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Canon Crusader of Light Mr. Ernie "The Chief" Sarmiento, Street Photography: A Walk through of a Photo Journalist

"Move away from the pack, be independent, get personal, be selfish, be passionate and be the white lens in a sea of blacks. Street Photography is really about observing, about being a fly on the wall, not necessarily engaging with the people but really capturing the uninterrupted life that you see around you. For the street photographer there is no duty to document specific subject matter. The chief concern is life in general. The pictures remind us that, if we let it, over-familiarity can make us blind to what’s really going on in the world around us." ~Mr. Ernie "The Chief" Sarmiento

Mr. Ernie "The Chief" Sarmiento, is the head of the photo department of one of the country's leading broadsheets and teaches advanced news photography and photojournalism.

Photography of Mr. Ernie "The Chief" Sarmiento

Top 20 Photo Exhibit of the Feast of the Black Nazarene at SM City Manila from Jan 7 - 19, 2018. In partnership with SM City Manila and Canon Photographers Philippines!

Albert Zapanta
Canon 600D
ISO 100

Bernard Recirdo
Canon EOS 1200D 18-55mm
ISO-800, f/5, 1/200sec.

Dennis Jerome Acosta
Canon 550D 
400 ISO
1/500 Shutter Speed 

Derek Ferran
Canon 50D + 70-200mm 
SS 1/60 ISO 100 F5.6

Diego Mariano
Canon 500D
ISO 200

Edvard Galima
Canon 1200D
Aperture : f/8
Shutterspeed : 1/100 sec
ISO : 3200

Gerald Seguia
Canon 400D
f/8, 1/80, ISO-640,18mm

Jerome Ascano
1D Mark II 1/30 f 2.8

Jhun Dantes
Canon Eos 650D 18-135 mm
shutter 1/25, aperture F3.5, Iso 1600

JM Abcede
Canon EOS 1200D
Shutter Speed: 1/100
Aperture: F1.8
ISO: 3200

Karlo Lomadilla
Canon 1100D
ISO 400 1/250 F5.6

Kevin Dela Cruz
Canon 70D + 300mm f2.8L 
ISO-800 TV-1/400 AV-f/2.8

Mark Tolentino
Canon760D 1/60 F6.3 iso6400

Marlon Malabuyoc

Michael Loyola
1/30 f5.6 800

Reniel Jose Castaneda
Canon 1100d with 10-22mm lens
ISO-100 f/8 1/250 sec.

Ritchel Tecuico
Canon 550D 
1/100 f10 400

Pet Salvador
Canon 5D mark II
1/1250 / f6.3 / iso640 / 400mm

Aram Ferdinand Orense
Canon EOS 700D 18-55mm
1/8, F22, ISO 400 + (zoom burst)

Niceron Rofiles
Canon 450D F5.6 ISO200 SS1/80
It was such an eye opener workshop and learning during the event with Mr. Ernie Sarmiento, he talked about street photography and how a photographer can have the ability to see the unusual or capture the remarkable from the everyday landscape of our day to day world.

Street Photography is really about observing, about being a fly on the wall, not necessarily engaging with the people but really capturing uninterrupted the life that you see around.

There are no props or lighting, little preparation time, and ideally no preconceptions. The process has on seeing and reacting, almost passing thought altogether. 

Ways of doing street photography:

Just do it and shoot. Take pictures first, ask questions later. Don't miss the moment.

Relax. Put your camera on your face and smile. This body language is almost like asking for permission. Some will not mind, others will reject you. Don't take it personally, move on.

Know your gear. Have all your settings ready before you shoot. You don't want to be fiddling controls with your camera to your face. You'll be likely be gone by then. This also helps you discrete.

Show a sense in a place in your street photography whether that's a world-famous tourist destination or a quiet out of the way spot that speaks to the lonely mood of some street locations.

Not all street photography is on the street. It might be when you're strolling through a memorial museum, inside a fruit market or visiting a mosque.

To catch up with Mr. Ernie Sarmiento's future workshops follow

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