that, MSMEs can build on their digital momentum at the ASEAN Online Sale Day, which offers them product exposure and wider audience reach on Shopee.

ASEAN Online Sale Day on Shopee 
The ASEAN Online Sale Day this coming August 8 is the inaugural launch of the event and will take place yearly. During the sale, shoppers can enjoy up to 90% off on featured products from ASEAN countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, and the Philippines. Users can also enjoy ₱88 off with ₱800 minimum spend on ASEAN beauty products, fashion items, and food and home commodities on Shopee. To avail of the special promo, shoppers can use the code ASEAN88. 

For more information about the ASEAN Online Sale Day, you can visit on August 8. 

Download the Shopee app for free on Apple App Store or Google Play Store. 

Shopee's participation in the first ASEAN Online Sale Day demonstrates its long-term commitment towards digital transformation and empowering MSMEs to succeed online.

About Shopee
Shopee is the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan. It was launched in 7 markets in 2015 to connect consumers, sellers, and businesses in the region.

Shopee offers an easy, secure, and engaging experience that is enjoyed by millions of people daily. It offers a wide product assortment, supported by integrated payments and logistics, as well as popular entertainment features tailored for each market. Shopee is also a key contributor to the region’s digital economy with a firm commitment to helping brands and entrepreneurs succeed in e-commerce.

Shopee is a part of Sea Limited (NYSE:SE), a leading global consumer internet company. In addition to Shopee, Sea’s other core businesses include its digital entertainment arm, Garena, and digital financial services arm, SeaMoney. Sea’s mission is to better the lives of consumers and small businesses with technology.

TANG and Edukasyon Ph teams up to help moms make distance learning a more fun experience for their kids

“It has always been TANG’s mission to be every Filipino mom’s partner in preparing their children for a bright future. And this partnership is even more important as moms face the new normal of distance learning. With TANG, moms can ensure that their children will have refreshing breaks that help make for a better learning experience. This is just the first step of many as we at TANG continue to be every mom’s partner in guiding their children towards what lies ahead.” ~Miguel Reyes, Brand Manager of TANG Philippines

Providing motivation when a child feels bored or tired during lessons. Setting up a comfortable study space. Getting creative with new educational activities, and most important Ensuring proper nutrition and fortification including the importance of Vitamin C.

Learning from home is an entirely new experience from the traditional classroom setup. The new school year is about to start soon. And with the setup of distance learning being a new experience, many parents are looking for guidance on how to make the best out of their children’s learning experience at home.

Apart from missing the opportunities to learn from social interactions, more distractions can be found at homes such as computers, TVs, and many other external factors that may disrupt the learning process. To help moms bridge the gaps of distance learning and turn the home into a conducive learning environment, TANG, in partnership with, launches Prepared with TANG: Get Ready for Distance Learning.  Is a free online learning platform where moms can get insights about distance learning and how they can play a more active role in their child’s education. 

The platform will provide moms with useful tips and simple steps to enhance their child’s learning experience at home, such as:
  • Providing motivation when a child feels bored or tired during lessons
  • Setting up a comfortable study space
  • Getting creative with new educational activities; and most important
  • Ensuring proper nutrition and fortification including the importance of Vitamin C 
Join us over fun and enriching merienda break with your kids on August 8, 2020, at 3PM at the TANG PH Facebook page as we launch the free platform through a Facebook Live session. Follow us on to learn more.

Enriching advice and tips will come from the expertise and real-life experiences of fellow moms and experts such as homeschooling advocate Tina Rodriguez, mom, and daughter Mikaela Martinez-Lagdameo and Noelle, and LEGO senior concept artist, Ian Sta Maria.

Prepare your Kids for Distance Learning with TANG, in partnership with, aims to help moms make distance learning a more fun experience for their kids.

Araneta City’s guide for back-to-school in the new normal

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, students welcome a new school year differently. No more flurry of activity in the morning or a rush to make it on time to school, as classes from preschool to college shift to online.

That’s a big adjustment, for sure, but there are a few things that students and their parents can do that will make online classes a breeze.

Here are five tips to help prepare for online classes. Araneta City’s guide for back-to-school in the new normal

Gear up with the right tech
The quality of a student’s experience during online classes will depend on a lot of things, but one of the most important, is the gadget that they have with them. Whether they want to use a laptop, a tablet, or a smartphone in the conduct of their classes, it’s good to have a reliable device that has a high-quality screen, great cameras, and a dependable speaker and mic combo. If the student in your life wants to deck out their setup, they can up the ante by investing in mechanical keyboards and a professional headset. Who said learning can’t be cool? 

Digital Walker, I-Studio, and Xiaomi in Gateway Mall; AV Surfer in Ali Mall; and Gadget Worx in Farmers Plaza carry a wide array of gadgets that are great for online classes. So, whatever device a student needs, whatever their budget, they can find the tech that works for them at Araneta City. 

Prepare a workspace
Having a dedicated place where students can have their online classes and work on their school requirements allows them to focus on their tasks. It’s best to place their workstation in a well-lit and ventilated area. You can also make this area more conducive to learning by placing a few plants on and around the work desk. Some studies have shown that plants can be helpful in improving the concentration and memory of people. This can be helpful especially for students who have difficulty getting stuff done with the distractions around them. It also serves as a visual respite after long hours glued to the computer.

Pick up some house plants and gardening supplies from the Farmers Garden in Araneta City and bring some life to your student’s workspace.

Don’t forget the essentials
Having classes online doesn’t mean that students could get away with doing all of their school work on their devices. It’s essential to break out their pen and notebook to write down essential points in their lessons. According to a study published in Psychological Science, writing with pen and paper does wonder when it comes to retaining more information. So, don’t forget to pick up a reliable pen and notebook. 

Araneta City is the perfect destination for school essentials, with a variety of shops like National Bookstore in Ali Mall and Farmers Plaza, and Fully Booked and Office Warehouse in Gateway Mall. Students will surely find things to get them ready for their online classes.

Spruce up the wardrobe
Getting in the right headspace for class, especially when you’re at home, can be a bit tricky. A simple way to get students in the mood for learning is by having them dress up as if they’re leaving home and heading for school. Wearing clothes that are presentable but comfy can really do wonders when it comes to getting amped for online classes. 

Shop the latest looks at Rustan's Department Store, Mango, and Marks & Spencer in Gateway Mall, or Plains & Prints and Giordano in Ali Mall. Farmers Plaza also has Oxygen, Petrol, and Dickies USA, for those back-to-school OOTDs. 

Complete the entire outfit by copping a few new kicks from Adidas and Royal Sporting House in Ali Mall, Nike and Vans in Gateway Mall, or Rusty Lopez in Farmers Plaza. 

Take a break
Studying from home can be stressful in its own way, so encourage students to take periodic breaks and relax. One of the best ways to take a breather from school work is by grabbing a quick snack. Ordering delightful treats and having it delivered can be a great way to help a student escape the stress of school work.

Araneta City has a lot of great dining options that deliver. Take a pick from the long list of dining destinations and have your food delivered via the Araneta City Assist (through the Araneta City website or mobile app) or the Araneta Citi-zen Personal Shopper (through the myKuya mobile app) when online classes get a little too demanding.

For more information about Araneta City, promos, and the latest offerings, like and follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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Fun and extra colorful with personalized baby bibs from Bibs Manila

"Bibs Manila was born out of my love for personalized items. While I was on maternity leave six years ago, I would shop for items for my baby online. Most of the personalized bibs I found were embroidered and so delivery took a while. That sparked an idea for us." ~Kate Joaquin, owner of Bibs Manila

Fun and extra colorful with personalized baby bibs from Bibs Manila, a new online business that offers a selection of personalized bibs that are totally cute, quirky, and functional. The local brand was started by Kit and Kate Joaquin, who are also proud parents to now 6-year-old Kiel.

Bibs Manila has hundreds of fun designs that are available on their website. Browse and shop for designs from flowers and mermaids to dinosaurs and airplanes and many more! You can also create your own design aside from putting your baby's name on the bibs for a personal touch.

If you have artistic leanings, you can also opt to send in your own designs that Bibs Manila can then turn into bibs just for you. Bibs Manila can also help you create a design of your choosing. What’s more, the bibs are made of high-quality fabric, durable enough for regular use.

If you happen to know a couple who is expecting a new addition to their family, these baby bibs make a great gift, too. Give them the gift of 7 bibs – one for every day of the week – and you can get an adorable gift box to go with it.

To shop and view their collection, visit their website or follow on Instagram. Bibs Manila ships nationwide in the Philippines and internationally in select countries.

Make your baby’s OOTDs fun and extra colorful

AthletesPro, the official distributor of Under Armour in the country, gives big discounts on Shopee’s grand sale

Get awesome deals from Under Armour at Shopee’s 8.8 Sale! AthletesPro, the official distributor of Under Armour in the country, gives big discounts on Shopee’s grand sale.

Get ready to add your favorite Under Armour workout gear to your online cart on Shopee’s 8.8 Sale! AthletesPro Group, Inc., the official distributor of the sportswear brand in the Philippines, is offering exciting promo offers and discounts for everyone.

On August 8, enjoy up to 50% off on selected Under Armour merchandise. Get an additional PHP 250.00 discount when you buy any two apparel items. On top of these, shipping will be free with no minimum spend!

So, mark the date: August 8, 2020. Shop for your next Under Armour workout gear on AthletesPro’s official flagship store on Shopee! Don’t forget to follow AthletesProPH on Instagram and Facebook for more details and updates.

For more info, visit

Under Armour, Inc., headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland is a leading innovator, marketer, and distributor of branded performance athletic apparel, footwear, and accessories. Under Armour’s vision is to inspire you with performance solutions you never knew you needed and can’t imagine living without. 

ATHLETES PRO GROUP INC. is a sports retailer that holds the exclusive distribution rights for the Under Armour brand in the Philippines. Established in 2018,  APGI presently covers 7 Under Armour brand houses as well as over 100 different multi-brand wholesale doors nationwide.