Thursday, March 9, 2017

LUIS MANZANO The Newest "HOT" in Century Tuna

"Consumers of Century Corned Tuna put a premium on value for money and that's why we've introduced this new variant that's bigger and allows for more servings or sharing per can with a hotter flavor that's loved by many. To introduce the new variant, we're excited to welcome Luis Manzano as the newest member of the Century Tuna family. His versatility, lively and fun personality makes him an obvious choice for the brand." ~Greg Banzon, Century Pacific Food Inc. VP and General Manager


The New improved Century Chili Corned Tuna has a new brand endorser Mr. Luis Manzano, with a newest TVC as well. 

With Mr. Greg Banzon, Century Pacific Food Inc. VP and General Manager

Luis Manzano has managed to successfully carve a name for himself in the entertainment industry, both in the big and small screen. As a versatile actor, he has appeared in a string of box-office hits straddling both comedy and drama.
Why Luis Manzano as the newest endorser of Century Tuna?
Versatile actor
Box-office hits both comedy and drama
Highly-talented host of top-rating TV game shows
His wit
Sense of humor
Instant rapport with contestants and the audience
Earned awards and a legion of loyal fans and followers
Fitness buff with his buffed bod
Chiseled abs
An over-all robust physique

With all these fun and wholesome attributes and more, Luis is truly a perfect fit for Century Tuna which is now Bigger and Hotter.
Mr. Noel Lazaro, Sr. Product Manager Century Tuna

During the event there was a mini Minute to win it game with my co-media and bloggers who participated...
Pyramid Can Stacking
Blown Up Balloon Game

Century Tuna is more Bigger because it comes with 25 more grams at the same suggested retail price! Hotter because it is the newest flavor and its new improved flavor that's yummier and spicier!

Century Tuna's different variants known quality for high in protein, low fat, and fortified with Omega 3 and DHA.

So celebrate the hotness of the coming summer with the newest hot endorser of Century Corned Chili Tuna Mr. Luis Manzano!

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