Friday, July 22, 2016


It has been for me a BLESSING for being continuously invited and attending SUN LIFE events and or seminars, because i get to learn and be educated more when it comes to managing may finances.
As the eldest among my siblings it is really hard to become the bread winner and budget organizer as I may call it. With all the bills, house expenses, college fees and even my nephews needs I am in charge... But not complaining because i am happy I manage to surpass and overcome all there is to worry about in life's survival way of living.

For me my goals for my family are:
  • Food to eat
  • Payments for house rent
  • Bills to pay (Electric, Water and Internet Connection)
  • Grocery
  • School Fees and needs (Tuition Fee, Allowance, Books and project fees)
  • Basic needs (Clothes, Shoes, Toiletries, etc)
  • Personal Pleasure (Travel, Dine in fancy restaurants, etc.,)

...and through Sun Life i never even came to realized not until i listened to Mr. Aya Laraya's (Financial Coach of Pesos and Sense) series of talks that i forgot at least 2 much more important that i need to add on my list which is HEALTH AND FUTURE SECURITY

We sometimes overwhelm ourselves with so much pleasure in life that we forget to be secure in health and on our future. To be honest i was always been wanting and interested to know more about INSURANCE but i just don't know which company to trust with.

And YES i found the security I've been wanting exactly for what i needed to secure my future through SUN LIFE

But the question now is -will it be available for me with just a minimum owner- honestly I always find insurance suitable only for Big earners because they have this minimum amount to invest monthly. And with me who have those list of goals to pay monthly I am not sure to be capable and suitable to really regularly pay the monthly investment that i need to save monthly. BUT if there's any alternative way to do so that will suit my allotted budget for it I WOULD really love to be part of the Sun Life Financial Company in the Philippines.

I learned from the talk that: 
Long -term is a strategy or a time-frame, it is not an excuse.
We seldom take for granted what is also needlessly important in our life thinking we have a long way to go and that it can wait. What we don't realize is that we also grow older and as we grow older a lot more additional expenses and budgeting is needed. I was once told by my mother that it is not a funny thing to save a coin no matter how much it cost everyday because there is 365 days in 1 year and that amount of money could have been a large amount now if i could have had saved it long ago. But because i have so much in mind that I forgot to save even an amount of coin which i used to do i came to reality that long term is indeed not an excuse even for a single amount of money to save. It could have been something that i could use to save for my health or insurance for the future.

Managing my expenses is just life the Jar in the photo with candy's..... as the passing of days it will eventually lessen its number so before it does you have to make sure that you have something to replace it or add more into it because int he long run you should always have something left to sweeten your life as you go on with life... as you age. 

So I have to change everything that i used to doing in budgeting and managing my finances. It's never too late it will always be a fresh start and I'm excited to learn more on the next series of Sun Life's Talk looking forward of learning more and more.... Thank You Sun Life!

For more information on Sunlife Financial and Money For Life, visit their website at:

Sun Life Office Address: 2/F Sun Life Centre,  5th Avenue corner Rizal Drive, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City or 

Thursday, July 21, 2016

STELLAR: ICONIC Polecats Manila’s Annual Showcase

Ow Yes I am Super excited and thrilled to finally witnessed a live Pole Dancing Show, it has always been my bucket list to witnessed a live performance on stage. I myself is a frustrated Pole Dancer, i wanna try and learn how all of those lifting yourself as if you're so lightweight just with the help of a Pole. I have a lot of inhibition about sexy pole dancing hehehe and would love to try to be on a pole who knows..... will see!

STELLAR: ICONIC is on July 23, 2015 at 7pm in AFP Theater, Camp Aguinaldo. Tickets are at Php 500.00 and are available through any student or teacher, or at the Polecats Manila studio, 22nd floor, Strata 100, F. Ortigas (formerly Emerald) Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City.
Pole dancers and aerialists are taking the stage again this year as Polecats Manila mounts their sixth annual student showcase. This July 23, students will transform into stage legends, performing to the hits of Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Prince, David Bowie, and Queen for STELLAR: ICONIC.
Polecats Manila, the country’s first organized pole dancing group, celebrates six years with this student-led recital and almost 100 participants flying high to show their talents.
Polecats Manila's one of their best performance
“The rehearsals are grueling – but I wouldn't have it any other way. The bond we build over hours and hours of agonizing over tricks together is the best reward I can think of. Well, that and the food trip we have after.” ~Angela Montalban Tiempo, one of the students fondly call “Pole Kittens.”
The studio has also garnered worldwide attention, having been nominated as Studio of the Year 2015 by the International Pole Dance and Fitness Association. Company member and aerial hoop instructor Amaya Gonzales had also won in the professional division for aerial hoop in the International Asia-Pacific Pole & Aerial Acrobatic (APPA) Championship 2016. International pole choreographer and instructor Josh Taylor is choreographing the finale dance number to be performed by company members.
"It’s so much more than just a recital. Our students work hard for their onstage dream. Our teachers become creative thinkers. It showcases teamwork from the entire school.” ~Christina Dy, Founder and Artistic Director
STELLAR: ICONIC is made possible by co-presentors Urban Ashram and Myra Vitawhite Lotion. With major sponsor MAC Cosmetics, Myra Vitasmooth Facial Wash, Myra 300e Capsules and Naturacencials. Official partners are Sunsilk, Cream Silk, Craft Coffee Revolution, Celeteque Cleansing Oil, Celeteque Facial Wash, Nivea, Kopiko 78, PikNik, Energen, Kopiko Brown, Milo, Sanicare, Mr. Donut and Connie’s Kitchen.
Stellar: Iconic Photoshoot Behind the Scenes
For tickets and inquiries, email or text +63917 – 700 7653.
*Photo credits to Polecats Manila

See You All Sexy!



All the hottest apps and mobile internet deals at the flick of a switch with the all-new Globe Switch app.
Globe Prepaid/TM customers get to try the best app deals, and track their data usage.

The hottest promos and deals before everyone else get crazy about the flick the switch of your famous and favorite apps.

An app that facilitate the digital lifestyle of a lot of people who uses the mobile (specially globe) in a lot bigger way and a lot easier way. 

I know for sure no human who has a mobile ever downloaded an app on their phone..... from Facebook to Wechat to Snapchat to Instagram to twitter to Viber to Waze to Grab and a lot more that is needed by everyone's daily lives.
Mr. Dan Horran, Senior Advisor for Consumer Business
It will even work as well for smart users as well... they won't be able to avail the hot offers unfortunately because they don't control the network but they can see how much data they're using and control their usage.

July 21, 2016 - Globe launches GLOBE FLICK THE SWITCH App and i am glad to be invited by Ms. Joy Mendiola because i get to experience and downloaded the app right away on my mobile.
Introducing Flick the Switch from globe offers the best value from an app perspective. The exponential growth of smartphones and mobile data usage has customers constantly searching for premium online deals that will give them the most value for their money – from free app access to mobile data bundles. 
Mr. Jaime Alfonso showcasing the Flick the Switch
Flick the Switch makes you control the app you only wanted to use and access and you will be surprise you to discover new apps and you get to have control fun and control only apps you wanted to activate. 

With all these in mind, Globe gives customers another reason to enjoy their digital lifestyle with the all-new Globe Switch App! This all in-one-app solution gives Globe Prepaid/TM customers affordable access to the hottest apps and lets them discover the best online deals. In addition to the exclusive mobile offers, Globe Switch sets itself apart with its data management and usage tracking capabilities.
“Giving our customers an enriched and immersive digital lifestyle entails giving them full control of their access and spending. Globe Switch solves that need by curating a great selection of trending app deals and at the same time giving users a way to understand their usage and freeing them from unwanted charges.” ~Issa Cabreira, Globe Senior Vice President for Consumer Mobile Business
Q&A answered by Ms. Issa Cabreira, Globe Senior Vice President for Consumer Mobile Business

Globe Switch is designed with three main functions: OFFERS, CONTROL and USAGE. Under Offers are the best app deals that are only exclusive within Globe Switch. These deals are ready for download, ideal for those new to navigating online and using mobile data. 
Users can freely try and purchase these deals at a more affordable price. Globe Switch is your gateway to more than 3 GB worth of access to over 50 of the most popular apps. Purchases are conveniently charged to ones prepaid load, while some apps are permanently FREE to explore.
With the Control feature, users are given a way to properly regulate which applications consume data charges. Certain apps can be turned on or off, preventing unexpected data consumption from some apps that are rarely used. The Usage feature gives visibility into how much mobile data and WIFI each app is consuming on an hourly, daily and 12-day basis, alongside a data saving mode. Also, upon opening an app that consumes data, Globe Switch will automatically notify the customer on how long they want to use the app and consume data.

Currently some of the apps available to access on 
Globe Switch include: 
Skype, Grab, Waze, Clash Royale, Clash of Clans, Candy Crush,, Smule, Spotify, Zalora, Lazada, Pinterest, Instagram, and Snapchat, among others.
Q&A answered by Mr. Jaime Alfonso

From hot deals and trending apps, to data usage, control and tracking, Globe Switch gives customers more confidence to discover and explore amazing deals online! As a special launch treat, starting July 21 and for a limited time only, Globe is giving the first 500,000 Globe Switch users free 5 days access to the app of their choice! Users can avail of the "Special Launch Day Treat" option under the OFFERS tab to choose their free app.

So did I made you Switch to Globe? I am glad that ever since i had my mobile I've been a TM subscriber which is still connected to globe.

Switch now to Globe and enjoy the perks of being a Globe/TM subscriber! 
Globe Switch is free and available for download on Google Playstore. To learn more about Globe Prepaid and its latest offers, visit Globe Switch is also available for TM subscribers. 


For more information, please contact:
Yoly C. Crisanto
Head, Corporate Communications
Globe Telecom, Inc.
Email Address:
Globe Press Room:
Twitter: @talk2GLOBE │ Facebook:

Wednesday, July 20, 2016


Step up your cooking with Ajinomoto Philippines Corporation puts together a media activity to showcases the brand PORKSAVOR AL-in-One Seasoning Mix with its new brand ambassadors Mr. Enrique Gil and his mother Mrs. Bambi Gil.

Together with Ms. Nancy Reyes-Lumen and the brand ambassadors conducted live cookign demo in a bid to challenge homemakers to step up their cooking and bring out the meaty goodness of home-cooked dishes using PORKSAVOR took place at the Center for Culinary Arts.

Here are some of the recipe's Ms. Nancy Reyes-Lumen cooked and some with Mr. Enrique Gil and his mother Mrs. Bambi Gil.


Cooking advice with Ms. Nancy Reyes-Lumen

Now isn't those recipe's delicious with the magic taste of PORKSAVOR?  
"Filipino's love food with strong meaty flavors and PORKSAVOR can provide meaty taste and aroma for all types of dishes because it is made from natural pork meat and bone extract, complete with spices and seasonings." ~Ms. Daryl Magno, Ajinomoto's Category Manager

PORKSAVOR can provide the meaty taste in meatless dishes like pancit, which makes a great high fiber snack for those limiting their cholesterol intake. Mrs. Bambi Gil, who knows her way around the kitchen, helped prepared the PORKSAVOR Veggie Soup and Pastel dishes. Both recipes are a step up from the usual "pambaon" ideas and are likewise prefect for the rainy season.
The mother and son tandem of Bambi and Enrique Gil are thrilled to endorse a one-of-a-kind product like PORKSAVOR. While taping for the commercial, enrique was fascinated with the burst of meatiness as he sampled food cooked with PORKSAVOR. Mommy BAmbi loves to cook for her 3 children, and PORKSAVOR can help her put in the effort to make meal times truly enjoyable for the whole family.
Mother and son Mrs. Bambi and Enrique Gil
Surely PORKSAVOR is such a meaty help to all mothers and even chief for an alternative seasoning to make their recipe's taste meatier and more delicious....


Ajinomoto Philippines Corporation (APC) is an affiliate of Tokyo-based Ajinomoto Co., Inc. Established in 1958, APC lives by its promise to provide consumers products that will always give the delicious taste to healthy and nutritous meals as embodied in APC's slogan Ajinomoto "Eat Well, Live Well." APC's complete line of quality food and seasoning products are produced by international affiliates and local toll manufacturers usign Ajinomoto's license, quality standards and technological expertise. APC's products include AJI-NO-MOTO Umami Seasoning, Ajinomoto Brand Ginisa Flavor Seasoning Mix, AJI-SINIGANG Cube, Ajinomoto Brand Chicken Powder, PORKSAVOR All-in-One Seasoning Mix, CRISPY FRY Breading Mix, CRISPY FRY SEASONED CRUMBS, TASTY BOY All Purpose Breading Mix, AJI-SHIO sEASONING mIX AND "Amino fRES-c" Instant Drink Mix.


Let me share with you a video where in it reminds me of my own personal experience and made me laugh when i remembered it, those where the days I should have had my own Swish breath spray...
Last July 2, Swish launched the #SayItWithSwish video on Facebook which highlighted Swish Breath Spray. It featured a guy who seemed like he was going to propose to his date but it turns out, there is a twist at the end.

The video communicates that during moments wherein you are nervous to say what you want to say, all you have to do is Say It With Swish! The video also highlights the Super Pump which is a hand gesture that mimics the use of Swish Breath Spray; it is a signal to remind someone to boost his confidence with Swish Breath Spray.

This video is an effort of the brand to increase awareness for Swish Breath Spray on digital in the hopes that it will become a viral video. Just 1 week after launch, the video has already reached 920+ thousand views and has received numerous positive comments from the audience.  

I myself have my own fare share of #SayItWithSwish or should i say unexpected moment, one of which is joining a beauty pageant when all the candidates are about to go onstage and it was after dinner but since i was enjoying my meal i forgot to rush to brush my teeth and so as the other candidate that night. But you know what i manage to stay confident despite the fact that the host could have had smelled the seafood paella i ate, but what others didn't realized is that i always bring with me a menthol candy hehehe now that's a secret move because i don't want the host to feel like staying away with me while the crowd are all eyes on me... Just like the man on the video he find different ways to speak out to a beautiful girl in front of him without feeling uneasy about his breath just the same with me too bad that moment of mine #SayItWithSwish is not yet available if ever it was of course it could have been my savior for moments like that.
Now that i have my own Swish Breath Spray i always make sure i bring it along with me. It provides instant fresh breath in just 10 seconds. Comes in convenient 10ml bottles. Kills bad breath-causing bacteria so it doesn’t just mask odor. 2 flavors: Arctic Chill and Peppermint Fresh
What i like most with Swish Breath Spray without even feeling guilty is that it is Sugar-free and alcohol-free. Piso per spray (at Php 105.00 and lasts up to 100 sprays) can you just imagine that..... 

Available in Mercury Drug, Watsons, South Star, Robinsons, Puregold, Shopwise and other select drugstores/supermarkets nationwide. And it is Made by Unilab   

Remember when caught in a situation just liek the guy in the video convert to your own situation and follow the guy's strategy and whenever you need to boost your confidence to say what you want to say, all you have to do is to #SayItWithSwish.    



A Glimpse of Today’s Hottest Korean Fashion Retail Hub

A Fashion Retail Haven for all those who love Korean Fashion. From stylish clothes, cosmetics, accessories, and other fabulously interesting finds. Located at the 2nd Floor of Metrowalk Complex, Ortigas Pasig City. 

I myself had loved Korean Fashion and other than Japan and Paris they're the countries i look up to when it comes to fashion. They're always on the trends and always has a lot of ideas when it comes to fashion.

So when i heard about "Mall of Korea" i got so excited that i came on early and was surprise to see their shop because it was so big that it could accommodate a whole retail of "Tiange" a stall called here in the Philippines.

Let me take you a tour around inside the Mall of Korea:

Mall of Korea provides AUTHENTIC Korean Shopping Experience. With ALL-ORIGINAL, BRANDED products, your for taking at very CUSTOMER-FRIENDLY rates..... and many more!

Let me start with the Boys corner

For Kids

Fashionable Accessories to love

Fashionable Bags and Shoes

The person behind the brand 
Korean designer since 1975
Opened her first branch in Myeongdong, Korea
Has more than 60 shops in Korea
Director of Korea Business Association 1987-1992
"It's all about making a statement: make your colors stand out with sophisticated pieces that flatter your body and complement your style."
Start the work week right by wearing fashionable pieces from Nina Lee, one of Mall of Korea's in-house brands!Perfect for empowered women like you! Let your personal style do the talking.

Mall of Korea have a SALE area YEEEEHHHHH!!!!!!

Upcoming Brand Plans:
Rainy Day Promotions
Back-to-school Activations
Corporate Tie-Ups
Holiday Campaign Launch
Online PRs

Thank You Mall of Korea for experiencing a Shopping Spree!

Crownless Beauty Queen is giving away 
Php 1,500.00 Mall of Korea cash card to 1 Lucky reader
Just follow these simple steps and you will be one of my lucky winners. Announcement of winners will be on July 28, 2016 at 9:00 PM.
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Thank You Mall of Korea for a Shopping Sphree!