Monday, November 20, 2017

MOBER The possibilities are limitless. Because with Mober, We move with you.

“I’ve been very busy lately with my professional and personal life. “I’m working on a new soap and, as a producer, I have 2 movies in the pipeline. “I love sports,” he says. “I just had a bike race last Saturday and I still do triathlons. Anything I need is on my phone, from ordering food, doing work, and keeping videos. I live off of my phone. It helps you do your stuff wherever you are and at any time of the day. With the apps, of course everything is easier. Moving is taxing. Now, it’s less hard and lets me save time.” ~Piolo Pascual

Mober is a Mobile app that provides fast, reliable and affordable delivery service to our customers. It is in our best interest to connect individuals and business owners directly with the drivers for their delivery needs. 
Need to get your pets to the vet?
Need to have your artworks delivered to the art gallery?
Need to bring your items and stocks to the bazaar?
Need to get your supplies to the party venue?

Mober App provides delivery service at a click of a button. Driven to meet the emerging need for delivery services for small business and individuals. Convenience at its finest!
MOBER App with Mr. Eric Ortiz Chief Operating Officer

Focusing on the development, marketing and operation of mobile applications that allow clients to book the nearest available cargo vans and trucks and lets consumers track the status of shipment through Mober App. 

Multi-industry icon Piolo Pascual is living the life in a fast-paced environment. His work contains a long list of titles and awards that many people in the showbiz industry can only aspire for. His career spans across multiple media platforms. Beyond show business, Piolo also trains for multiple sports. With this kind of active lifestyle, the actor admits that organizing his time is challenging. But with the help of technology, Piolo says it becomes easier to sort them out. Piolo admits that by using the right apps, even managing his time has become easier.

How to use the Mober App

Outstanding Van Partners

With all the newest app sprouting on social media whats important really is an app that can make life simpler for consumers.

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