Sunday, October 29, 2017


Happiness is a universal aspiration of people regardless of age, sex, nationality, ethnicity, culture, religious belief, status, sexual orientation, educational background, political stance, and stature in society. People do what they do because they want to be happy. It is a common pursuit, though manifested and expressed in varied ways.

What is Happiness? Happiness for me is sharing happiness itself especially with people I love the most. Because happiness is contagious. The takeaway for the readers are the Eight (8) happiness to put a smile in your life all year-round and throughout your lifetime.

  • A radio show aimed at giving practical and witty pieces of advice to listeners of all ages pertaining to their everyday issues that concern family, relationships, friendship, love, career, and anything under the sun. With inner peace and happiness as its main core, the program will, from time to time tackle current issues it finds relevant in promoting a lively.

The book “Happiness 365 and ¼ Days” is packed with motivational stories in the life of Jimmy Belleza who rose from dire poverty and dismal living conditions, and later evolved as an entrepreneur, a business consultant and trainer, a radio anchor, a well-sought public speaker, and as the Philippines’ Happiness Guru. You will find vivid and meaningful connections on how he conquered his fears and survived life’s challenges.

Ms. Lucy Lombos, Author of The book “Happiness 365 and ¼ Days"

The book “Happiness 365 and ¼ Days, which is written by Canadian based Filipino writer Lucy Lombos is already available at Proceeds from the book sales will go to Childhaus Manila.

This book reveals that happiness lies with each person. The source is not from the outside; it is a natural inner feeling. However, it is also innate in us not to be separated from others who can help enrich our being. It is crucial that we capture as much optimism and blessings that we can from the sea of life as perceived by the Happiness Guru.

Once we have harnessed and controlled our inner feelings, then we are able to share that overflowing joy externally. Indeed, as the Latin quote says, “Nemo dat quod non habet”, meaning no one can give what he doesn't have.

Happiness is Contagious! ^_^

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