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BDJ Rendezvous: Declutter Your Life - 4 Empowering People with a clutter-free lifestyle

“No matter how cluttered it looks, don’t pause, don’t stop, and don’t quit. It’s all for you and for your family.” ~Renelyn Tan, Decluttering Like A Guru 

I had such an engaging time with other Bella's during the BDJ Rendezvous Declutter Your Life event last July 28, 2018, at SM Light Mall, Ground Floor, Activity Area. Not only that I get to learn on decluttering but I also get to relax while decluttering which I never thought is possible.

I got to listened and got inspired by the different experts during the event as they talk about different ways on how we can start decluttering our home and our mind. 

The BDJ Rendezvous: Declutter Your Life aims to educate and inspire the community by giving them a new perspective on the practice of decluttering, both material and mind.

Empowering People with a clutter-free lifestyle

Miqo Dionisio
Clear it all out
Sound Healer and Owner of I Am Healing Space
“Plan your life out of love... I am worthy of all the good things in life.” ~Mr. Miqo Dionisio
Mr. Miqo Dionisio, Sound Healer and Owner of I Am Healing Space
Taking care of your inner peace is also a key to a cluttered-free lifestyle. 

Phoebe Blas
Make the Switch
Minimalist advocate and founder of Mean Living PH
Ms. Phoebe BlasMinimalist advocate and founder of Mean Living PH
She shared about making the switch to a cluttered-free lifestyle that being minimalist and zero-waste is generally own few things and strive to live smaller, simpler lives (fewer things = more joy!). 

Patricia Tancongco
Make the Switch
Organizing consultant and founder of Aliwalas PH
“Imagine your own before-and-after; how will Decluttering change your life?” ~Ms. Patricia Tancongco, Founder of Aliwalas PH
Ms. Patricia Tancongco, Founder of Aliwalas PH
During the event, I learned the Simple Act of choosing what to keep and what to discard in the easiest way. That would bring peace, harmony and enjoy a home filled with stuff I LOVE. Decluttering your work area and your home are great ways to start reducing the clutter and stress in your life.

  • Do not Buy things that you don't really need.

Keep what makes you happy and healthy; discard what no longer adds value to your life. Complete declutter is decluttering your whole house, going through all your things not overlooking a single corner/drawer/box/closet/etc. Staying committed and motivated in the midst of decluttering our lives is to: The steps on how to declutter effectively:

  1. Know yourself better
  2. Visualize the result
  3. Express your why
Complete decluttering helps you: know exactly what and how much you own, get rid of the stress of “hidden clutter”, prevent build up of future clutter, improve your discernment, and enjoy a home filled with stuff you love.

Renelyn Tan-Castillejos
Declutter like a Guru
A KonMari-in-Training Consultant, our speaker for Declutter Like a Guru
Operations Manager at Batanes Travel & Tours
Business Talk Show and Events Host
“No matter how cluttered it looks, don’t pause, don’t stop, and don’t quit. It’s all for you and for your family. Why even bother to notify? Because we all deserve a life that sparks Joy.” ~Ms. Renelyn Tan, Decluttering Like A Guru 
Ms. Renelyn Tan, Decluttering Like A Guru
I learned about the KonMari method delivered, the 5 categories and the reason why we need to follow the order of these categories.

The two skills you need for KonMari:

  1. The ability to keep what sparks joy and discard the rest.
  2. The ability to decide where to keep each thing and put it back in place. 

Six rules of tidying:

  1. Commit yourself to tidying up
  2. Imagine your ideal lifestyle 
  3. Finish discarding first 
  4. Tidy by category, not by location (5 categories: clothes, books, papers, komono or miscellaneous items, sentimental items)
  5. Follow the right order
  6. Ask yourself it is sparks joy — Talk 2: “Declutter Like a Pro: The KonMari Way” by Renelyn Tan-Castillejos (KonMari Consultant)

Ms. Yani Manapil
Event Host

Other than the inspiring, empowering and helpful tips for decluttering session Bella also gets to enjoy some workshops, games, and activities:

Ms. Lai Legaspi
Workshop Activity ~ DIY Eco bag! 

Each Bellas bring with them 2 to 3 pieces of old shirts and gave a new life with upcycling workshop.

Mystery Game by Mystery Manila

Charades Game with Bella's in 3 groups
Group 1 Wins!

Group 1

 Group 2

Group 3

Just like what I learned from decluttering it is also inevitable to declutter some people who succumb the positivity in you and messin' out with bringing negativity in your life. So choose also the group of friends who bring out the best in you in everything that you do and inspire you to be the best that you can be.

It is good to live positively and have happy thoughts. Do not let negativity consume the best in you. The talk from Miqo Dionisio was so helpful, it made me learn the power of sound, music, and perceiving things that I want. BDJ indeed has always been an advocate of positivity, happy life, and love!

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  1. Clutter - Non-beneficial thoughts to your goal.
  2. Always ask "Is this thought beneficial to my goal?"
  3. Awareness is enough to eradicate clutter.
  4. Plan your life out of love, not out of fear.
  5. "Is this situation worth my peace?"

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