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Allianz PNB Life Partners with Mayor Isko for Bike Rack Art Installation Inspired by Memories of Growing Up in Manila

“Kakaiba ang proyektong ito. Dahil sa bukod sa ito’y kapaki-pakinabang, ito ay may mga disenyo na may kabuluhang kultural, maaaring maging tampulan ng atensyon ng ating mga bisita, lalo na ng mga turista (This project is different, Not only is it helpful; its design has a cultural significance that can gain the attention of visitors, especially tourists).” ~Mayor Francisco “Isko Moreno” Domagoso, Manila City Mayor

Official Launch of the Allianz Ride Safe Partnership in Manila at the Kartilya ng Katipunan Shrine. The event coincides with the commemoration of  "Araw ng Watawat'' (Flag Day) and serves as the kick-off activity leading to the celebration of the 450th Founding Anniversary of the City of Manila. Allianz PNB Life has recently partnered with the City Government of Manila led by Mayor Francisco "Isko Moreno" Domagoso, to promote its sustainability campaign and take inspiration from the City's beautiful and historic sites. 

One of the world’s most sustainable insurers donated sculpted bike racks designed to evoke memories of Manila. Bike rack art installations were placed at Kartilya ng Katipunan Shrine, Rajah Sulayman Park, Plaza Roma, and Liwasang Bonifacio.

Crafted to encourage a culture of cycling among Filipinos and to stir local tourism, each bike rack was creatively designed to reflect the place for which it will be installed. The bike rack art installations were launched during the country’s commemoration of the “Araw ng Watawat” (Flag Day) at the Kartilya ng Katipunan, where one of the bike racks is located. The event also marked the beginning of the celebration of the 450th Founding Anniversary of the City of Manila.

“I’m very proud that we’re able launch it here today, and I’m even more honored that we also have the opportunity to add art to this beautiful city and help bring it back to the old glory. Again, big thank you to the city of Manila. A big thank you also to all the frontliners, to the employees of the city who all work hard during the pandemic, who went beyond and above to support the communities. We are very proud to be one of the most sustainable insurance companies in the world and we have a clear sustainability program in our DNA. Also, here locally, we had a lot of campaigns in the past. But then the pandemic came. For a lot of tragedies, there are also opportunities. We saw cyclists coming out. Bicycling became the new means of transportation, even better and sustainable. Sustainable mobility is environmentally friendly, and we’re very happy to see when we saw public transport coming back, we still see and I guess we’ll see even more bicyclists every day.~Mr. Alexander Grenz, President, and Chief Executive Officer, Allianz PNB Life

“Biking is one of the most sustainable means of transportation. It’s a small action to address big challenges. It reduces greenhouse gas emissions, it’s healthy for body and soul. It reduces traffic congestion and it reduces the risk of exposure the virus. But of course, it has to be safe. So, the installation of bike racks is an excellent way to encourage more people to ride their bikes while increasing their safety. Installing this bike rack here in this historical and cultural place is a great way to bring this to the people, to entice people to come here to experience the rich culture of Manila and also a small piece of German history here.” ~Ms. Laura Oexle, German Embassy Deputy Head of Mission

They were joined by Laura Oexle, German Embassy Deputy Head of Mission; Bernie Punsalan, Group Head for Luzon, Philippine National Bank; Carlos Leytte, Region Head, North Metro Manila, PNB; Atty. Guiller Asido, Administrator, Intramuros Administration; Charlie Duñgo, Director, Department of Tourism, Culture, and Arts of Manila; Engr. Armando Andres, Director of the Department of Engineering and Public Works; Giovanni Evangelista, Director of the Parks and Development Office; and Kenneth Amurao, Director of the Department of Public Services. 

Councilor Joel Chua, Majority Floor Leader of the City Council of Manila, led the opening prayer, followed by the raising of the flag by the Manila Police District. After the singing of the national anthem, Vice Mayor Lacuna led the patriotic oath.

Simultaneous inaugurations were also held in other locations of the bike racks. Kenneth Yu, Digital Brand Management Head, Allianz PNB Life, led the launch at the Rajah Sulayman Park, Roxas Boulevard of the Alon bike rack. He was joined by Amurao and Evangelista. 

Bernadette Jalandoni-Pantoja, Bancassurance Distribution Partner Head, Allianz PNB Life, and Asido cut the ribbon at Plaza Roma, Intramuros for the Kalesa bike rack, while Carol Bernas, VP and Head for PNB Bancassurance, Allianz PNB Life, and Andres were at the Liwasang Bonifacio, Ermita for the Maya bike rack.

Inspiration Behind the Bike Rack Designs
  • The bike racks and art installations in Manila were designed by Mark Wesley Pahate— a Manileño himself.
  • Pahate was born and raised in Tondo and finished Advertising Arts at the University of Santo Tomas in España, Manila.
  • An advocate of street art, Pahate was an associate creative director at McCann World Group and Harrison Communications prior to starting his own boutique agency, Eggshell.
  • Tabak bike rack at the Kartilya ng Katipunan commemorates the bravery of the Katipuneros. It was placed strategically near the monument of hero Andres Bonifacio holding a tabak.
  • The Maya bike rack, meanwhile, is inspired by the little bird that once flew in abundance over the city’s parks and churches.
  • At Rajah Sulayman Park, where one can see Manila Bay from across Roxas Boulevard, the Alon bike rack will stand as a remembrance of the city’s historic bay and beautiful sunset.
  • The Kalesa bike rack at Plaza Roma in front of the Manila Cathedral in Intramuros is a reminder of how the horse-drawn carriage used to rule the streets during earlier times.

Apart from the bike rack installations, Allianz also donated personal and health insurance to 500 city hall employees and frontliners of Manila. These included personnel under the Office of the Mayor who is directly on the frontlines taking care of the districts. They received accidental death, dismemberment, and disability benefits and a coverage of up to PhP 100,000.

Allianz PNB Life launched its Ride Safe campaign in 2020 with the objective of promoting the use of the bicycle as a sustainable solution to the mobility problem brought about by the pandemic. Hailed as one of the world’s most sustainable insurers, Allianz has advocated for healthier and more sustainable alternatives of transport. 

About Allianz PNB Life
Allianz PNB Life began its operations in 2001 and is among the major life insurers in the Philippines. Worldwide, Allianz is also considered the most sustainable insurer from 2017 to 2019 according to the Dow Jones Sustainability Index. We are a leading provider of Variable Life products, complemented by a full line of Life protection offerings for individuals and institutions. All our products and services are designed to meet the lifetime financial planning, wealth accumulation, and well-being aspirations of every Filipino Family.

Allianz PNB Life’s main headquarters is in Makati City, the country’s main business district, with eleven business centres strategically located in key cities across the archipelago. It has the support of over 220 employees and more than 1000 financial advisors to serve our dear policyholders and deliver great customer service experiences.

Saturday, May 29, 2021

Why Kawaii? The Secret Is Out!

“We are happy to have Sue as our Kawaii Whitening Soap endorser. Ms.Sue is a perfect fit with Kawaii, not only does she is personally kawaii but also, what she represents as an individual, a celebrity, and a performer appeals to the potential users of Kawaii Whitening Soap. Our initial challenge during the product’s development was to meticulously choose the active ingredients to ensure the whitening effectiveness of the Kawaii Whitening Soap. We chose the most effective active ingredients, which is the reason why Kawaii has triple whitening action and can deliver faster results. Every Filipina will get better and faster whitening action compared to higher-priced options.” ~Mr. Leonardo Aquino, Vice President for Sales
Ms. Sue Ramirez, Brand Ambassador of  Kawaii Whitening Soap

Kawaii Whitening Soap Launched Ms. Sue Ramirez as their brand ambassador. A Filipina celebrity, model, and singer who starred in Netflix movies, "Ang babaeng allergic sa Wi-Fi," Cuddle Weather, and Finding Agnes. A supporting cast member on the TV drama remake, Mula Sa Puso. And a part of the film, Mommy Issues. It was a remarkable performance by Sue Ramirez to add spice to the Why Kawaii? Virtual Launch of Kawaii Whitening Soap on Facebook. Why Kawaii? Virtual Launch revealed all that and more. To cap the event, Sue Ramirez sang another song, “Your Love” by Alamid for all her adoring fans and followers of Kawaii Whitening Soap. 

Kawaii Whitening Soap’s entry into a demanding market comes at the right time when Filipinas are seeking better and immediate results. Kawaii Whitening Soap promises to deliver a gentle glow and whiter skin in as early as five days. Definitely faster than other premium-priced options because of its triple action whitening ingredients. And is available in supermarkets, groceries, specialty stores, drug stores, and convenience stores. 

Kawaii Whitening Soap is the newest whitening soap made for every Filipina. Kawaii offers superior triple-action whitening and promises whiter skin in just five days. Kawaii comes in four distinct variants offering unique skin whitening options - Papaya, Green Papaya, Kojic papaya, & Glutathione.

Global Care Cosmetics Corporation shared that the company meticulously chose the active ingredients that will deliver faster whitening results, which can now be found in Kawaii Whitening Soap’s four variants - papaya, green papaya, kojic, and glutathione. It is well known that the proteolytic enzyme papain in papaya is very effective in correcting skin darkening and discoloration. It even removes under-eye dark circles. Kojic, on the other hand, prevents the formation of an amino acid needed to produce melanin, which is a pigment that affects skin color. And glutathione is a master antioxidant that helps promote skin whitening. The soap is also dermatologically tested, Halal certified, and approved by the Food and Drug Administration so it is safe and can be used by all. 

Why Kawaii?
  • Kawaii Whitening Soap has triple-action whitening ingredients, the best and most effective choice at an affordable price.
  • Dermatologically tested, Halal certified and FDA Approved, making it safe to use.
  • Comes in four variants - papaya, green papaya, kojic, and glutathione.
  • Orange papaya and green papaya contain proteolytic enzyme papain that is very effective in correcting skin darkening and discoloration.
  • Kojic prevents the formation of an amino acid needed to produce melanin, making skin look whiter.
  • Glutathione is a master antioxidant that helps promote skin whitening.

With the campaign Why Kawaii? the virtual launch with its trade partners, media, and consumers aimed at sharing with every Filipina why Kawaii is the best choice for their skin whitening needs. Kawaii Whitening Soap promises to deliver a gentle glow and whiter skin in as early as five days of regular use. 

Kawaii Whitening Soap comes in four variants - papaya, green papaya, kojic, and glutathione. It is well known that the proteolytic enzyme papain in papaya is very effective in correcting skin darkening and discoloration. It even removes under-eye dark circles. Kojic, on the other hand, prevents the formation of an amino acid needed to produce melanin, which is a pigment that affects skin color. And glutathione is a master antioxidant that helps promote skin whitening. 

Mr. Leonardo Aquino, Vice President for Sales

Why Kawaii? Virtual Launch got a boost with the performance from Kawaii Whitening Soap’s endorser Ms. Sue Ramirez singing a Keiko Necesario original While We Are Young. Those that watched the live stream were treated to a fashion show showcasing Kawaii models each with Kawaii Whitening Soap on hand, ramping to the music provided by Ms.SueRamirez. The viewers also got to win prizes from Kawaii Whitening Soap. 

Now the secret is out! Kawaii Whitening Soap is now available in leading supermarkets, groceries, and convenience stores. And if you wish to know more and to participate in any future promotions of Kawaii Whitening Soap, Follow and Like KawaiiSkincarePh on Facebook and Instagram.  The Why Kawaii? Virtual Launch can still be viewed on the KawaiiSkincarePh Facebook page if you missed it.

Friday, May 28, 2021

6 Binge-Worthy Shows and Movies to Watch


6 Binge-Worthy Shows and Movies to Watch. Wind down after a long week by streaming these titles on HBO GO.

Everyone can enjoy HBO shows and movies by getting their subscriptions via Shopee. You can just visit and purchase their preferred subscription. Also, this coming June 6, Shopee users can enjoy up to 66% coins cashback using ShopeePay.

Looking forward to a lazy, relaxing weekend? Snuggle up in bed, light some scented candles, grab your favorite snacks, and pick out a show or movie! 

This weekend, find comfort in rewatching your old faves or joy in discovering new ones. Whether you’re into comedy, action, sci-fi, or fantasy, you’ll definitely find a show that suits your taste on streaming service HBO GO. 

We understand decision paralysis, so we’ve narrowed it down for you. Below, we’ve got six of the best shows and movies to stream this weekend: 

For fantasy fans

You can’t call yourself a proper fan of the fantasy genre if you haven’t seen Game of Thrones! This show tells the story of noble families—the Lannisters, Starks, and Targaryens, to name a few—warring to win sovereignty over the fictional land of Westeros. Throw a lot of drama, romance, dragons, and monsters into the mix. You can now stream all eight seasons, a reunion special hosted by Conan O’Brien, and its feature documentary, The Last Watch.

For DC loyalists

With theaters closed last year, Wonder Woman 1984 made its Philippine debut exclusively on HBO GO. This superhero film follows Diana’s journey to learning more about the human world and of course, defeating supervillains—this time, the nefarious Cheetah and Maxwell Lord. Eighties babies will enjoy all the throwbacks referencing the colorful decade. Stream now.

For sitcom lovers

For a fun, lighthearted fare, you can’t beat Friends. This beloved series, which ran for around a decade, features six twenty-somethings trying to navigate adulthood, career, and relationships. Now, 17 years after the last episode aired, watch Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler, and Ross as they join celebrity guests in this one-off reunion special. Stream with the rest of the world starting May 27.

For sci-fi enthusiasts

Christopher Nolan’s latest Academy Award-winning movie, Tenet, is a thrilling sci-fi adventure. Its nameless protagonist is a CIA agent who manipulates complex rules of time travel to prevent global destruction. This is definitely a cerebral film, so it may require several viewings to fully digest! 

For genre bender aficionados

If you like mixing your genres, check out The Nevers. This show combines sci-fi and drama in Victorian era London and follows a band of women with special abilities, called the “Touched.” Tune in to watch these superwomen battle their enemies with grace and panache, hoop skirts and all.

For parents looking for a family-friendly movie

Is your whole family staying in for the weekend? Keep kids and adults alike entertained with Tom & Jerry. This animated movie brings these two nemeses and their silly antics to modern-day New York. Kids will definitely enjoy this slapstick animated film, while kids at heart can reminisce about their childhood days by watching along. Stream starting June 4. 

To watch Friends: The Reunion, Tom & Jerry, Wonder Woman 1984, Game of Thrones, The Nevers, Tenet, and other cool shows and movies, get your HBO GO subscription on Shopee:

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About Shopee
Shopee is the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia & Taiwan. Shopee connects shoppers, brands, and sellers across Asia and other fast-growing markets, empowering anyone to buy and sell anywhere and at any time. 

Shopee offers an easy, secure, and engaging experience that is enjoyed by millions of people daily. It offers a wide product assortment, supported by integrated payments and logistics, as well as popular entertainment features tailored for each market. Shopee is also a key contributor to the region’s digital economy with a firm commitment to helping brands and entrepreneurs succeed in e-commerce.

Shopee is a part of Sea Limited (NYSE:SE), a leading global consumer internet company. In addition to Shopee, Sea’s other core businesses include its digital entertainment arm, Garena, and digital financial services arm, SeaMoney. Sea’s mission is to better the lives of consumers and small businesses with technology.

About ShopeePay
ShopeePay is an integrated mobile wallet that offers users easy access to digital payment services. Launched in the Philippines in 2019, ShopeePay enables a seamless shopping experience by allowing users to make online payments on Shopee, top-up their wallets, and transfer and withdraw funds.

ShopeePay makes it easier to shop and do business. It provides users with a convenient, secure, and rewarding payment option; it empowers businesses and helps them capture new opportunities. 

About HBO GO
WarnerMedia’s HBO GO is a regional streaming service in Asia. Programming includes award-winning HBO Original series, movies and documentaries, and HBO Asia Originals which tell compelling stories from around the region. This is supplemented by exclusive, first-run content from major Hollywood and independent studios that offers a mix of originals and acquired content – including kids and family content from Cartoon Network and Warner Bros. Animation – available to download or stream anytime, anywhere. Log on to for more information.

Grab partners with SM Supermalls to make consumers’ shopping experience more rewarding and fun

"Our partnership with SM is just one of Grab’s many ways to encourage more Filipinos to see the reliability, convenience, and efficiency that going cashless with GrabPay can offer. We look forward to seeing more consumers appreciate digital payments as they shop with one of the largest mall networks in the country and reap its rewarding benefits.” ~Erwin Yamsuan, Country Lead for Grab Financial Group Philippines

Now is the perfect time to go to the mall and shop for your essentials and other must-haves as Grab, the leading superapp in Southeast Asia, partners with SM Supermalls, the largest mall chain in the Philippines, to give shoppers and Grab users the chance to avail of rewarding discounts and perks whenever they make payments and purchases at SM malls using GrabPay!

Until June 30, consumers can shop till they drop and get a ride and parking discounts as well as shopping rebates with the latest partnership between SM Supermalls and GrabPay, the in-app wallet of Grab.

Heading to SM for an essentials run? GrabCar users can safely travel to any of the following SM malls: SM Aura Premier, SM Megamall, SM Mall of Asia, SM City North Edsa, or SM City Fairview and get P100 off on their trips by using the promo code SHOPSMMALLS.

SM mallgoers can also snag P50 cashback when they pay for their parking fee using GrabPay, which can be used to get free parking on their next visit!

As one of SM’s official payment partners, GrabPay is now made available to make parking transactions safer and much more convenient with QR codes available at the payment booths. 

Here’s how to do it:
  • Open the Grab app and tap the Payment tab
  • Tap on “Scan to Pay”
  • Scan the QR code
  • Just swipe to pay!

To make the most out of the cashless shopping experience, GrabPay users can also conveniently cash into their accounts at any SM Business Center and Mall Information Booths to quickly load up their GrabPay wallets.

With its partnership with SM on the road to digitalization, Grab encourages more Filipinos to adopt cashless payments in their transactions. Through GrabPay, consumers are not only guaranteed to get the best deals available when they shop but also earn rewards that they can use for their next purchases within the Grab app.

Expect more exciting promos, discounts, and announcements as Grab and SM foster their commitment to helping ease Filipino lives during these trying times.

Visit for more details on Grab and SM’s partnership.

Mondelez PH supports Diversity & Inclusion

“Guided by our Purpose, Mission, and Values, we strive to promote diversity and inclusion for our colleagues, culture, and communities. Like our well-loved snack brands Tang and Eden cheese, we encourage not only acts of playfulness but also inspire acts of generosity and take a stand on issues that matter. We choose to believe we are stronger through our diverse, inclusive, and connected community; to do what’s right and treat everyone with integrity, and to foster a culture of belonging.” ~Aileen Aumentado, People Lead of Mondelez Philippines

Mondelez Philippines stands for Diversity and Inclusion. The company shares new commitments for colleagues, culture, and communities.

While the world has changed much, sadly many forms of inequality still exist around the world. As recent events in other countries and even locally have shown, achieving equality in all forms is everyone’s responsibility and requires action from all of us. This could be as simple as starting your own community pantry or extending support to charitable organizations. This belief in making an impact in your own community has spurred snacks company Mondelez Philippines to strengthen its own diversity and inclusion commitments. 

Three pillars drive the Company’s commitment to diversity and inclusion. These are Colleagues, Culture, and Community. For Colleagues this means ensuring the diversity of employees, to represent the customers and consumers the Company serves. In the Philippines, this translates to creating a full candidate slate for new positions. Candidates to be interviewed for a job opening must include women and applicants from different schools and work backgrounds. This means choosing the right person for the job, not for who they are or where they come from.   

“As our name suggests, “Invisible” refers to urban poor women who are unable to participate in the formal economy, and the waste materials from landfills and waterways. As both are deemed unseen by society, Invisible Sisters recognizes these as opportunities to create positive changes. It is through this craft that they are provided with a livelihood that boosts self-confidence and gives a sense of self-worth. Invisible does not bring people work. We bring jobs to people who cannot work. We work around the edges, outside of traditional factories, and labor markets giving real skills to otherwise unemployable women, enabling them to manage their time and life needs.~Deseree Mangulabnan, Program Director of Invisible Sisters

For Culture, the Company aims to create an inclusive, bias-free, and equitable workplace in which all colleagues can be themselves and achieve their full potential. Women empowerment is a core focus of the Company. It works to empower women through career development opportunities as well as flexible work policies, which allow them the ability to balance work and life commitments. Regardless of gender, marital status, or role, all employees enjoy this flexible working policy, work-from-home policy, and career development opportunities. In the Philippines, the Company’s Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO) benefits have also been expanded since 2017. This entitles health coverage not only for married couples but also for domestic partners of all genders.

Under Community, the Company aims to drive economic inclusion for underrepresented communities.  Locally this has been done for the past 10 years through the Joy Schools program, a school adoption initiative that supports underprivileged public elementary school students. Since 2011 the program has adopted 19 schools nationwide and reached 25,000 students. More recently, the Company has partnered with Invisible Sisters, an organization that works with underprivileged women by enabling their skills to design high-quality, sustainable, and handcrafted products out of waste materials. This work allows them to create transformative change in and out of their environment.

Invisible Sisters contributes to Filipino ingenuity, design, and craftsmanship through the art of crochet and knitting of plastic waste. For their small partnership to create recycled home items, 37.5 kilos of plastic were recycled and 15 women provided with income.  

It is Mondelez Philippines’ and Invisible Sisters’ belief that we are stronger through our diverse, inclusive, and connected community. Where everyone is recognized, included, and move together towards growth.  

To know more visit or follow the company on Twitter at Visit

About Mondelēz International
Mondelēz International, Inc. (Nasdaq: MDLZ) empowers people to snack right in over 150 countries around the world. With 2020 net revenues of approximately $27 billion, MDLZ is leading the future of snacking with iconic global and local brands such as OREO, belVita, and LU biscuits; Cadbury Dairy Milk, Milka and Toblerone chocolate; Sour Patch Kids candy, and Trident gum. Mondelēz International is a proud member of the Standard and Poor’s 500, Nasdaq 100, and Dow Jones Sustainability Index. 

About Mondelez Philippines 
Mondelez Philippines Inc. has been providing consumers with delicious snack products for the past 58 years - since 1963. Its product portfolio includes Tang powdered beverages, Eden cheese, mayonnaise, and sandwich spread, Cheez Whiz spread Oreo cookies, Tiger energy biscuits, belVita breakfast biscuits, as well as Toblerone and Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolates. The company employs about 450 people in the Philippines, with a manufacturing facility in Parañaque City. 

Thursday, May 27, 2021

Valueplus and Jandusay & Sons open VPX Batangas City

“ValuePlus is founded on a sound business model that’s been proven to be crisis-proof. Despite the pandemic, all our branches have thrived. With our newly introduced Starter Package, ranging from P4.5M-P7M, franchisees can have their very own auto repair shop up and running in 2 to 3 months’ time. We assure our partners that ValuePlus will guide them every step of the way. Though we are an almost decade-old brand and our systems are well-established, we still work closely with our franchisees to ensure that we provide the direction and assistance they need in building up their business. We want to help them achieve their dream; their success is our success, too.” ~Mark Saberola, VPX General Manager
Batangueños come out in full support of the opening of the first “Casa Alternative” in the city with local government officials and eminent members of the community throwing their weights behind this new venture. 
Established in 2013, VPX is an after-market auto service that’s dedicated to helping millions of drivers across the metro with their automotive concerns. With the official opening of VPX Batangas City, VPX proudly welcomes to its family Jandusay and Sons, its newest ValuePlus franchisee-partners.

With high hopes for the rest of the year, as the country bounces back from the pandemic, Value Plus Auto Service Express (VPX), the franchising brand of Value Plus Auto Services Philippines Inc., forges ahead with its first franchise expansion in Batangas City.  

Brothers John Alvin Jandusay and Jet Martell Jandusay, along with their father Hanniel, had first started thinking about putting up a business in 2018 and came across ValuePlus online. 
“We were considering several different types of businesses. But we got to thinking, ‘Why should we go for the common? Let’s be different! As car enthusiasts themselves, the family decided to partner with VPX and franchise their own “casa alternative.” ~John Alvin, the 24-year-old branch manager of VPX Batangas City
With the opening of VPX Batangas City, last May 26, 2021, ValuePlus now has 4 branches in its franchising program, two of which are in Metro Manila. 

The VPX franchise is one of the most competitive businesses in the industry, shares VPX General Manager Mark Saberola. 

The ribbon-cutting ceremony is attended by (from left to right) Mr. Normann Chiu, President of ValuePlus, Mr. Jett Martel Jandusay, Operations Manager of VPX Batangas City, Mrs. Menjie Jandusay, Treasurer of VPX Batangas City, Mr. John Alvin Jandusay, Branch Manager of VPX Batangas City, Mr. Mark Saberola, General Manager of ValuePlus and Mr. Richmann Uy, Chief Financial Officer of ValuePlus.

The family-owned VPX Batangas City branch, located along Batangas-Tabangao-Lobo Road in Barangay Libjo, officially opened its 300-sqm repair shop this second quarter and is ready to cater to the needs of drivers in this part of South Luzon. VPX Batangas City enters the market at the most opportune time, with more Filipinos relying on private transportation to stay safe from COVID-19. 

To date, according to Saberola, around 3.5 million cars are no longer covered by their manufacturer’s warranty. And thus, car owners seek trusted auto repair service providers for their vehicles’ needs. 
“While there may be many other auto repair shop franchises, the unique advantage of ValuePlus is the quality of their work and the expertise of the personnel. From the managers to the technicians, they are all very professional and skilled. They know exactly how to fix your cars. The training was very thorough, and the management was very hands on during the training. All our questions and concerns were addressed, so now we’re more knowledgeable about the workflow. You can’t learn a business in just 30 days, but with the help of VPX management, we felt more secure and confident. Partnering up with them was definitely the best decision!” ~Jet Martell Jandusay
As first-time franchisees, Jandusay and Sons found great confidence in VPX, especially as they were guided by management through numerous trainings to further learn the ropes of the business. 

The newly built facility is equipped with a state-of-the-art Wheel Alignment system from Hunter Engineering, Lifters, Computer scanner and operates with a world-class shop management system from Canada.

If you would like to start your own casa and need a full-proof plan to achieve it, VPX is here to help! ValuePlus is not just a provider of auto repair services, but a complete business solutions provider. Inquire today. 

For more information about VPX and the franchising opportunities of ValuePlus send them an email at or call 0917-637-2085 or visit their social

UnionBank holds virtual groundbreaking for the first-in-industry Innovation Campus.

"A dream come true and a testament to the commitment of Management and the Board to innovation as a major strategic thrust" of the Bank and its parent conglomerate, the Aboitiz Group. This is a major step for us and it is also an affirmation that even during these crisis times, there are companies who continue to invest in the future of the Philippines. The Philippine government, or one of the Secretaries, said that the Philippines can be a major hub for AI, maybe in Asia. We can certainly make this little corner in San Pedro, Laguna, the epicenter of AI, Blockchain, and all those wonderful technologies that this Bank is harnessing in order to create the future of banking." ~Mr. Edwin Baustista, UnionBank President and CEO

Ground-breaking Event of the UnionBank Innovation Campus. A virtual groundbreaking ceremony of UnionBank's Innovation Campus - a facility set as the peak of the Bank's digital transformation is a banking and fintech innovation and co-creation hub dedicated to empowering Filipino talents to create game-changing solutions leading to inclusive prosperity for all countrymen a first in the Philippine Banking Industry!

Union Bank of the Philippines (UnionBank) successfully held the virtual groundbreaking ceremony last May 26, for its Innovation Campus, a real property development that will support its innovation initiatives. The event marked a very important milestone in UnionBank's digital transformation journey, which began half a decade ago.

In addition, the campus will house various centers of innovation within UnionBank, including its institutes on Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, its digital bank EON, as well as the recently-launched Asian Institute of Digital Transformation (AIDT), which is in partnership with Global Learning Solutions Singapore.

Yngen Holdings President Eugenio Ynion was also among the key figures who joined the event. A long-time collaborator of UnionBank, Yngen Holdings has helped co-create many solutions that utilize the Bank's expertise in digital banking. During his message, Ynion said that the Campus is proof of UnionBank's digital leadership and unwavering commitment to supporting Filipino talent.

"We celebrate another milestone because the UnionBank Innovation Campus is also the first out of many more establishments that will be part of The San Antonio Digital Hub. Soon to rise is a structure that will not only be a testament to UnionBank’s great leadership but likewise to its commitment in making a difference to the Filipino community." ~Mr. Eugenio Ynion, Yngen Holdings President
Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) Governor Benjamin Diokno and Finance Secretary Carlos Dominguez congratulated UnionBank and expressed their confidence in the Bank's capability to nurture new talent and create solutions amid the pandemic through the Campus.

"Indeed, this initiative is both timely and remarkable; timely because we need to harness our talents and skills to build back better and rise from adversity, and remarkable because of the challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic." ~Mr. Benjamin Diokno, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) Governor

Set as the peak of its digital transformation, the Campus provides a digital native environment that will allow research and discovery of digital initiatives.

"This facility will be a breeding ground for cultivating new talent, evolving new products, and developing new ways to be competitive in the new economy. It is a landmark for the Philippines' relentless push towards comprehensive digitization. UnionBank has earned a well-deserved reputation for cutting-edge innovation. The Bank has also been a reliable partner of the Social Security System and the Bureau of Treasury that enabled Filipinos all over the world to participate in the government’s bond offerings despite the pandemic. The Bank has been instrumental in helping us achieve President Duterte's goal of financial inclusion and comfortable life for all Filipinos." ~Mr. Carlos Dominguez, Finance Secretary
The first-in-industry facility, which is being built on a one-hectare property in San Pedro, Laguna, will act as a hub for research and development that will further boost the Bank’s digital capabilities. 

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Century Park Hotel Celebrates the Man of the Hour on Father’s Day

“Dads are the pillars of our lives; we draw strength from them especially during these unusual times.  We hope that our Father’s Day treat will show them just how much they are valued and loved.” ~Anthony Tan, Century Park Hotel’s General Manager

Century Park Hotel is proud to present its Father's Day Special on June 19-20, 2021.  For P1,545 net, treat your Dads to a wonderful Surf and Turf meal consisting of slow-roast US beef, grilled tiger prawns, Lyonnaise potatoes, and grilled vegetables with pommery beurre blanc. This blowout will not be complete without the Gentleman’s Cake, a special chiffon dessert infused with Kahlua, walnuts, chocolate ganache, and a miniature bottle of Chivas Regal Whisky on the top. The Man of the Hour will surely be impressed with these delectable treats. On June 19-20, 2021, it’s Dad’s time to shine.  Indulge him with an exceptional Father’s Day meal courtesy of Century Park Hotel.

As most of us are practicing social distancing by staying in the comfort of our homes, working remotely, or doing distance education, let us not forget the countless ways our Dads have made lives more livable since the pandemic.  They have become our errand runners, handymen, technicians, chauffeurs, babysitters, and companions while binge-watching on Netflix.   Indeed, our fathers have become more indispensable and we simply cannot live without their sense of humor which is much-needed nowadays.

This offer is available for takeout and delivery, kindly book in advance by sending a text or Viber message to 0917-6332497.  Transactions can be made through our Paypal account at or cash payment/bank transfer to PNB (1702 7000 1013) or BDO (0044 7000 0100).  Send your proof of payment to the Viber number afterward and advise of the pick-up time and date (June 19 – 20 only from 10:00AM to 4:00PM).  For home delivery, you may arrange for Grab, Lalamove, or other delivery services.  Transport fees will be shouldered by the customer.

To know more about Century Park Hotel, visit or contact and telephone number: (632) 528-8888.

Launched in 1976, the Century Park Hotel is one of the finest hotels in Manila. It is owned and operated by Maranaw Hotels and Resort Corporation and enjoys a mix of local and international patrons. The renowned establishment has over 500 rooms in varied types and facilities for a complete dining and leisure experience. 

An al fresco European flea market experience at The Palacio

“Those who missed the first flea market need not worry because we will be making this a regular event. This time, art collectors or those who are looking for beautiful pieces to add to their homes while under lockdown or affordable and one-of-a-kind gift options may find these and more at the second Flea Market at Palacio de Memoria.” ~Camille Lhuillier-Albani, Palacio de Memoria General Manager

Inspired by European flea markets, like the El Rastro in Madrid and the Parisian Clignancourt in Paris, the two-day affair promises to be a fun, vibrant, and safe festivity that aims to help visitors have a quick respite from the stresses of the current pandemic. Open to everyone, most especially art collectors and enthusiasts, the flea market will be set al fresco to ensure everyone’s safety. 

This time, it will showcase incomparable pieces from Gallery of Prints, Othello, Farzam, Caramel Creative, Rue Angelique, and Vidro. Shoppers can also expect more rare and vintage finds, such as sculptures, furniture, textiles, accessories, toys, and more.

After shopping or taking a cultural tour of the pre-war mansion, fairgoers can experience a gastronomical feast at the newly opened restaurant, The Loggia by Margarita Forés. They can enjoy their meals in a beautiful al fresco dining set up by the lush garden, as well as libations from 1 to 3pm. 

Aside from the monthly Flea Market, the Palacio will soon be lining up a series of outdoor events open to the public. On June 5-6, 2021, from 10 am to 5 pm, visitors can witness cigar carving and roll by Tabacalera Incorporada. More events will be announced in the future.

To help ensure the health and safety of its visitors, Palacio De Memoria will strictly implement safety measures throughout the duration of the event. 

For more updates, visit or follow on Facebook and on Instagram.

Culture and art lovers can once again bask in art, antiques, and home décor at the second “Flea Market at Palacio De Memoria” on June 5-6, 2021, 10 am to 5 pm.

Aia de Leon, Barbie Almalbis, Kitchie Nadal, Johnoy Danao, Ebe Dancel, and Bullet Dumas to co-headline ‘ALPAS’ digital concert

“I’m excited to work with the artists that I admire in the music industry. It’s an opportunity that I wouldn’t want to miss. I’m more than happy to share the stage with the artists that I look up to, and hopefully, the energy and enthusiasm would resonate with the music fans once they see it on the virtual screen. It’s something that we’ve worked hard for.” ~Barbie Almalbis 

Get ready for a night of soaring anthems and classic sing-alongs as kumu live and GNN hold a virtual concert featuring some of the finest Filipino singer-songwriters of all time.

Renowned alternative/pop-rock/folk icons Aia de Leon, Barbie Almalbis, Kitchie Nadal, Ebe Dancel, Johnoy Danao, and Bullet Dumas mark their first time to co-headline a show together, performing as both solo artists and collaborators. 

Dubbed ALPAS, the digital show not only aims to bring live performances for the streaming public but also promises music fans to experience a semblance of ‘concert’ normalcy in an intimate, stripped-down setting. The six music acts are also set to perform as a group in a special medley number arranged and produced by award-winning musical director, Ronaldo Tomas.

With new security and health protocols in place, the virtual showcase will be shot at the outdoor area of Conspiracy Garden Café, an iconic music venue that is home to several music greats and independent bands, and in Madrid, Spain where Kitchie Nadal is currently based.

As expected, Nadal is excited to be part of this once-in-a-lifetime collaboration and has all the great words to say about the upcoming online show. Barbie Almalbis explains that this is as close to playing for a live audience and that performing in Conspiracy again makes her feel nostalgic.

Aia, Barbie, and Kitchie (ABK) have staged sold-out, collaborative concerts at the Music Museum in 2016 and 2017, and held a benefit online show in 2020 to raise funds for the employees of indie music venues in Metro Manila. Ebe, Johnoy, and Bullet (3D) on the other hand, have performed as 3D, and went on to headline three, sold-out concerts: twice at the Music Museum in 2015 and 2016, and at the Kia Theatre in 2018. These concerts were organized and produced by GNN. 

Bullet Dumas admits that he missed performing and that ALPAS came at the right time when everyone needs a source of entertainment to keep them going while public life is on lockdown. 

“I haven't performed in an actual show since early pandemic. People in the live events industry are barely surviving, so this opportunity from KUMU and GNN means a lot to me. And I know how a simple show can move people especially in this crazy era of our lives.” ~Bullet Dumas

Johnoy Danao admits that this is the very first time since 2020 that 3D will be reunited together, and he wouldn’t want to miss it for the world. He’s also looking forward to working with Aia, Barbie, and Kitchie on this special project. 

“It’ll be the first time that all of us are performing together, so I think that’s something to look forward to.” ~Johnoy Danao

When asked about what makes ALPAS worth watching despite the lack of an actual “live” audience, Aia De Leon takes pride in what the virtual concert stands for especially in the time of the pandemic. 

“ALPAS is your connection to something real. When the songs hit home, this is your connection to the memory as well as the future promise of the live gig experience.” ~Aia De Leon

Ebe Dancel echoes Aia’s sentiments, stressing the importance of music in forging a sense of community amidst the most challenging of times. 

“People, in my opinion, will always need music. As much as we miss the live audience, this will have to do for now. Someday, somehow, we will all see each other again.” ~Ebe Dancel

ALPAS: A Digital Concert is set to premiere on June 5, 2021, from 6pm onwards. Tickets to ALPAS are now available for purchase via Kumu, with a price of P499 for general admission. For details on how to buy tickets, go to this site: