Sunday, January 10, 2016


It's the first week of the year 2016 and we are all back to the grind after the long holiday season. Also back to daily routine the heavy traffic normal working hours and back to school.
Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day but it is also the most skipped. 
Last January 8, 2016 held of the lucky winner of Alaska Breakfast Office Tour which has been lead by the company winner Mark Guevarra from Unipack Repacking Services located at Bldg. 3 Panorama Compound, Veterans Road, Veterans Center, Western Bicutan, Taguig
Mark Guevarra from Unipack Repacking Services
It is in this light that Alaska Milk Corporation launched their campaign of "Alaska for Breakfast Office Tour". In this campaign, Alaska visits selected offices and serve its employees with food and beverages made with Alaska. Thru this campaign, Alaska encourages everyone to start the day right with a nutritious breakfast.
Radio stations Jam 88.3, Mellow 94.7 and Wave 89.1 together Alaska Powdered Milk Drink, Alaska Sweetened Condensed Milk and Alaska Evaporated Filled Milk started the day right when they visited 8 offices in Metro Manila to give its employees the most important meal of the day - breakfast - with milk that provides 20+ nutrients, absolutely free!
Listeners of these partner radio stations just downloaded a form from the respective radio station website and answered the question, "Why do you think you and your office mates deserve to have FREE breakfast from Alaska, ang Gatas for Breakfast?"
During the office tour, nutritious Pinoy treats such as chicken sopas, champorado, biko and pandesal were served, all enhanced with one special ingredient - the Alaska Milk.
Nutritious Pinoy treats such as chicken sopas, champorado, biko and pandesal
This campaign by Alaska could never have been more timely as it sends a message to our busy office workers that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and that the best way to jumpstart each working day is not to skip it but to have a filling and healthy meal.
Aside from the free breakfast, a gift pack was given to the lucky listener and his/her office mates were given Alaska products as treats. Surely, it was one nutritious and fun breakfast bonding moment at the office courtesy of Alaska, ang Gatas for Breakfast.

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