Thursday, April 7, 2016


Superdudes children's book creator Stevie Nicholson holds a book signing, show and VIP workshop on April 16 at the Century City Mall Event Center
It's going to be a truly super summer for kids as Century City Mall host Superdudes, live at the mall's fifth level Event Center on April 16.

Having 2 nephews and a boy cousin excites the child in theme, i could just imagine how imaginary and powerpack whatever their minds are thinking they could also be Super heroes on their own "World". For a change having Superdudes is really a different way being superheroes because with the illustrations kids will surely enjoy and visualize what the book is all about.
The book is available at all Fully Book Stores this April.

Superdudes is a funny and quirky children's book created by Stevie Nicholson, a member of the well-loved Australian children's musical group Hi-5. The book, with illustrations by Nick Rudich, focuses on capturing the imagination of children in a playful and engaging way and is based on the philosophy that absolutely anyone and anything can be Super!
On April 16, enjoy the ultimate Superdudes experience with a Show and Workshop featuring Stevie Nicholson and the Superdudes in a fun-filled stage show! Ticket cost Php 1,500.00 admits 1 child and 1 adult, and comes with a free Php 1,500.00 worth of Century City Mall Gift Certificates.
Tickets are available at . The Concierge booth at the ground level of Century City Mall will also offer tickets starting April 4. For further inquiries call the Century City Mall Concierge at 705-6200 loc. 111/112.
So come along on an adventure and meet Stevie together with Pencil PirateFlutterby and Bubble Trouble!

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