Friday, April 30, 2021

Araneta City offers more weekend shopping convenience with Ask Ara's FREE DELIVERY promo

Araneta City gives everyone an exciting pay-day holiday weekend with a safe shopping experience. With Ask Ara's free delivery promo, everyone can shop at the safety and comfort of their homes from From April 30 (Friday) to May 2 (Sunday), the City of Firsts will have a FREE DELIVERY of items to be purchased at Gateway Mall or Gateway Tower via ASK ARA, Araneta City's improved personal virtual shopper, and delivery service.

The City of Firsts is giving shoppers more reasons to relax at home and buy their essentials safely and conveniently this payday and Labor Day weekend.

With Ask Ara, anyone at their homes can now buy items online at any Gateway Mall or Gateway Tower store. Just send your list to our virtual shopper Ara, and she will do the shopping for you!  

To avail of this service:
STEP 1: Visit the Ask Ask Ara Facebook page.
STEP 2: Message Ara and indicate the details of the item/s to be purchased.
STEP 3: Settle payments online, discuss whether the item/s is/are for customer pickup or for delivery.
STEP 4: Wait for the item/s to be delivered FOR FREE by Mr. Speedy.

Ask Ara can accommodate up to 2 store transactions per customer inquiry and up to 3 purchases per store. The list of Gateway Mall and Tower stores can be viewed HERE.

This personal virtual shopper service is FREE of charge, with each customer having to pay only for the items purchased. Ara is ready to accommodate shopping requests daily from 10AM to 5:30PM.

Make the most of the weekend with Ask Ara's 3-day free delivery promo, and enjoy a taste of convenient shopping only at the City of Firsts!

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