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Stand Up For Nuclear Philippines Nuclear Now: Malinis, Maasahan, at Murang Kuryente  Para Sa Pinas

"Nuclear power offers a game-changing solution to our energy needs. It is a clean, dependable, and economically feasible energy source that can power our nation sustainably. We hope to make nuclear a part of the country’s energy mix so Filipinos can enjoy cheaper, cleaner, and more reliable electricity." ~Mark Cojuangco, Pangasinan 2nd District Representative
In Photo (L-R) Mark Cojuangco, Pangasinan 2nd District Representative; Angelica Oung, Accomplished energy reporter from Taiwan and founder of the Clean Energy Transition Alliance (CETA); Mark Nelson, Founder and Managing Director of Radiant Energy; and Gayle Certeza, Lead Convenor of ALPAS Pinas

A groundbreaking event in the Philippines, hosted by Alpas Pinas, the nation's leading advocate for nuclear energy, in collaboration with Stand Up for Nuclear. Facts about nuclear energy, dispel myths, and discover its potential to meet our energy needs while preserving the environment and boosting the economy.

Mark Cojuangco, Pangasinan 2nd District Representative

Stand Up for Nuclear, the world’s first global initiative advocating for the protection and expansion of nuclear energy, recently convened to discuss the Philippines' readiness to embrace nuclear power at the SMX Aura, Taguig City.

Alpas Pinas' Goals: 
  • Educate and Inform: We're here to educate the public about the benefits of nuclear energy and debunk common misconceptions. 
  • Advocate and Lobby: We're actively pushing for nuclear energy adoption and seeking support from all branches of government. 
  • Economic Growth and Environmental Preservation: Embracing nuclear energy can drive economic growth, environmental protection, and poverty alleviation. 

Organizing this year’s event and the leading voice in the call to Stand Up for Nuclear was ALPAS Pinas, a non-stock, non-profit organization dedicated to promoting nuclear energy as a clean and sustainable source of power. The event aimed to illuminate nuclear power's potential in the Philippines and underscore its advantages during these critical times.

“As advocates for nuclear energy, our mission is to effectively communicate its benefits and work toward a sustainable energy future for the Philippines. Amid the looming energy crisis, it is high time for us to realize the advantages of nuclear energy.” ~Gayle Certeza, Lead Convenor of ALPAS Pinas

Gayle Certeza, Lead Convenor of ALPAS Pinas

With the theme “Nuclear Now: Malinis, Maasahan, at Murang Kuryente para sa PINAS,” the event featured other eminent personalities in the field of nuclear energy, including Pangasinan 2nd District Representative Mark Cojuangco, a staunch advocate for nuclear energy and recipient of the American Nuclear Society (ANS) Distinguished Public Service Award.

Cojuangco also chairs the House Special Committee on Nuclear Energy and sponsors, among other solons, the House Bill No. 8218, aimed at establishing the Philippine Atomic Energy Regulatory Authority (PhilATOM) and provide for a comprehensive legal framework for radiation protection, nuclear security, safety, and safeguards in the utilization of nuclear energy in the country.

Meanwhile, Mark Nelson, founder and managing director of Radiant Energy, brought his extensive experience to the table.

"Nuclear energy has proven itself as a powerful tool in the global effort to combat climate change. With its minimal greenhouse gas emissions and round-the-clock power generation, nuclear energy is an essential component of a sustainable energy portfolio. The Philippines, in particular, stands to benefit significantly by considering nuclear energy as part of its energy mix, making it a strategic resource to meet its growing energy demands." ~Mark Nelson, Founder and Managing Director of Radiant Energy

Mark Nelson, Founder and Managing Director of Radiant Energy

Angelica Oung, an accomplished energy reporter from Taiwan and founder of the Clean Energy Transition Alliance (CETA), echoed this sentiment with a focus on broader benefits.

“CETA firmly believes that embracing nuclear power can be a game-changer for the Philippines in terms of energy security and decarbonization. Beyond addressing immediate energy needs, nuclear energy can pave the way for cleaner and more resilient energy systems, ultimately reducing the country's carbon footprint and contributing to a greener, more sustainable future.” ~Angelica Oung, Accomplished energy reporter from Taiwan and founder of the Clean Energy Transition Alliance (CETA)

Angelica Oung, Accomplished energy reporter from Taiwan and founder of the Clean Energy Transition Alliance (CETA)

With the largest international pro-nuclear network, Stand Up for Nuclear serves as the catalyst that motivates allies and provides them with the support, resources, and skills needed to become effective leaders. When individuals participate in Stand Up for Nuclear, they become connected with others around the world. 

ALPAS Pinas is among the more than 38 independent grassroots civil society organizations participating in Stand Up for Nuclear across the globe.

SM Prime explores potential partnership with Japanese firm for waste-to-fuel solutions

“Today, Japan’s waste management and recycling technology is among the most advanced in the world. There is no better partner for SM because we do not just talk about being big, we make sure we do it; we do not talk about being environment friendly but we do take bold steps to save the environment. I am looking forward to growing with GUUN as among leaders in solving environmental issues in the Philippines.” ~Hans T. Sy, SM Prime Chairman of the Executive Committee
IN PHOTO (Left to right): SM Supermalls Vice President Liza Silerio, SM Prime Chairman of the Executive Committee Hans T. Sy, GUUN Chief Executive Officer Shinji Fujieda, GUUN Philippine Branch Senior Managing Director and General Manager Takeshi Konishi

The Leading real estate developer in Southeast Asia, SM Prime Holdings, Inc. (SM Prime), has recently entered into a memorandum of understanding with GUUN Co. Ltd. of Japan. This agreement aims to investigate the possibility of collaborating on waste management solutions, wherein waste paper and plastics can be recycled to generate 'fluff fuel' as an alternative energy source.

Fluff Fuels are one type of RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel) which are produced from shredded and compressed plastics, papers, and fibers. These are used as fuels in cement manufacturing, paper mill companies, or power companies in Japan.

SM Prime Chairman of the Executive Committee Hans T. Sy is positive that a partnership with GUUN will contribute to the waste reduction goals of the country. 

GUUN Co., Ltd., founded in March 2001 and headquartered in Yokohama City, Japan, piloted the production of fluff fuel from plastic waste in Inayawan, Cebu in 2014 and recently inaugurated its P200-million, 2,400-square meter waste recycling plant in Tayud, Consolacion, Cebu. 

Since then, Japan’s Ministry of the Environment has adopted GUUN’s waste-to-fuel technology as a model for advanced low-carbon technology innovation for further deployment in developing countries.

“This will be a milestone partnership for us. I understand very much how important waste management is for SM and for the Philippines and we look forward to more projects we can do with the properties of SM Prime.” ~Shinji Fujieda, GUNN Chief Executive Officer

SM Prime’s initiatives for waste management include waste reduction and effective waste collection and segregation. Over the years, it has implemented programs such as Trash to Cash, Plastic Waste Collection, and E-Waste Collection that have contributed to reducing the total solid waste generation across its real estate portfolio. 

Through its pioneering Trash to Cash recycling market, SM Prime has collected and recycled 1.4M kg of plastics, paper, metals, and others in 2022. “We have saved 16,766 trees from the 986,222 kg of paper recycled,” SM Prime disclosed in its 2022 Integrated Report to shareholders. 

Meanwhile, SM’s Plastic Waste Collection program, a partnership with the Plastic Credit Exchange that was launched in February 2021, has accumulated 42,541kg of plastic waste from 14 mall sites. Also present in all its 83 SM Supermalls is the E-Waste Collection program for the responsible disposal of WEEE (Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment). This drive has helped process close to 7,000 kilograms of e-waste. 

Water Sustainability: Leading the change at SM Supermalls

SM took a step further in resource management by launching the first-ever water filtration system at SM City Baguio.

The far-reaching consequences of the global water crisis have touched every corner of the world. According to data from the World Wildlife Fund, approximately 1.1 billion individuals across the globe lack access to clean water, and about 2.7 billion people experience water scarcity for at least one month annually. What's even more concerning is that by 2025, it is projected that two-thirds of the world's population could potentially face water shortages, leading to detrimental effects on ecosystems.

As the seriousness of these challenges becomes increasingly evident, numerous countries have taken significant measures to create a more sustainable future for our planet. Prominent examples include Singapore's comprehensive water management plan and The Netherlands' intricate conservation practices.

Singapore’s Desalination Plant

The Delta Works in The Netherlands was built by Rijkswaterstaat to protect the country against flooding from the North Sea.

Inspiration for the Philippines

In the Philippines, a multifaceted approach has also been embraced by the public and private sectors in safeguarding and managing water resources. SM Supermalls are at the forefront of the conservation and management of water resources in its mall facilities. Its endeavors form the foundation of a more sustainable and water-secure future that the company has long been advocating.

SM's Vision: Greening the Future

SM has been recycling water since the 1990s, treating an average of 1 billion gallons of water annually in recent years, equvalent to 1,600 Olympic-sized swimming pools. In line with the SM Green Movement, SM has been continuously working towards responsible consumption and water conservation in its properties.

To illustrate, the SM Supermalls’ comfort rooms have smart fixtures to manage water flow. There are also signages in the mall that advocate wise water use. Wastewater is channeled to the malls’ sewage treatment plants that recycle an estimated total of 4 million cubic meters of water, lessening their dependence on freshwater sources for non-potable uses. SM did this even before the measure was required by way of the Clean Water Act in 2004.i

SM Mall of Asia has been involved in various sustainability and environmental initiatives, including water recycling among others.

SM Supermalls utilizes recycled wastewater from the mall for irrigating its gardens

SM Malls have “Save Water” signages that typically aim to create awareness about water conservation and inspire people to take simple actions to reduce their water consumption

Recently, SM took a step further in resource management by launching the first-ever water filtration system at SM City Baguio. This facility can turn collected rainwater into potable water for mall tenant use such as washing and cooking as well as dishwashing and handwashing, allowing the mall to further lessen its dependence on the freshwater supply of the Baguio community.

The Rainwater Treatment Facility at SM City Baguio Baguio City Mayor Benjamin Magalong (right) samples the potable water from the SM Baguio rainwater treatment facility with SM SVP for Marketing Joaquin San Agustin (left) and SM VP for Corporate Compliance Engr. Liza Silerio (center).

SM's dedication aligns with the world’s environmental sustainability and climate action goals. Rainwater catchment basins in flood-prone areas and the rainwater filtration in SM Baguio further exemplify this commitment. These significant efforts underscore the ongoing need for sustainable practices and policies.

A Brighter Future Ahead

The journey towards sustainable water management is ongoing. SM Supermalls, through its initiatives, paves the way for a greener, more secure future. 

Learn more at SM Cares  or follow SM Supermalls on social media.

The Rainwater Treatment Facility at SM City Baguio, Baguio Mayor Benjamin Mangalong (right) samples the potable water from the SM Baguio rainwater treatment facility with SM SVP for Marketing Joaquin San Agustin (left) and SM VP for Corporate Compliance Engr. Liza Silerio (center).

SM Scholars Aspire to Share the Gift of Education

"I desire to become an educator not just to fulfill a dream but also to be a blessing to the next generation. My unwavering commitment to becoming a teacher is directly inspired by the Kidz Life Ministry, a cherished initiative of our church dedicated to teaching children about God's word. I aspire to be a vessel for sharing knowledge, instilling hope, and nurturing a brighter future for the next generation. PNU is renowned for its ability to nurture exceptional teachers. As I aspire to become an educator, I also strive for greatness and excellence, and there's no better place to achieve that than at PNU. Watching, observing, and listening to her, I learned the basics. But right now, I want to ensure that my mother enjoys a good life before making such a significant decision." ~Princess Eunice Motel, SM Scholar
New SM scholars recently joined the contract signing event in Pasay.

18-year-old Princess Eunice Motel, an SM Scholar currently pursuing her education at the Philippine Normal University. She is one of two children of Hildajane, an on-call factory re-packer, and Richard, a set man, hailing from Caloocan City. 
Princess' dream of becoming a teacher has been a lifelong aspiration, deeply rooted in her heart and mind since her childhood. This calling became even more pronounced when she embraced her Christian faith. 

SM Scholar and aspiring educator Princess Eunice Motel

To pursue her dreams, Princess has chosen to pursue a Bachelor's degree in Secondary Education at the Philippine Normal University, her dream institution.  

Following in her mother's footsteps, Jhona Bolinas is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Education with English as her major. Born in Baliuag, Bulacan, she passed entrance exams at other universities but opted to enroll at the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Valenzuela due to its proximity to her family.

Despite considering other career paths, Jhona opted education, drawing inspiration from her mother, who is also an educator. Driven by her love for reading and writing, she also chose to specialize in English. 

SM scholar Krissa May Oquindo (right) aspires to be a teacher for her family and community.

When asked if she plans to work abroad after graduation, Jhona keeps her options open, recognizing it as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
Another aspiring educator is Krissa May Oquindo. Her father, a cable technician, is the family's sole breadwinner while her mother dedicates her time to caring for the family. Krissa completed her senior high school education at the Universidad de Manila. She applied to four State universities and ultimately chose to enroll at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP), known for producing graduates highly sought after by employers, as per a recent survey. 

"Being an educator has always been my passion. From the moment I set foot on a school campus, the idea of standing in front of students and sharing knowledge excites me. My passion for teaching is rooted in caring for the next generation, especially for the youth of our country.~Krissa May Oquindo, Aspiring Educator

She has selected Science as her major to deepen her understanding of the subject and to enlighten others about it. 

Krissa has no plans to teach abroad. She believes that while there is demand for teachers overseas, the same holds true in the Philippines.
Through the years, the SM college scholarship program has empowered 3,791 graduates who have enrolled in over 120 partner colleges and universities across the nation. These scholars enjoy full tuition benefits, monthly allowances, part-time work opportunities during semestral and Christmas breaks, job offers from the SM Group upon graduation, and engaging activities and enrichment programs. 
Additionally, SM's tech-voc scholarship program has produced 4,669 graduates, further contributing to the development of skilled professionals in various fields. 

SM scholars from Roxas City volunteer to clean the new school building ahead of its turnover

SM scholars from Roxas City volunteer to clean the new school building ahead of its turnover

In preparation for the start of the school year, SM Prime, in collaboration with SM Foundation, has delivered a fully furnished two-story building to the President Manuel Roxas Memorial Integrated School-South in Roxas City, Western Visayas. This marks the completion of the 104th school building constructed through their partnership, constructed in accordance with the Department of Education's (DepEd) specifications. The building features four classrooms, each equipped with desks, chairs designed for left-handed students, dedicated toilets for each classroom, including a specially designed toilet for persons with disabilities (PWDs) on the ground floor.

Furthermore, the building includes concave blackboards, electric fans, and LED lighting. Emergency lights have been installed in the stairways to ensure preparedness in case of emergencies. In line with DepEd's commitment to providing access to water for hygiene and sanitation, SM Foundation has also installed a handwashing facility with liquid soap for the benefit of the community.

In addition to this construction, the SM group has pledged to assist in the ongoing maintenance and upkeep of the school, further demonstrating their commitment to supporting education in the region.

Social Good

SMFI School Building head, Juris Soliman (center) leads the preparation if the school building turnover.

DepEd previously disclosed that approximately 21 million students have registered for the academic year 2023-2024. In contrast, the agency has noted that only slightly over 100,000 of the 300,000-plus school buildings are in satisfactory condition.

Recognizing the transformative potential of education for local communities, SM Foundation has actively participated in DepEd's Adopt-a-School Program since 2002, donating more than 100 school buildings to underserved communities across the country. This program aims to tackle issues like school overcrowding and create a conducive learning environment.

Jollibee Group's Named Global Finalist at 2023 Gartner Marketing and Communications Awards

"Back with Joy’s recognition at the Gartner Marketing and Communication Awards affirms our efforts to build a safe and collaborative environment for our employees as we continue to thrive in the hybrid work model. This recognition is timely as we celebrate our first year of our hybrid work model, with its success made possible by our JFC Team who embraced our joyful return to the office.” ~Arsenio Sabado, Chief Human Resources Officer of Jollibee Group
Jollibee Group's main office employees were treated to a meaningful and celebratory return-to-office experience, with the entire Jollitown greeting them on their first day.

“Back with Joy” was among the finalists at this year’s Gartner Marketing and Communications Awards, a global program recognizing initiatives that push the marketing and communications function forward.
The Back with Joy campaign was shortlisted for Excellence in Change Communications, competing against international companies such as Cisco and Southwest Airlines. Jollibee Group is the only Philippine-based company in the category.
The Excellence in Change Communications category recognizes campaigns that supported leaders and managers in creating clear and compelling change communication and helped drive employee understanding of the change and capability in taking supportive action, among others.

Jollibee Group President and CEO Ernesto Tanmantiong (rightmost) welcomes employees back to Jollibee Group’s Main Office in Ortigas, Pasig. Jollibee Group’s return-to-office campaign, dubbed Back with Joy, was recognized as a Global Finalist in the Gartner Marketing and Communications Awards. 

Back with Joy
Anchored on a human-centric approach to redesigning new employee’s work-life balance, Jollibee Group’s Back with Joy focused on health and well-being, enhanced collaboration, and social connection. The campaign equipped JFC teams and managers with tools and frameworks to thrive in the hybrid environment and also involved a one-month pilot phase to survey what went well and what could be improved in the back-to-office setup.
Jollibee Group’s participation in the Gartner Marketing and Communications Awards reflects its continuing commitment to its people, as well as its goal of providing a safer and more encouraging work environment for its employees.

Jollibee Group was the only Philippine company to make the finalist list, which includes other multinationals such as Cisco and Southwest Airlines.

This recent achievement joins the list of recognitions the company has received this year. In March, Jollibee Group took home two Silver Anvil Awards at the 58th Anvil Awards conferred by the Public Relations Society of the Philippines. Silver Anvil Awards were given to the Jollibee Times Square New York Campaign and the JFC Annual Report.

To learn more about Jollibee Group, visit

About Jollibee Group
Jollibee Foods Corporation (JFC, also known as Jollibee Group) is one of the fastest-growing restaurant companies in the world. Its mission is to serve great-tasting food and bring the joy of eating to everyone through its 18 brands with over 6,500 stores across 34 countries including the Philippines, United States, Canada, the People's Republic of China, United Kingdom, Vietnam, United Arab Emirates, and Australia.
The Jollibee Group has eight wholly owned brands (Jollibee, Chowking, Greenwich, Red Ribbon, Mang Inasal, Yonghe King, Hong Zhuang Yuan, Smashburger); four franchised brands (Burger King, Panda Express, and Yoshinoya in the Philippines, and Tim Ho Wan in certain territories in China); 80% ownership of The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf; 60% ownership in the SuperFoods Group that owns Highlands Coffee; and 51% ownership of Milksha, a popular Taiwanese bubble tea brand.
The Jollibee Group, through its subsidiary Jollibee Worldwide Pte. Ltd. (JWPL) owns 90% participating interest in Titan Dining LP, a private equity fund that owns the Tim Ho Wan brand. The Jollibee Group has a joint venture with the THW Group to open and operate THW restaurants in Mainland China. It also has a business venture with award-winning Chef Rick Bayless for Tortazo, a Mexican fast-casual restaurant business in the United States.
The Jollibee Group has launched its global sustainability agenda dubbed Joy for Tomorrow, which aims to strengthen the company’s commitment to sustainable business practices. The agenda centers on the key pillars of Food, People, and Planet, and consists of 10 focus areas namely: food safety, food quality, nutrition & transparency, employee welfare, farmers livelihood, community support, good governance, packaging & recycling, waste reduction, and energy & water efficiency. Each focus area sets goals and initiatives that contribute and align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).
The Jollibee Group was named the Philippines' most admired company by the Asian Wall Street Journal for ten years. It was also honored as one of Asia's Fab 50 Companies and among the World's Best Employers and World’s Top Female-Friendly Companies by Forbes. The company is also a two-time recipient of Gallup’s Exceptional Workplace Award, making it the only Philippine-based company to receive the distinction.

Thursday, September 28, 2023

Boracay Sings a New Rhythm to keeping its Beaches Clean

“Other than the recognition, Fernandez will take home a Php 100,000 cash prize through the support of the Department of Tourism Region VI and Local Government unit of Malay. As part of a bigger sustainability effort, BMA plans to collaborate and play the song across radio stations and establishments daily every 5:00 PM for five minutes that will signal the start of a regular clean-up drive in the island. Apart from the organization’s aim to bring more MICE business to the island, is upholding its obligation to spearhead efforts on keeping the island clean through sustainable efforts made more accessible to everyone especially its tourism operators and guests.~Cleofe Albiso, Chairman of BMA
Sharing in bayanihan spirit, locals, guests, and tourism service providers take time to help clean-up the beaches of Boracay every 5:00 PM for 5 min in line with the HIGH 5 Boracay clean up program.

Boracay Sings a New Rhythm to keeping its Beaches Clean: Tourism Student from Palawan wins Php 100,000 from Song Writing Contest for the beach Clean-up project of Malay Boracay

Local government of Malay Boracay amplifies its thrust for tourism and green investments in this year’s Tourism Week Celebration! Through its partner Boracay MICE Alliance (BMA), the LGU announced Daenniel Fernandez of Palawan the winner of their much anticipated High 5 Boracay Song Writing Competition

With almost 50 entries from all over the country and a month-long online voting period last August 2022, BMA, an organization geared towards positioning Boracay for meetings, incentives, conferences, conventions, and events (MICE), praised the work of the tourism student from Palawan State University with his composition entitled “Isla Boracay”. Check out this link to listen to the song  

“I’m truly proud of this accomplishment not just for myself but as well as for Boracay for continuously thinking of ways to engage artists and young Filipinos like me to be part of nation building. Everyone has a role to play and me winning this competition is a huge plus.” ~Daenniel Fernandez, The 24-year-old Tourism Student and Winner of the Competition

Top finalists Simon Moes Almira from Puerto Princessa, Jamie Roy from Taguig City, and Rhode Ryan Velez from Iloilo City will also receive Php 10,000 worth of cash as consolation prizes. 

To strengthen this effort, Executive Order No. 32 series of 2023, an ordinance requiring all establishments and other stakeholders thereof to participate in the HIGH 5 BORACAY CLEANUP PROGRAM, has also already been signed by the Mayor of Malay, Mr. Frolibar Bautista to aid in the immediate execution of this initiative. 

“It is important for us to marry the efforts of the local government units and that of the tourism sector for us to be on the same page because it after all benefits everyone.” ~Frolibar Bautista, Mayor of Malay

Boracay MICE Alliance awards the winner of HIGH 5 BORACAY’S Song Writing Competition with Php 100,000. In the photo are the officers of the Boracay MICE Alliance: Russel Cruz, Serafin Javelona, Virgillo Sacdalan, Claribel Casimero, Cleofe Albiso, President of Boracay MICE Alliance, Daenniel Fernandez, winner, Frolibar Bautista, Mayor of Malay, Crisanta Marlene P. Rodriquez, Regional Director of the Department of Tourism Region VI, Felix delos Santos, Malay Tourism Officer, and Michelle Molano

“Private institutions and MICE attendees have a significant role in maintaining Boracay’s cleanliness, not only for the benefit of the environment but also for the island’s tourism industry, public health, and overall sustainability”. She further adds that “their actions contribute to the preservation of Boracay’s natural beauty and the well-being of its community and visitors.” ~Crisanta Marlene P. Rodriquez, Regional Director of the Department of Tourism Region VI

Currently, BMA now has more than 50 partner establishments ranging from airlines, land and sea transportation services, accommodation, and meeting venue operators within the island. To be part of the organization, email or visit their official facebook page, Boracay MICE Alliance for more information. 

Home Buddies Bazaar debuts in October!

“It's the first independent event that we're doing, so we have no limits. We're bringing in amazing home brands, starting with our co-presenters Tough Mama, PLDT Home and Ayala Malls Manila Bay. We're also bringing the biggest home professional organizations like United Architects of the Philippines (UAP) and Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers (PICE) for free home consultations for our kapitbahaysWe just want to celebrate the community and allow its members to meet up in person since it's now safer to do so. I'm sure one way or another, we've all affected each other’s lives. And we just want to make them realize that the online group isn't just a Facebook group; it's a real, thriving community that helps Filipinos improve their homes.~Frances Lim Cabatuando, Founder, prominently known as ‘Mayora’ to HB’s cult-like following on social media

Home Buddies, an esteemed group of Filipino home enthusiasts, celebrates its third anniversary with a bazaar event featuring established and budding local brands in the field of home improvement, décor, and design.

Aptly titled Home Buddies Bazaar, the event makes room for a carefully curated selection of furniture must-haves, household finds, and decoration pieces that bear the online community’s mantra of budget-friendly shopping with style.


Bringing Pinterest-inspired ideas to life with specialized booths and shops, Home Buddies Bazaar houses more than 30 home and living merchants that will surely unleash everyone’s inner budol. It also doubles as the first official “grand eyeball” of the growing online community, with more than 3.2 million followers on Facebook to date.


The one-day event will take place at the activity center of the Ayala Malls Manila Bay in Pasay City on October 1, 2023. Aside from its extensive roster of home improvement merchants and booths, the maiden edition of Home Buddies Bazaar will have on-stage segments, games, activities, and performances, with alt-rock icons Barbie Almalbis and Sandwich as headliners, as well as newcomers I See BeesNew York HeightsRaven and the Papis and Sofia Carpizo.

Home Buddies Bazaar is co-presented by PLDT HomeTough Mama, and Ayala Malls, and supported by its partners GNN Entertainment Productions, the, MStudio, NYMA, UAP and PICE. Special thanks to its sponsors: FWD, Davies Paints, Tinybuds, Samgyupsalamat, Omni Electrical and Lighting, CW Home Depot, 3D Appliances, Bostik, and the rest of their generous brand buddies.
Thie event is hosted by Eryka LucasKevin MontillanoCoco Cordero and Frances Cabatuando.


Admission is free!

For more details, follow the Home Buddies page or join their group on Facebook.

Ready to Zoom-Back to School with your New Motorcycle?

"any person from driving the vehicle with a child on board on public roads where there is a heavy volume of vehicles."

MDPPA Shares Motorcycle Safety Tips for the New School Year 

The back-to-school season is here once again, marking the annual period when students begin gearing up for a new school year, which entails commuting to and from their educational institutions.  

With motorcycles being a prevalent mode of transportation, educating students, parents, and even schools about motorcycle safety are crucial to promoting road safety among Filipinos. That is why, in time for the back-to-school season, the Motorcycle Development Program Participants Association, Inc. (MDPPA) in extensive partnership with Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha are here to share some essential safety tips to ensure a smooth journey to school. 

Remember the Philippine motorcycle laws. One thing about Philippine motorcycle laws is there is a lot to remember, yet every single one is strictly implemented. One of which is the Children's Safety on Motorcycle Act of 2015.

But there are some specifics in this law that every rider should remember. Since some parents use the motorcycle to drop off and pick up their child, the condition is the child should be able to "comfortably reach his/her feet on the standard foot pegs of the motorcycle." The other clause to note is the child's arm should be able to reach around and grasp the waist of the motorcycle rider. They also should be strong enough to hold onto the driver firmly. Every rider needs to remember these specifics, as the safety and well-being of children should be a top priority. 

Invest in proper motorcycle safety gear. Parents should be capable of providing high-quality motorcycle gear for their children. One thing to always prioritize is providing a budget for a durable helmet to protect the child rider from head from injuries. This is also important because it is required by law (Motorcycle Helmet Act of 2009) for anyone who will ride a motorcycle. 

It also pays to invest in other proper motorcycle gear like gloves, elbow and knee pads, non-slip footwear, and reflective gear such as vests and jackets for visibility, among others.    

Learn the proper way to use Motorcycle.  For many, riding a motorcycle may seem as simple as riding a bicycle. However, there is much to learn about the correct techniques, from hopping into it and maintaining the right posture to navigating various road conditions. Members of the MDPPA, including Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Yamaha, are developing programs that anybody may join to ensure that you receive the required education regarding traffic safety. 

Teach children about proper road safety. It helps to introduce them to basic traffic rules and regulations specific to motorcycle riders, such as proper lane usage, signaling, and obeying traffic signs and signals. Instruct them to be responsible passengers by holding onto designated handles or the rider's waist, keeping their feet on the footrests, and remaining still during the ride. Train children to be observant and alert on the road, identifying potential hazards such as potholes, debris, or other vehicles and communicating these hazards to the rider. Teach them to use designated pedestrian crossings, look both ways before crossing, and wait for a safe gap in traffic when dismounting from the motorcycle and crossing the road as pedestrians 

As the new school year begins, students, parents, and schools need to prioritize motorcycle safety. By familiarizing themselves with Philippine motorcycle laws, investing in proper safety gear, and teaching children about road safety; we can create a safer environment for students traveling on motorcycles. 

Continuing its commitment to bring safer roads for Filipino students, MDPPA  has been actively engaging students, the faculty members and school administrators with the proper ways on how to ride and maintain motorcycles, along with the relevant road safety regulations by bringing a free Generation Road Safety Seminars to select schools all over the country 

To learn more about Motorcycle Development Program Participants Association (MDPPA), visit its website at or check its Facebook page.