Sunday, July 9, 2017

SONY BRAVIA OLED A1 Series, unparalleled TV Viewing Experience!

"Sony is always at the forefront of innovation and weblead te future of television by bringing the new range of 4K HDR TVs, especially the Sony BRAVIA OLED TV. We want to elevate TV viewing experience and bring reality right in the comfort of your own home, with enhanced brightness and contrast features. The colors are more vivid and the sounds are clearer than ever before. Your TV experience with Sony will be unbelievable, and it will change the way you view TV. Thanks to OLED's over 8 million self-illuminating pixels, the A1E series brings a significantly enriched visual experience wuth unprecedented black, authentic color, blur-less image and a wide viewing angle. The X1 Extreme precisely controls the tremendous number of pixels and extends the capability of OLED to deliver an exquisite 4K HRD picture." ~Nobuyoshi Otake, President and Managing Director, Sony Philippines

The TV's unique fusion of image and sound needed to be compatible with living spaces. That meant getting all the details right, all the way down to the materials. For the aluminum lining the sides of the screen, we found the perfect combination of dye coloring and chemical polishing to deliver a sheen that would harmonize with the glass material but still maintain a discreet, delicate touch.

Last July 4, 2017 at City of Dreams, Sony Philippines introduces the new 4K High Dynamic Range (HDR) television series designed to deliver an exceptional brightness range and higher contrast. The new BRAVIA TVs make the best use of 4K HDR content with the combination of their unique image processor and display device technologies.

The new A1E series will additionally support Dolby Vission, the HDR format from Dolby Laboratories, which when paired with Sony's unique technologies further enriches the visual experience.

BRAVIA OLED's innovations do not end with incredible picture performance. The A1E series is the world's first large screen TV which can emit its great sound from the screen itself. Taking advantage of the OLED's backlight-less structure, Sony developed a new Acoustic Surface technology which can emanate sound directly from the screen itself. This allows a perfect unification of picture and sound unattainable by conventional TVs. It produces a wide sound and image synchronization even off to the sides. Together with OLED's exceptionally wide viewing angle, A1E series offers unmatched visual and aural experience regardless of viewing position.

The world of HDR has been greatly expanding with the advent of video streaming services, 4K UHD Blu-ray, and recently with PlayStation 4 gaming. Now more than ever before, accurate image processing is playing a crucial role in delivering a dazzling picture according to the filmmakers or game developers intentions.

The new A1E series will additionally support Dolby Vision, the HDR format from Dolby Laboratories, which when paired with Sony's unique technologies further enriches the visual experience.

The future TV is Sony and with the BRAVIA OLED, you will never look at TV the same way ever again.

Ultimately, Sony continues to bring excitement to customers through the enrichment of visual expression by incorporating a powerful mix of display device technologies with its own image processing technology.

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