Tuesday, January 24, 2023

The financial super app for 3M distributors is being launched by UBX, AIM Global, and its newest subsidiary, Orbix Victus International

“Our goal in developing this super app with AIM Global and OVI is to expand its suite of products from food supplements and herbal products to digital financial services. This not only empowers its distributors to expand their businesses but also enables their clients to conduct financial transactions without the need to go to a bank. Our partnership with AIM Global and OVI signals that more and more organizations beyond finance are interested and willing to support the goal of promoting financial and social inclusion. We are committed to working together with more partners to push this agenda further so that more Filipinos will be able to participate in and leverage the financial systems.” ~Marc Gorospe, UBX Business Lead
The financial super app for 3M distributors is being launched by UBX, AIM Global, and its newest subsidiary, Orbix Victus International

Together with Orbix Victus International (OVI), the leading direct-selling company in the country, Alliance in Motion (AIM) Global has hired UBX, the leading open finance platform in the Philippines, to create a super app that will enable its over three million distributors to provide digital financial solutions to their customers.

Aim Global distributors will be able to process digital financial transactions, such as accepting product payments, bill payments, loan payments, remittances, and money transfers, through the groundbreaking partnership between UBX, OVI, and AIM Global.

UBX's online lending marketplace SeekCap and its banking-as-a-service vertical i2i will power the app.

With five million distributors worldwide, AIM Global is the most successful direct-selling company of herbal supplements and food supplements. It has a network of more than three million distributors just in the Philippines. In its 15th year, the company made the decision to open their newest subsidiary, Orbix Victus International (OVI), not only to offer health and wellness products but also to raise distributors' awareness of financial literacy and provide them with access to digital financial services through UBX, adding even more value.

“Partnering with UBX assures us that we get nothing short of the best digital solutions to expand our suite of products. With its status as the country’s leader in open finance, we are excited to learn the tricks of the trade and expand our knowledge in helping more Filipinos nationwide.” ~Dr. Eduardo Cabantog, AIM Global and OVI’s CEO

In the first quarter of 2023, the mobile app will go live.

In order to advance its goal of including everyone, UBX collaborated with players from a variety of sectors, including the government, the insurance industry, the women's sector, and the metaverse.

UBX is willing to work with other organizations to create bespoke digital financial solutions that can help close the financial and social divides as part of its commitment to genuine financial inclusion.

For more information about the company and this article, please visit www.ubx.ph

About UBX
Originally the financial technology venture studio and fund of UnionBank of the Philippines, UBX is now the Philippines' leading Open Finance platform. UBX is predicated on a future where financial services are invisible: seamlessly embedded into the experiences and activities that truly matter to businesses and people. For partnerships, email us at hello@ubx.ph

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