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Friday, July 27, 2018

Happy Brows a Brow Bar that guarantees a Happy Brows!

"Happy Brows began the Speak With It campaign to put a lot of focus on just how important our brows are. Brows are the ultimate truth-tellers and it can speak volumes about who you are, what you're thinking and how you feel. Hinging off that, we're introducing the concept of Browmoticons to visually illustrate the true language of brows." ~Mr. Arvin Amaro, Marketing Head

Where do you entrust your brows the one that carries and uplift your beauty the most because as the saying goes "Kilay is Life."

Brow shaping will and always be primarily defined by factors such as your face shape and lifestyle. But regardless of shape, your brows will indeed say a lot about you. Choose one from Happy Brows Browmoticons and let your brows do the talking.

  • Confident, bold, and simple. Brow-o-wow is about owning what you've got. It's defined by a natural shape accentuated only be a subtle arch that creates that perfect balance between cute and assertive.
  • Brows with a little more sex appeal feature a distinctive arch and are a little closer to each other. Define your arch for a sassy vibe and be sure to create a gentle fade as it moves outward to ensure that your brows don't look too severe.
  • Relaxed and neutral brows communicate ease and happiness. Brows ride naturally over the eyes with a defined arch to communicate a more cheerful vibe. Fuller brows also illustrate youthfulness that makes them look more natural.

For a lot of women, brow grooming is more than just a tedious chore. Only a few recognize the value of expertly shaped, well-maintained brows and how it can make or break any look. Their standards are defined not just by how well technicians are able to create to create that distinctive, face-flattering arch, but by the kind of experience they get to enjoy as they do.

For some women shopping is one of their stress relievers but nowadays other than getting pampered is making sure that their brows are well groomed. Just like going to the salon for a hair makeover our brows needs that too more than ever.

So where do you go and entrust your brows for a makeover when you need to elevate your brows of course at the newest brow grooming salon Happy Brows!

In terms of expertise, you can rest easy knowing that each technician is expertly trained to trim, tweeze, and shape your brows anchored on your bone structure, eye and face shape, even hairstyle. The result is a pair of fabulously groomed brows that's only ever possible when you're in the hands of someone who understands that kilay is life. Brows are more than just aesthetics, you can Speak With It without uttering any words at all and Happy Brows understands that. And they deliver their services anchored on the idea that brows speak volumes about who you are, what you're thinking, and how you feel.

Go on take your beshie at Happy Brows and flaunt that Kily with different Browticons that best suit your facial moods and exprecions.

Happy Brows is assuring that the full Happy Brows experience doesn't end with brows that you're actually happy with. It extends towards interiors that reflect the luxurious philosophy of the brand. And to that end, it becomes a destination that you'll want to keep coming back to.

Visit Gateway Mall, Araneta Center Branch and indulge in the Happy Brows experience yourself or have a day of pampering at Vivere Salon, Nailaholics, and Hey Sugar.

There's more to that brow shape that you think. Look in the mirror and check out what your brows are saying today and be sure to entrust your brows to the hands of an expert Happy Brows!

Book your appointment at:
Mobile Number: 099366420530

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