Wednesday, November 3, 2021

McDonald's Christmas-themed Happy Meal boxes and NEW My Little Pony and Transformers toys!

The new My Little Pony and Transformers Collectibles with Engaging Features

With the holidays fast approaching, McDonald's is starting the season right by bringing merriment and cheer through the launch of its newest Happy Meal toy collection: the My Little Pony and Transformers collectibles! Featuring a holiday-themed Happy Meal box, the young and young at heart can choose from My Little Pony characters Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, and Rarity; and Transformers characters Optimus Prime, Bumble Bee, Starscream, and Megatron.

Christmas is the season for gift-giving, and no one loves to open presents more than kids and the young at heart. McDonald’s offers a thoughtful and creative way to make this holiday season merrier for the little ones with the new My Little Pony and Transformers toys packed inside Christmas--themed Happy Meal boxes! As a bonus, the Add-on promo allows customers to enjoy a Burger McDo Happy Meal by just adding Php 50 to any McDonald’s meal! 

McDonald’s also gives customers more to celebrate with a special add-on promo where customers can get a Burger McDo Happy Meal just by adding P50 to any McDonald’s meal! Enjoy these festive offerings that are available from McDonald’s through McDelivery, Ride-Thru, Take Out, and Dine-In, or conveniently share the holiday-themed Happy Meal boxes with your loved ones through the McDelivery Send to Many promo.

Take play to whole new levels of discovery and delight with the engaging features of each toy. Join your little ones in unlocking, customizing, and collecting Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, and the cast of characters from Equestria, or see BumbleBee, Optimus Prime and the robots of the Cyberverse come to life when you open up a Happy Meal Box. Strengthen your bond as a family and create cheerful memories together! 

With the built-up excitement and anticipation for the Holiday season, McDonald’s wishes everyone to have a merrier Christmas by making Happy Meal more affordable and accessible! With the add-on promo, you can get a Burger McDo Happy Meal by just adding Php 50 to any McDonald’s meal. Yes, that’s a Burger McDo, an Orange Juice drink, and a Happy Meal toy for an add-on cost of only Php 50! 

If that’s not enough, feel the spirit of the holiday season in every Happy Meal Purchase because it comes in festive, ready-to-gift, and limited edition Christmas-themed Happy Meal Boxes. Enjoy answering the exciting activities in the panels of the Happy Meal box for a fun bonding and learning experience!

There’s more! With McDelivery Send to Many, it is super easy to send to multiple addresses with one booking! With the Christmas-themed Happy Meal boxes and exciting My Little Pony and Transformers toys, it is a perfect Christmas gift idea right? 

To learn more, just go to the McDelivery website or app and follow McDonald’s Philippines on Facebook to stay up to date on all McDo announcements.

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