Sunday, March 5, 2017

AHEAD TUTORIAL AND REVIEW Prepare your child for the best with AHEAD’s proven programs.

Graduate on top universities are given the best opportunities.
Your child deserves a chance at a bright future.
AHEAD Tutorial and Review President Rossana Llenado

AHEAD review gives the child the preparation that he needs to get into the country’s top universities. Since 1995, AHEAD’s proven review programs have helped thousands of students gain admission to the top schools. 

Even the best need some help - the class valedictorian, the honor student, your child. He may be the best in his class, but even he needs help in preparing for the test that could ultimately determine his life path. Enroll him in an excellent review program and give him a better chance at a great future.

Admission to the top universities of the country means much more than high quality education. It means making lifelong friends and associates, and possibly meeting future business partners.

It also means establishing contacts and connections which will help your child's future career. It means gaining an identity that he will be proud of. An education in a top university means being with the best, belonging to the best. In many ways, it will determine who your child will be and what kind of future awaits him. Don’t gamble on your child’s future. Prepare your child for the best with AHEAD’s proven programs.

An AHEAD review gives your child
  • an environment conducive to learning, allowing him to focu on his review lessons.
  • guidance in reviewing efficiently, so he does not feel overwhelmed.
  • the right reference materials to prepare him for specific exams.
  • the motivation to study even harder, as he is in the company

Education from the best universities remain unmatched
  • More than ever, it has become difficult to get into a good university. Of the 100,000 who apply to UP, Ateneo, and De La Salle, only 10% qualify for admission. The remaining 90% will compete with 400,000 more students to get into other universities, especially UST and UA&P.

Not just any review, an AHEAD review
  • AHEAD remains the only review center offering real Test-BasedTM review programs for the college entrance tests of UP, Ateneo, De La Salle, UA&P, and UST.
  • It help students hurdle extremely competitive admission tests by providing the right review for the right exam. The review covers the subjects and topics of a specific entrance exam, with the tests and exercises familiarizing students with actual questions and time limits

Give him a gift without equal - the chance at a great education
  • You can secure your child’s future by making sure he receives high quality college education. The graduates of top universities get more and better opportunities, gain international acceptance, and are perceived by employers to be more equipped to take on greater responsibilities.

Mold him into an exceptional individual
  • A great part of your child’s character will be shaped by his  school. It will equip him with knowledge, skills, values, and connections needed for business or employment. His school will shape his identity - will he be an Iskolar ng Bayan, a Blue Eagle, or a Green Archer? The results of the college entrance exams will set the direction of your child’s life.

Your child’s future depends on you
  • The good life - a great house, good friends, an exciting future, and fulfilling career. The good life starts with good education; the kind you get from the top universities of the country. But first, there’s the entrance exam. It’s the most important exam in your child’s life. 

AHEAD Tutorial and Review Branches:

AHEAD is different in many important ways. Don’t gamble on your child’s future. Prepare him for the best with AHEAD’s proven review programs.

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