Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Lesha rocking at the recent Conquest PH event

“A lot of work was put into crafting it, the logistics of everything, and making sure everything is good to go. But once it was finally out for my fans to hear, I received so much love with 200,000 streams in the first 36 hours followed by my launch party at the Island where I got to perform the complete album for the first time. The Lesha I am now has become more unapologetic, I feel free to speak my mind and communicate my feelings through my songs, I am also more driven than ever and ready to take my music to a whole new level. That kind of daily exercise really challenged me to explore creatively, vocally, and it also helped me find the kind of sound I want Lesha to bring to life in the next releases. One of the memorable moments for me would be performing with my band DJ Marx and Alwyn Cruz at Conquest this year where I opened for James Reid & The Rose. I performed my unreleased track called ‘Skin2Skin’ which received a lot of love from the fans all over social media. I’m really excited to share the new music I made in LA and Manila! It’s honestly been way overdue because it’s been almost a year for me without any music releases and I was initially scheduled to drop them early this year, but I really can’t wait for you all to hear the new sound I’ve been working on these past few months.” ~Lesha
Lesha rocking at the recent Conquest PH event

Lesha is moving fast. With her upcoming plans, she now becomes unstoppable. Over the course of her six-year musical career, she has accomplished amazing things and laid out everything. However, she is still pumped up about her next move.

After the release of her debut album “3rd Eye” in 2022, rising music artist Lesha is still rocking in the beat of her own drum.

With a lot of learnings from the release of her debut album, the singer-songwriter and producer is determined to move to the next stage of her music career.

Having the experience of working with producers during a two-and-a-half month stay in Los Angeles, Lesha was able to really get to know herself as an artist and as a person.

As she explores different genres and harnesses her songwriting skills, the singer-songwriter is able to produce her debut album which is now her “teaser” for the music that she is currently producing. 

Starting out as an independent artist and being her own label, she experienced her highest and lowest moments in her career—but the breakthrough moments are always one of her inspirations to keep on rocking with her music.

As of the moment, Lesha has been utilizing her social platforms to share her music contents in the digital space while performing on live events on-ground. But with all that aside, the young record producer is very enthusiastic also on what comes next for music career.

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