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An online app that offers 4 types of platforms

BIGBENTA a Pinoy Marketplace For the Filipinos, made by Filipinos.

Shoppers in the Philippines can now enjoy not just one but four one-of-a-kind platforms, built to respond to the needs of Filipino customers and entrepreneurs. Online buying is the latest trend nowadays because it is convenient and time-saving, instead of going to malls and buying your stuff and go shopping.

There are this few known platforms that are really boosting on the online business right now but I had discovered an app that offers 4 kinds of platforms in just one app and that is BigBenta.com a Pinoy Marketplace because it has everything that a Pinoy e-commerce site should have and it has to have a classified ads portion, products and services and everybody and anybody can offer and buy, services were anybody can offer their services, as well as customers,  would like to get those services. 

BigBenta has been achieving quite well in terms of stores with more than a hundred service providers such as cleaners, plumbers, carpenters, helpers, and a lot more just by simply booking the services you need. BigBenta Store is the manifestation of the company’s belief and support for the micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME).

Let me share with you my discoveries and really life-saving and convenience the app and or site offers on a persons life.

Here are the four platform services offered by BigBenta.com app site:

  • BigBenta Store
BigBenta Store, for selling and deliveries of otherwise commonly not delivered items like fruits, vegetables, and charcoal. It allows the merchants (Storeowners) to create their own online store based on their preferences like items to sell, its varieties (e.g. color, sizes, etc.), inventory level, pricing, promotion rules, payment method, customer management, report management and many more. The online store is also equipped with features like chat, abandoned cart management, customer survey, and complaint management that are all designed to put the store owners in control of their online store and everything that happens in it.

Any merchant can build their own online Store, promote, sell and receive payments for their products and learn about their customers via data analytics. Any skilled individual or service establishment can offer, promote, receive bookings and payment for their services as service providers based on their preferred time and location. For a change, a new online trading and commerce of individuals and micro, small, medium enterprises across the Philippines will get the chance to market their products and services online.

  • BigBenta Services

BigBenta Service Booking is for all kinds of services offered by accountants, lawyers, tutorials and other professional services imaginable, too, household plumbing, septic tank siphoning and other blue collared tasks.

BigBenta Service Booking provides additional income to service providers outside their full-time or daytime jobs while giving them full flexibility based on their available schedule and place of residence. The major difference of BigBenta Service Booking compared to the competition is its positioning that is geared towards individual service providers rather than service companies or agencies. For the customer, this means that prices are lower, service duration is flexible (e.g. hourly, half-day, a whole day, per call, etc.), and the scope of services is equally varied. For as long as a service provider can do it, he or she can offer it, in her own terms.

BigBenta Service Bookings allows any skilled individual (a.k.a. Service Provider or SP) to directly offer their services based on their preferred location, time, work scope and rate charges. Likewise, customers can also specify, browse and choose their preferred service provider using a variety of criteria.  Most services offered are blue collar in nature (e.g. plumbers, electrician, tutors, masseuse, beauticians, etc.) while there are also some professional services available like bookkeeping, accountancy, events management, and others.

  • BigBenta  Prime

BigBenta Prime is an online state-of-the-art, Real Estate Brokerage. The first of its kind that caters to real estate buyers and investors. It gives the customers a full view of the property details and prices to make an informed decision without having to deal with the pressure from persistent Sales Agents.

You can shop for your dream house and property without leaving the comfort of your home as Bigbenta Prime will provide customers with a 360-degree detailed view and information about the property of their partner developers. How convenient isn't it? This revolutionary, state-of-the-art real property website, is the first in the Philippines made by Filipinos for the Filipinos, will facilitate the complete cycle of the buying transaction --- from viewing the property, to knowing the places of interests nearby, to inquiries, to buying the specific property – not to mention reservation, financing and payment.

In the past, traditional real estate transactions focus on just the property itself. Now, BigBenta prime will give buyers the 360-degree view of the area, nearby establishments and places of interest (nearby schools, churches, banks, police stations etc), flood hazard mapping and competition properties to help you make that “one great informed decision”. BigBenta Prime also gives buyers the construction methodologies used and lists of material in finishing the property unit including a chat support feature where you can share real property information and experiences with other buyers and would-be buyers.

BigBenta Prime was conceptualized and developed for the online community, including professionals and millennials both here and abroad, to assist them in not just making informed decisions in buying properties amidst the noise and competition in the real estate industry. BigBenta Prime was also developed as a counterstrike measure to avoid scams and all forms of deception of some real property agents.

BigBenta Prime presents buyers the complete pricing breakdown and actual calculations per unit property; comparative prices (for sale and for rent) of competition within 2 kilometers from the property site; and estimated association fees and miscellaneous fees. More importantly, BigBenta Prime assists buyers through its Online reservation Fee Payment, Loan Calculation, Special Services to expedite loan processing in designated banks, and Buyer Document Uploading to support bank loans and document archives that buyers can download so they can confidently verify the authenticity of all the information.

  • BigBenta Classified Ads

BigBenta Classifieds for free advertising of different merchandise and what-have-you for sale to online users.

Classified Ads service was intended to give the local market an alternative to the dominant player as well as build its own presence in the local online market. The market for online classified ads has since intensified among the players, but it has also generated the right interest among the older population, which reinforces the message that Internet will be part of everyone’s life more and more.

BigBenta may sound such a "BIG THING" but only for helping out individuals and micro, small, medium enterprises across the Philippines through the internet.

Whether you are shopping for yourself or your family they got everything you need, the best thing about BigBenta app is that it's a one-stop-shop where all your needs are already on the app via platforms. Making each Filipino's lives more convenient and hassle-free shopping.

BigBenta Marketplace stands as true one-of-a-kind having four platforms, built to respond to the needs of Filipino customers and entrepreneurs.

Download the BigBenta app for free on Google Play Store. 

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