Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Finding the Perfect Family Car

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Finding a perfect cr for the whole family is like finding a house to call a home. It must be something you're comfortable staying in, happy as the years go by and gives you the convenience the whole family can enjoy.

Considering buying a new family car especially if your family loves to travel. Look for a car that your kids won't feel bored, kids nowadays are into their laptop, iPad and mobile phone make sure when you buy a family car it has an entertainment in it that the whole family can enjoy, especially music player, and tv.

Buy a car with at least 2 extra seats of your family size so that you have extra seat for some of your stuff or who knows a friend or relatives might want to ride along on your vacation. Also if you have pets to bring along so that you can place their traveling cage in the seat.

Also make sure that it has space at the back for extra clothes, camping tent, food, water, kids toys, and other more stuff you bring when traveling and or going out with the family for a picnic, this way you're sure that you bring all that you needed.

Choosing your very own family car, check out for a lot of available vehicles to chose from which is an awesome resource and full of info on all sorts of models.

Kris Aquino “Queen of All Media is now an Ever Bilena Ambassador

“Looking good is no longer a luxury. We are so excited that Kris is with us. Ever Bilena’s success is built on credibility and this is what our newest ambassador brings. We have been in the business for 35 years. We are proud not only because we are the leader in color cosmetics but also because we are a Filipino brand. Makeup trends, such as fashionable colors, change so quickly because of social media and online platforms. We welcome this challenge with innovative products for everyone who wants to be beautiful and confident. Our products are affordable but known to be of high quality and trusted by generations. It’s easy to make money, but it’s very hard to earn credibility, which should always be the foundation and capital of any business.” ~Dioceldo Sy, Ever Bilena CEO
The “Queen of All Media” is the newest ambassador for the cosmetics brand Ever Bilena with over 1000 products. From eye shadows, mascaras, BB creams, and concealers, to fragrances, lipsticks, palettes, and tools, makeup lovers can expect a lot of excitement from the much-awaited partnership.

Ever Bilena Products

Over the years, the brand has evolved along with its growing market by providing fresh and trendy color cosmetics to women of different lifestyles. Like most retail products, Ever Bilena is facing a new generation of users.

Mr. Dioceldo Sy, Ever Bilena CEO

To learn more about Ever Bilena and its brands, visit,, and

Aiza Diuco, Founder and CEO of Age Defying Solutions: On the Pursuit of Excellence

“In everything I do, even with time management, how I take care of my things or my company, it all boils down to self-discipline. It really has to start with you. I come from a family of entrepreneurs. All my brothers are entrepreneurs and we owe it all to our dad who’s a very good provider. Actually, it was difficult for me. I love my dad, I love our company. It’s a family corporation. More than providing for my son, I also want him to be proud of me as a mother.” ~Aiza Diuco, founder, and CEO of Age Defying Solutions

This brand of discipline sure paid off for Ms. Diuco graduated from Miriam College in the top 10% of the graduating class, with a degree in International Studies. As a graduate student at U.P. Diliman, she was a consistent university scholar with a QPA of 1.25 and she finished her masters in just 2 years.

Ms. Diuco, however, did not always want to become an entrepreneur. As a child, she wanted a career in the medical field. She went on to recount how her father had given her brothers the capital for their respective businesses.

Ms. Diuco, however, worked for other companies before working for her father. In Sara Lee Philippines, she worked as a sales training supervisor. She eventually joined her father and worked in his company for ten years.

She proudly told me that Glupa is her baby and that everything about it was personally researched by her. Theirs is the only company that has the patent for the glutathione and papaya combination.

Ms. Diuco’s goal is not to be the wealthiest and most successful entrepreneur. Her son, whom she considers her inspiration, motivates her to always strive to do better. She has long been an advocate of women empowerment and a strong believer in education as an effective means of improving one’s life and as a solution to poverty eradication.
“I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.”  ~Albert Einstein 
The same can be said about Aiza Diuco, founder, and CEO of Age Defying Solutions. Not that she has no special talent, far from it, but that she is and has always been passionately curious. As a young girl, Ms. Diuco excelled in school, thanks to her mother who was a school teacher.

Friday, January 26, 2018


With our rich heritage and scenic natural attractions, the Philippines
will be an ideal investment location for foreigners and locals.

Got invited to the Bloggers Launch of Food & Hotel Expo Manila last January 19, 2018, at Bayview Park Hotel Manila. Indeed, "It's more fun in the Philippines" projects a wide expansion of hotels, hostels, restaurants, resorts, cafeterias and caterers int he country. There are a lot of places which has a need to develop tourist accommodations. The boom in hotel business will be mainly driven by air travel, growth in the food business and that this is now happening in non-familiar destinations within the country.

The food service industry in the Philippines continues to expand as more and more shopping malls and new hotels are being opened throughout the country. The influx of foreign-branded restaurants coupled with the growing affluence of Filipino consumers has also contributed to the growth of the HRI sector, this growth in the foodservice industry provides greater opportunities for exports of U.S. food and beverage products to the Philippines.

Cooking Demo's from different Chef

FOOD AND HOTEL EXPO MANILA 2018 aims to deliver unparalleled access to business network opportunities where the industry player can come together, interact and share their view in promoting and strengthening the food, beverage and hotel sector locally and globally.

Moreover, the event convenes a distinguished topic from a set of speakers and panelist who will shed light in the opportunities and challenges of the food & and hotel industry while showcasing the latest food services, equipment, and technology available as far as the f&b sector is concerned.

Get your partner and be the next Master Chef at the FHEM Cooking Competition! You and your partner might have a chance to win cash prizes and freebies from our sponsors! Don't miss this opportunity for you and your friend!

Participating Exhibitors are from:
Food Service Equipment, Interiors, Engineering, Clean & Hygiene, Technology, Service & Supplies, and Consultant / Contractors.

FOOD AND HOTEL EXPO MANILA 2018 will be the platform for bringing in new and unique products and services from around the globe in supplying the demands of this kind of development in the Philippines and nearby South East Asia countries.

FOOD AND HOTEL EXPO MANILA 2018 with 250 booths in over 4,565 square meter of space, your company will be a part continuously successful sector which will be attended by thousands of potential investors!

Join the most anticipated Food and Hotel Expo here in Manila! Connect and Learn with our Invited Chefs to learn the new trends in the Food Industry! Participate in our Show highlights to showcase your craft!

For bookings and inquiries visit us at
Call at 579 - 7185
Register Online to get Entrance Ticket Discounts!

Learn, Connect and Network!