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Where to go and dine once you own a property from NorthPine Land in Pampanga!

NorthPine Land, Inc., with more than 20 years of solid real estate experience, has created a niche in the middle-income segment. A property development company with prestigious projects at:
  • Cavite (Kohana Grove, Kahaya Place, Wind Crest, Greenwoods, Parkview, Primrose Place, Norfolk Ridge, Rosewood & Greenwood Heights)
  • Pasig City (Lexington)
  • Laguna (South Hampton)
  • Antipolo City (Forest Ridge)
  • Pampanga (Montana Views and Montana Strands)
With shareholders are:
  • Kong Land
  • BDO
  • Metrobank
  • San Miguel Properties
In 2016, they conducted the first Blogger’s Tour of Pampanga where they showcased the museums and churches as well as gustatory delights of the region. Here's the link from the first Blogger’s Appreciation Tour of Pampanga

Once again last August 11, 2018, happened the Bloggers’ Pampanga Appreciation Tour v2.0. With Mr. Richard Burgos, the Director for Science and Technology Information Institute of the Department of Science and Technology, joined us, bloggers, as we explored Pampanga. Known as the Christmas Capital of the Philippines, Pampanga boasts of a rich culinary culture as well as landmark sites which makes it a good place to visit as well as settle in.

Let me share with you some of the good ideas and list of spots and restaurants to go to in Pampanga once you own a unit from Montana Strands, NorthPine Land, Pampanga. At the same time got also the opportunity to take and capture a lot of moments that are meant for keeps during the tour of the beauty of Pampanga.

First stop of our Bloggers Tour is a meet-up point and breakfast before heading to Pampanga is at Figaro, Taipan in Ortigas Pasig City. Taking a sip of a delightful latte or a hot coffee since it was a bit rainy that day at the world-class homegrown Filipino cafe, Figaro Coffee. With the soothing ambiance, Figaro is also a perfect place to take our first selfie and prepare our social media accounts for posting lots of photos before we kick off our tour.

Indeed living in the city makes all the hustle and bustle of daily life from heavy traffic that's why most of the Manileno nowadays do buy properties from near Cities where it is accessible to travel in and out of Metro Manila. One of the good and most recommendable property to invest a few hours away int he Metro is and Montana Strands. A pristine and dazzling property located t the heart of San Fernando, Pampanga, Montana Strands offers an elegant community with Retro Modern-theme houses with Mt. Arayat as your gorgeous backdrop. It is the second residential project in the stunning Montana line-up in Pampanga by NorthPine Land, a leading and trusted developer of the finest middle-income communities.

The progress in the province of Pampanga is very promising in ways like:
  • The fast emerging mega localist
  • The Development of International Airport to accommodate around 8 million passengers in a year
  • Fast Train coming from Tutuban going to Pampanga it will take around 45 minutes
  • A lot of foreign investors will be coming to the province
Montana Strands
Make each day count with your family! Create an exciting future for you and your loved ones! At Montana Strands, you can seize the day!
Mr. Jurie Castillo Roa
Montana Strands Site Development Map
Montana Strands Features and Amenities
Features and Amenities:
  • Kiddie Adventure Play Yard. The Kiddie Adventure Grounds is a perfect place for recreational activities. Children will have the best playtime with the line-up of slides, swings and other features.  Have the best game every day!
  • Adult and Kiddie Pool. Bask in the sun while enjoying the adult and kiddie pools. Backstroke and freestyle moves are a cinch with the crystal clear waters of Montana Strands.
  • Sports Plaza. Play your best game! At Montana Strands’ Sports Plaza, homeowners can bring out their athletic side.
  • Fitness Park. A place to improve one’s well-being, Fitness Park is where you can jog at sunrise and dance Zumba at sunset.
Launched last April of this year Montana Strand Views 6.5 hectares, for the project offering about starting around 3 million up to 5.5 million lifestyle houses. And they also have a lower middle-income market price starts around 2 million up to 3 million. The Retro Modern-inspired neighborhood spans around 6 hectares and boasts of stylish houses.

Montana Strands is nothing less than a secured and sophisticated place for you and your family, a true mark of NorthPine Land quality.  

To start a new life, to begin a new life in Montana Strands in the City of San Fernando, Pampanga by Northpine Land Inc. perfectly caters for the start-up families and empty nesters or parents whose children are working abroad and wanted a scenic view outdoors.

Project Completion Date: LD December 2023
City of San Fernando - Brgy. Calulut

Total Floor Area: 71 sq.m.
Lot Area: 90 sq.m.

Standard Features:
Living Area
Dining Area
Service Area
Three (3) Bedrooms
Two (2) Common T&B

Total Floor Area: 62 sq.m.
Lot Area: 80 sq.m.

Standard Features:
Living Area
Dining Area
Service Area
Three (3) Bedrooms
One (1) Common T&B

Total Floor Area: 53 sq.m.
Lot Area: 80 sq.m.

Standard Features:
Living Area
Dining Area
Service Area
Two (2) Bedrooms
One (1) Common T&B 

Total Floor Area: 81 sq.m.
Lot Area: 90 sq.m.

Standard Features:
Living Area
Dining Area
Service Area
Three (3) Bedrooms
One (1) Maid’s Room
Three (3) T&B 

Invest Now!
Reserve a Dream House For Your Family
Your Dreams Come To Life!

After such an inspiring retro themed units that definitely made me realize why not build and have my own vacation house at Montana Strands in Pampanga! The bad weather did not stop the #NLIBloggersDay2018 from having a colorful day at Pampanga!

15/F The Taipan Place, F. Ortigas Jr. Rd., Ortigas Center, Pasig City
Telephone: +632 637 117 | Mobile: +63917 727 8888

RolRen’s Lantern and General Merchandise
Address: Del Pilar 11 Th Avenue San Fernando, Pampanga
Phone: (045) 963 1710

One of the main highlights of the tour is at RolRen’s Lantern and General Merchandise. Mr. Rolando Quiambao, known as the Philippines’ Parol King for making Christmas even brighter not only in the City of San Fernando but also in some parts of the world, He shared something about the parol-making industry in San Fernando. 

Mr. Rolando Quiambao, known as the Philippines’ Parol King. Behind him is the sparkling parol which lighted up his life and countless homes.

Mr. Rolando Quiambao's wife is Mrs. Renita Quiambao, He bagged the grand prize for the Giant Lantern Festival competition in Pampanga four times making him a hall of famer may maipagmamalaki at talaga namang maipagmamayabang sa Pampanga.

Most of their products sold in malls and specialty stores are a bit pricey, but when you go straight to the factory, you can buy them at a very affordable price.

RolRen’s Lantern and General Merchandise has already established its reputation for being one of the largest parol suppliers in the Philippines. It has already embarked on exporting its products to Canada, USA, and select European countries.

Mr. Rolando Quiambao demonstrated a simple way on how to make and design a parol with few materials for decoration.

Bloggers were given a chance to make our own parol and had a simple contest for the most unique style. I must say it isn't easy making one because of course, you gotta be artistic and well full love because as of me what came in mind is that whatever output I make is for my family and it made me become one of the winners out of three. Now that made me feel so proud of my simple piece and happy because Mr. Rolando Quiambao had appreciated my work....

  • After the Mt. Pinatubo blast, Mr. Rolando Quiambao was commisioned by the City Mayor to adorn the city's lamp posts which gave hope to the Pampaguenos.

Apag Marangle
Address: Marquee Mall, Aniceto Gueco Street Angeles City, Pampanga
Contact Number: (045) 304 0207

A new tourist destination at one of the best restaurants in Pampanga. A Kapampangan Restaurant situated in the middle of a fish pond, APAG MARANGLE (hain sa bukid) is a restaurant that offers an authentic medley of mouth-watering Kapampangan dishes and related cuisine perfectly complemented by an inviting native architecture that takes the diners to a unique gastronomic journey like no other. 

Prominent personalities, such as celebrities, flock to the Bacolor location and has been featured in many write-ups as well as TV shows.

Situated in the middle of a pond. They offer a one of a kind culinary experience with its lineup of mouthwatering Kapampangan cuisines.

Apag Marangle Menu
Litson Pata
Pepalukluk Manuk
Ensaladang Manggang Bubut
Inihaw na Tilapia
Ginataang Gulay
Kalderetang Bibe

San Fernando Train  Station Museum
Capitol Drive, San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines

San Fernando City station or simply San Fernando station is a defunct railway station of the PNR Northrail line of Philippine National Railways. It is situated San Fernando, Pampanga. Historically, the old PNR train station was the site of a stopping place for Filipino and American prisoners of war during the Bataan death march in 1942. The station is a historical landmark in the City of San Fernando in Pampanga, the Philippines. The station has been closed since the ending of northbound rail services by Philippine National Railways over twenty years ago.

The station will be one of the seventeen stations on the Manila-Clark Railway System or North-South Commuter Railway, which uses the old PNR right of way. It will once again connect Central Luzon and Metro Manila by rail.

The station was inaugurated by Governor-General Eulogio Despujol and Bernardino Nozaleda, the Archbishop of Manila, on February 23, 1892. On June 27, 1892, José Rizal disembarked from this station to meet some recruits for La Liga Filipina and again the next day en route to Bacolor.

On April 1942, during the Bataan Death March, the station served as the ending point for the 102-kilometer (63-mile) march from Bataan, from which Filipino and American prisoners-of-war were carted to Capas in Tarlac en route to their final destination, Camp O'Donnell. It was closed, along with all other PNR Northrail stations, in 1988, when the North Main Line ceased its services.

The museum features a lot of old photos during the war even different memorabilia shared by Filipino and Americans during the colonial period.

San Fernando Train  Station Museum is not the just ordinary museum that you go to it is a Museum of our own history our ancestral. I heard that there are plans of renovating and or furthermore taking off of the train station which I beg to disagree no matter what it is part of the worlds past biggest battle experience that alone is a big proof of its worth as a Museum of the town.

Clark Museum & 4D Theater
S. Osmena Street, Clark Freeport Zone, Angeles City, Pampanga

An interactive museum running in four galleries with a breathtaking 4D Theater. Definitely, a place for all ages to enjoy!

The interactive Clark Museum showcases the Filipino spirit of bravery, industry, and ingenuity of a nation's sovereign will running through a narrative across 4 galleries. For a heightened experience, its newest attraction includes the 4D Theater featuring a 20-minute documentary film highlighting Clark's rich history from past, forward to the present.

With Sir Richard Burgos, Our Tour Host

For a heightened museum experience, The Clark Museum now features a 48-seater state-of-the-art 4D Theater featuring a 20- minute documentary film entitled "Risen from the Ashes" which highlights Clark's rich history past forward to the present. The 4D theater offers a one-of-a-kind experience which would allow visitors to view the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo in 1991 with spectacular in-theatre effects including wind, bubbles, and mist to add a breathtaking fourth dimension.

The Museum tells of the Filipino spirit of bravery, industry and ingenuity of a nation's sovereign will running through a narrative across 4 galleries. It briefly tells a story, a bigger world from which Clark grew and speaks of social and economic advances, and continuing progress.

The Clark Museum and 4D theater are open Tuesdays to Sundays from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. It is closed on Mondays for maintenance work and during public holidays except on special arrangements.

Proposed show schedules for the 4D theater (with capacity for 48 persons per screening):

  • 9:00 am - 9:20am
  • 10:40am - 11:00am
  • 1:30 pm - 1:50 pm
  • 3:10 pm - 3:30 pm

Matam-ih Kapampangan Cuisine Restaurant
Lot 1-D, M.A., Manuel A. Roxas Highway Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga

Owned by the Rodriguez family of Capas, Tarlac, led by Mayor Antonio Rodriguez Jr. and managed by son Antonio ‘Third’ Rodriguez III, Matam-ih Kapampangan Cuisine Restaurant serves authentic Kapampangan cuisine and stands right in the heart of the Clark Freeport Zone. The servers are Aetas and you will be serenated while enjoying your meal.

But what does Matam-ih Kapampangan Cuisine Restaurant serves in their menu? One of the widest selections of Kapampangan cuisine, from the regular dishes to the more exotic fares. I myself got the best time in tasting and really enjoyed eating for the first time exotic food such as from crocs to frog to beetle or should I say better known as camaru. They also offer certain dishes that can only be found in the restaurant, now its really a must visit restaurant whenever you go to Pampanga or own yourself a property at Northpine Land.

Betute Tugak (stufffed fried native frog)
Batute (stuffed frog) is one of the most famous among Kapampangan exotic dishes. Back in the day, while farmers cultivate their land, their children would catch frogs for fun, which has become a family tradition.
Pritong Adobong Kamaru
Croco Wali
Deep fried croc meat
Daing na Bangus
Pork Sisig
An appetizer which originated from the food capital of the Philippines - Pampanga, Sisig is often considered as a main dish by most Filipinos. The original Sisig is composed of chopped pig's ears and face mixed with chicken liver, calamansi and onions. Nowadays, several versions are available in the market ranging from the original to healthier ones using fish or tofu. 
Pepasingong Nasi Keng Bulung Sagin
Matam-ih Kapampangan Cuisine Restaurant is a pavilion-type open-air restaurant that showcases indigenous arts and crafts and Hispanic heritage in the form of antique-style wood and steel furniture and décor, the main hall features a one-of-a-kind birdcage chandelier, as well as a giant fish trap called Balisasa.

There's a six main dining hall area safari-style tents or pavilions named after the major Aeta sitios of Capas and serve as function rooms such as:
  • Sitio Manibukyot
  • Sitio Tarukan
  • Sitio Taliktik
  • Sitio Pilyen
  • Sitio Yeyang
  • Sitio Manabayukan

The restaurant is huge there's so much seating space in the main dining area and they have a gazebo seating area.

Matam-ih (which means ‘delicious’ in the Aeta dialect) an authentic Kapampangan cuisine, and the Aetas of Capas, Tarlac, would be a major part of it. Servers are mostly members of the Aeta providing them with housing, clothes, food and transportation allowance, among others.

A sumptuous dinner at Matam-ih Kapampangan Cuisine Restaurant is the best way to end the rainy but one of the happiest and memorable blogger's tours for the record once again!

Due to the persistent rain, we didn't get the chance to visit the “Sunken Shrine of Bacolor” or the historic Archdiocesan Shrine of the Our Lady of Lourdes – who survived the wrath of Mount Pinatubo in 1991. As well as the famous L.A. Bakeshop yet the Northpine team made it possible for us to take home some goodies from L.A.Bakeshop's best seller Cheese bread. But because once I got home I immediately prepared a hot cup of coffee perfect for the rainy evening while looking at all the photos that were taken during the tour and I didn't notice that I almost have eaten the whole box and forgot to even take a photo. It was so good, do visit L.A. Bakeshop whenever you go to Pampanga.

Thank You to all the staff of Northpine Land, Inc., and to Ms. Myla Miranda-Cammayo for a such a good job handling the Pampanga Bloggers Tour v2 for this year 2018. Liking for the next tour. ^_^

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