Tuesday, February 18, 2020

McDonald’s Fish and Fries is back for a limited time only!

McDonald’s brings back its tastiest catch— Fish and Fries — for a limited time only! Your seafood cravings will finally be satisfied as McDonald’s brings back a well-loved classic— Fish and Fries— on February 14! Available for a limited time only, Fish and Fries, together with the Filet-O-Fish, is McDonald’s tastiest catch that you wouldn’t want to miss!

The Fish and Fries meal feature a tender fish fillet with golden crunchy coating—paired with everyone’s favorite World Famous Fries that are crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside. It goes perfectly well with your choice of special dipping sauce: Creamy Tartar Sauce or Sweet & Sour. Now, you can even have twice the fun by ordering the 2-piece Fish & Fries meal! For a more filling option, you can opt to change your Fries to Rice with no additional cost. 

Sandwich lovers also have other options to choose from with the Filet-O-Fish or Double Filet-O-Fish! Served on a soft, steamed bun, the tender fish filet topped with Creamy Tartar Sauce and American Cheese is a great savory sandwich for busy days on-the-go. 

Don’t miss out on some crunchy goodness with Fish and Fries or dive into a classic quest with Filet-O-Fish. Drop by any McDonald’s store near you and have some of McDonald’s savory offerings before it’s gone.

You can also visit https://mcdelivery.com.ph/ and have your cravings delivered straight to your doorstep. Share your experience with us by tagging McDonald’s Philippines on Facebook!

Don’t miss out on the crunchy goodness! Catch the Fish and Fries and Filet-O-Fish while you can!

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