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"We are happy to be working with DTI o this project which will enable CityMalls across the country to be the breeding ground of micro entrepreneurs from different provincial parts of the Philippines as we expect that through this project these micro entrepreneurs could eventually progress from micro to small, to medium, and eventually to large entrepreneurs in the future. This Go Lokal project of helping the small entrepreneurs is personally special for me because few years ago I myself was also once an SME start-up probinsyano entrepreneurs. We are pleased to be working with the DTI on Go Lokal!. With CityMalls across the country serving as the platform for helping micro entrepreneurs from the region, we are confident that through this project, these micro entrepreneurs cn eventually grow and expand their businesses not just locally but globally as well." ~Edgar "Injap" Sia II, DoubleDragon Properties Chairman

DTI and CityMall open "Go Lokal" Shop in CityMalls Nationwide last November 25, 2017, at CityMall. The DTI "Go Lokal" program aims to provide mainstream market access for the best of micro, small and medium entrepreneurs (MSMEs) from the various regions of the Philippines.

Go Lokal! is a retail concept store that showcases the quality and innovative artisanal Philippine products, crafted, designed, and produced by the country's micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) from indigenous materials. These products received extensive product development assistance from the Product Specialists of the Design Center of the Philippines, a unit of the DTI. CityMall is owned by publicly listed real estate firm DoubleDragon Properties, the property arm of Mang Inasal founder Edgar “Injap” Sia II and Jollibee Foods Corp.

I remember during my elementary days in school I used to sell yema during recess to my classmates and it was always been sold out. Looking back if only those huge gigantic malls accepted local sellers or entrepreneurs I bet there could have been a lot of business owners who had shown their products if only they were given a chance to showcase and sell without a super high cost of putting it in big malls.
"Maximizing everyday exposure in mainstream markets like CityMalls nationwide will raise the chances of success for many amazing MSME products. These products would no longer be limited to short term exposure in trade fairs. we are thankful to CityMall and the DoubleDragon group under the leadership of Mr. Injap Sia and Mr. Tony Tan Caktiong for their full support to this pioneering program of President Duterte and the DTI." ~Ramon Lopez, DTI Secretary

Now a lot of Millennials have all the opportunities to earn in their simple way with the help of DTI's 'Go Lokal' program. The chain of 'Go Lokal' shops will showcase the next generation of high quality and unique Filipino products from each town.

CityMall is the latest mall operator to partner with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) for their Go Lokal! The program, with the inauguration of its Go Lokal! outlet:
  • CityMall-Anabu in Imus
  • Cavite CityMalls around the country including as far as Boracay in Visayas and Cotabato in Mindanao

Here are some of the local products:

CityMall looks towards opening 100 CityMalls by 2020 in provincial Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. The project is intended to help micro-entrepreneurs around the country.

CityMall's relevance in the provincial areas is becoming more and more evident as we move forward, driven by two ongoing transitions:

  1. the organic shift from traditional retails to modern retail in the Tier3 provincial areas of the country.
  2. The noticeable penetration of e-commerce in the Tier1 urban areas of the country. In parallel, these two transitions are expected to make expansion into CityMalls more and more critical to modern retail tenants seeking to hedge its exposure against the disruptive digitalization of the retail environment in Metro Manila.

For everyday, ALL YOU NEED is CityMall.

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