Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Eat, Yoga, Love: A Cityscape Journey with Vida Opens in BGC

"We are excited to broaden our reach and offer a nurturing environment for individuals to engage in hot yoga and beyond. Our goal is to transcend the boundaries of the mat and empower individuals to make holistic lifestyle choices that extend well beyond their yoga practice. Our vision for Vida Yoga is to inspire people to elevate their idea of wellness, and to adapt a holistic approach to self-care and discovery, that is why aside from the yoga classes, we also offer retreats, seminars, and training aspiring instructors as well. We want them to embrace yoga as a lifestyle." ~Amanda Griffin-Jacob, Co-founders of Vida Yoga

Vida Yoga has recently unveiled its primary location at The Arya Plaza Towers in Bonifacio Global City (BGC), offering yoga enthusiasts a fresh environment to make more conscious lifestyle way of life.

In partnership with its first branch in Alabang, Vida Yoga provides state-of-the-art studios featuring their distinctive hot yoga sessions and also non-heated classes. These classes are led by world-class instructors who have received training from the internationally acclaimed yogi Copper Crow.

The recent opening of the BGC branch offered guests a transformative experience focused on self-discovery and mindful living, with its banner theme "Eat, Yoga, Love: A Cityscape Journey with Vida."

"Vida Yoga was born out of our collective mission to be the conduit for Filipinos to find their own individual journeys to healthier living. We all love yoga – especially hot yoga – and we all believe that choosing to live a mindful lifestyle extends beyond yoga, thus we thought of offering a venue for people to go through that process of discovery." ~Karmela Oreta, Co-founder of Vida Yoga

Vida Yoga offers a wide range of classes designed to meet the diverse needs and preferences of their clients. Their signature classes are the hot yoga classes, which combine the invigorating power of heat with the transformative practice of yoga. 

For those ready to embrace the challenge and detoxify, they have the Hot 26 class, where 26 poses are performed in an infrared-heated room for 75 minutes. Condensed sessions are also available with the Hot Express where the same 26 poses can be performed in 60 minutes. 

Amanda Grffin Jacob, Karmela Oreta and Copper Crow

Hot Vinyasa meanwhile  blends the flowing movements of Vinyasa with the power of heat to enhance strength, flexibility, and balance. For a slower pace and more introspection, the Hot Slow Flow class combines soothing warmth with gentle, mindful movements to promote relaxation and increased flexibility. 

For a high-intensity workout, the studio offers Inferno Hot Pilates, combining Pilates principles with a heated environment.  Lastly, the studio also provides a Hot Hybrid class, blending elements of different yoga styles for a unique and challenging experience.

In addition to their hot yoga classes, Vida also provides non-hot classes for those who prefer So whether you prefer to sweat it out or practice in a cooler setting, Vida has something to offer for everyone. 

After an exclusive express 30 minute yoga session with Vida and international yogi Copper Crow, where you can breathe, center, and connect with yourself. ⁣      Got to experience a back massage, and my first tiem to try acupuncture to heal whatever ails me.

Beginners can explore the classes for as low as Php1,000 for one session.  Vida also has a first timer introductory package which is only Php 2,000 for 3 classes.  Those who are ready to incorporate yoga as a part of their daily/weekly habit can choose from a wide variety of Vida Yoga’s class packages.

To celebrate the opening of both Vida Yoga branches, a special Eat, Love, Yoga launch event was held in their BGC branch. It was a unique wellness experience in partnership with Philip Stein, Centro Holistico, and Massage MNL to inspire people to embark on their journey to mindful lifestyle choices with Vida.

For Amanda, hot yoga provides a well-rounded nourishment for the mind, body, and spirit, serving as a strong foundation for a holistic well-being.

To learn more about Vida Yoga, or to book for an appointment, visit www.vidayoga.ph. You can also send a message on Instagram or email vidayogaph@gmail.com for more information.

About Vida Yoga: 
Vida Yoga is the newest premier yoga brand in the Philippines. Founded by three passionate entrepreneurs, Amanda Griffin-Jacob, Karmela Oreta, and Ginger Diaz, Vida Yoga aims to serve as a second home for practitioners, offering a diverse range of classes, workshops, and teacher training under internationally recognized instructors.

SM City Marikina features A Dazzling Holiday Christmas

As early as September 17, SM City Marikina launched their annual 100 days of Christmas surprises countdown through shopping, dining, and entertaining surprises for all mall-goers. The ceremonial Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony was held last October 29, 2023 to officially mark the holiday season with a dazzling 30 feet Christmas Tree.

Alongside the Christmas lighting is the launch of new Christmas jingle by Mr. Christmas himself Mr. Jose Mari Chan's "Celebrate Christmas," which is the holiday tune for SM Supermalls to bring out the holiday spirit in any one young and old.

This year SM City Marikina's Christmas Tree gives a new sparkling centerpieces, holiday bazaars, and toy fair, cinema holiday blackbusters, Sales, Deals, Food, and Fun.

With its spectacular decorations, festive events, and an array of shopping and dining options, SM City Marikina transforms into a dazzling holiday destination during the Christmas season. 

An adorned Christmas tree with sparkling lights and vibrant decorations stands at the center, complemented by the mall's festively decorated interior and exterior, offering ideal settings for capturing those Instagram-ready holiday pictures.

Just a few weeks away from Christmas they begin their Bears of Joy to kids who needs joy for each bear you buy another will be donated to a community or charity in need.

SM City Marikina's Christmas Tree lighting was graced by Marikina Councilor Cloyd Casimiro; SM Supermalls Asst. Vice President for Operations John Brian Tarnate; Congresswoman Maan Teodoro; Santa, Marikina Mayor Marcy Teodoro with son Rafa, Councilor Carl Africa, Councilor Kate De Guzman, SM Supermalls Regional Operations Manager Don Edward Vijandre, SM City Marikina Mall Manager Francis Brian Cruz.

Mr. Francis Brian CruzSM City Marikina Mall Manager

Congresswoman Maan Teodoro

A joyful performances of cute little ballerina's from Ana Emata School of Classical Ballet

And the most awaited person whenever Christmas season is around is to take selfie's with Santa Clause you could also get a chance to have a photo with Santa Clause

Experience your #HappiestChristmasAtSM, where SM City Marikina aims to offer a joyful world of the longest, brightest, and happiest holiday celebration for everyone.

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See You at the Holiday Dreams of Sparkles at SM City Marikina!

Revolutionizing Travel Experiences Worldwide via Travereel – Book, Travel, Connect, and Earn!

“Travereel was born out of a passion for exploring the world and the belief that travel should be accessible, personalized, and unforgettable for everyone. Our team has poured their hearts into creating this app, and we are thrilled to bring this vision to life and empower travelers to embark on journeys that leave a lasting imprint on their hearts.” ~Debbie Nebaya, Travereel CEO

Don't miss out on this exciting new chapter in travel. Download Travereel today and let the journey begin. Get ready to book, travel, connect, and earn! 

Today marks a remarkable occasion in the world of travel with the official launch of Travereel, a groundbreaking and revolutionary travel mobile application that promises to transform how people explore and experience the world.  

Selcouth’s Travereel mobile app is set to change the way you plan and enjoy your travel experiences, providing a seamless, one-stop solution for all your travel needs. 

This game-changing travel app lets you book your stay or destination seamlessly by just clicking and watching the reels shared by fellow travelers. Travel offers you an incredible variety of options, whether you wish to stay in a stylish metropolitan apartment, an opulent beach resort, or a cozy B&B in the countryside. 

L-R: Mr. Deepak Kumar, Paymonggo Head of Growth and Sales; Mr. Kurt Molina, Billease Head of Merchant Products; Mr. Terence Ridder, Lizard Global CEO of Asia; Mr. Ricky Sy, Travereel Chairman and Investor; Ms. Debbie Nebaya, Travereel CEO; Ms. Vicky Rada, Travereel COO; Mr. Mark Dela Cruz, Travereel Digital Marketing Manager; Paige Ranola and Jewel Mesina, Travereel Influencers

Enjoy a fun, engaging, reliable display of hotel properties through short vertical videos from our travel community, and imagine how your next day's vacation will look like. 
Travereel is more than just a travel app; it's your personalized travel concierge, offering a wide range of features to enhance your journeys. Here are some notable key features of the app: 
Discover Hidden Gems: Find off-the-beaten-path attractions, local eateries, and cultural experiences with our curated recommendations and user-generated content. Get a taste of authentic travel with Travereel.
Travel Social Network: Connect with fellow travelers, share your experiences, and get real-time advice from the Travereel community. Discover travel buddies and create lasting memories through your own travel experiences. 
Seamless booking: Book your preferred hotel in just click and tap. Travereel gives you seamless booking experience by clicking the ‘Book’ button on the reel.
Flexible payment terms: Payment convenience via different payment options from Paymonggo: Debit and Credit Card, GCash, Maya, and Billease. Users can also opt for the Buy Now, Pay Later payment terms. 
Earn Commission: Be a content creator and post your own travel experiences. Post videos and receive an affiliate commission for bookings from your shared travel reels and vlogs. 
Safety Features: Stay informed about travel advisories and emergency contact information, and receive safety tips to ensure your well-being while exploring new destinations.

Travereel is now available  for both iOS and Android, ensuring that no matter your device, you can experience the world at your fingertips. Our commitment to providing a user-friendly, accessible platform is at the heart of Travereel's development.
For more information, visit Traveleers’ website www.traveleer.com or social media platforms: Facebook, InstagramTikTok, and YouTube


About Travereel
Selcouth’s Travereel mobile app revolutionizes the way you plan and book your vacations. Discover new destinations and visualize your following holidays by watching the reels shared by fellow travelers and book your accommodations seamlessly in the comfort of your seats.

About Selcouth
Selco was founded in 2022, the maker of Travereel, with the mission to make booking easy and accessible for everyone. It aims to provide a seamless, user-friendly platform that connects people with the best accommodations. 

SM City Taytay Holiday of Dreams of Sparkles

The magic of Christmas has finally arrived at SM City Taytay with the grand launch of the enchantment of the season with a Starry Christmas Centerpiece Launch! In the Philippines, the Christmas season kicks off as early as September. SM City Taytay fully embraces this festive spirit, and with the launch of their "Holiday Dreams of Sparkles," they aim to bring happiness and love to everyone. This enchanting event assures shoppers of all ages a wonderfully cheerful Christmas atmosphere.

People living in Taytay have an exciting holiday season ahead, as SM City Taytay had recently light-up the Holiday of Dreams of Sparkles showcasing festive wonderland filled with the most whimsical Christmas wonders that will make your dreams sparkle Christmas centerpieces offering the latest festive attractions in the province.

The 18-foot Christmas tree light-up the Holiday of Dreams of Sparkles with gigantic Christmas balls and stars, creating a dreamy and enchanting ambiance. Sparkling lights above and dreamy slides added an extra touch of magic, making it feel like your wishes could truly come true.

I noticed the newly re-opened  Food Court facing the atrium came alive with the enchanting sounds of classical Christmas music a perfect spot where shoppers and mall-goers can take their selfies with the newly lighted Christmas tree.

The Corcourse Singers, led by Mr. Leo Landicho, serenaded the crowd as everyone awaited the grand lighting of the Christmas tree.

The Corcourse Singers, led by Mr. Leo Landicho

Charming Boy Group Cloud 7 serenade the crowd thru dance and music with Christmas songs.

With special guest from the local community joining in Raymond Bonifacio, SM City Taytay Mall Manager; Gaylor Pagala, Taytay MPS OIC PLtCol; Allan Martine De Leon, Taytay Mayor; Mr. John Brian Tarnate, SM Supermalls Asst. Vice President; and Tobit Cruz, Taytay Councilor. Came together to light the giant Christmas tree. A unity and shared joy, symbolizing the spirit of Christmas.

With special guest from the local community joining (L-R) Raymond Bonifacio, SM City Taytay Mall Manager; Gaylor Pagala, Taytay MPS OIC PLtCol; SantaAllan Martine De Leon, Taytay Mayor; Mr. John Brian Tarnate, SM Supermalls Asst. Vice President; and Tobit Cruz, Taytay Councilor.

During this joyful season, while you stroll through SM City East Ortigas for some shopping, you have the opportunity to enjoy Jose Mari Chan's "Celebrate Christmas," which is the holiday tune for SM Supermalls. 

You can spread Christmas joy by participating in the Bears of Joy Program. You can meet Santa and his holiday team, capturing wonderful memories with photos to commemorate the occasion. Santa's Squad is available in the "Holiday Dreams of Sparkles" at SM City Taytay. The magic continues until January 7, 2024.

Experience your #HappiestChristmasAtSM, where SM City Taytay aims to offer a joyful world of the longest, brightest, and happiest holiday celebration for everyone.

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See You at the Holiday Dreams of Sparkles at SM City Taytay!

Filipino R&B star JP Bacallan drops “Señorita,” his debut single under Sony Music Entertainment

“I want to lift her up and let her realize how precious she is to me. I personally wrote this song as my way of expressing appreciation. Our normal process for creating a song is that he will give me the beat, and once I feel the vibe, I will write down all my thoughts.~JP Bacallan, Filipino Newcomer budding singer-songwriter
JP Bacallan

Filipino newcomer JP Bacallan swoons over someone’s beauty on "Señorita,” out today via Sony Music Entertainment.

With soulful vocals sliding down effortlessly on a delicate mix of Latin-inspired grooves, acoustic guitars, and sensuous percussions, the R&B single shows JP Bacallan at his most confident, showcasing the versatility of his instrument.

The budding singer-songwriter dedicates the track to someone dear to his heart. 

Produced by his constant collaborator Nexxfriday, "Señorita projects an energy that is undeniably charming but filled with so much passion and soul. From the moment the instrumentation drops, it becomes even clearer that the song will set fire to the dancefloor and encourage every listener to join in the ecstatic fun.

"Señorita is the official debut project of JP Bacallan under Sony Music Entertainment. Before getting signed by a major record label, Bacallan has racked up close to a hundred million views on YouTube. He has worked with some of the biggest names in Pinoy hiphop, including Gloc-9 and Pricetagg. The Pasig-based artist also made a strong impression on mainstream television as one of the contestants of Showtime’s Tawag ng Tanghalan, where he wowed the audience with his compelling singing style and sultry tone.

JP Bacallan’s "Señorita is out now on all digital music platforms worldwide via Sony Music Entertainment.

Monday, October 30, 2023

SM Bulacan Mall's Light Up Christmas Centerpieces, Usher in Holidays in the Province

“The symbolic lighting of our Christmas centerpieces is our way of thanking shoppers and partners for being one with the SM Supermalls community and making us their home all throughout the year.” ~Ana Datu, Assistant Vice President for Mall Operations
SM City Baliwag’s Glistening Christmas Park is the newest holiday attraction in the province.

Bulekenyos have an exciting holiday season ahead, as SM Bulacan malls are set to showcase enchanting Christmas centerpieces at SM City Marilao, SM City Baliwag, and SM Center Pulilan, offering the latest festive attractions in the province.

SM City Baliwag unfolds holiday this October with the lighting of its iconic Christmas centerpiece, the Glistening Christmas Park. A holiday attraction for the whole family, Baliwag City Administrator Eric Tagle (2nd from right) spearheaded the lighting of the Christmas centerpiece. Joining honors are SM City Baliwag Assistant Mall Manager Eugene Martin (2nd from left) and Regional CRS Manager Ronald Pulumbarit (right).

Mall visitors are in for a joyful holiday experience, as SM City Marilao converts its 3,229-square-foot mall atrium into a grand Jingle Bell Jog led by Santa. This combines the Christmas cheer with the idea of Santa enjoying an energetic workout journey.

Located at SM City Marilao’s Main Mall Atrium, the centerpiece is highlighted by a towering 30-foot tree where shoppers will experience the festive spirit when they enter a captivating toy factory embellished with stars. Lively Santas engage in joyful activities, elevating their seasonal glee to new heights.

It is indeed the most wonderful time of the year as mallgoers, guests, and performers gathered for a night of dance, music, and the marvelous unveiling of SM Baliwag’s Christmas centerpiece.

SM City Baliwag, on the other hand, unveils the Glistening Christmas Park. The grand centerpiece brings glittering wonders, highlighted by a 30-foot Christmas tree embellished with sparkling lights and golden Christmas balls. Shining reindeer also adorn the attraction, giving pure delight to everyone this holiday season.

Meanwhile, SM Center Pulilan unfolds a Festive Folds, crafting joy this Christmas. This year’s theme captures the concept of paper Christmas trees and their unique charm, leading to a fun-filled celebration of creativity and craftsmanship during these holiday festivities.

SM City Marilao’s Jingle Bell Jog centerpiece featuring Santa engaging in a merry workout adventure elevates seasonal glee to new heights.

The attraction is adorned with life-sized folded Christmas trees featuring various patterns in red and green, adding an enchanting touch. Shoppers will be greeted by a row of radiant arches and a golden pathway that leads to a magnificent 30-foot Christmas tree, embellished with shimmering stars, and charming Santa momijis located at the Mall Atrium.

In line with the launch of the holiday centerpieces, SM’s annual tradition of the Bears of Joy to keep and collect also begins at SM Bulacan malls. For every two pieces of bear purchased, one will be given to a community charity. This year, Bears of Joy will be donated to chosen beneficiaries in Bulacan on Christmas. 

Santa’s little elves join in the fun at the unveiling of SM City Marilao’s Christmas centerpiece.

Joyful performances ignite the celebration during the lighting of SM City Marilao’s Christmas centerpiece.

Experience your #HappiestChristmasAtSM, where SM Supermalls aims to offer a joyful world of the longest, brightest, and happiest holiday celebration for everyone. The coming days will be merrier as SM malls in Marilao, Baliwag, and Pulilan celebrate Christmas in full swing with festivities, Christmas markets, and entertainment the malls have in store all throughout the holiday season.

For updates, visit https://www.smsupermalls.com or follow SM Supermalls on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Sunday, October 29, 2023

SM Lights up the Christmas Season in CAMANAVA

The captivating essence of the holiday season has come to life in the CAMANAVA region, as SM Supermalls presents a marvelous adventure featuring enchanting Christmas displays. The enchantment commenced at SM City Grand Central on October 26, then continued at SM City Valenzuela on October 27, and finally at SM Center Sangandaan on October 28.

Stretching across the mall atrium, SM City Grand Central plans to impress shoppers with an elaborate and radiant centerpiece. As visitors step into the mall, they will be welcomed by an imposing arrangement of LED letter blocks that change colors, spelling out the classic greeting "Grand Holidays." This oversized creation is set to be the highlight of the season, with its captivating transition from rich reds to serene blues, forming a mesmerizing visual spectacle. Adding to the magic, SM City Grand Central's Grand Holiday display will feature towering star poles, reindeers, Santa's enormous red chair, and sleigh. The inviting glow of these enchanting lights will immediately immerse shoppers in the holiday atmosphere, creating the perfect ambiance for a cheerful shopping experience for all.

Drawing inspiration from "Christmas on Parade" at Pacific Place, SM City Valenzuela’s Christmas in Transit centerpiece promises to transport shoppers on a whimsical journey through the holiday season. Taking center stage is a whimsical Santa and his merry squad, all set to embark on a festive adventure in a Cartoon-type car adorned with an assortment of luggages and travel essentials. This vibrant display encapsulates the joyous anticipation of travel and reunions during the holiday season, resonating with families and individuals alike.

The colors of the season are very much alive as SM Center Sangandaan decks the halls with the sparkling timeless charm of gold, green, and red, symbolizing the time-honored traditions of Christmas. Comprising a breathtaking ensemble of Christmas trees of varying heights and a constellation of stand-alone brilliant stars, SM Center Sangandaan’s Centerpiece is a dreamy visual spectacle that is sure to linger in the hearts of all who behold it.

Sharing the message of hope, joy, and love, all SM centerpieces are adorned by gigantic 30-ft Christmas trees. Decorated by hundreds of dazzling Christmas balls and ornaments and nearly thousands of LED lights and yards of garland, the repurposed Christmas trees will not only serve as a seasonal centerpiece in the malls but also an opportunity for shoppers to create lasting moments with family and friends through a picturesque, unique Christmas attraction.

Shoppers at SM malls in CAMANAVA may also find Christmas around every corner as they come across a collection of holiday trees and wreaths spread throughout the mall. There would also be surprises, Christmas markets, musical medleys, and family-filled Christmas activities that would add an extra touch of wonder to holiday shopping. 

SM's holiday displays are a cherished tradition that marks the arrival of the Christmas season in cities where SM operates malls. These festive centerpieces will be showcased until January 7, 2024, and shoppers are encouraged to savor the holiday spirit and make cherished memories with their dear ones.

Friday, October 27, 2023

SM City East Ortigas Christmas Dreamland

It's beginning to look a lot like the #HappiestChristmasAtSM all over again!🌟🎄

SM City East Ortigas Magical Christmas Dreamland was launched on October 27, 2023. Christmas shoppers at SM City Ortigas were delighted to experience this year's presentation of a mesmerizing grand centerpiece, creating a captivating and magical Christmas wonderland for all to enjoy.

Discover an enchanted forest of woodland creatures and explore a magical Christmas Dreamland at SM City East Ortigas and be part of an enchanting Christmas tale where dreams are realized and holiday joy abounds. 

The centerpiece highlights of the display features a majestic 60-foot-tall traditional Christmas tree, surrounded by enchanting Christmas creatures and additional trees.

Graced by SM Supermalls executives, including SM Supermalls Assistant Vice President John Brian Tarnate, Mall Manager Maureen Fernandez, Vice Mayor Dudut Jaworski, and the city staff under their leadership, they led a toast before illuminating the enormous Christmas tree.

Christmas Lighting VIPs: L-R: John Brian Tarnate, AVP for Operations SM Supermalls; Kagawad Girlie Cruz, Brgy. Sta Lucia; Santa; Robert Vincent Jude B.  Jaworski Jr., Vice Mayor; and Ms. Maureen Fernandez, Mall Manager SM City East Ortigas.

Sharing their message during the event:

Ms. Maureen Fernandez, Mall Manager SM City East Ortigas

Robert Vincent Jude B.  Jaworski Jr., Vice Mayor

No holiday celebration would be whole without the opportunity to meet Santa Claus and his festive team, who sang and danced throughout the evening.

During this joyful season, while you stroll through SM City East Ortigas for some shopping, you have the opportunity to enjoy Jose Mari Chan's "Celebrate Christmas," which is the holiday tune for SM Supermalls. 

With amazing performances from National University Chorale who serenaded the shoppers with Christmas Carols.

And Musical performance (famous Christmas songs) from Team Lizzie

You can spread Christmas joy by participating in the Bears of Joy Program. Furthermore, you can meet Santa and his holiday team, capturing wonderful memories with photos to commemorate the occasion. Santa's Squad is available in the dreamland every weekend.

Experience your #HappiestChristmasAtSM, where SM City East Ortigas aims to offer a joyful world of the longest, brightest, and happiest holiday celebration for everyone.

For updates, visit https://www.smsupermalls.com or follow SM City East Ortigas on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

See You at the Christmas Dreamland at SM City East Ortigas!