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UPL agrochemical company - Better seeds for better yields. Waste less, feed more.

I grew up in a community were all the elders are farmers, planting rice, root crops, vegetable planting and as well as fruit. They say when you live in the province you will never starve, indeed. My Tatay (Grandfather) was the one who raised me up while my parents are away, my mother is most of my childhood days working abroad and my father is a Philippine Navy. Although I am blessed enough that my have my Lolo and Lola in the province to look after me i was also blessed to eat fresh and nutritious fruits and leafy vegetables.

Growing up a lot has been discovered and new technologies are being born. I remember my grandfather if not always... seldom put on abuno (water based chemical) to have a bounty and fresh crops ti harvest. I never questioned them.

But as i grow up and i came to discover and learned a lot of things specially safety in food we eat and the cleanliness it is... I realized it is better eat organic food (is it?) instead of eating chemical based crops such as vegetables and fruits. My first question is it is safe to my health? Is it safe for my body and is it  good for my brain? Questions i had never asked my grandparents way back in the province.

The last time i visited the elders in Pangasinan where i grew up I asked them whats with all the pesticides and chemicals for? They simply answered "For a good and bounty harvest" then i came to reality that yes putting on chemicals and pesticides is NOT organic in which under it are expensive but there's also a  positive and good benefit out of it for the farmers specifically and for that reason i cannot interfere more.

I was invited for an event last May 11, 2017 at Holiday Inn, Makati entitled "UPL Media Event" A multinational agrochemical company. It was a talk about farmers' safety in this age. Contributing to farmers' prosperity in 124 countries with solutions that increase yields, protect crops, better harvests and prolong storage.

It was a long discussion and interesting talk about from root to leaf, complete crop protection. A range of crop protection products and techniques to keep pests away, ensuring a healthy harvest every season. Post harvest solutions that prevent damage to grains and fruits during transportation and storage. Delivering high-value seeds and traits to farmers around the world.

I never thought such a boring talk can lead to an interesting discussion of learning and getting to know more about UPL agrochemical company. I am blessed to learn about the benefit of it because i could share it to my elders in Panagsinan . Because I believe it is something they need to know and discover because they had been living by doing and using the old ways of farming and using different products for the crops. In most cases, agrichemical refers to the broad range of pesticides, including insecticides, herbicides, fungicides and nematicides. It may also include synthetic fertilizers, hormones and other chemical growth agents, and concentrated stores of raw animal manure.

Although i still believe that many agrichemicals are toxic, and agrichemicals in bulk storage may pose significant environmental and/or health risks, particularly in the event of accidental spills. In many countries, use of agrichemicals is highly regulated. Agrochemicals were introduced to protect crops from pests and enhance crop yields. The most common agrochemicals include pesticides and fertilizers.

There are only few things a farmers needs to be sure of from their harvest and that is from root to leaf, complete crop protection. A range of crop protection products and techniques to keep pests away, ensuring a healthy harvest every season. UPL is focused on emerging as a premier global provider of total crop solutions designed to secure the world’s long-term food supply.

UPL had ensured me during the event that they provely is to be a world-class organization by enhancing value for customers and other stakeholders, by caring for employees to inspire their engagement as a motivated team in an open and learning environment, by setting new performance standards and by focusing on Total Quality Control, Innovation and Responsive Care towards the environment.
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The importance of educating our local farmers is very needed if UPL Company can provide them the proper knowledge of the benefits of their products it would be a great harvest for the farmers.....

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