Monday, July 1, 2019

Philippine Wacoal Corporation presenting Women of the World for their 30th Anniversary

"From the products that we offer, to the advocacies we promote, our brand guarantees that every single Filipina realizes their beauty and worth. When we started, it was a real struggle with the department stores who expected us to offer discounts. But through constant communication, they began to understand our brand values. the superior quality of the products spoke for themselves and today, the department stores have become valuable business partners with a relationship based on trust." ~Ann Christine Palisoc, President of Philippine Wacoal Corporation

As Philippine Wacoal enters its 30th year, it aims to intensify its mission in uplifting women by introducing “Women of the World”. Commemorating 30 years of Wacoal in the Philippines, enjoyed different activities for free, got some freebies, took a lot of photo with the different Japanese themed instagramable areas at the event, and met different influencers, and the best part is I got the chance to celebrate and listen to different stories of empowering women of the Philippines. Apart from all the activities, Philippine Wacoal Corp. has also prepared some freebies, exclusive promotions and gave away gift certificates thru raffle per day. The event took place from June 26-30, 2019, at 3rd Floor, SM Makati. 

As a woman, how do you make the world a better place? As a woman letting everyone listens to me is powerful and empowering. Philippine Wacoal Corporation and Belle de Jour Power Planner celebrated WOMEN OF THE WORLD, a campaign that recognizes 32 multi-hyphenate Filipinas who inspire change in the country and the world, even in their own simple ways. 

These Women has been introduced thru an Exhibit hosted by Philippine Wacoal Corporation. It is a 5 fun-filled day with lots of activities, booths, and prizes for mall-goers and special guests. Some of which are the following:

This embodies the company's persistence in helping more and more ladies realize their significance and excellence no matter where they are, no matter what lifestyle they have chosen to live and pursue. Philippine Wacoal Corporation has also invited some influencers to come along and bring their followers with them. Part of the campaign's amazing roster of individuals includes sports broadcaster and enthusiast Dyan Castillejo, an advocate of renewable energy Ruth Yu Owen, campaigner of strong social responsibility and designer Zarah Juan, and visual artist Celeste Lecaroz.

It was an honor knowing and talking to Ms. Blu Pingoy, I'm a frustrated pilot and listening to her journey of becoming a pilot made me realize that you can be anything you want if you choose to pursue whatever makes you happy.

All the women from the exhibit's stories transcend the definition of women empowerment, with some of the featured women going against the traditional roles of society and pushing toward their dreams despite the many discouraging words thrown their way.

Others, despite being in a comfortable situation for years, decided to woman-up and chose the road less taken - the road that led them to success and happiness. Some created something bigger than themselves that resulted in providing better opportunities for the people around them.

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