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BEAUTY MAGNET ~ Healthy & Beauty from within!

BEAUTY MAGNET House of Authentic and Effective Beauty Products
House of Authentic and Effective Beauty Products

August 20, 2016 Beauty Magnet meaning the Power to Attract,  9th Year Anniversary of Beauty Magnet Trading and launch of some its beauty products. I was invited with excitement whenever i hear of the word "Beauty" because it collides with "Cosmetics" and or "Beauty Products".
It also coincide to the birthday celebration of the owner, Ms. Manette Calupitan. Celebration has been held at the Penthouse of Makati Executive Tower 3, Cityland Square, Gil Puyat Ave. Makati. (Near PNR Buendia, front of Mayapis St. and before Cash and Carry).
There are a lot of beauty products coming out of the market nowadays, most of it promises a lot but satisfaction is much needed. I'm not the type of person who buys just anything specially if it has something to do with cosmetics and skin care.
During the launch a lot of promising whitening and beauty products has been showcased and introduces that will soon to be available in the market.
Here are some of the products, I had personally tried and tasted some in which it was my first to ever know that there are such new products to help us become more beautiful yet healthy and safe at the safe time.
Ms. Manette Calupitan introducing about the products

This one is my immediate favorite: It's delicious, handy and doesn't taste awful.
I had seen different collagen jelly but I haven't really tried any of it yet and this one is my first ever to try and I love it ^_^ the only problem though is that i can't stop opening to eat one hehehe

Flavors are:

A peeling effect will occur once used within 2-5 days or more.
It was a shoe life size foot mask to cover your whole feet from size 5 to 9. It is also sealed well to prevent spill of the content inside the plastic.

Whitening Tablets with Pycogenol Glutathione Arbutin 60 tablets.
Want to have a lighter, brighter and younger-looking skin? Want a skin care supplement that can do more than just lighten your skin? Want to equip your skin with the right defense to prevent skin from darkening and prematurely aging while lightening your skin?

The solution is here at last with Snow White Skin Whitening Tablets ~ Snow White is a combination of the latest and most powerful skin whitening ingredients -- PYCOGENOL, GLUTATHIONE AND ARBUTIN. 

Studies show that PYCOGENOL is 4 times more powerful in skin lightening than KOJIC ACID Pycnogenol Grape seed x 10 times, Vitamin E x 40 times, Vitamin C x 350 times, Lipoic acid x 1000 times. Pycnogenol is a natural compound, by anthocyanins, bioflavonoids and organic acids.

It is supported by more than 100 clinical studies and more than 300 scientific publications!

Pycnogenol is extracted from a single species of pine bark from the pine species only grows in southwestern France Gascony forest Grande area , this natural forest area, no pesticides, no herbicides Pollution.

Pycnogenol is a natural compound, by anthocyanins, bioflavonoids and organic acids.

It has several properties:
• A super antioxidant, can be used as natural anti-inflammatory
• Help produce collagen
• Help produce hyaluronic acid

How pine bark extract benefit your skin? According to Doctor Fred Pestatone
• It binds and strengthen collagen
• Neutralize free radicals( in the bloodstream)
• Improve skin smoothness (6 weeks increase skin elasticity)
• Protect against sunburn


Always remember that Beauty is int he eye of the beholder.... and that Smile is the greatest cosmetics you can wear..... 

In today's generation sometimes it is also good to try products that can help you enhance your beauty more and shine like a Crownless Beauty Queen. Sometimes beauty products are indeed quite expensive and there are also those are almost as cheap that you can just easily buy anywhere. But remember whatever you put and nourish your face will take effect on how you value your beauty. Having a healthy lifestyle is also a must, sometimes the best thing that really gives us beauty are the people who matter the most and loves us the most.

For more information on Beauty Magnet do check out their social media accounts at: Facebook ( Website ( Contact Number at 0917 578 4458.
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