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DON PAPA 10 a premium aged small batch rum

It was a super heavy traffic of Tuesday, December 1, 2015 at BANK BAR Ground Floor, RCBC Corporate Tower 26th St., Fort Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. Have you ever tried entering a convenience store and be surprise to enter a door and you'll be in a room or should I say Bar.. Yes a Bar entrance inside 7/11, Bank Bar. 
With a sumptuous Meal during the event from Bank Bar

This year, the team behind Don Papa Rum welcomes again its International Brand Ambassador, Matthias Cadeac D’Arbaud, who joined the team in 2013, to visit the Philippines for a series of exciting Don Papa events. The former rockstar turned mixologist has helped spread the Don Papa word to the European market in several trade shows and launches from 2014 to 2015. 
Matthias curated six of the ten Don Papa cocktails found in its signature cocktail booklet, which was released in December 2013. For his visit this year, Matthias will be showcasing new Don Papa 10 cocktail libations, further amplifying the Don Papa experience. He will be featured in several events for the week, which includes a cocktail laboratory masterclass and guest bartending shift in ABV, a powerhouse mixology guest bartending shift in Rocket Room with Don of Cocktails, Davide Boncimino, and a Don Papa masterclass in Boracay.
Davide Boncimino is the head bartender of Mr. Fogg’s Residence

Which is also named as one of the world’s Top 100 bars. Trained by his mentors, Filippo Previero (former head bartender of Mr. Fogg’s) and Senior Bartender Kata Simon, Davide feels truly honoured to be the first Don of Cocktails. 
“When I won the finals, I was shocked and needed a few minutes to process what’s happening. The first thought that came to mind was ‘I will go back to the Philippines to visit my lola (grandmother)” ~Said Davide
Don Papa Rum is a premium aged small batch rum that has been gaining a significant following since its successful launch in the Philippines in July 2012. Introduce you to the latest news on Don Papa Rum, the Bleeding Heart Rum Company’s (BHRC) flagship spirit. Distilled from the finest sugar cane from the island of Negros Occidental, Philippines, known locally as Sugarlandia, Don Papa has two products, its flagship spirit, the 7 year old, and its limited-edition super premium 10 year old.  

Bleeding Heart Rum Company:
The Bleeding Heart Rum Company is the trading arm of Chat Noir Co. Inc, based in Manila, Philippines and the company is responsible for the production and marketing of Don Papa Rum, a small batch rum from the island of Negros Occidental, Philippines.


Manila (December 2015) --- Since its launch in 2012, Don Papa has launched to several countries worldwide and is now available in sixteen countries in Europe and Asia, continuing to grow in leaps and bounds.

Its flagship spirit, the Don Papa 7 year old, is aged in American oak barrels, giving it a light amber color. It is light and fruity on the nose, smooth and delicate in the mouth with a long textured finish, offering flavors of vanilla, honey, and candied fruits. 
Bleeding Heart Rum Company’s latest offering, the Don Papa 10 year old, showcases the Blender’s art to perfection.  A careful, artisanal process by dedicated master craftsmen steeped in the Filipino rum-making tradition. The rum is aged for ten, long years in re-charred American oak barrels, giving it a dark amber color with hints of oak and vanilla. Its higher cask strength gives Don Papa 10 year old a slightly higher ABV of 43%. 

Packaged in a magnificent bottle with eye-catching design and a real cork stopper, Don Papa puts other rums to shame and sets a new standard in Philippine luxury. 
Matias and Mr. Andrew Garcia (Managing Director) and Monica Garcia The makers of Don Papa

Don Papa Rum was introduced to the international market through France back in 2013. The wide reception from both consumers and trade has garnered Don Papa Rum a huge following in Europe. The company has continued its expansion in 2014, opening several more markets with Germany, UK, Czech Republiq, Italy, and Belgium creating more buzz and demand in the region.
One of the most notable activities held in Europe this year is Don Papa’s first-ever cocktail competition, a nationwide search for the ultimate Don of Cocktails. The preliminaries of the competition was held in five regions across the United Kingdom, with ten finalists chosen to compete against each other for the title and the chance to visit the Philippines for several guest bartending appearance in local bars around the Metro.
Cristhel Elizabeth Molina, Brand Manager, Bleeding Heart Rum Co.

The finalists were instructed to create a Don Papa cocktail serve drawing their inspiration from the label design of Don Papa Rum as well as the spices, fruits, and bitters of the Philippines. The finals of the cocktail competition, aptly named ItsaDonDeal was held in London, United Kingdom last July 11, 2015 and was judged by Don Papa Rum’s International Brand Ambassador, Matthias Cadeac D’Arbaud and acclaimed drinks and travel writer, Dan Miles.
The overall champion, and now Don of Cocktails, is the 26 year-old Half Italian-Half Filipino bartender, Davide Boncimino. Davide’s winning cocktail is called “Fix in the Mind”, which is reminiscent of his childhood experiences during his visits to the Philippines. This winning cocktail makes use of home-made monkey nuts syrup blended with rice juice, coconut milk, lime, and crème de banana, producing an exciting and intoxicating Don Papa serve.


Aficionados of the finest rums in the world will delight in Don Papa ten-year old, a special, limited-edition, aged rum distilled on the island of Negros, Philippines. The perfect libation for day’s end, Don Papa ten-year old exhilarates with its deep, rich and concentrated taste.

This limited edition offering from the Manila based rum maker, Bleeding Heart Rum Company is being released again in the Philippines as a seasonal product available for the holidays. The Don Papa ten-year old showcases the Blender’s art to perfection, a careful, artisanal process by dedicated master craftsmen steeped in the Filipino rum-making tradition. Rum made from 100 percent Negros sugarcane grown from the rich soils of this southern island is column distilled, painstakingly selected from some of the richest, sweetest molasses in the world to produce the finest flavours. The rum is then aged for ten, long years in re-charred American oak barrels, giving notes of oak and vanilla to the ageing spirit. The highly precise rum-making process chooses only the best ten-year old casks for blending to produce Don Papa ten-year old.

Don Papa ten-year old’s rich and potent character draws from the Philippines’ warm, humid climate, which yields one of the highest angel’s share in the world, the amount that evaporates out of the barrel during ageing. Traditional Filipino rum makers do not refill these casks, producing an extremely dark, intense, concentrated rum. In addition to the judicious selection of only the very best ten year old casks, our master blender also judged that Don Papa ten year old would be better  at a slightly higher than usual alcohol-by-volume strength of 43 percent.

Dark amber in colour, Don Papa ten-year old is deep, rich and powerful on the nose, with a delicate tingle in the mouth, exuding bold flavours of dried fruits and cacao, with just a hint of oak. It can be appreciated straight, or with just a hint of ice on a particularly warm night.


Since its Manila launch in December 2014, the Don Papa 10 has gained a wide following for its rich, smooth taste. Its bespoke, impactful packaging has also won several awards locally and internationally, including the Adobo Design awards for Packaging, Double Gold Medal for Packaging Design at the 2015 San Francisco International Spirits Competition, and First Place for Spirits Category at the 2015 Dieline Awards. 
The Don’s darker, bolder, older brother has now reached the European shores, starting with France towards the start of 2015. Its wide reception in the French market has made fanatics of Don Papa Rum something to look forward to in their respective countries, with further demand of Don Papa 10. To date, the 10 y.o has been launched in several European countries, with different and exciting interpretations of its character. It is now available in France, Belgium, United Kingdom, and Germany.


1) Masskara
By Matthias Cadeac D’Arbaud
An ode to the bright and colorful Masskara Festival, a yearly festival of smiles held in Bacolod, Philippines.  

45 ml Don Papa Rum 10
4 Fresh Black Berries
15 ml Lemon Juice
15 ml Elderflower Cordial
1 egg white
Grapefruit bitters 
Edible Flowers - Gumamela

Put all ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake, strain and pour into a martini glass. Garnish with Edible Flowers

2) Don Papa 10 Very Old Fashioned
By Matthias Cadeac D’Arbaud
A twist to the classic Old Fashioned cocktail using Don Papa 10

50 ml Don Papa 10
1 drop Maraschino liquor
2 drops Hopped Grapefruit Bitters
2 Slices Orange Rind
2 drops Orange bitters

Pour into a tumbler and add Maraschino liquor, grapefruit bitters, orange bitters, and Don Papa 10. Add orange rind and slowly add ice while stirring. 

3) Deconstructed Cocktail
By Matthias Cadeac D’Arbaud
Taken similarly as a spirit bomb, the Don Papa 10 deconstructed cocktail makes use of Dark Beer to compliment its bold, dark flavors

45 ml Don Papa 10
150 ml Dark Beer

Serve the Don Papa 10 in a shot glass separately from the Dark Beer. Take the Don Papa 10 first and drink the dark beer after

4) Symphony 10
By Davide Boncimino
Inspired by Don Papa 10’s bold flavors and the use of Mozart Chocolate Bitters, the Symphony 10 enhances Don Papa 10’s tasting notes of cacao, dried fruits, and a hint of oak

45 ml Don Papa 10
20 ml Mancino Chinato
10 ml Cointreau
15 ml Fresh Lime/Calamansi Juice
2 Teaspoons Caster Sugar
2 Drops Mozart Chocolate Bitters
Lime/Calamansi Peel and Dark Chocolates

Pour all ingredients in a cocktail shaker, add ice, and shake. Pour all ingredients and serve in a coupette glass. Add a lime peel and dark chocolate for garnish

About Don Papa Rum 10
Don Papa ten-year old is a limited-edition super premium aged small batch rum from Negros Occidental, Philippines. Distilled from some of the finest sugar cane in the world, Don Papa 10 is aged for 10 years in re-charred oak barrels in the foothills of Mount Kanlaon before being blended to perfection. 

Frequently asked Questions:
1. How is Don Papa 10 different from Don Papa Rum?
• The Don Papa 10 has a bolder taste, with notes of Oak, Cacao, and Dried Fruits
• The Don Papa 10 has a dark amber color while Don Papa Rum has a light amber color
• Higher Angel share due to ten year old cask strength
• Higher alcohol content at 43% Alcohol by Volume

2. How is it made? Please describe the process in detail.
• First of all we only use the highest quality sugar cane from Negros.
• The resultant molasses are then distilled on the island, before being laid to rest in oak casks.
• After 10 long years of ageing in re-charred American oak, which gives it a darker and richer flavor, the rums are then carefully blended by our Master Blender to produce the uniquely smooth Don Papa rum.
• The blended rum is then bottled in partnership with GSM.

3. Where is the Rum aged?
The rum is aged in American oak on the island of Negros.
The ageing facility is near the town of Bacolod, towards Mount Kanlaon.

4. Where is Don Papa Ten-Year Old available?
Since the Don Papa 10 is limited edition, it is only available in selected venues, wineshops, high-end hotels and retail outlets such as Kultura Filipino and RAMS. The Don Papa 10 will only be available in the Philippines and France. 
With my co-bloggers during the Don Papa Rum 10 Launching
With Borgy Manotoc duting the event

About Don Papa Rum
Don Papa is a premium aged small batch rum from Negros Occidental, Philippines. Distilled from some of the finest sugar cane in the world, Don Papa is aged for more than 7 years in oak barrels in the foothills of Mount Kanlaon before being blended to perfection. For more information, check our website,, or like us on Facebook at or even follow us  @donpaparum on Twitter and Instagram.

For more information, check our website, Don Papa Rum , or like us on Facebook at Don Papa Rum FB or even follow us  @donpaparum on Twitter.

For brand related information and enquiries, please contact Cristhel Molina:
Telephone: 00639178879274

For general corporate information and distribution, please contact Andrew Garcia:
Telephone: +63 917 552 4834

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