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"Make every trip to the City of Pines an experience to keep with a stay at Azalea Residences, Baguio’s first and only 4-star serviced apartment hotel that will make every family vacation, group getaway, or romantic retreat more memorable. Delight in Azalea’s modern and generously appointed hotel facilities that comes complete with kitchen equipment, dining and entertainment area." ~Azalea Hotels and Residences, Baguio
Azalea Baguio: 7 Leonard Wood Loop, Baguio, 2600 Benguet (across Teachers’ Camp)
Mobile Numbers : 0917 861 1641 and 0919 994 4140
No matter where I go or how beautiful a new place i've been I'll always come back to Baguio, it is my secret haven and gives me comfort. We normally stay in a simple Inn in which we only stay to sleep, take a bathe and of course leave some of our stuff to go roam around the city for our convenience.

I got the privilege to stay for an overnight at Azalea Hotels and Residences, it was a free stay in a deluxe room with breakfast with my Sweety.
March 28, 2016 we arrived at Azalea Hotels and Residences, Baguio, got checked-in and yes first impression was "WOW, ang laki hahaha" we didn't stop laughing for a few minutes it was huge for the 2 of us and the kitchen alone add some excitement of our stay. As we roam around the room my first destination of the room is the balcony i wanted to see the view from our room and yes it was just perfect we are located at the center of the 5th floor.
We are lucky to have the best view of our room because we see everything from the top, it was the center area room at the 5th floor which makes it picturistec and or selfierific! ^_^
Our overnight stay was a blessing in disguise, we had already booked our stay long before almost a month already. Though I had received a message invite from Ms. Nadj that i got selected to join the bloggers event for a 3days/2nights Hotel Review of Azalea Hotels and Residences dated March 29-31, 2016. BUT here's a thing since my partner is a blogger as well i also at the same time recommended Him to be part of it as well, but his blogsite is not qualified to be part of the event. I still said Yes that I will join and talked to my partner Joseph that he did not qualify and asked Him if it's ok with Him that i join even though we won't be able to be together the whole day and just be together at night, yes we plan to stay to the same Inn we used to stay whenever we go to Baguio.

At the back of my head I prayed and hope that he will still be included, though. But just merely thinking not being with Him the whole day in Baguio it kinda hit me. Yes I almost don't wanna push thru because in the first place it was planned ahead before i got selected 5 days before our check-in day at Azalea Hotel and Residences, Baguio.

We checked-in March 28-29, 2016 just perfect for our check-out is the date itself of the bloggers event at Azalea Hotels and Residences, March 29-31,2016.

Just perfect as well because i received a message from Ms. Nadj telling me, Joseph is already included for the Bloggers event in Azalea Hotels and Residences, I shouted and informed him right away event kissed and hugged him hehehe. He was a bit stunned and gave me the sweetest smile ^_^

For an overnight stay we will now be staying for 4 days/3nights at Azalea Hotels and Residences. Everything were a Blessing i must say because we already loved Azalea Hotels and Residences everything inside the room was perfect.... specially for a couple!

We had a relaxing and comfy night inside the room, we heated at the stove our take-out food from a local restaurant, we had our simple "romantic" dinner.
In the morning we wake up early for breakfast at Tradisyon Cafe inside Azalea Hotels and Residences and well it was exactly what i wanted for breakfast:
 Breakfast at Tradisyon Cafe
Ok since on the next day is our check-out we fixed our stuff and after our breakfast and just waited at the lobby for the rest of the Bloggers to arrive. Since they haven't arrived yet we decided to take some photos around the vicinity of the hotel. Here are some of the photos taken:
While me and Joseph are roaming around taking pictures at the playground area someone, A man came along in "suit" telling us that we could stay inside the hotel. At first I thought we were not allowed to roam around and even outside the vicinity of Azalea Hotels and Residences. I told Him we are just waiting for the rest for the Bloggers for the Bloggers event, he then introduced himself as "Mr. Paul" and he will be one for the staff who will assist us for the Bloggers event.
Paul Kristian Fil Darang (He didn't know i took a photo of Him ^_^)
With Paul Kristian Fil Darang
As we went back inside the hotel at the reception area were 8 Degree Bar is situated, there was these cute girl whose also a blogger waiting fro the rest of the blogger, she introduced herself as Charlotte Anne de Peralta or shorly "Char-Char" and shes originally from Baguio, how cool is that right.
Finally around pass 12pm the rest of the Bloggers who came all the way from manila arrived, perfect time for lunch. 
We were greated and Welcomed by with Mr. Paul and Ms. Mica with a happy aura ^_^

Our first itinerary destination of the day is to have lunch at Tradisyon Cafe which is situated inside the Azalea Hotels and Residences. 
"When Filipinos travel, the search for the best food tops the list. Tradisyon brings you well-loved and familiar local and international food sought after by Filipinos on holiday."
Seating Capacity: 70 persons
Operating Hours: 6 am to 10 pm daily
Menu: Filipino and International   
Let me make you starve with the delectable yummy lunch we had at Tradisyon Coffee Shop "Your Comfor Food".
Traditional Chicken Barbeque
Traditional Adobong Pusit
Traditional Squash and String Beans with Coconut Milk
Traditional Pork Sinigang
Traditional Beef Kare-Kare
Strawberry Cupcake
One of the main highlight of the Bloggers Event at Azalea Hotel and Residences at Tradisyon Cafe Shop is the "Best Instagrammed Food", I believe fromt he photos i showed here are really instagrammed bet hehehe But well there will always be judges.
After our heavy tummy lunch yet delicious one, we are guided to our designated room. We were advice that we will be sharing room with Ms. Cherry Bells and Mrs. Nicole Paler our roommates for 3 days. 
And since we are couple we were given a room of our own, I mean a room in a room, because our designated room comes with 2 bedrooms, a huge kitchen and separate bathrooms with a balcony just perfect for sunrise and a sala area with a huge sofa bed. Let me show you some photos of our room for 3 days.
Our bedroom for 3day, so comfy... so relaxing... so romantic!
The Bathroom
The TV Set from the Living Room Area
The whole view of the room
The other room inside our room in which Nicole is staying

One of the surprising thing we saw inside the room as we enter is this basket of fruits that welcomed us, how Sweet isn't it?
Enjoying the very comfy chair 
We were given a few minutes to fix our things inside the room and be ready for our next itinerary which is the tour inside Azalea Hotel and Residences itself. We get to see the Lobby, The Functions, The Playground and of course the different rooms they're offering which are indeed surprisingly huge perfect for a group of Barkada's and or Family.

Here are some of the photos of the different rooms:

 Having fun teasing around inside the hotel!
We had a great Dinner after the days activities, here are some of the food we had:
As the saying goes "Once you leave in a place with a happy heart means your heart belongs to that place..." Indeed, I kinda left my heart at Azalea Hotels and Residences. I was fascinated with the style in our rooms, we had everything what we needed - spacious and you merely don't even wanna get out of the vicinity, the kitchen alone makes you felt at home... away form home.

Customer service was all perfect they made us feel really at home without even feeling just having to stay for a while! We even received some goodies while we were away for our Bloggers Itinerary. How Sweet isn't it? ^_^

I may have not given a chance to get to know each and everyone of the bloggers but I had fun during the event. Hoping that we could bond again who knows next destination will be at Azalea Hotels and Residences, Boracay! Here are some of the photos: 
This is one of the best hotels in Baguio. Though its a little bit pricey, its still highly recommended. The place is secluded, very quiet and the ambiance is great. The front officers are very friendly and accommodating. The rooms has kitchenette so you are like living in a condo.

First, this place is secluded. Ample parking, very safe, quiet, and very easy to check in. Booking this hotel was easy. The buffet breakfast was average. 


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