Thursday, December 17, 2020

Be a buddy to mother nature with Nestle´ Chuckie’s paper straws

There’s no better time than now to be a #BuddyToMotherNature, and Nestle´s Chuckie ready-to-drink chocolate milk now comes with paper straws designed for recycling, making it easier for kids to embrace more sustainable alternatives as a treat for themselves and for the environment. 

Did you know that the Philippines is the top 3 contributor to ocean pollution among all the countries?* Waste in landfills and oceans are piling up due to the surge of waste that increased especially during the pandemic. It is an important time to accelerate our reduction of plastic waste, and to search for recyclable materials. One way to do this is to replace items that have alternatives to plastics, like replacing plastic straws with paper straws which are designed for recycling, so that we can shift towards a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

Embracing these simple choices by parents and children alike can reap benefits, and can help keep the environment clean. This is why Nestle’s Chuckie ready-to-drink chocolate milk is also joining the pursuit to take care of mother nature by replacing plastic straws with paper straws which are 100% food-grade and designed to be recycled!

Using paper straws may take some time to get used to, especially for kids and the young-at-heart who have a habit of chewing on their straws. To help get around some of these new changes, here are some tips on how the whole family can be mother nature’s buddy and how you can get the best paper straw experience:

Starting out with simple individual efforts to embrace small lifestyle changes for the better can definitely add up in the long run. Making the most out of paper straws is one perfect example of how our little acts can help create a greener, cleaner, and more sustainable waste-free future.


Actively choosing to be more environmentally-conscious is something to be proud of, and teaching kids about finding joy in embracing eco-friendly habits is a great lesson best taught at an early age too! So the next time you or the kids want to enjoy a refreshing drink, treat yourselves and mother nature by choosing Chuckie that now comes with paper straws! Together let us do our part and be a buddy to mother nature by recycling and limiting our litter. To learn more about this change for the better, feel free to refer to the attached press kit. You and the kids can also check out this educational Printable Chuckie Activity Book entitled “Playtime with Chuckie and Timmy the Sea Turtle!” through this link, and by reading the FAQs here Check out the hashtags #BuddyToMotherNature and #ChuckiePH for stories and updates as well.

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