Wednesday, July 21, 2021

BDO to job seekers: “Beware of recruitment scams!”

If you experience something that doesn’t feel quite right, if something feels “phishy,” it probably is. It has come to BDO Unibank’s attention that scammers are posing as recruiters of the Bank and tricking applicants into paying for their pre-employment medical tests. The Bank however, underscores that it will never ask its candidates to pay for any part of its application process.

The recruitment modus starts by enticing victims with a job posting on a social media page that looks like BDO’s official page. Victims are asked to send their CV to an email address that does not end with, which is the bank’s legitimate email domain.

Next, victims are asked to submit pre-employment documents, such as a certificate of employment, transcript of records, and government account numbers. They are also asked to sign off on job acceptance forms, which include a health waiver that requires payment for a medical insurance policy. Victims are urged to deposit money before a specific date.

Instead of emailing, scammers may also call victims and ask for payment to start pre-employment processing.

Outsmart fake recruiters

BDO shares tips to spot recruitment scams:
  • BDO will never ask candidates to pay to be interviewed, take aptitude tests, or undergo medical tests. The bank’s application process is conducted for free by BDO’s Human Resources for qualified applicants.
  • Official BDO email addresses all end with Email addresses that do not end with said domain are created and used by scammers. An example of a legitimate BDO email address is
  • BDO only posts job openings on the BDO Careers page of its website as well as its official social media pages. Never trust career opportunities on other websites or social media pages besides the following:
             o BDO Careers:
             o Facebook:
             o LinkedIn:
SCAM ALERT! Be smarter than a scammer. BDO will never ask applicants to pay for any part of the job application process.

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