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Monday, July 18, 2022

SMDC: Redefining Vertical Living Experience

"I've read stories about SMDC being home to entrepreneurs. And since then, I've always looked up to SMDC, seeing it as not just a developer but a company that helps Filipinos achieve their dream of having their own home. I am very grateful and excited to finally be coming home to a community of Good Guys. I look forward to exploring more opportunities and growing in this new community." ~Phoebe Real, CEO of Organono, an online furniture store that sells DIY, eco-friendly, and affordable furniture made from non-toxic materials

SM Development Corporation (SMDC), the leading real estate developer in the country, has made it possible for more Filipinos to grow in an atmosphere that promotes good well-being and respect.

As you aspire to achieve your dreams for yourself and your family, you must find the right address that promotes a sustainable living environment and encourages you to thrive and flourish. At the end of the day, your home directly impacts and influences your life and success, hence, choose to surround yourself and live with the best.

SMDC allows you to be part of a community that puts balance with sustainability, elegance, and functionality and champions comfort, safety, relaxation, and enjoyment to create a memorable living experience.

Premium Home for Thriving Entrepreneurs

Phoebe Real, CEO of Organono, an online furniture store that sells DIY, eco-friendly, and affordable furniture made from non-toxic materials, has found a home that meets her need for an encouraging neighborhood and a business-friendly climate in SMDC.

An ideal nest for a mompreneur like her, Phoebe cannot contain her excitement and enthusiasm to be part of SMDC’s Trees Residences in Quezon City and to indulge in the five-star lifestyle that the property developer is known for.

Resident-entrepreneurs like Phoebe can make use of the expansive lobby of SMDC properties, whether for personal engagement or business-related matters. The well-curated design finish of SMDC lobbies evokes a sense of calmness and sophistication that captures a collective experience and also provides sufficient privacy, perfect for business ideation and meetings.

With exceptional amenities right at their doorstep, SMDC resident-entrepreneurs can easily take some time to unwind and relax without needing to leave their homes. Echoing a hotel-like ambiance, SMDC properties have exclusive facilities such as swimming pools, open areas, and green spaces designed to bring comfort and leisure.

Perfect Community to Grow a Family
"SMDC's Trees Residences has everything we need. From a set of good neighbors, the availability of commercial establishments, proximity to transportation, down to its professional management services. We felt welcomed here. The community is just the right size for us, and we know almost all of our neighbors." ~Randy Lladones
Just like Phoebe, Randy Lladones has also found an exemplary abode for his family in SMDC.

Staying in SMDC’s Trees Residences for years now, Randy shared that choosing to live in an SMDC development has been one of their best decisions.

Putting community living experience at its core, SMDC allows its residents to enjoy an integrated lifestyle, as it is strategically located near lifestyle establishments, major road networks, business districts, and transportation hubs, thus, providing the utmost convenience and unparalleled connectivity to everything that matters.

Apart from its prime location and the available amenities, Randy and his wife, Lani, also noted the sense of belonging that they experience in SMDC.
“The community here is tightly knit. We are more than happy to be here. Living here exceeded our expectations because we were able to meet new people and make friends with them.” ~Lani Lladones

Having supportive and caring neighbors, Randy said that SMDC has given him peace of mind knowing that his family is in a comfortable and safe place. Also contributing to this are the professional property management services of SMDC that ensure the upkeep and maintenance of the property and provide adequate security.

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