Thursday, March 3, 2016


When the going gets tough, the tough get chilling! Today's go-getters are a multifaceted and diverse group of people who juggle deadlines with dates, and handle bosses and buddies. These are the young people who redefine coolness by showing others that being cool is not a one-size-fits-all sort of personality - it's a state of being that anybody can achieve.

But how can we say cool and chill despite the hustle and bustle of our daily lives? What with summer looming around the corner, the sun's heat can make it extra challenging to keep cool.
But what if we told you that keeping cool was as simple as opening a bottle and letting yourself #TasteTheChill?

Sosro Fruit Tea, the millennial go-getter's preferred real tea drink, is officially launching in the Philippines just in time for one of the most-anticipated seasons of the year - summer!
Originally from Indonesia, Sosro Fruit Tea was brought to the Philippines by Reddimart Multi-resources, Inc. In 2015. Known for their refreshing blends of real fruit flavor and authentic tea goodness, Sosro Fruit Tea has quickly become synonymous to a chillaxing time for many tea-drinkers.
Available in Freeze, Apple, Strawberry, and Guava, Sosro fruit tea is perfect for anybody at any time that is looking for a quick way to re-energize and chill out on-the-go.

#TasteTheChull with Freeze

While having established itself as the chill fruit tea drink last year, Sosro Fruit Tea begins 2016 with its #TasteTheChill campaign whih encourages drinkers to stay chill both figuratively and literally using their hero-product Sosro Fruit Tea Freeze.

Sosro Fruit Tea Freeze represents the cool and collected millennial who knows how to effortlessly mic work and play. With its one-of-a-kind blend of Strawberry and Grape plus its unique icy sensation, Freeze is the perfect drink for staying cool.

The #TasteTheChill urges Sosro Fruit Tea  patrons - affectionately termed "chill mates" - to have a bottle of Freeze and let its enjoyable and refreshing icy taste invigorate them.

Get ready for "Warm Summer Nights"
Just in time for the summer season, Reddimart is holding Soaro Fruit Tea's official launch this March at The Palace Pool Club with the theme "Warm Summer Nights."

Meant to emulate the balmy evenings of summer, the launch will be a multi-sensory experience that features music, decor, and laser lights to really stimulate the senses - just like Sosro Fruit Tea.

Throughout the night, the venue will radically transform for "Chill 20's wherein The Palace Pool Club will become a cool and icy Haven with snow, cool hangouts, and blue lights.

Aside from introducing Sosro Fruit Tea Freeze to public, another highlight of the night is the announcement of Sosro Fruit Tea's newest celebrity brand endorser, Sofia.

Just like Freeze, Sofia is the perfect chill mate with her cool and fun-loving attitude. In fact, Sofia will be featured on billboards that showcase her in her Ice Goddess hard encouraging chill mates to #TasteTheChill themselves

As the sunny weather approaches, arm yourself with a Sosro Fruit Tea Freeze to #TasteTheChill and stay refreshed so that your summer season will be one cool adventure.

Created in 1997 by Indonesia's Sonar Sosro pioneers of the world's first bottled ready-to-drink tea ---Sosro Fruit Tea finally reaches the Philippine shores via Reddimart Multi-Resources Inc. The number 1 manufacturer of tea drink in Indonesia, Sosro Fruit Tea's invigorating flavors are now chilling at SM Hypermarkets, Landmark, State. Lucia Grocery, Tropical Hut, Hi-Top Supermarket, Walter Mart, Pioneer Center, and other leading supermarkets. Know more about Sosro and other exciting treats from Reddimart by visiting

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