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It was sizzling hot and sexy evening of February 25, 2016 when we got to meet the first group of models of MCM (Men's Club Magazine) the newest magazine to hit the country perfectly made for Men.
Men's Club Magazine or simply MCM, the newest men's magazine in the metro, has sizzled up the year as it launched it's premiere ish for the months of January and February 2016. The MCM crew threw it's autograph signing party recently with it's hot cover girls Nika Madrid, Mika Umali, Jelai Andres, Jhaszm Malvar, and Kim Domingo at Taste of Capitol Restaurant on Tomas Morato Avenue.
The magazine cover girls, the country's top car show models of today shared their ideal man wish list and other interesting facts about themselves in this issue of MCM. The girls were all game as they shared their experience during the MCM cover photo shoot while signing autographs for their followers and party guests.
MCM is bimonthly men's magazine geared to satisfy the modern man's fondness for masculine pursuits. There are sections that discuss about intimacy, dating and relationships, as well as lifestyl topics such as health, well-being and travel.
MCM is the ultimate guide if the modern man towards living his dream existence. Other stories excite the man's interests such as mobile cars, techie toys and more serious once such as business and investments. The latest news in automobiles are featured, as well as the latest in digital gizmoz and gadgets. The wine and dine section gives the lowdown on where to hang out for a boy's night out or take his lady to a romantic date, while the travel section gives a heads up on where to plan his next vacay whether with his buddies, his girlfriend or family.
The Man on Top section features the man of the hour as he shares his success story in business and career. His talents and skills are put on spotlight, as well as his way of living. The Man on Top is any guy's top dog or inspiration towards being the best version of themselves.
MCM also features the hottest babes int he country in sexy yet classy photo shoots to hype up any guy's imagination. Be it from the modeling world or show business, MCM brings you the pretty faces and the sexiest chicas! The Eye Candy and The Club Babe sections will surely fire up any guy's eyes.
MCM is poised to be the country's game-changer in the men's magazine category with it's  subtle sex appeal matched with sensible viewpoints catering to today's masculine appetite. It is available in National Bookstores in the country.

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