Thursday, March 24, 2022

Singlife’s Cash for Income Loss, a must have for every breadwinner

“We offer the middle-income class in the Philippines solutions that have been exclusively available to the top 10% in the past. Protection for income loss is however especially valuable to normal people. People that work hard every day to provide their families a good life and have the aspiration for a better future for their kids and themselves. Our products support them to be financially protected, whatever happens, and we do that without breaking their budget.” ~Rien Hermans, Singlife’s CEO
Need to protect yourself and your loved ones from possible income loss? Singlife’s Cash for Income Loss has you covered, FREE P100k accidents cover for 3 months.

Your salary empowers you to pay for housing, food and all the niceties in life for yourself and your loved ones. Money makes the world go round, as they say. But does your family’s world stop when disability, or even death, strike, and the salary you’ve gotten used to is no longer being paid?

Most homes have one or two breadwinners, those that bring in the money to live the life you have been living. And as most of us experience, adjusting your spending when the money coming in increases goes without a problem. Having that special lunch in your favorite place every week, sending the kids to a more expensive school, or buying that extra pair of shoes makes living life more enjoyable.  

It is another story when the money that is available for spending decreases, as the salary we were used to is no longer something we can count on. Disability and even death are realities, and after just coming from a pandemic we all know very well that bad luck can happen to anyone.  

Apart from the unfortunate direct effects, it all becomes a lot worse if there is also a significant financial impact. Just imagine being disabled and having to move out of the house as you can’t afford it anymore, and sending your kids to a new public school, and struggling to even get enough money for food on the table so that the kids grow up healthy.  

Of course, chances are that you will never experience this, and we certainly wish you the best, but how much better would it feel if you could be prepared?  

How to protect yourself and your family from income loss?
Singlife Philippines, a mobile-first savings and protection company, believes that every Juan and Maria must be able to ensure that there is money when needed; and a disability or death is one of those unfortunate events when you need someone to have your back. 

Singlife’s Cash for Income Loss is the perfect product for this and for around only Php 280 per month, you can already ensure that you or your loved ones will receive a replacement income of Php 30,000 per month for 3 full years. That’s more than a million to get your life back on track, for the price of two packs of cigarettes per month.  

Singlife’s Cash for Income loss is available in GCash, where you can choose your preferred cover by answering a few questions, get insured, and receive your policy in just a few minutes.  

FREE P100k Accidents Insurance for 3 months 
To reward you for protecting yourself, Singlife Philippines is giving everyone who has a personal quote made in GCash free Php 100,000 accident insurance. No need to purchase our product! We just want you to see for yourself how low the premium is and how easy it is to be insured with Singlife.  Go to GCash today and tell your friends and family to do the same before May 15, 2022, to get your free Php 100,000 accidents cover. 

To get your free accidents cover, go to GInsure in GCash, click on the ‘Cash for Income Loss’ product card, and answer a few questions to get a personalized quote. All qualified customers will then receive a notification via SMS and email with details on their free accidents’ insurance. It’s that easy!

All verified GCash users, aged 18 to 54 years old who are Filipino Citizens or foreigners that are legal residents in the Philippines can avail of this promo.

With Singlife, you are just a few taps away from securing your financial future. 

Click this link to get your free P100k accidents cover. 

To learn more about Singlife Philippines visit  

Singlife Philippines is a mobile-first savings and protection company with headquarters in Singapore, Asia’s technology hub. 

As a start-up in the long-standing insurance industry, we provide a better way to plan, save and protect your financial future. Through technology, we provide insight, guidance and fulfillment on your phone to support you with financial solutions that fit your needs and budget to ensure there is money when it’s needed: for everyday emergencies, loss of income, to pay for high medical expenses, or to fund future spending for education, retirement or any other wish that can be fulfilled. 

Singlife Philippines secured its license to operate from the country’s Insurance Commission in February 2020 and sealed a partnership with the country’s leading e-wallet Gcash in May 2020. 

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