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Biyernes, Marso 22, 2019

SFI and KUDER Partnership for Progress

SFI and KUDER Partnership for Progress
How does one school or university shape up the students for their career development in the future? Last March 20, 2019, SFI and KUDER held a Press Conference to formally launch their partnership and introduce Kuder and its career planning system to various stakeholders in the country.

SFI CareerCenter is a career development solutions provider. They offer comprehensive career development programs and services to guide you through your life's work, whether you are a student, jobseeker or professionals. They nurture you career path to help you get on the right track and unlock your potential to make you more competitive in the workplace.

Mr. Lloyd Anastacio, President, and CEO, SFI Group of Companies

What SFI can do:

  • They can analyze your opportunities through their end-to-end programs and services.
  • They can identify your most viable options.
  • They can explore the most cost-effective and efficient solutions with you.
  • They can provide innovative career development programs and services for individuals, academe, industry, and government agencies.
Mr. Lloyd Anastacio, partnered with schools so that they can get students to train. Imagine thousands and thousands of yearly graduates but without the possibility of having an instant job right way once you graduate, the question is what will happen to those thousands of yearly graduates who couldn't find a job right away. It has always been a problem not only of the families but as well as the government. But the question is did those graduates really took their degree by choice or was it because their parents or relatives, and friends want them to take it? Harsh thing sometimes is when your family has a clan of nurses and doctors, engineers and teachers tend to have their clan to be known with the same profession for the entire family, but what if it is something that doesn't interest you at all, what if you wanted to pursue something far different from it would go ahead and chase your dreams and be guided or will you just go with the flow and obey your family?

Mr. Bailey Rowell, Vice President of International Business Development, Kuder, Inc.

Graduates would take a year to get a job, during my early college graduate months I am lucky enough to pursue on the job that I graduated into. The OJT wherein I attended absorbed me which is such a great help because from there own it was a stepping way for me to gain my work skills experiences that lead me to my past corporate job. But what about the generations of today, the millennials? How about them, I have a sister whose graduating from college this year in an Education degree will she be able to find a school right away? There are a lot of things that need to be considered that could help enhance, develop and advance the graduates for a better career. That is why SFI and KUDER are here to be an assessment.

SFI and KUDER Partnership for Progress
SFI and KUDER Partnership for Progress
SFI and KUDER Partnership for Progress
Kuder is an online career guidance provider that has helped more than 165 million people worldwide visualize what's next in life and make the plans to get there. Kuder's customizable and comprehensive tools and resources including research-based assessments and real-world, actionable guidance to users of all ages reflect a company-wide commitment to encourage lifelong learning, development, and achievement. From pre-kindergarten to post-secondary or tertiary education, from entering the workforce to mid-career transitions, Kuder helps people of all ages dream big and plan accordingly.

Attendees of the SFI Group and Kuder, Inc. Partnership for Progress: Launching the Career Planning System for the Philippines
SFI and KUDER Partnership for Progress
SFI and KUDER Partnership for Progress
SFI and KUDER Partnership for Progress
Kuder President and CEO Phil Harrington discuss the value Kuder bring to individuals and communities throughout the world.


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