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TEAM KOVU Passion~Sweat~Blood promoting an active human and dog lifestyle.


Last November 9, 2015 at TGIFridays, BGC we were introduce to Mr. Carl Michael de Leon the owner of Kovu An amazing American Bulldog... An event with "Man's Bestfriend"
"Lucky is a man to have that "once in a lifetime" dog who will make one's life more meaningful and worth sharing! So privileged I am for I had that kind of dog in this lifetime and his name is KOVU." ~Mr. Carl Michael de Leon

Calling all dog lovers out there as before the year 2015 ends, Team Kovu will be offering both dog sport fanatics and "regular" dog owners alike an outdoor adventure worth trying! Known to be adventurous and a promoter of an active human and dog lifestyle, here is the team's event offering where human and dog tandems can get to try some of those adventures themselves. So prepare and get ready for the... "Team Kovu Challenge"!
The Team Kovu Challenge is a human and dog activity that aims to truly test the strength and depth of the tandem’s bond with each other! This activity will usually make use of the natural terrain that the venue has in addition to the specifically designed obstacles that are mostly made of bamboo and may vary from one event to another. Similar obstacles may be used on future events, but may slightly differ in design, difficulty level, or execution. The obstacles that will be presented on each event were conceptualized on actual or derived obstacles that Team Kovu have faced on one or more of their outdoor adventures. Overall, these obstacles should challenge both the human and dog’s ability, skill, and teamwork on how they will be able to surpass each obstacle together at all times through the use of the official event leash.
Staying true to Team Kovu’s campaign of promoting an active human and dog lifestyle, this activity will provide other human and dog tandems the same feel and thrill of doing these challenges together, but in a controlled environment. Furthermore, the tandems will now have the chance to experience that unexplained satisfaction and sense of accomplishment every time they successfully overcame an obstacle. Most importantly, through this activity, Team Kovu hopes to bridge the gap between dog sport fanatics and the regular dog owners and provide them with an equal playing ground without the fear of getting intimidated further resulting to the growth of the local dog sporting community!

  1. Registration Period will start from 8:00am of October 23, 2015 to 5:00pm of November 20, 2015.
  2. Registration can be done online via Team Kovu's website link, while payments can be made via bank deposit to Team Kovu's Banco de Oro (BDO) bank account. Registrants must send their scanned deposit slip to Team Kovu’s e-mail for their registration to be considered official and complete. Also, keep the deposit slip as proof of payment upon checking-in at the event day.
  3. Registration Fee is Php 450.00.
  4. Alternatively, registration and payment can be made through authorized event partner outlets, which will be announced once finalized.
  5. Registration is applicable on a one human to one dog tandem basis. Though, one human can register more than one dog, but each dog needs to be registered separately.
  6. On the event day, check-in at the Registration Tent by presenting both the registrant’s and dog’s name, deposit slip, dog’s vaccination record, and signed waiver form. In return, the tandem’s official entry number will be assigned.
  7. On-site registration is highly discouraged as the regular Registration Fee will be higher and will greatly depend on the available slots left. On-site Registration Fee is Php 550.00.
  8. Percentage of the Registration Fee will go to the event benefactor: ISLAND RESCUE ORGANIZATION (IRO).

  1. Children below thirteen (13) years old who wish to compete will need his/her parent or guardian’s consent and they should be there at the event day itself. The parents or guardian will be beside the child during his/her turn to compete, but is prohibited from interfering or assisting his/her child. The parents or guardian however, are allowed and even encouraged to coach and motivate their child. Furthermore, the dog that the child will handle should not be stronger or bigger than him/her.
  2. Participating dogs should at least be six (6) months old.
  3. Both human and dog participants should be healthy enough and capable to perform all the obstacles presented on the event. A waiver will be needed for the participants to sign upon checking-in.
  4. Any breed and size of dogs can compete as long as they are neither human nor dog aggressive. The dog’s updated vaccination record will be needed upon checking-in.
  5. Female dogs should not be “in-heat” on the event day and in such unavoidable cases, the human should inform the organizers immediately upon checking-in.

  1. Only one human and dog tandem is allowed at a time inside the Challenge Area.
  2. Even before the officiating judge’s horn to signal the start of a tandem’s turn, both human and dog should already be ready at the Starting Line with the tandem already connected with each other by the use of the official event leash.
  3. All throughout the human and dog’s turn, the human MUST NEVER let go of the dog’s leash. Doing so will result in the tandem’s AUTOMATIC DISQUALIFICATION. The human can attach the leash to his/her body or just hold it while the other end of the leash needs to be securely connected to either the dog’s flat collar or harness. No other kind of collar is allowed, only flat soft collars will be allowed.
  4. If the human and dog failed to complete an obstacle within the allotted time limit for that particular obstacle, the officiating judge will horn to signal that their time for that particular obstacle is up and that they have to immediately proceed to the succeeding obstacle within 15 seconds. Failure to reach the next challenge within 15 seconds will result in a WARNING on the first instance, a 30 seconds penalty on their total Challenge Time will be added on the second instance, and AUTOMATIC DISQUALIFICATION on the third and final instance.
  5. Jerking and pulling on the leash of the dog anytime during their turn will result in a WARNING on the first instance. A 30 seconds penalty on their total Challenge Time will be added on the second instance and AUTOMATIC DISQUALIFICATION on the third and final instance.
  6. The human is not allowed to carry the dog in order to successfully go through the entire obstacle. Doing so will result in a HEAVY PENALTY that may cost the tandem’s chances of winning. Though, the human is allowed to lift his/her dog to assist it to some of the obstacles. In the event that the human have exhausted all efforts for his/her dog to go through a certain obstacle and carrying his/her dog is the only viable option for them, the human will be given the signal from the judge to do so, but the human is now prohibited from running. RUNNING while the human is carrying his/her dog will also result in an AUTOMATIC DISQUALIFICATION as well.
  7. The human is not limited to any number of commands or praises he/she would like to give to his/her dog as communication between them are highly encouraged. The human can also give his/her dog a food treat or its favorite toy, which is limited only to tug, ball, or any squeaky toy during their actual turn.
  8. The human and dog tandem who finishes the fastest wins the Team Kovu Challenge! There will be no runner-ups in a Team Kovu Challenge as there can only be ONE ELITE HANDLER AND DOG COMPETITOR per event!
  9. In case of DEADLOCK, the one with the least penalties will be considered as the winner. If in extreme cases that there will still be a deadlock even with the penalties considered, the younger dog will be declared as the winner.
  10. The tandem’s official time will start from the officiating judge’s starting horn when the human and dog tandem are waiting on the Starting Line and will end when the human together with his/her dog have raised the flag at the last obstacle.

Here are the obstacle challenges that will be waiting for everyone! Individual description of these challenges will be revealed on the coming weeks! So better get ready... better prepare to get down and dirty with your dogs... this is your chance for an outdoor adventure with your dog like no other!

TIP: There is no need for any high level of training on both human and dog... all you need is to get fit and bond, bond, bond, and bond with your dog! Team Work will make your tandem conquer the TEAM KOVU CHALLENGE!

Bamboo TeePee Maze
Horizontal Ladder Walk
Crawling Pit
Pull Power
Bamboo Bridge
Hurdle Overload
Artifice Box
Uphill Battle
Surprise BONUS Challenge

PRIZE: Team Kovu Challenge Crystal Cup for the 

Joining the team on this prestigious dog sporting event is the Philippine Canine Sports Alliance (PCSA) and Dog's World Training plus some other dog activities to cater for everybody whose into dogs! For the second time, the event's chosen benefactor will be the Island Rescue Organization (IRO)!

Now on its second year, the chosen event benefactor IRO, is a non-profit animal welfare group based in Cebu. Its Executive Director, Ms. Nena Hernandez will be coming all the way from Cebu to share awareness on their advocacies and the assistance that the local dog community in the metro can extend to their noble cause on the south side of the country. Aside from being a fund-raising event, the “Team Kovu Challenge” will be launched to the public as the main event! This will be the first ever human and dog outdoor adventure challenge in the country and it was designed and conceptualized entirely by Team Kovu. Most of the obstacles that the challenge will have are made of bamboos and were based or derived from the real-life obstacles that Team Kovu have already faced on their outdoor adventures. There is no rigid dog training experience needed to overcome each obstacle to win the challenge. The strength of the human and dog’s bonding, together with how well their teamwork is will be the key factors to win. In its introductory year, the challenge is easy enough for a child with a well-bonded dog to complete and enjoy! The challenge is open to all dog breeds of all sizes that are already six (6) months old and above and if the human participating is below thirteen (13) years old, he/she needs to have his/her parents or guardian present on the event.

Aside from the Team Kovu Challenge, the following activities are also set to happen on that day:Philippine Canine Sports Alliance (PCSA) Official Agility Trials
  • Beginner’s Fun Challenge
  • All American Bulldog Show
  • Photo Contest

Aside from getting some gifts from the event sponsors, which are Royal Canin, EzyDog, Vitality, and Pet Discount, the top winning participant will take home the coveted Team Kovu Crystal Cup trophy. Percentage of the registration fees for all the activities on the event will go to IRO. Through this event, Team Kovu is staying true to their campaign of promoting an active human and dog lifestyle! For more information on all the activities happening on the event, please visit www.teamkovu.com.

TeamKovu Enterprises was legally established in March 8, 2012. However, the concept before its legal formation started a year earlier in February, 2011 when Carl Michael G. de Leon and his personally trained American Bulldog named Kovu passed the qualifying trial to compete in the official Philippine Mondioring trials. The “Carl and Kovu” tandem was already a known duo to the local dog community since 2007 as they usually participate in key dog events happening in and around the metro. 

Team Kovu’s reputation was built not only to be known as competitors in the different dog sport events in the country, but also by doing adventure activities like climbing mountains together, river trekking, and exploring different beach getaways that are dog-friendly. Backed by nine (9) years of professional dog training experience, media attention such as TV guesting and magazine features came along the team’s way. Also, aside from holding dog training classes, the team also gets invited often to do seminars on how to properly communicate with dogs. The Team Kovu brand aims and
continuously promotes an active human and dog lifestyle by providing new and exciting avenues on which they can spend quality time together and further bring their relationship to new heights.

Team Kovu would like to invite the local dog community to come out and join the first ever human and dog outdoor adventure challenge happening on the “2nd Team Kovu Dog Sport Cup” event for the benefit of the Island Rescue Organization (IRO). This is set to happen on November 28, 2015 (Saturday) at the Greenfield City Sports Field in Paseo Center, Sta. Rosa, Laguna from 8am to 7pm.

To register and for more information, please visit www.teamkovu.com or follow them on their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/TeamKovu.
CONTACT: Carl Michael G. de Leon / +63 (915) 574-6632
Registration Period: October 23, 2015 8am to November 20, 2015 5pm
Registration Fee: Php 450.00

With Mr. Carl Michael G. de Leon

Together, let's discover the whole new ways of bonding with our dogs! 

Human and dog doing the obstacles together.

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