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McDonald's Philippines' Dr. Yang shares love to front liners on Anniversary

Dr. George T. Yang, Chairman, and Co-Founder of McDonald's Philippines

In September 1981, McDonald’s opened its first store in the Philippines in Morayta, Manila. Every September is a very special month for McDonald's as they celebrate the birthday of Dr. George T. Yang, Chairman and Co-Founder of McDonald's Philippines, and the founding anniversary of McDonald's. However, in this time of a pandemic, Dr. Yang and the whole McDonald's family are celebrating it differently this year as they thank the front liners who brave the virus to go to work and serve customers everyday.


Recognizing the malasakit of the company’s employees to serve customers and the community amid the pandemic, McDonald’s Philippines Chairman and Founder, Dr. George T. Yang expressed his gratitude through a short music video:


Known for his singing prowess, particularly for classical music, Dr. Yang sang a few lines dedicated to their own employees, and all healthcare workers, as a montage of photos appeared of McDonald’s frontliners working tirelessly to serve Filipinos during these challenging times.

Dr. George T. Yang, Chairman, and Co-Founder of McDonald's Philippines

Seen in the video as well would be the McDo Kindness Kitchen, an initiative of the Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC), which has been able to distribute close to 300,000 meals to different frontliners and communities in need.

Almost 40 years later, the Golden Arches has become part of the lives of Filipinos, with thousands of directly hired employees serving customers McDonald’s world-famous menu items, as well as local favorites in over 600 restaurants nationwide.


Happy birthday McDonald’s and Dr. George Yang!

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Malayan Science more than ready for remote learning

“Malayan Science considers the threat of COVID-19 crisis as a big disruption to education. This presents challenges on the delivery of knowledge and enhancement of skills. Nonetheless, Malayan Science will continue its goal of educating great young minds through flexible learning.” ~Emmillie Joy B. Mejia, Principal
Malayan High School of Science

Malayan High School of Science has introduced a shelf full of flexible learning measures to help students under the new normal. These are the structure, flexibility, balance, safety and security, collaboration and support, and relevance.

In its commitment to provide quality education, Malayan Science has taken six key measures to further ensure its programs are remote-learning ready. 

Malayan Science’s remote learning structure features the implementation of strategic schedules for classes, both for asynchronous and synchronous learning, taking into account each section and grade level.

Synchronous learning entails live online sessions of students’ classes, while asynchronous learning is the provision of learning and lesson materials to students offline, which they must accomplish at their own pace.

However, not only focusing on academics, Malayan Science ensures its students’ holistic development. It continuously promotes school-life balance by encouraging its students to engage in growth experiences, health and recreation programs, and other interest-based extracurricular activities through the various school clubs even in a remote learning set-up.

Students’ safety and security are of utmost importance to the school, giving focus, and making efforts to uphold its data privacy policy and child protection measures. Malayan Science strictly complies with age requirements and ensures the appropriateness of online applications used by students.

Collaboration and support are upheld by Malayan Science since it provides synchronous sessions for students to enable them to work together with their peers. It employs nearly 30 educational software applications, accessible on its very own learning management system Cardinal EDGE, to help guide learners and address their different needs.

To ensure flexibility, academic policies are upheld by Malayan Science with its student handbook adjusted to fit the needs of synchronous and asynchronous learning. This also means the modification of the assessment and grading of students’ written works and performance tasks with deadlines being negotiable within reasonable parameters.

Ben&Ben to hold online benefit concert for ‘Balik Eskwela’ Project

“Ever since the end of the first Puhon, we've been aching to help out even more in our own little way. And so, when we were figuring out where to help with the myriad of problems in today's landscape, we eventually zeroed in on helping out a sector that is very close to our hearts: education. Expect a very intimate, premium live concert experience straight from our home to yours.~Miguel Benjamin, Ben&Ben Lead Vocalist, and Guitarist

As part of the growing community of artists with a platform of hope and love, Ben&Ben is committed to holding a free online concert to rally support for their fellow countrymen and come up with response efforts specifically for those who are in need. 

Ben&Ben continues to support vulnerable communities affected by COVID-19 through Balik Eskwela: Puhon Part 2. The nine-piece collective is slated to perform their massive hits for a one-hour live show on October 4, 2020, Sunday at 5pm onwards via simultaneous streams on their official Facebook Page and YouTube Channel.

Following the unprecedented success of Puhon: A Ben&Ben FB Live Event for the COVID-19 Efforts and YouTube Live “Doors” Single Launch + Fundraiser, Balik Eskwela: Puhon Part 2 aims to support students and teachers who are “left with limited to no ability to adapt to the changes” implemented in the Philippine education system during the pandemic.
“We have concluded upon analysis that this is one of the areas wherein most help is needed in these times. School in the time of the pandemic is something that none of us expected, and so we will do our best to help out in this major challenge.” ~Paolo Benjamin, Ben&Ben Lead Vocalist, and Guitarist
While the first Puhon gig focuses on COVID-19 response relief efforts, Puhon part 2 prioritizes assistance to the education sector.

According to Miguel, this is the first time that Ben&Ben will self-produce a full-length online show during the pandemic, live from the BBTV house. 

The Balik Eskwela: Puhon Part 2 project is the second fundraising initiative of Ben&Ben through its community-driven website,, which aims to inspire, uplift, and boost the collective morale of all the key stakeholders of the COVID-19 response through uplifting stories, music, art, and more.

The goal of the Balik Eswela Project is to gather funds for:
  • E-learning and physical supplies that will be distributed to public schools.
  • Care packages (PPEs and vitamins) for teachers and personnel assigned for distribution of said supplies.
  • Distribution efforts with localized transport systems that will be coordinated with LGUs.

To know more about how you can be part of Ben&Ben’s fundraising campaign, visit or check out the band’s official social media pages.

This event is brought to you by Ben&Ben, Sony Music Philippines, Y4WU Philippines, Planet Drugstore, Limitless Lab, The Spark Project, and Brand On Demand.

Sunday, September 27, 2020

Get up to 50% OFF on bundles and top-selling items on Nivea Payday Sale at Shopee

Shopee, the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, celebrates NIVEA with a 50% off on bundles and top-selling items on Nivea Payday Sale. Trusted, loved, and always reliable – For more than 100 years. As one of the leading companies in the field of skincare – with more than 130 years of experience – their products always cater to the needs of their consumers, who place a great deal of faith in them.

Here are the suggestive products to shop during Nivea Payday Sale:

NIVEA Deodorant Whitening Roll-On 50ml Bundle of 2 

NIVEA Whitening Deodorant whitens and smoothens underarms with 10 skin nutrients and vitamins while feeling fresh all day: 
  • Whitens and smoothens underarms
  • 10 skin nutrients and vitamins lighten, moisturizes skin, and minimizes pores
  • Dry and fresh all-day
  • 48H anti-perspirant protection and NIVEA‘s mild care
  • Dermatologically tested and approved
Warning: Do not apply to irritated or damaged skin.
Expiration Date: January 2022


Buy 1 Take 1 Nivea for Men Whitening Acne Oil Control Scrub 100g

Nivea for Men WhiteningAcneOilControl Scrub
100g x 2

NIVEA MEN Whitening Acne Oil Control Scrub removes dead skin cells for a cleaner look. It contains Carnitine to reduce oil production and Magnolia Bark Extract to fight bacteria. Rucinol, Vitamin C, and Licorice Extract whiten the skin and reduce dark spots from previous acne problems. 
  • Micro-exfoliating scrub removes dead skin cells for a cleaner look
  • Prevents excess oil and fights off bacteria
  • Whitens the skin and reduces dark spots from previous acne problems
MFD: December 2019
Expiration: 30 months after manufacturing date

The micro-exfoliating scrub leaves the skin clean and free from excess oil: NIVEA MEN WHITENING ACNE OIL CONTROL SCRUB.  

Nivea Body Extra White Firming Lotion 250ml

NIVEA Extra White Firming Body Lotion has Super Fruit extracts & Q10 to make skin whiter and firmer. It repairs 10 signs of dull damaged skin like dark spots, dry & itchy skin, or uneven skin tone. Its Super Fruit extracts have concentrated Camu Camu and Acerola Cherry, which is 500% more powerful vs. the whitening properties of lemon. Its firming ingredient, Q10, effectively firms skin and restores its elasticity. 
  • Noticeably smoother, whiter, and firmer skin
  • Has unique super fruit extracts with 50x more Vitamin C
  • Q10 effectively firms skin and restores its elasticity
  • For dry skin
  • Repairing
  • Moisturizing
Manufacturing Date: November 2019
Expiration: 30 months from the manufacturing date

For noticeably smoother, whiter, firmer, and fair skin: NIVEA EXTRA WHITE FIRMING BODY LOTION.

Nivea Deodorant Extra Whitening Roll On 50ml

NIVEA Extra Whitening Deodorant contains 2x more whitening ingredients and 10 skin nutrients to intensely whiten and smoothen dark and damaged underarms. 
  • Intensely whitens and smoothens underarms
  • 10 skin nutrients and 2x licorice extract lightens, moisturizes skin, and minimizes pores
  • Dry and fresh all-day
  • 48H anti-perspirant protection and NIVEA‘s mild care
  • Dermatologically tested and approved
Warning: Do not apply to irritated or damaged skin.
Manufacturing Date: October 2019
Expiration: 30 months after manufacturing date

Best suited for those who often shave off their underarm hair as shaving may cause damage to underarm skin: NIVEA EXTRA WHITENING DEODORANT ROLL-ON.

All of these items are available on Shopee.

Save while caring for yourself! Get up to 50% OFF on your favorite NIVEA products during Shopee's Payday Sale visit NIVEA Philippines Official Store. Shop now!

For more promotions like this, check out Shopee and download their app for free from the App Store or Google Play HERE.

About Shopee
Shopee is the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan. It was launched in 7 markets in 2015 to connect consumers, sellers, and businesses in the region.

Shopee offers an easy, secure, and engaging experience that is enjoyed by millions of people daily. It offers a wide product assortment, supported by integrated payments and logistics, as well as popular entertainment features tailored for each market. Shopee is also a key contributor to the region’s digital economy with a firm commitment to helping brands and entrepreneurs succeed in e-commerce.

Shopee is a part of Sea Limited (NYSE:SE), a leading global consumer internet company. In addition to Shopee, Sea’s other core businesses include its digital entertainment arm, Garena, and digital financial services arm, SeaMoney. Sea’s mission is to better the lives of consumers and small businesses with technology.

Friday, September 25, 2020

VICTORIOUS, Rising Above Alopecia and the Pandemic Together


“VICTORIOUS, Rising Above Alopecia and the Pandemic Together” is this year’s official online gathering theme LIVE at When In Manila’s Facebook page on Saturday, September 26, 2020 (3pm to 8pm). Everyone is invited to witness this momentous event.

September 2020 marks the seven (7) fruitful years of collaboration between NOVUHAIR®, the leading hair loss treatment in the country, and THE ALOPECIA PHILIPPINES, a group founded in 2012 by singer and songwriter Abby Asistio. 

Abby Asistio is currently one of the ambassadors and the Inspirational VIP Coach of NOVUHAIR®, nature’s answer to hair loss, which she has been using since March 2013. 

Read more:

BPI's WISE Talks: Staying Financially Fit amid the Pandemic

“Making wise and effective investment decisions are all the more important in these uncertain times, and through these webinars, we aim to help everyone find the right investment strategy for a more secure financial future. The first step towards financial freedom through investment begins by asking yourself if investing is for you, and if you can build the discipline to stick with a strategy. One way to do this is through a basic formula called HERO (Horizon, Experience, Risk Tolerance, Objective). The objective of HERO is to bring clarity to your goal for investing, your investment experience, your risk appetite in investing, and your investment horizon to identify the appropriate investment securities that match your objective, and risk profile. Do not put all your eggs in one basket. Diversification, is important, and should be applied both in different investment asset classes and within an investment asset class. Do cost-averaging and invest regularly. In cost-averaging, investors are encouraged to buy investments in tranches every month to even out the ups and downs of the market. Over the long term, this investment strategy can maximize returns. Do not let your fear of losing money harm your long-term financial health. Keep yourselves updated with trends and market movements; investment in knowledge still pays the best returns.” ~Dino Gasmen, Head of BPI Global Markets

The Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) has launched a webinar series entitled WISE Talks to help potential investors learn the basics of investing, and enable more experienced investors to make the right investment decisions amid market volatility brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The webinar started in March 2020. A similar webinar for BPI employees was organized through a closed Facebook group last August 18. Last August 25, it was also held for the first time over Facebook live through BPI’s Facebook account.

Given the fluctuating historical performances of every asset class, diversification leads to effective portfolio management and minimizes the risk for short-term investors.

Learn more about managing your finances in this pandemic through our WISE Talks webinars and videos on BPI Facebook.

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Contactless and Digital Payment Methods to Consider Under the New Normal

Almost everyone is especially cautious about handling money lately. As more and more businesses launch and even reopen, financial transactions are inevitable. But with today’s concerns about transmitting COVID, business owners and also customers are looking for cashless and contactless ways to settle payments in a safe and convenient way.

In this webinar, Allegro Beverage Corporation founder and CEO Mr. Leo de Leon talks about the importance of keeping up with the times by carefully considering digital payment alternatives under the new normal.

Allegro Beverage Corporation

According to Mr. De Leon, there are five important steps or considerations for financial transactions in our current situation of dealing with a global pandemic.

Allegro Beverage Corporation

The first thing to do is to assess your business and obtain a clear picture of your Company’s financial situation. Next, engage with employees, customers, and suppliers to find out more about how your business is doing from all sides.

The third consideration is to innovate, wherein you can develop a range of scenarios to find out which one will work the best for your type of business, introduce digital contactless payments, create new products to keep customers interested and keep your business relevant, establish gameplan with realistic goals and timeline, and of course make sure to implement safety protocols.

Another important consideration is to optimize your working capital. Businesses can do this by reducing discretionary spending or by postponing capital expenditures, collect receivables regularly, relay payments to suppliers, reduce inventory if possible, ask for concessions (think of landlords, suppliers, and banks), and outsource work as needed to reduce expenses.

The fifth consideration is to deeply understand your customers’ needs. As long as your business is addressing the public’s needs, you will stay relevant and in demand.

There are several ways to get your business up and running even if you don’t have enough funds. The most common source of capital is banks of financing companies, but according to Mr. De Leon, you can also refinance or sell your assets if needed or consider using your (or a willing family member’s) retirement fund. If money’s tight, you can also consider leasing equipment, taking an equity partner, or borrowing against your life insurance policy or even from a relative or close friend.

If you plan on dealing with banks, here are the most common requirements you need to prepare. Keep in mind that depending on your current financial status, some banks may require more documents.
  1. Financial Statements and Tax Returns
  2. Business Plan
  3. Cash Flow Projections
  4. Lease Agreement
  5. Capital Requirements
  6. Collateral
  7. Corporation Papers
  8. Credit report
Allegro Beverage Corporation

▸ Bank or Finance Company
▸ Refinance or sell your assets
▸ Retirement fund
▸ Equipment Lease
▸ Borrow Against Life Insurance policy
▸ Take an Equity Partner
▸ Borrow from Relative or friend

Allegro Beverage Corporation

▸ Financial Statements and Tax Returns
▸ Business Plan
▸ Cash Flow Projections
▸ Lease Agreement
▸ Capital requirements
▸ Collateral
▸ Corporation Papers
▸ Credit report

Allegro Beverage Corporation

Handling Cashless/Contactless Payments

Finances don’t just refer to the expenses that businesses incur during operation. More importantly, it refers to the cash inflow from sales. For your staff and customers’ safety, it is time to consider adapting a digital payment scheme or contactless payment.


In this webinar, Mr. Justin Paul Yap from GCash talks about the benefits and features of the ewallet’s “Scan-To-Pay” feature for both businesses (or merchants) and customers


If you’re not yet familiar with GCash, it is the number one e-wallet service provider in the Philippines with over 23 million users. This BSP-regulated e-money solution offers an individual financial account connected to your mobile number. Through GCash, customers can pay using their e-wallet, which they can top-up from more than 32,000 cash-in points (including major banks, shopping malls, convenience stores, and pawnshops) so they can shop online or pay their bills. GCash is also the e-wallet of choice by over 75,000 merchants, which utilizes their QR payment method. It’s also safe and convenient since all transactions are documented through SMS confirmation messages.


From a business standpoint, GCash is a great choice not just because it offers a contactless and cashless way of receiving payment. GCash is also low-cost and versatile compared to other ewallets. According to Mr. Yap, GCash’s Merchant Discount Rate (MDR, or transaction charge) is competitively placed at 2%. It also minimizes the need to handle cash for both frontliners and accounting personnel, since they offer services like bank sweeping from the merchant’s GCash account directly to their bank of choice. Using GCash for your business also opens your enterprise to more exposure through possible ads within their 20-million strong base, access to WebPay partners like PayMongo, and DragonPay (to handle electronic payments for your website), and even use of financial services like GCredit, which increases the business’ purchasing power.


Using GCash’s Scan-To-Pay method means your business will have its own unique QR code, which your customers will use to send their payments – this creates a cashless ecosystem for a smoother, safer, and more secure payment experience. This function features real-time transfer from the customer to the merchant’s GCash wallet, auto-sweeping from the merchant’s GCash wallet to the preferred bank account the next banking day (which means you don’t have to go to the bank to deposit your day’s earnings), and daily Settlement Reports (a collection/summary of transactions from the previous day) so you can stay on top of your business’ performance.


While using the QR code is an easy and convenient way to receive payments, Mr. Yap reminds current and prospective merchants to always give clear instructions for customers about how to pay and – more importantly – how to send their proof of payment so their orders will be processed.

How to Integrate GCash to Your Business

They use the term “onboarding” to refer to the process of integrating GCash as a method of payment for an enterprise. For onboarding, business owners must prepare the following
documents depending on your type of business


For inquiries and applications, interested merchants can contact GCash at or visit

Cashless Salary Disbursements Made Easy
Mr. Yap also shared a new GCash Business product during the webinar: The PowerPay+ or P3. It’s a funds disbursement service that allows companies to pay out salaries, allowances, and commissions to employees’ GCash accounts.


To be an accredited P3 Partner, the business owner or assigned personnel must undergo antimoney laundering (AML) training in order to properly conduct the KYC (Know Your Customer verification) of employees on behalf of GCash. This process facilitates the opening of bulk accounts for the employees (P3 payees).


A P3 Payee account has a higher limit of P500,000 (compared to regular GCash account’s monthly limit of P100,000) and comes with a GCash MasterCard ATM card, which the payee can use to withdraw money. The account doesn’t have a minimum maintaining balance, but it does come with certain charges: P20 per ATM withdrawal and P3 per ATM balance inquiry.


P3 Partners can access the disbursement portal to keep track of disbursements and make sure payments are made in a timely manner. The disbursement fee is P5 per transaction or P20 per P3 Payee per month. The generic card is sold at P135, while co-branded ATM cards are P250 each with a minimum of 5,000 cards.

PowerPlay+ can handle several types of disbursements like Regular disbursements (like payroll or allowances) and Non-Regular (like commissions, incentives, recruitment bonuses, loans, or rewards). Soon, they will also offer Lifestyle Vouchers (like e-gift certificates, STP vouchers, or even prepaid load) and Bundles Solutions (expense management system, timekeeping, and payroll management) via P3.

For more information about PowerPlay+ and disbursements using GCash, visit

Allegro Beverage Corporation
Allegro Beverage Corporation
Allegro Beverage Corporation
Allegro Beverage Corporation
Allegro Beverage Corporation
Allegro Beverage Corporation

For more information on Allegro Beverage Corp.’s products and services: 
+63 (917) 551 5341 

Allegro Beverage Corporation

Allegro Beverage Corporation

Allegro Beverage Corporation

Herbalife Nutrition Survey Consumers Have a Clear Vision for Healthy Aging, But Fear of Illness Due to Lower Immunity Topped List of Aging-Related Worries

“This is the third edition of our survey designed to uncover concerns about aging across demographic groups and markets in the Asia Pacific, the region with the highest average life expectancy in the world. The findings showed that many people worry about falling ill due to lower immunity as they age – a likely result of their changing health concerns due to the ongoing pandemic. Additionally, we also observed that consumers in Northeast Asia markets, where an aging population is particularly notable, have lower levels of confidence in their ability to age healthily compared to their Southeast Asia counterparts. As Healthy Aging Month falls in September, this is an opportune time for us to deepen awareness about the need to take steps towards healthy aging earlier in life. At Herbalife Nutrition, we believe that a healthy diet and an active lifestyle can play a part in slowing down or preventing many age-related diseases. Most Asia Pacific consumers have already begun to consider adopting positive habits to age more healthily. However, with the fear of aging being prominent among consumers, we see a crucial need to help them strengthen their confidence in their ability to take proper actions. We believe that by sharing education on adopting the right nutritional habits and appropriate physical activities, we can help people find the right path towards healthy aging.~Stephen Conchie, Senior Vice President and Managing Director, Herbalife Nutrition Asia Pacific

In a world where everyone seems to be in a rush, it feels like time is flying. It's normal to have a fear of aging so no need to panic over it. You can do something to protect your health, your energy, and your vital functions from this moment on. Yes, our health deteriorates somewhat as we age. But if we follow a healthy diet, exercise daily, and make an effort to be active, stay in touch, and keep challenging our minds, the later chapters of our lives can be exciting. Survey reveals that less than three in 10 Asia Pacific consumers are confident in their ability to age healthily.

Premier global nutrition company, Herbalife Nutrition, today released findings from the 2020 Asia Pacific Healthy Aging Survey, which revealed that Asia Pacific consumers have a clear vision of what healthy aging means to them, but less than three in 10 consumers had the confidence to age healthily, with the fear of falling ill due to lower immunity as their top worry. 

To shed light into Asia Pacific consumers’ aging-related fears, concerns, confidence levels, and actions, the survey polled equal numbers of:
  • Generation Z (18 – 23 years)
  • Millennials (24 – 39 years)
  • Generation X (40 – 55 years)
  • Boomers+ (55 years and above)
In 11 markets including:
  • Australia
  • Hong Kong
  • Indonesia
  • Japan
  • Korea
  • Malaysia
  • Philippines
  • Singapore
  • Taiwan
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam
For those who are concerned about aging, two-thirds (60 percent) of consumers started to have concerns between the age of 30 and 59, with bone- and joint-related issues topping the list of specific health concerns, followed by brain-related and eye-related issues. 

  • Fear of Aging
Only three in 10 (28 percent) Asia Pacific consumers expressed confidence in their ability to age healthily. Consumers in Southeast Asia were generally more confident than those in Northeast Asia. Indonesia had the greatest confidence (61 percent), followed by Malaysia (44 percent) and the Philippines (43 percent). On the other hand, consumers in Korea (17 percent), Taiwan (17 percent), Hong Kong (13 percent) and Japan (9 percent) displayed the lowest confidence across the Asia Pacific region. 

Defining Healthy Aging 
When asked to define healthy aging in more tangible terms, Asia Pacific consumers painted a positive picture. Respondents shared that healthy aging is about being mentally active and sharp (61 percent), physically active (57 percent), not suffering from any chronic or acute illness (56 percent), living a free and independent life (52 percent), and not being a burden to their family as they age (51 percent).

Aging-Related Concerns 
Over half (54 percent) of Asia Pacific consumers believe that discussions on how to age healthily should begin between the ages of 30 and 49. The most common reason given for postponing discussions about aging was that they are still young, followed by the prioritization of their present health and lifestyle. 

Across the different demographic groups, younger consumers such as the Generation Z (31 percent) and Millennials (32 percent) displayed greater confidence in their ability to age healthily as compared to their older Generation X (26 percent) and Boomers+ (24 percent) counterparts. 

The fear of falling ill due to lower immunity emerged as the top aging-related worry:
  • Two in five (38 percent) respondents worry about falling ill due to lower immunity as they age.
  • One in five (18 percent) worry that visible signs of aging will change their appearance. 
  • One in five (18 percent) fear that they might become less independent as the body becomes weaker. 

Regarding the potential aging-related effects that consumers will experience: 
  • 65 percent of respondents believe that they would experience a decrease in mental acuity; 
  • 57 percent believe that they would most likely suffer from chronic or acute illnesses or ailments; 
  • Half believe that they will participate in fewer physical activities and be physically weaker as they grow older. 

Taking Steps Towards Healthy Aging 
Nonetheless, the majority of Asia Pacific consumers understand the importance of healthy aging, with seven in 10 consumers (73 percent) having taken steps to help age healthily. The steps taken include: 
  • Making better nutrition choices (73 percent).
  • Engaging in more regular physical activities (69 percent).
  • Engaging in mentally-stimulating activities or hobbies (50 percent).
  • Taking supplements that promote healthy aging (46 percent).
  • Going for more regular health check-ups (42 percent).

Across the demographic groups, a larger proportion (75 percent) of older consumers such as the Boomer+ have taken steps towards healthy aging as compared to their younger Generation X (70 percent) and Millennial counterparts (71 percent). The Generation Z consumers also seem to be the group that is least likely to take steps towards healthy aging, with only 65 percent having done so.

For more information, please visit