Saturday, January 13, 2024

SB19’s PABLO opens 2024 with genre-blurring single “DETERMINADO”

“We're a team, we always work hand in hand, always learning from each other, and drawing inspiration back and forth. We grew up in the same environment so we just vibe and connect easily. It’s a realization when we find the courage to actually do what we want, and what kind of artist we aspire to be. We are confronting our fears and roadblocks, but still moving forward. Again, going back to the song title, we are indeed on this journey. I have so many things planned to do in 2024, and definitely one of those is to release my own album.” ~Pablo

Blending hip-hop with rock music influences, the prolific songwriter/producer teams up with his brother Josue on this astounding new jam.

SB19’s PABLO is back with another bop!

The Filipino singer-songwriter/producer blurs the line between hip-hop and rock on the new single “DETERMINADO,” his first offering this year under Sony Music Entertainment.

Produced by his brother Josue, the genre-averse track pushes experimentation as far as it can go while retaining the La Luna act’s distinct qualities as an artist who is comfortable in his own identity and sonic direction. 

Speaking highly of his favorite collaborator, PABLO praised Josue for infusing game-changing ideas during the incubation period of the track and allowing him to shine with a solid production style that doesn’t necessarily have to confine to trends. 

Integrating dense instrumentation with gloomy synths and booming, confrontational beats, “DETERMINADO” not only impresses listeners with its scale and ambition but also reveals a different side of the SB19 vocalist and main rapper: someone who finds moments of vulnerability and strength in the face of chaos. 

Determined to jumpstart a new phase in his career, PABLO is more confident in his undertaking as a musician, going to a sonic space that remains untouched even by his contemporaries and peers. 

He adds, “Our music is not just the output; it’s a collective of all the micro-things that happen behind the scenes and all throughout the process. We are more assertive now. Also, this song marks a departure from our previous releases; it's a blend of hip-hop and rock genres.”

Aside from DETERMINADO, PABLO is also gearing up for a more exciting 2024. He’s looking into dropping more solo releases apart from his work with SB19, and possibly a debut album to be released soon. 

PABLO’s “DETERMINADO” is out now on all digital music platforms worldwide via Sony Music Entertainment.

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