Thursday, January 7, 2016

CALIDAD HUMANA Sharing The Filipino Spirit

A book in which all the contributors don't know each other or not connected to one another, but all of them where approach, put together all their Calidad Humana as a Filipino is proud of being one.

Most of us nowadays reading books is sometimes taken for granted in a way that we sometimes buy the book just to put in display or we do not take a few minutes to break to read bit by bit instead what happens is that we take for granted the value of a book by not finishing it.

Last Christmas of 2015 I gave one of Calidad Humana to my sister as a gift because I wanted to share the Spirit of the Filipino and spiritual manners to learn since shes attending mass.

The content of the book is all about Filipino Spirituality and simply the good manners we inherit from our ancestors as a Filipino which makes us proud to be a Pinoy.

Napakasarap pala maging Pilipino especially if a foreigner is the one saying it to us..... Saying it to me. Foreigner praising the Filipino.  Especially if that foreigner doesn't know anything about our culture.

Calidad Humana also helped improve the global attitude towards many human conflicts. To look after each other as if each and every one of us is part of our family.

What's so amazing about US Filipino's is the smile that comes easily to our face, even in the midst of poverty and tragedy. Because the attributes of the Calidad Humana are embedded in every Filipino like no other race.

We Filipino's even when we have so little to give, our generosity and empathy still shine through. These values serve to strengthen the unity of the Filipino family. 

Calidad Humana inspires young hearts and sows in the seeds of hope. Our generosity, hospitality, even a bit of self-sacrifice. A deep sense of friendliness, and of respect, I had never seen elsewhere in the world.

Everyone can make Calidad Humana like daily inspiring words or messages to read. 

One of the researchers surprisingly points down to one conclusion that The Calidad Humana of the Filipinos came because of her strong spirituality, regardless if you're a firm believer of Allah or a firm believer of God. It is the conclusion of everyone who contributed to the book. Which is quite interesting and also in a way very obvious because actually Filipino's are God-fearing no doubt about that. 

Calidad Humana is the foundation of character building, of what makes a real person, a real Filipino at heart and blood.

Here are some of the photos taken during the Book Launch!

Preserve the Calidad Humana
Preserve the Filipino Spirit.

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