Sunday, June 28, 2020

Treat your family with rolls of Mentos at 50% OFF (single roll), Available in Shopee

Did you know that dropping a Mentos in a bottle of soda really causes an eruption? This reaction is caused by a process called "nucleation" wherein the carbon dioxide in the soda is attracted to tiny bumps on the candy, which creates bubbles. Since the dragee sinks to the bottom of the bottle, it reacts with a large amount of soda, creating a powerful foam that causes an eruption.
Did you also know that you can enjoy soda without drinking a glass of it, instead of just chewing? Yes because Mentos has it in Soda Kick flavor. You can load up on mints at a lower cost in Shopee on July 14 with special discounts and promos for Mentos products on that day. 
Product Description of Mentos Soda Kick Roll

  • Mentos Soda Kick Dragee Roll 4X40X37.5g
  • Mentos is an exceptionally fresh chewy mint that comes in a great variety of exciting mint and fruit flavors. Its unique round shape combines taste, freshness, and functionality.
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