Friday, May 12, 2017

PhilCare MOA Clinic Grand Launch

It was a one step closer to wellness for PhilCare who recently had their grand launch at PhilCare MOA Clinic. PhilCare continues to extend its accessibility to its services with the newly-opened PhilCare clinic at Five E-Com, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City last April 6, 2017. Where the big BPO companies and other business offices are located. And by that PhilCare is just within the vicinity to offer and provide medical checkups and other immediate checkup needs.

1. What’s the primary objective of putting up a clinic at MOA Complex?
PhilCare decided to open a full scale clinic in the area of Mall of Asia where the growth of the membership has been steadily increasing. PhilCare currently serves a good number of corporate and individual accounts in that area. This expansion is just one of the many grand upgrades for PhilCare for the year and will keep improving in the years ahead. The focus is to be relevant to members in terms of providing quality and cost efficient access to healthcare.

2. What’s good about PhilCare MOA Clinic?

The clinic is strategically located in the urbanized area where employees working in nearby offices can easily access. Members availing in the clinic will be able to maximize their benefits as the costs of lab procedures are cheaper than the other accredited providers. Also the clinic is exclusive to PhilCare plan holders which mean the members get top priority. Queue is shorter and lab procedures process promptly.

3. What makes it unique from the other clinics?
PhilCare MOA Clinic is unique from the other clinics because of its operating hours which is from 6am to 10pm. This is to strategically cater its client’s needs specifically for contact centers employees who have different working hours.

4. What are the services that the clinic is offering?
The clinic is a 150-200 square-meter facility boasting of the state-of-the-art equipment. The following services are being offered in the clinic:
  • Primary Care Services
PhilCare E-Com Clinic is staffed by primary care doctors offering occupational medic, internal medicine, dermatology, obstetrics & gynecology, and even otorhinolaryngology. The Primaruy Care Services offer general consultation, rescription for diagnostic laboratory, imaging procedures and even medicine needs.
  • Occupational Health Services
In relation to the aim of maintaining health and preventing illnesses, the Urgent Care Facility offer occupational healthcare services to PhilCare members and new markets nearby. This serviced includes corporate retainership clinic program and medical examinations such as Annual Physical exam (APE), Pre-employment Medical Exam (PEME) and Drug Tests.
  • Urgent Care Services
The Urgent Care Services address non-life threatening illnesses and injuries without prior arrangement. This service operates with the E-Com Clinic on-site phlebotomy, x-ray, and ECG equipment, to get a patient in and out of the facility within an hour.
  • PhilCare Patient Soutien
As an additional service, the PhilCare E-Com Clinic has support services to maintain patient experience and provide quality customer service to the clients from the proximity. This service offers LOA issuance and answers to inquiries of members regarding their cards and benefit coverage.

5. What medical equipment are stored in the clinic? 
Hematology Analyzer
The AcT 5 diff AL is a new, fully automated bench-top 5-part differential hematology analyzer with automatic loading and sampling. This analyzer delivers accurate test results and a user-friendly software interface in a compact design.
Monocyte, neutrophil and eosinophil populations are dentified, using the absorbance patterns produced by differential cytochemical staining of their granules versus volume.
Lymphocytes remain unstained and the basophil population is analyzed on a separate channel, using volume gating and selective lysis. 
The Ac·T 5diff AL improves sample handling by eliminating manual sample loading, which also saves time, lowers operational costs and increases the laboratory’s overall workflow efficiency. It also has an easy-to-use data management system that streamlines data recall and requires less manual manipulation
Manufacturer: Beckman Coulter Inc.
Type: Hematology Analyzer
Parameters: 22:5-pt Differential
Througput: 60 samples/hr
Method: Absorbance cytochemistry and Volume (AcV)
Memory: for 10.000 patient result storage

Specification :
• Automatic or manual recording.
• Weighs 2 Kg.
• Can be operated by AC and built in rechargeable battery.
• High resolution printout on roll paper and z-fold paper.
• LCD display.
• Button switch

General Radiography & X-ray Equipment
Toshiba KXO-32R
  • High-frequency inverter generator
The inverter controls the x-rays, producing stable output even from the singlephase power supply up to 32kW and provides high-quality output with uniform density.
  • Easy-to-read digital display
The radiographic parameters are displayed digitally to ensure visibility with possibility to continuously monitor the X-ray tube load and the anode storage head capacity and to use the system without worrying about overload.
  • Built-in AEC type
Stable data is produced under various conditions when the AEC is built  combination with the radiographic table which incorporates automatic exposure detector.
  • Separate units for free layout
The control panel and control cabinet are separated. Thus, a lightweight controller can be installed on the wall to effectively use the space in the operation room.
  • Provided with user-programming functions
Up to 35 radiographs can be generated and saved in memory for each examination region. This system is provided with an auto program function by which exposure is carried out sequentially with the preset radiographic parameters. Hence, exposure can be easily repeated.

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