Wednesday, September 7, 2016


RYLK Trading from the United States brings to the country the solution to all body aches and pains.
I got invited for the launch of a body massager that has just recently been launch here in the Philippines. 

The Leading distributor of an affordable and effective personal massager. I had also tried the product and loved it. It is such a handy light to carry on anywhere and anytime i needed a massage.
IQ Massager, the solution for body aches and pains and other illnesses has finally reached the Philippines. RYLK Trading from San Diego, USA is the leading distributor for Northern and Southern California for these easy to use, affordable and effective personal massagers.

Used by celebrities and VIPs like Senator Manny Pacquiao, , Governor Chavit Singson, Cesar Montano, Patricia Javier and Jason Abalos and tried by Gretchen Fullido and Barbie Muhlach,  these IQ Massagers are perfect for those with active lifestyles,  love to have massages, individuals with health conditions or individuals who just want to keep healthy. 

Being in a fast-paced, busy world, the IQ Massager is indeed less time consuming and beneficial as it relieves muscle aches and tension throughout the body without the use of any drug. It also has Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) that is predominately used for different nerve-related pain.
Interview with Mr King
Brillant as it is, the IQ Massager is also handy & portable that you can use it anywhere you go. 

For further information and purchase, visit RYLK Trading’s IQ Massager kiosk at the 3rd level of SM North Annex or like and message RYLK Trading on Facebook. You may also call 0927-943-1031 or email

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